Ann: The Married Years Ch. 32

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Rather than feeling self-conscious, Ann felt electric. While she was a bit uncomfortable with the outfit she’d been made to wear to work at the start of her day, it suddenly took on a new meaning. She felt sexy, and alive. She felt used, and that had her beaming. A big part of that was the thick, sticky cum that was oozing from her reddened pussy, making a mess of the crotch of the grey cotton shorts she was wearing as she walked about the store.

Neil had unceremoniously left her behind the huge garbage dumpster when he’d finished with her. She was still naked, save for the grey shorts that were in a rumbled heap around her ankles as she held herself against the privacy fence. With her t-shirt in tatters, she turned to the bag that he’d brought with him and left behind, searching for something to wear.

She always had a change of clothes in there in case she decided to go somewhere after work that may require her to wear something more discreet than the attire she usually wore at work. After all, she was almost always in some kind of sex-inspired outfit that went with whatever theme they were promoting at the lingerie store. It would be hard, even for her, to run a bunch of errands afterward the way she dressed for her job.

She didn’t have to look very far. In the top of the bag was a pair of tight jeans and a somewhat conservative black button-down top that was tailored to fit her body perfectly. In fact, with her tits being larger from breastfeeding, it would really stand out. Since she’d worn black heels to work, it would be a perfect outfit to finish off the day.

As she reached for her Levi’s, she recognized a new white T-shirt off to the side. Neil had obviously put it there when he packed the bag, a replacement for the one he’d torn off her body so lewdly just fifteen minutes before. It had been a short, frenzied encounter, with him using her as a fuck toy. While it hadn’t been unexpected, it was something she’d never forget.

“Happy Humpday indeed,” she’d said joyfully as she recovered from the pounding, hearing his car pull away, turning to see the bag he’d left for her.

It was the realization that it was Humpday at work that gave her pause. He’d brought her the thin, cheap T-shirt, yet when he’d finished, he’d gone out of his way to call her Anna, a not so subtle hint that he was done using her like he had since he’d come home from work the night before.

She wasn’t done feeling like Anna Renee, however; at least not for the time being. After all, he’d just used her that way; his cum dripping from her pussy was testament to that. Plus, she was still at work, and she’d dressed that way as part of the theme of the Wednesday Humpday sale. Yes, she’d sort of been forced to wear the attire by her husband that morning, but if she started her work day that way, she saw no reason not to finish in the same outfit.

Pulling up her shorts, she tied them in place, feeling the sticky mess begin to form in her crotch almost immediately. With it came a wicked sense of accomplishment. She could have cleaned herself with one of the wipes she kept in the bag, but in her mind, that would have ruined the experience she’d just had. What was the point of being used the way she had been if she was going to get rid of the evidence so quickly?

“I am such a slut,” she sighed happily as she stretched the tight T-shirt over her big breasts. She strutted back into the building feeling naughty, not to mention sexually satisfied. Smiling, she could feel the wetness between her legs growing with each step. “I wonder if anyone will notice?”


Hours later as she was driving home, Ann was still puzzled by the erotic tryst Neil had set up behind the store. For the life of her, she couldn’t figure out how he’d gotten there so fast. She knew he was an excellent driver, and that he knew back roads and short cuts she’d never consider using. His sense of direction was so much better than hers it wasn’t funny. Still, she’d never made it from home to work in less than fifteen minutes. Somehow, he’d found a way to do it in under ten.

Shrugging it off, she turned the corner toward the house, pulling into the garage. Seconds later she was strolling up the paved road, heading toward the neighbor’s house to pick up Owen.

“What the hell happened to you?” Felicia laughed when she opened the door.

“What do you mean?”

She pointed toward Ann’s shorts and the dark spot that had spread over the lower part of her pubic mound. “That’s what I mean. You look like you peed yourself. What the hell happened?”

Flashing a sheepish smile, she replied, “Neil showed up at work. Is it that obvious?”

“Well, yeah. Did he?”

“Uh-huh. This is a different T-shirt.”

“And you’ve been working like that?”

“Yeah. There wasn’t much I could do about it,” she lied, not wanting to admit that she had a change of clothes she could have worn instead.

