Anna Is In Control

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Anna was young still, right? She was still hot, right? She’d gotten married at 24. The first year or so had been great, but life had gotten in the way the last few years and at this point she was more just going through the motions. Her tits weren’t quite as perky as they’d been at 18, but she still noticed a few construction workers put down their hammers as she walked by a jobsite. Sure she noticed a few gray hairs, who doesn’t in their early thirties? But her hair stylist made sure that it stayed blonde and that no one could tell. Her legs still long, her skin still tight and tanned. She made sure her pussy was always shaved smooth, even if she was the only one who ever saw it, let alone touch it. Anna’s eyes were a piercing blue and her make up was always perfectly done. She kept up with the latest fashion styles and jewelry, but the one man she was allowed to have, her husband, never touched her.

Anna still had needs, she was a woman, wasn’t she? She masturbated a few days a week. Her routine was good and always worked, but it had turned just that, routine. Shower before work, her husband always went to work first. She’d dry off and lie in bed. Her freshly shaved pussy felt like velvet. God, her lips were soft and sensitive. Already naked and wet, she’d roll over and pull open her nightstand drawer. She had a few toys to choose from, but usually she’d get her plug in vibrator. 9″ long and black, it always made her not just cum, but squirt. It’s why she always masturbated after showering, She already had a wet towel in bed, so it was an easy cleanup, especially when she got lost in her moment and ended up being late for work.

Today was no exception, she layed in bed and massaged her folds. As she was just starting to get to the point where she was ready to pull out Mr. Electric, the phone rang. “Anna, there’s an emergency at the inn. We need you here immediately.” Her fingers, which had never left her pussy while on the phone, wanted to do more, but she knew that it would take her a few minutes to clean up, get dressed and then a 20 minute drive. She knew she’d need to cum to possibly make it through whatever bullshit the day would have in store for her, but there just wasn’t time, so she cleaned up, got ready, and off to work.

“Ugh. This is so frustrating.” Anna thought. Her pussy still wet and aching for the chance to cum. There had to be something she could do. At a stoplight she spread her legs a bit and reached up under her skirt to her pantyless cunt and fingered her hole. The light turned green and as much as she wanted to keep at it, she just couldn’t manage the proper positioning. So what else? Was there a toy out there that she could use, that’d do it for her? Wait a second. What about a remote controlled vibrator. Hadn’t she seen one of those before. Anna resolved that she’d have to do some research on this as the thought had her juices flowing.

Anna didn’t even make it until noon before she was using her iPhone to learn all about the remote control vibrators out there. She knew she wanted a small and discrete remote, but what about the actual toy? It was so hard to judge size through tiny online pictures. She didn’t want something too small that it didn’t satisfy her, and didn’t want something so big that it was uncomfortable. Not finding the info she wanted, Anna decided that she’d take her lunch break and run over to the adult store a few miles from the inn.

She’d been into the Pink Panther a few times in the past, so she knew right where to go. As always she hoped she wouldn’t run into anyone that knew her. She always felt self conscious going in a place like this, what with her being a high end business type and it being the middle of a work day. At the end of the day Anna knew that inside she felt a little like a slut and there was nothing wrong with a slut buying toys to feed her needs. She looked around and found a dark green oblong shaped toy that was with a black remote. She grabbed that and a pack of AAA batteries and headed to the counter to check out. She put her purchase on the counter and the cashier commented on how much she liked that toy. She then reached into the back pocket of her jeans, pulled out the same remote, and gave it three clicks as a wave of pleasure swept over her face. The cashier fumbled with Anna’s card, trying to get it into the swiping machine, and as she dropped it for the second time, Anna reached across the counter and gave the remote another two clicks. The cashier’s hands quickly grabbed on to the counter for support as she reached an orgasm with a soft moan. She gave Anna a smile and said “Like I said it’s a good one. And thank you.”

Not believing what she’d just done, Anna grabbed her bag and ran out to the car not looking back as the door slammed shut behind her. Before putting the car in drive, Anna ripped open the package and stuck the batteries in, just wanting to feel how strong a vibration it’d put out. Her jaw practically hit the floor feeling it pulse in her palm. She turned it off and threw it back in the bag on the passenger seat knowing that she wasn’t interested in traveling down that rabbit hole…yet.

