Another Work Day

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Hi, my name is Chrissy. I just got married about a month ago. My husband got this great job, but he works at night. I get very lonely at night. I decide to give him a little surprise one night. It’s not that I need sex but lately I couldn’t stand all these urges I suddenly had.

So you are at work. Working hard. It is like 3:00 am. I surprise you with my visit. I noticed that all the other people are working hard and didn’t notice me slip in. I creep in and shut and lock your door. I ask you to shut the blinds, while you are wondering what I am doing here. As you notice I have a bag with me. You ask me what’s in it and I tell you some fun stuff to keep you awake. So I get out some ice cream and you ask me what’s that for. I tell you to get on the counter and you will find out.

Its hot in here so I need to cool you down. While you are sitting on the counter I start kissing you, probing your mouth with my tongue licking your lips and making you hot. I want you to feel good so I start rubbing your cock through your pants. canlı bahis My finger tips barely touching the outer lining of your solid prick. Up and down my hand follows your stomach down to your dick. I tell you that I am hungry and ask if you have anything to eat. With a devilish smile you touch your cock in a suggestive manner. I say, oh yeah just what I wanted. I start unzipping your pants. When I am down to your briefs. I pull those down so slow. Every little inch I pull them down I lick and kiss. You lean your head back anticipating the best part.

When I have you naked from the waist down. I say its time to get to work. I pull out the ice cream and put some of the melted ice cream on your fully erect 8 inch dick. I hold the bottom with my hand and my lips engulf the tip. I start eating and moaning quietly on your massive cock. I stop, and start sucking and squeezing your balls. I can feel you trembling. While I was sucking your balls I kept moving my other hand up and down your dick. I can feel you building up and explode deep bahis siteleri in my throat. I can feel some of the cum slip out of my little mouth. So you lift my face up and lick your own jizz off of me. You tell me its my turn.

Since, I am wearing a red dress and no underwear. Its easy. You lift me up and sit me on your desk. Now you pull up your chair and scoot up to the desk. I am sitting facing your face on the desk. You lay me back and spread my legs apart. My freshly shaved pussy is all that you have on your mind. I lean back and you start licking my leg. You follow up my leg right to my sweet spot. You lick my lips taking your time getting to my clit. You lick up and down the outside of the lips. Once reaching my clit my juices are already flowing. You lick it up and start sucking on my clit. I can’t take it any more. Your hands grabbing and pulling on my breasts. I can’t take it with you also pinching my nipples. I start shoving your face as far in as I could get it. Your tongue probes me and I can’t get enough. I start bahis şirketleri yelling fuck me, fuck me. That’s when you stand up.

Since your already naked from the waist down you don’t waste anytime. You stand up and are so hard you need to be inside me. You grab your dick and run it up and down my lips teasing me making me want you even more. Since I am already so wet you have no trouble penetrating. You are holding on to my waist. First you push all the way in. Then you take it all the way to the tip, out. You tease me like this for a while.

Then you can’t take it anymore. You grab me forcefully and start smashing your hard dick into me. You speed up until you can feel the juices building in your balls. Then you grabbed me so hard we both scream and climaxed together. The cum is spilling out of my cunt and you sit down again. You say you can’t let me get your desk dirty. So you spread my legs again, You start licking your own jizz from me.

You clean me up real good, and say that you have to get back to work. I try to catch my breath and push my dress down. I freshen up while you put your pants on. You tell me that I will now have a surprise when he gets home. So I kiss you goodbye. I cant wait to find out what he has in store for me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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