Felicia wasn’t buying that for casino siteleri a minute when she said, “You work in a clothing store, Ann. You sell more than just lingerie. You’re honestly trying to tell me you couldn’t have found something else to wear?”

“Oh, yeah,” she winked.

Shaking her head, she slyly smiled. “Jesus, Anna, you’re a bigger slut than I am. Where did you do it? Upstairs in the hooker room?”

Felicia was referencing a bedroom upstairs at Henrietta’s House that Mary Ann had preserved from the days when it used to be a brothel. Ann had told her stories of how she and Neil had fucked there occasionally, loving the idea of how that room had been used specifically for sex, and only sex, for decades.

Ann shook her head. “No, it was a lot more… intense than that.”

“Intense? Do tell?”

“He called and told me to meet him behind the store, and when I went outside at the time he told me to be there, I got ambushed. He ended up dragging me by my hair behind the dumpster and ripped my shirt off me. God, Felicia, it was so fucking hot!”

“It is fun when they just kind of do what they want with you, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is. You know, I never would have thought that before I met Neil. He just has this way of making me melt when he manhandles me like that.”

“It’s because he loves you,” she smiled.


Felicia grinned. “Well, I’m pretty sure you know by now that I’ve had sex with more than my fair share of men.”

“Oh my God, really?” she answered in mock surprise, knowing her neighbor had a husband that encouraged her extra-marital activities as long as he approved ahead of time, and of the men she was with.

“Yes, I’m afraid it’s true,” Felicia replied, feigning embarrassment as she played along in kind. Laughing, she said, “I’ve also had more than my share of cum stains in my crotch. I used to come home like that quite often.”

“Yes, yes… enough with the recaps. What were you saying?”

“I was just saying that I’ve had several lovers that enjoy treating me the way Neil did you today. But while it always feels good, it never reaches the level that it does like the times when my Jason does it. It’s not even close.”

“Jason? He doesn’t seem the type.”

“Well, you’ve never seen him when I come home looking like you do right now.”

“Sure I have. You show him off in front of the house all the time.”


“I’ve seen you. You know I have. So has Neil, for goodness sake. You go out, and then when you come home late at night, you sometimes stop at the end of the sidewalk and make him come out. Hell Felicia, I’ve seen him eat you… right there,” she said, pointing at a spot on the sidewalk behind her.

“Okay, I confess,” she teased again, feigning more shock at being found out. Turning a bit more serious, she added, “What you don’t know is that I actually do that for Jason. It’s like some trigger when I flaunt it like that. For some reason it turns him on more, but it also turns him into a bit of a monster.”

“So, whenever you’ve, you know…”

“Fucked around on him?” she grinned.

“Well that’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? Hard to think of it as fucking around when he encourages you.”

Felicia shrugged. “Yeah, but that’s really what it is. It’s the life of a loving cuckold. For whatever reason he wants me to do it, and I like doing it. But the truth is as much as I like it, my favorite part of the whole experience is coming home to him. We start out with me making him do things, showing off what a slut I’ve been and telling him what I’ve done. Sometimes, yes, I do it on the sidewalk. And yes, I make him eat a guy’s cum out of me occasionally. I push his buttons, kind of rubbing his face in it.”

“Literally,” Ann snickered.

“True, I suppose. And most of the time, he just takes it. He’s content to let me do my thing, and bask in my afterglow. I really don’t understand the dynamic that goes through his head, but he gets off on it. I don’t hold it over him… we always have sex when I get home. He loves sloppy seconds. But, there are times when I push too far. When I do, there comes a point where he snaps and starts calling me dirty names, and then he… well, he sort of punishes me like Neil does to you. He takes me, like he’s reclaiming me as his. It’s by far the roughest sex I’ve ever had, and I absolutely adore him for it.”

“Huh… well I’ll be damned. You’ve never told me that before.”

“What? That he does it, or that I love that he does it?”


“To be honest, I’m still surprised I ever told you any of what we do. At all.”

“You didn’t just tell me. You’ve told a lot of the other girls too.”

“Oh, I know. I don’t know why I did that. It was just odd that it all came out that day. Too much wine, I guess. But I never would have imagined a time in my life where I’d confess my dark secret to you.”