Anna casino oyna could hardly concentrate in the office that afternoon and decided she hit her stopping point for the day about an hour earlier than normal. Despite her best efforts to behave herself, at the first stop light Anna had her foot up on the center console and was pulling her soaking wet panties to the side. She parted her lips and with a slight wince push the vibrator into her hole. As traffic started to move forward again, Anna flipped the first mode on and the good feelings swept over her crotch. She kept things slow and steady, putting all of her concentration into not getting into an accident. She pulled into the driveway, relieved to see that her husband wasn’t home, knowing she was going to have a lot of fun this afternoon. As she gathered her things she accidently bumped the remote to the second setting and the change stopped her dead in her tracks. Frozen in her seat, the remote control vibrator brought Anna to an orgasm for the first time.

As Anna exited the car she was quite surprised how the little green box felt as her body moved around it. It was actually the perfect size. Small enough that she could forget it was there, but she could feel its presence, even when off, as she moved. She dropped her purse on the hall table and ran up the stairs to bed. Before she even reached the landing, her shirt was ripped off and she was fumbling with her bra clasp. She crossed the threshold to the bedroom and as she used her feet to remove her shoes, she pulled her skirt and thong down in one foul swoop. Her eyes caught herself in the mirror on the back of the bedroom door and damn did she still look hot naked. Her hands massaged her breasts then down her sides, tracing the lines of her hips towards the center of her body. She cupped her lady friend with her left hand, almost being blinded by the glare of her engagement ring diamond in the reflection. Her right hand grabbed the remote off the dresser and resumed what had started in the car, skipping to the third mode. It didn’t take long before her legs started to tremble and she flopped onto the bed. Moments later Anna was moaning as a second orgasm within the last five minutes hit her.

She laid on bed in a post orgasmic daze, twisting her erect nipples between her thumbs and her forefingers. “Wow that was good” Anna thought, though in actuality wondering how good it really could be. She figured no time like the present to figure out, and rolled over to grab one of her vibrators out of the end table drawer. She spread her legs and bent her knees slightly up and to the side, fully exposing her wet slit to the afternoon air. She pressed the button on the remote three more times until it wouldn’t go any higher and turned the knob on the vibrating dildo all the way to the left and touched it to her clitoris. Her pelvis tried to wiggle away from the pleasure, but her skillful hand kept everything touching and her hips were bucking in delight. Her back arched, her pussy tightened, and Anna finally came to the screaming and squirting orgasm she dreamt of all day.

The next thing Anna noticed, she was being awoken by the sound of her husband’s keys jiggling in the front door. She threw on a old pair of sweats and a shirt, forgetting that she still had the vibrator inside her. She spent the rest of the evening like any other, this night however she’d periodically reach into her pocket and discreetly flip the remote to the first setting, not looking for an orgasm, but just the opportunity to feel alive for a moment. By the time she crawled into bed for the night Anna had already decided that she’d keep the toy in her at all times, whether or not she was at work, home, doing errands, or anything else she did during her normal life.

All of a sudden everyone Anna saw on a regular basis, noticed she seemed to smile more and be happier. Little did they know it was because Anna’s vagina was constantly filled. She was up to masturbating 4 or 5 times a day, but often times kept a soft vibration going just for fun. Anytime she got stressed or felt playful, a quick tap on the remote and she was transported to a happy place. As often as she was doing this, she was always careful to hide it from people, never taking herself all the way unless she was alone. She thought that she’d done well so far, but to her it was like a drug and like with all excesses, Anna was looking for what would be next.

Friday night Anna came home to a bottle of wine holding down a note on the counter. Her husband would be out for the night at a card game, and for her to have a good time by herself. She poured herself a glass and quickly downed it before heading up to bed for her new regular ritual. Four orgasms later, Anna realized she’d totally lost track of time, it was past eight o’clock and she was starving. Lying in bed naked she pulled out her iPhone and pulled up the menu for the pizza parlour down the block. She started to dial, but a very naughty idea came to her. Instead, she dialed the place across town near the college campus. For what she had planned there was no way she was going to use the place that her and the canlı casino husband ordered from every few weeks. Thirty minutes until it got there, would be a perfect amount of time for her to get ready.

