Anniversary Fantasy

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I’m not married but my stories are what I hope my married life might be like; full of love, devotion, imagination and sex.



You keep asking if you can watch me during my personal playtime. I’ve been telling you no for 2-3 years now. You won’t give up. You’re sure that it happens because I tease you and ask you for a new set of batteries for my little vibrating bullet even though I know where they are. We’ve never used it during our sexcapades, so if the batteries are dead it must still be getting used somehow but you have no proof. I know it’s a fantasy of yours to watch me but I’m fast. I don’t need to romance myself. I know how to get off with my fingers or my toy and it’s not as drawn out and sexy as you think it is!

We will have been married 6 years next week and I’m going to put on a show for you like none other. You want to watch me masturbate; it’s one of your fantasies. What would it be like if you “caught” me during my playtime? That would take your fantasy to another level and your lust would become an avalanche. I have a plan.

This year our anniversary falls on Friday, finally! I called your boss last week and asked him to send you home sometime before lunch this Friday as an anniversary gift from him. We knew him before you started working there. He agrees.

At 1045 Ed walks into my office and says, “Alright David, see you Monday.” I look at him a little bit crazy, “What are you talking about?”

“Enjoy your anniversary, you told me a while ago that it was today so I decided to give you the rest of the day off.”

“For real, thanks Ed! See you Monday!”

I practically run out of the building and whistle my way through the parking garage to my car. There’s no point in calling my wife to let her know, she always takes our anniversary off like it’s a national holiday or something. I know she’s home.

Sure enough 35 minutes later I’m parking in the garage next to her car. I close the garage and leave everything in the car except my keys and phone. I call her name through the house but get no answer.

“Gina?” Nothing, no answer.

I stride to our room and there she is wearing headphones. She’s sprawled out on the bed, reclining in a mound of pillows. Naked and eyes closed with her blue bullet vibrator. I don’t know how I didn’t bust my nuts in my slacks!

She’s not the object of my lust. I don’t own her. My wife is the source of my lust. Without her there would be no love in me. Seeing the physical manifestation of my lust presented like a platter before me is almost too much! I get hard so fast it nearly splits my skin!


She whispered my name. She can’t see or hear me. How does she know I’m here?

She moans, “David. That feels so good David! “

Oh shit! She doesn’t know I’m here. She’s imagining me touching her! Dammit man! That’s what I’m talking about! She’s sooooooo freaking sexy with a nipple in one hand and that toy teasing the other one.

I can’t casino siteleri believe I caught her and she doesn’t know I’m here. How much can I see if she never opens her eyes until she comes?

I can’t believe I’m doing this! I’m so nervous! He wants to watch my personal playtime like it’s something worth watching. Little does he know that most of the time I just put the bullet on my clit and play with the speeds and vibrations until I cum. I’ve gotten it down to a science. I can make myself cum in less than 2 minutes! It’s nothing like what he imagines it is.

I can feel him standing there watching me. He’s crazy if he thinks I can’t feel his eyes on me after all the time that we’ve been together. I smile wishing I could see the look on his face but I’m not supposed to know he’s there. My nipples aren’t really that sensitive so I know playing with them won’t get me off but it feels nice to roll and pinch them especially since I know he’s watching me and enjoying it!

I turn off the toy and let it drop but fondle one nipple while my other hand travels slowly down my torso to my lower belly. I can’t get rid of that pouch of skin and fat but he loves it and that’s what he holds at night while he spoons me. That and a breast in the other hand! I love his hands and with him standing there it’s like I can feel his fingers dipping into my belly button.

Lightly rubbing my hands down my arms and thighs, I can feel a draft between my thighs. They’ve dropped open and the gentle breeze created by the ceiling fan is wafting through my moist folds. It’s a personal preference to shave all of the hair off down there because when I get wet things start sliding. It’s such a naughty feeling!

My fingers inch towards their goal. My clit peeks out but there’s not enough stimulation to keep it out just yet. I glide my finger just a bit lower to my pussy and gather up some of the copious honey that’s generating there to rub around my clit. I was never into voyeurism but I love feeling his eyes on me! I pick up the toy in my right hand, put it directly on my clit and turn it on to one. It has 7 settings. This starts a nice gentle hum in my body and my nipples stretch out some more.

I wish there was somewhere to sit in front of this bed. My legs aren’t going to keep me standing much longer. I can hear her playing with that pussy I love and it’s obscene! The sound of her playing in all that wet juice and hearing the low buzz of her toy is like experiencing an erotic symphony. My cock feels like it’s going to burst through my clothes and I don’t think I have enough skin for this erection that she’s causing! I’ve already unzipped my pants and let them drop to the floor and I have a hand inside of my boxer briefs lightly squeezing my massive erection. It’s the largest that I can ever remember being. Having worked its way from down my left leg to well beyond peeking out of the top of my underwear, it definitely has a mind of its own!