“Well it wasn’t like that just came up out of the blue. It was a long time before you told me. And I really canlı casino think it only came up because we were about to have sex together for the first time. You were nervous.”

“I know. Think about that. That was over three years ago.”

“Does that bother you? You know, that Neil and I know?”

“Oh, heavens no. It was a relief, really; for both me and Jason. After all, he’s the one that told Neil… not me.”

“Well, you do know your secret is safe with us, right?”

“Of course we do, Ann. You’ve kept it for years. If you were going to say anything, it would have been before now.”

“Well, we’ve always just kind of operated on the same wavelength. As long as it’s possible that Jason is the real father of the kids, then there’s no reason to believe otherwise. Besides, like I told you that day, he IS their father. You can feel it.”

“We’ve always felt the same way. It’s strange, but sometimes it’s nice to hear it from someone besides ourselves. Thanks, Ann.”

“You’re welcome,” she smiled sweetly.

“You know, it’s funny. It used to weigh on us more than we realized. It’s like we always pretended it was more about me fucking around. That was what we tried to keep under wraps, and I did it rather poorly. I got too careless. That’s why we moved here, remember?”

“Well, you were already here when we moved in next door. But I do remember you telling me that. I also remember you telling me a couple of months ago that you’ve slowed down.”

“I have. I think it was getting to the point where I was doing it just to do it, and I didn’t appreciate it like I used to. When I had to cancel on Stacy so I could accept your invitation the week you were Annabelle, it dawned on me just how much I was out again. I don’t regret it, but I knew I needed to back off a little. Now when I go on a date, it seems a lot more special. And when Jason fucks me afterward, damn… it’s so much more… well, like you said, it’s intense!”

“That’s because he loves you,” Ann smiled.

Felicia laughed that Ann had repeated her line. But that didn’t stop her reflecting on their conversation; particularly how it started. “I may have to make a phone call then,” she said out of the blue.


“Seeing the mess Neil left behind, and knowing what he did to make it… I’m thinking it’s been too long since I’ve had a date.”

“What, so you just decide on a whim that you need to go out and fuck one of your boy toys?”

“Well it’s been about six weeks. But it’s not about the boy I’m thinking about toying with, Ann. It’s the man I’m going to come home to afterward, and how he’s going to show me that he’s just that… my man!”


“Hello my little man,” Ann cooed as she held Owen in their living room.

She moved toward the loveseat, pulling up her tight T-shirt to feed him. Latching on to one of her nipples, he began sucking, his eyes closing. Hers did too as she sank back into the soft cushions.

The bond she created with Owen was something she couldn’t put a price on. Not only was it healthier for him to breastfeed, it continued the connection they shared when he was in her womb. While she recalled how painful it was when she first started, she couldn’t imagine having a baby and having to settle for always using formula and a bottle. It was times like they were sharing that very moment that made her feel like more than just a mom. She was indeed a mother.

She tenderly brushed the soft hair on his head, noticing it was coming in thicker. Gone was the dark, downy baby variety he’d been born with. His real hair was coming in, and it was blond, just like his father. She smiled, thinking how he was the perfect mix of his parents; his deep brown chocolate eyes sparkled just like hers when he was excited.

She’d changed his diaper before she’d started feeding him, and afterward she got him dressed. She was just throwing the soiled diaper away when the phone rang.


“Hi Ann, it’s me, Brenda. Doing anything?”

“Not really. I just finished feeding and changing Owen. Why?

“I was just wondering if you want to come over. Eddie’s working late tonight and I know Neil is still on second. I just thought you might want to come over so the kids could play.”

Brenda was another one of the moms from the play group they belonged to. In fact, she had become Ann’s closest friend in the group, and not just in proximity. They’d gotten tight. Brenda had even shared a few intimate details of her marriage with Ann, who did likewise in return. They didn’t share everything, at least as of yet. But they’d grown closer just knowing they didn’t have to pretend to be innocent, at least around each other.

It was also nice that she lived a lot closer than Sherry. The only negative was that she lived in a sprawling housing development set literally on a mountainside, and the terrain to get to her house was a bit treacherous.

Ann had been there many times though, and she felt comfortable going. But with it being just before kaçak casino five, she knew it would take her a little over a half-hour to get there. Even if she cut the trip short and the kids just played for a couple of hours, it would still be dusk when she started home. Plus, she and Owen had been out two nights in a row.

