Ann’s Release Ch. 1

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I had been married to Jack for three years when I realized I had no idea who I was married to. My husband was becoming a bum that didn’t want to stay employed and preferred for me to work to support him. We had only been living in our new townhouse for about seven months when I decided I could take any more and told him to either go back to work or move out. He chose to leave.

The first time that I met Tim was when I was walking my two dogs around the complex. He lived in the townhouse behind mine and liked to walk with me and talk. Of course some of the talk would be about the problems between Jack and myself. Tim got me to open up and tell him about how unsatisfied I was sexually, and Jack’s narrow minded ideas towards sex. And the more that we walked and talked, the more that I became attracted to him.

At first I would ask Tim over for lunch when Jack wasn’t around. I would warm up something that I had made the night before, or sometimes just make sandwiches. And there was one time, I don’t know what made me do it, when we were standing in the kitchen, I leaned in and kissed Tim. It was just an innocent kiss, a quick little peck on the lips. But I felt it all the way to my soul. It was at the moment that I knew Tim and I would become lovers at some time.

That time would come shortly before I decided to give Jack the ultimatum. He was out of town for the weekend at his mother’s. That Friday afternoon when I came home from work, I called Tim and asked him if he wanted to go out for some drinks and something to eat. He anxiously accepted and he walked over to my house where we left for a nearby bar and grill. I had changed casino siteleri into a pair of shorts and a tank-top. It showed quite a bit of cleavage and I felt sexy and daring. After some good food and good drinks, we paid our bill and drove back to my place. My hand was holding his the whole time, and I knew that tonight I wanted him, and I could feel that he wanted me.

Inside, I got two beers from the refrigerator and sat beside Tim on the sofa. With the TV on we watched quietly and drank our beers, feeling the tension between us. As Tim emptied his bottle, he got up to leave. I stood up with him and nervously hugged my body to his. He looked down into my eyes and lowered his face to mine. At first our lips pressed together, not sure how much we dared to continue. Then lips parted and tongues explored, probing, and touching. When the kiss broke, we looked at each other and I could hear my voice asking Tim to stay with me.

I slowly walked back to the living room and turned off the TV and the kitchen lights. Then lighting some candles above the fireplace, I walked into the bedroom. I was shaking from head to toe as Tim followed me inside. With his hands on my shoulders, I unbuttoned his shirt and let my hands rub his warm chest. Then he pushed the shirt off and reached to me and pulled my tank top over my head. We kissed again and I could feel Tim’s hands at my back, unhooking the clasp of my bra. Then he was pulling the cups away from my chest, my nipples stiffening as soon as he pressed his hands to them. I could feel my pussy growing hot and wet with excitement. And Tim’s cock was growing large and hard as he pressed canlı casino his body against mine.

I watched with a kind of innocence as Tim removed the rest of his clothes. This was the first man that I was seeing nude, other than my husband, in over three years. He lowered his slacks and stepped out of them. Then looking at me, he removed his shorts, allowing his erection to stand proudly from his body. I watched intently as I removed my shorts and then my bikini panties, never letting my eyes wander from the hard stalk of manhood in front of me. Tim and I hugged each other and I could feel his cock pressing against my skin, wanting to sink into the wetness of my slick pussy. I reached for it and felt it swell in my fingers. Never had I wanted a man as much as I wanted Tim.

I lowered down to my knees and held his erection within inches of my face. I wasn’t very experienced when it came to giving head, but I was determined to try to please him. Letting my tongue probe from my lips I gently touched the soft skin on the head of his cock. It was warm and enticing; twitching with the rush of blood that swelled it look like a ripe plum. I let my tongue lick all over the head and then slowly down the firm shaft of meat until it touched the delicate skin of his scrotum. Then, reversing my direction, I licked back to the head and finished by wrapping my lips around it and sucking it with a loud smack. His skin had a clean, fragrant scent and I descended back down the shaft again.

Tim groaned deep in his throat as I sucked the head back into my lips and pressed them farther down the shaft. The more that my mouth adjusted to his girth, kaçak casino the easier it was for me to continue my blowjob. Within a minute I was sliding my lips back and forth along his length, holding with my fingers next to his warm balls. And I found out that the more I sucked, the more pleasure that I gave him, the wetter and hotter I was becoming inside my pussy. I felt a sudden squirt onto my tongue and I pulled away, thinking that he was coming too soon. But it was only his seminal fluid oozing from the eye-like slit.

Feeling hornier and sexier than I had felt in months, I licked the salty fluid from the head and again started to suck. This time he began a slow, but deliberate rocking movement with his hips, driving his cock back and forth in my mouth. He was on the brink of shooting his cum in my mouth and there was nothing I wanted more. His cock felt as if it were growing and expanding larger and larger… my lips stretched as wide as they could to accommodate him. His hand pressed against the top of my head, holding it as he thrust his cock forward on more time. There was a slight hesitation, as if his cock were rearing back, and then an explosion of hot, thick cum shooting into the back of my mouth and all over my tongue.

The first shot almost caused me to choke, but I pulled my lips back to the flange at the rear of his cock’s head as more and more of his heavy load shot forth onto my tongue. When the eruption was over and Tim’s rocking motions had stopped, I pulled my lips off the end of his cock and gulped the mouthful of cum that he had given me down my throat. This was a first for me, for I had never allowed any other man to actually cum in my mouth like that and get me to swallow his load. I moaned as it oozed down into my stomach and licked my lips, tasting the thick goo, and then licking the remaining drops from his deflating cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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