Still fully naked Anna stepped back into the heels she’d been wearing and walked over to her jewelry box and grabbed an exquisite strand of pearls. She turned to the mirror as she walked to her closet and thought that she looked like every college boys wet dream. She selected what used to be her favorite “slutty” black dress that hugged her in all the right places and stepped into it. It fit just like it had all those years ago and she almost thought she looked better in it now that she had years ago. She reapplied her make up in the bathroom, even adding a little bit more than usual, trying to bring out her inner bad girl. With just a few minutes left Anna, headed back to the kitchen and poured another glass of wine. She sat on the couch and figured she might as well get started, flipping the remote to the second setting. High enough that she knew she could quickly get to orgasm when ready, but not so high that she’d lose control.

Her trance was broken by a pair of headlights in the driveway and a car door slamming shut. It was show time. She walked to the foyer and wondered could they have sent a hotter delivery driver? He was drop dead gorgeous.

“Good evening ma’am. Here is your pizza. It’ll be $15.”

Anna handed the stud a couple of bills, and watched his eyes as he noticed there was enough to pay for the pizza, but nothing for his trouble.

Anna broke the silence. “Would you like something extra?”

“Not required, but I don’t ever refuse anything from a woman as beautiful as you.”

“Thank you sweetie.” Anna held the remote up and said “Do you know what this is?” He shook his head no. “Its a remote control that controls the vibrator that is currently inside me. By pressing this, whoooooa, button, its speed increases and I get even closer to another orgasm. Would you like to press it?”

He reached out and pressed it once, watching the expression on her face change. A second tap and she reached her hand out to brace herself against the wall. Shocked at what he was doing he gave the remote three quick presses. The sudden increase caused Anna to fall against him as she teetered on the verge of orgasm. Unsure of what to do, he stood there as she came, moaning in his ear as her body convulsed. Anna kissed him on the cheek, and reached down to take her remote from his hand, whispering a sultry “Thank you” to him.

Anna spent the rest of the night draining the bottle of wine on the couch, her mind constantly going back to what she’d done. She figured by the time he’d pulled off the street the whole staff at the pizza restaurant would have known, and by now she was probably the talk of campus. She felt a little ashamed, but wondered what else could she do. Really it wasn’t what she could do, because she knew she could do what she wanted, but more a matter of what she would do. How far would she go, and who with.

Anna found out the next day, when she was out doing errands. As always she got “locked and loaded”. By the time she got to her final errand, at the hardware store, her faucet of a pussy was dripping, having been brought to three mini orgasms by the magical little remote. She’d planned to spend the rest of her day building a simple little bookcase that her unhandy husband couldn’t do for her. She managed to wander around on her own grabbing a few things she knew she needed, a hammer, some nails, a handsaw, and a can of stain. She had everything she needed except wood. The store had a chart showing selection of things that they had out in the warehouse, but she didn’t know what the difference was or how much she’d need. She pulled out her iPhone to see if she could do a little research on Google to figure out what would be best, when a salesman came by and asked her if she need any assistance.

She turned around, seeing a gorgeous hunk of a lumberjack type man, with a gruff beard covering his chiseled jaw. She didn’t usually go for this type of guy, but there was something about him that made her insides melt. He wore a plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and his forearms looked like the tree trunks he was probably cutting down that morning. He introduced himself as Jake, asked her about the project she was working on and decided that the best bet would be to have her come back into the warehouse to look at the wood piles to figure out what she’d like best.

He led her to the back and proceeded to tell her all about the differences between oak, maple, pine, poplar, and ash. Anna easily decided that she’d go with maple, feeling nostalgia for the maple syrup farm in Northern New England that her mother had grown up on. Even though her mind was made, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him, especially considering the remote had gotten bumped to the second setting as the warehouse door closed on her ass. Halfway through Jake’s presentation on ash, Anna knew she was on the verge and decided she’d make a move. As he finished up with something about the kaçak casino ash, Anna stepped towards him and asked if he had any other hardwood to show her. Jake started to discuss some special order options when Anna reached her hand down taking hold of the bulge in Jake’s tight jeans and coyly asked him “What about this wood?”