I decide to back up some and lean on the canlı casino wall. Shirt and loosened tie still on but shoes, socks and pants in a pile on the floor. The sound changed! She turned the toy up again! I can’t remember how many settings it has but now she’s pinching her breasts and her hips are starting to rock slowly. She keeps calling out for me gently and moaning! I grab my nuts and pull down, she’s going to make me cum before she does and she doesn’t even know. Can’t have that!

I don’t normally care but there is going to be a huge wet spot on the bed after this. I should have put a towel or two under me before I started. Oh well, too late now! I turn the toy up to level 3; this is as fast as it goes. The next 4 settings are just various combinations of the 3 vibration speeds. Holy cow that’s fast!!!!!!!!!!!! My hips are moving faster, my big breasts are bouncing all over the place and I’m having a hard time keeping the toy on my clit. Everything down there is so slippery now! My teeth are clenched and I can feel the orgasm start to creep over my skin like tingling sunlight slowly eclipsing the dark of night. My chest is heaving and with a high pitched scream/sigh, I turn the toy off.

“HEY!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!” I’m almost yelling because I know she can’t hear me with those things in her ears but damn was that going to be beautiful! I could hear her voice and breathing change and see her body tighten and then nothing. She moved the toy away and turned it off. Now she’s back to touching herself. Well it’s her show but I would love to be her fingers. They’re everywhere! Her neck, shoulders, delicious lips, big sweet tongue, breasts, waist, thick thighs and pussy mound. It’s erotic watching her small hands on her bald pussy. Its fat and my larger hands barely contain all of it; her hands will never get all of it covered at once.

Little does he know that these headphones aren’t connected to anything and I can hear everything he’s saying and mumbling. I smile to myself at his exclamation of ‘What the Hell’ but the show’s almost over and the climax is on the way! I put the toy back in place and shudder at the contact. It takes about 5 minutes for me to come down after I push myself that close to orgasm without going over. Now its time to go back up that mountain!

I swear that 5 or 6 minutes was like an intermission or something! But the chase is on again and so is the toy! Through their own volition, my legs have brought me kneeling to the edge of the bed with my dick all the way out and my right hand doing my tried and true stroke. Sitting this close I can see her pussy shining like baby oil and the fragrance is intoxicating. I can taste her almost. Tart and sweet like you would imagine the impossible pussy flavored jelly bean would taste like. Her whole body is heaving and I don’t know what level it’s on but it sounds like an S.O.S. signal.

Slow, Slow, Slow, medium, medium, medium, fast, fast, fast

Slow, Slow, Slow, medium, medium, medium, fast, fast, kaçak casino fast

Slow, Slow, Slow, medium, medium, medium, fast, fast, fast

Slow, Slow, Slow, medium, medium, medium, fast, fast, fast

It’s like an S.O.S. Signal. Someone please save me because here I come! The orgasm races up my torso and arches my body off the bed on its way to my face. My neck muscles tighten and my eyes pinch shut as I scream out loud and hold the toy in place right on top of my clit.



I can hear wet hitting the sheets but there’s nothing I can do about it because my body’s locked up. I stop breathing and my toes and fingers crack before I drop weakly to the bed and slowly open my eyes. I can’t stop my leg from twitching.





I can’t believe that I saw what I just saw! She squirted on me! She got me in the face! I thought that was only in porn! She really squirted on me! I’m like 3 feet away from her feet and she got me in the face! Watching her made me unload on the floor and sheets in front of me but dammit man! WOW!

“WOW, BABY, DAMN! That was unreal!”

She cracks her eyes open and doesn’t seem surprised to see me. Her eyes drift shut and she smiles serenely at me under her lashes. She goes into a nice sleep after the orgasms I give her so I know she’s heading for a near coma after what I just saw but I need answers and we have to rehash this! I have to remember every moment of this forever! I crawl into the bed next to her and into the wet spot. I take off the headphones and look for the player to turn it off but don’t find it.

“Gina! That was freaking amazing! Why aren’t you surprised that I’m here? Where’s your Mp3 player for the headphones? What just happened? Has that ever happened before?”

“Thank you, I knew you were coming, it’s downstairs somewhere, I have no idea what just happened and no it’s never happened before.” I snuggle into you and start to drift into sleep.

“How did you know I was coming? Why the headphones then? I’m going to make you do that again sometime! I wrap my arm around you and wait for your answers.

“I asked Ed last week to let you off early today and then called your desk to see if you were there. When I got your weekend message, I knew you were on your way. The headphones were so you would think I couldn’t hear you and make you think you caught me but I was really hearing every word and sound you made. It turned me on so much; well you can see what happened. I hope you enjoyed your Anniversary Fantasy but now I really need a nap. Love you baby, Happy Anniversary.”

She’s out like a light and I’m blown away. She set this all up for me and now she’s asleep. What an unbelievable gift! My little soldier resting in the crevice of her butt cheeks is growing into a big soldier and I can’t wait until she wakes up to give her my gift. It’s expensive but in no way is it worth more than what she gave me! With my one hand on her belly and a breast in the other, my eyes close and a deep sigh of contentment escapes me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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