Still, the other factor weighed on her mind; Brenda’s comment about her husband Eddie working late. It wasn’t that he was working late; it was more about where he was working. At the moment, his exact whereabouts were unknown. He was an Air Force reservist stationed at a local air base, and he’d been called to active duty the week before. All Brenda knew was he was somewhere on an Air Force base in the Middle East, and that he’d be gone at least a month. He wasn’t in any danger, the gulf war being over for a couple of years; and his job being part of the ground crew for a huge transport plane. But he also wasn’t home working his regular job.

Ann wasn’t sure about going. “I don’t know, Brenda. Neil was kind of upset that I got home so late last night, and we’ve been gone a lot lately. I think maybe we should just stay at home.”

“Please, Ann. Cynthia is driving me nuts. I’ve got a pot roast on; I was kind of hoping we could have dinner. I can’t possibly eat it all by myself.”

Ann sighed when she heard the despair in her friends’ voice. Cynthia was a cute little girl, who was just as active as Owen; more so in some ways. Neil described her as being a handful, and there was a lot of truth to that statement. Oddly, as she’d gotten older, she seemed to calm when she had someone else to play with. Brenda had said more than once that she needed to have another child soon for her to have a full-time playmate, but she worried the next one would be just as high maintenance as the first.

“Okay, we’ll come over. But we’re not staying too late. I’m leaving by nine no matter what,” she warned.

“Thanks a million, Ann. I owe you big time.”

“Yeah, right,” she laughed. “I’ll see you in a half-hour or so.”

“Okay… bye!” Brenda said as she hung up.

“Come on, Owen. It looks like we’re going out again tonight.”

Ann took the time to change clothes, putting on a modest tan skirt that came to mid-thigh and a button-down blouse that was similar to the black one in the bag Neil had dropped off at the store, only it was red. She still looked sexy, but it wasn’t one of the high-octane flirtatious outfits she tended to wear.

She wasn’t sure why she dressed so much more conservatively amongst her play group friends. The most obvious conclusion she came to was that somewhere in her subconscious mind, she wanted to be seen more as a mom, instead of some other persona. That thought hit her as she looked in the mirror.

“Why am I dressing for other women?” she said out loud, laughing when Owen gurgled in response as he played on the floor behind her.

She’d never done that before, and she got a little miffed at herself now that she recognized she was doing it. It was stranger still that she was doing it going to Brenda’s house. She was the one mother that knew she wasn’t a saint, but since she had never dressed in any way other than conservative in front of her, it was sort of an automatic wardrobe choice. It was safe, and that pissed her off.

She didn’t change, not wanting to waste more time and then finding she stayed too late at Brenda’s house to compensate. Instead, she reached under her skirt and removed her panties, cursing herself for putting them on to begin with; another trait she’d changed just by being in a different peer group. It was so unlike her to fit into a mold someone else thought she should be in, and yet she’d done it unprovoked, all because she somehow fell into mother mode around them.

Thankful that she’d gone without a bra, she would at least feel better about leaving the house the way she was dressed underneath. She only recently began going braless again in public. With her breastfeeding, she’d been concerned about leaking and staining whatever shirt or blouse she might wear. But when she returned to work, she decided to try going without one, at least whenever she wasn’t wearing a specific sexy bra for a look she was trying to capture for the store. The feeling of going to Brenda’s without underwear made her feel sexier, even though she was still dressed rather tame by her standards.

Deciding to push things just a bit more, she quickly touched up her makeup to showcase that same sentiment. “That’s more like a slut,” she grinned when she’d finished. Looking at the final product, she opened one more button at the top of her blouse to show even more cleavage. “There… that’s better. Time to go sweetie,” she said to her son as she picked him up off the floor at her feet.

It was odd since there wasn’t going to be any men there, and she didn’t look at Brenda in a sexual light, even though she was a very attractive blue-eyed blonde. But the change in what she wore, or didn’t wear underneath, made her feel more like Anna, and that’s who Neil had said she was when she’d last seen him. She would have liked to have worn a shorter skirt, or a sheerer blouse to compliment how she was feeling inside, but it was time to head out.

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