Realizing what was happening, Jake instantly stiffened in Anna’s hand, and was in shock wondering what might happen next. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wonder long because the gorgeous married woman he was alone in the back corner of a dark lumberyard made the next advance.

“Jake, in a moment you’re going to reach into the back pocket of my jean shorts and you will find a small black plastic remote. This remote wirelessly transmits to a vibrator that is currently in my soaking wet pussy. As you take a moment to think about if you’d like to continue, I’m going to sit on that stack of wood and spread my legs. You will be able to see my everything and will watch it cum. I will give you a nice show, but you may touch nothing other than the remote.”

With that Jake wrapped his arms around Anna, and reached down with both his arms to simultaneously check both pockets, He found it in one, but gave very firm squeezes to both butt cheeks, letting his hands linger longer than he probably should have. True to her word, Anna sat on the wood pile and put pulled her heels up as well allowing all of her self to be viewed by Jake. She could have been lying to him, but Jake noticed the vibrators pull string hanging out between her bare pussy lips. Anna’s words were confirmed when Jake pressed the remote’s mode button and a gasp escaped from her mouth. As Jake stared directly up her skirt he gave the remote another press and could see her pussy lips actually start to vibrate. He didn’t think it was possible, but the erection in his pants got even harder.

“Would you like to get a closer look?” Anna asked.

Jake’s heavy boots took three steps across the concrete and he knelt down with his head between her knees. He could smell the sweet scent of her wet sex. Another flick of the remote had Anna grabbing the back of Jake’s head and forcing it within inches of her quivering cunt. Jake couldn’t believe what how close he was and knowing how close she was he gave the remote one more click. This was the final straw and Anna, overly excited by the daringness of the situation, came with a force unlike any she’d had in sometime, squirting her cum all over Jake’s face, soaking his grizzly beard.

Jake leaned back, using his hands to wipe the juices out of his eyes and when he could see again he looked up at Anna smiling down at him. She reached her left hand, with its massive diamond ring out, and tugged on the wetness of his beard soaking her fingers. She retracted her arm, moving her hand to her own mouth sucking her cum off. She’d never been with another woman, and had never actually tasted herself and was surprised how delicious the sweet, yet musty goo was.

She stood up, took her remote back, and said to Jake “After you’re through cleaning yourself up in the bathroom, please bring six pieces of the maple the the counter so that I may check out.” And with that Anna walked out to the showroom.

At the counter, some stuffy old man asked Anna, if she had gotten all she came in for. She glanced over at Jake coming out of the warehouse with all the lumber on his shoulder, still sporting his own hardwood, and replied “Everything and more.”

Sunday morning Anna woke up sore from her little construction project, but remembering a sex dream from the night before started her day with a smile. She knew how great yesterday’s trip to the hardware store was, but had a feeling that today’s activity would top it. Before even letting her feet hit the floor, she decided to start the day up 1-0 and reached between her legs. The dream mustn’t have been long ago, because she was still very wet. She kicked the covers off so she could watch her finger fuck herself. Anna proceeded to spread her pussy lips with her left hand, again blinding herself with her diamonds reflection in the morning light. Her right index and middle fingers then proceeded to slip into her hole, while her thumb began working her clit. It wasn’t long before she was bucking with pleasure cumming all over her hands. Its funny she thought, with all the crazy sex toys she had, there was always something to be said classicness of a finger banging.

With that, Anna proceeded to start her day with a shower and fresh shaving. After changing the batteries and inserting her special friend into its beloved home, it to the closet where she put on a her favorite sundress and a matching pair of heels. A few minutes in front of the mirror putting her pearls and makeup on and she was ready for what lay ahead. She made it halfway down the steps, before turning around and heading back to the closet to grab the floppy wide brimmed white hat that she’d gotten last year for the Kentucky Derby party her husband had dragged her to. She stopped by the breakfast table where he was sitting reading the paper and drinking his coffee, and reminded him that she and the girls had a Sunday Funday brunch planned and he shouldn’t suspect her home for several hours. With that she, picked her keys and purse off the counter and was out the door.

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