An Unexpected Cabin Visitor

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After my wife passed away, I sold our home and moved to a small A-frame cabin in Colorado.

I lived a fairly quiet life. My days were spent hiking, cycling, fishing and playing guitar in some of the local taverns.

I got the courage to play at a couple of local bars at the small town nearby, where I began making friends with some of the other locals.

I had met one big breasted lady in particular who was quite outgoing, and a constant fan of my performances.

We had had several long conversations about life in general, but I never gave our relationship much thought, other than I enjoyed she was a friend and an enthusiastic supporter, and I really enjoyed our conversations.

That was our status until one afternoon, I arrived at my cabin to find my door unlocked.

I opened it slowly and found my tavern friend lying on my bed. I looked around the cabin, and I noticed it had been cleaned. Not that it didn’t need it, I was always busy doing other things. But the idea of someone just breaking in to my cabin was a wee bit perturbing.

“What are you doing here?”

“Mmmm, I’m a fan of your music…” she smiled. “I thought that you were so busy, you could use a hand keeping the place up.”

I looked around, and admittedly, it did look better.

She lay on my bed, sitting propped up against the headboard and pillows. She wore one of my Oxford button down pinstripe shirts, and a pair of my boxers that fit tight on her wide ass.

“I got sweaty cleaning, and changed into some clothes I found in your dresser,” she smiled. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Well, I don’t like people just breaking into my cabin.” I sounded a bit peeved, even to me.

I walked over to the bed and leaned in, purposefully placing one knee between her slightly parted legs.

“I don’t mind the shirt, but I don’t think you should be wearing my undies.”

I rubbed my finger along the leg of the boxers while staring into her eyes to gauge her response. I ran my finger along the boxer leg on the her outer thigh, and circled just barely beneath the boxers towards her inner thigh. Her eyes widened, but she gave me a coy smile. I stopped short reaching her inner thigh.

Seeing that she wasn’t disturbed by my touching, I said,

“I’m sorry, but these will have to come off.”

I wasn’t really going to give her an option. As I spoke, my hands slipped upward along her hips, which were wide, soft and full, until they reached the the waist band of the shorts.

“Do you mind if I take these back?” and I rolled them down off her round butt cheeks, and up just enough to bare a tiny amount of her white ass cheeks, and the beginning of a few dark black curly cunt hairs. I pulled the front waistband down just far enough reveal the beginnings of her dark curly cunt hairs.

She lay there, unmoving but breathing heavier, as I gauged from her rising and falling breasts. Her pussy was covered but I could see the round white globes of her ass, and a tuft casino oyna of dark curly hairs in the crevice between those cheeks.

My hands slipped beneath the shorts to her bare white cheeks, and I gently pressed them outward, in a move that I knew would give me a brief glimpse of her brown puckered asshole. I released her ass cheeks and they jiggled closed again.

“I absolutely love hairy cunts.” She squirmed a little. I smiled and gave her a long slow kiss on the lips.

“I was hoping you had a hairy pussy. You are wearing my underwear, so I think the very least you could do would be to share the information.”

She reddened but she smiled, ” I do have a hairy pussy.”

I pulled the top of the trunks down a bit to verify it. “Mmmm, that is definitely a hairy pussy. Do you taste as good as you look?”

“You’re making me wet,” she whispered. “You’re welcome to taste.”

“Even better,” I said, as I pulled the boxers down to her feet, and tossed them to the floor.

“You have one beautiful ass.” I slowly slid a single finger between the crevice of her ass cheeks pausing a moment once I reached her puckered rose.

She let her thighs fall open as her breathing quickened.

“You’re welcome to taste me, and let me know what you think.”

I took both her hands in mine and slid them along her inner thighs. When we reached her hairy patch, I pressed them on either side of her cunt… pressing down and parting her pussy mons with her hands… spreading her open wide and revealing her meaty pink cunt flesh. She did not have large pussy lips, but they were fleshy and as I played with her, they protruded more and more outside her pussy. Her clit was large and round… bigger than I had ever seen… the width of my index finger. I was instantly drawn to it. I simply had to suck it… feel it between my lips and on my tongue.

I pressed her thighs back toward her tits which were still hidden beneath my Oxford button down. She kept her hands on her pussy, and stretched herself open wider, anticipating being eaten.

With her hands holding her pussy open, I pressed the heel of my hands against her large rounded ass globes, opening her cheeks to get a full view of her latte-colored puckered rosette.

“Damn! Your ass may require some attention, as well.”

She laughed. “Do you think you can have your way with me?”

“I’m not going to have my way with you, but I’m gonna make you wish you had found me much sooner,” and I leaned down to suck her clit while she held herself fully opened.

She WAS wet! Her cunt juices had begun to run down towards her ass. She was so very wet. Naturally, I thought I would have been remiss had I not licked it off of her. She seemed quite pleased with my gesture, and I was glad to do it.

Her pussy was beautiful! Her already oversized clit was beginning to swell and lengthen to where it looked like a small finger pointing upward . With her legs pushed towards her tits, stretching her ass wider canlı casino caused her anus to pucker up towards me.

I hesitated.

“What is it you want me to do to you right now?”

“You know what I want.”

“I know, but I want to hear you say it.”

“Oh you’re torturing me!”

“I want to hear you say you want me to eat your pussy… tell me you want me to eat your pussy.”

“You’re torturing me… eat me, dammit. I want you to eat my pussy.”

I pressed my lips toward her open thighs and blew a warm breath upon her open cunt. “Tell me one more time.”

She moaned and repeated, “Eat my pussy. I want you to eat my pussy. Please, eat me.”

I licked and sucked her pussy slowly for several minutes working my way down to her now gaping open slit, savoring every drop of her cunt juice and enjoying the taste of her meaty inner lips as I stretched them outward. Her clit was much larger than her nipples and was easy to grasp with my lips. When I reached the bottom of her slit, I opened her wider and gazed into the depth of her open hole, and pushed my tongue into her cunt as far as I could reach.

I had slowly worked my way down near her puckered rose, so I quickly gave it a kiss and circled once around her rim with my tongue. I was testing her reaction, but the answer came quickly. She responded with a long, low moan.

“Oh my God, you are driving me crazy!” she moaned.

With those encouraging words, I circled her rim once again, and then flicked my tongue tip just inside her hole. She spasmed open briefly, squeezing my tongue, and accentuated the move with a throaty moan and the arching of her back.

“What are you doing to me?” she moaned.

The Oxford shirt actually had little purpose in the Colorado mountains, so, more for effect, I reached up, grabbing the shirt at the buttons, with one quick ripping motion tore it open exposing her large globed breasts. She exhaled a small gasp, and, with a tit in each hand, I slid back down to her clit and my mouth returned to eating her deliciously hairy cunt.

She was now approaching a sexual frenzy, and began slowly humping my mouth as I ate her. It only made me want to eat her more enthusiastically.

There are few sites on this earth more beautiful than the sight of a woman’s bare breasts dancing in the pale moonlight as seen from between her thighs, and this only increased my desire to eat her pussy.

I sat up and stretched her ass as wide apart as I could.

“God! I just want to look at you a moment.” I kneaded her cunt mounds, then slowly slid my thumbs to her puckered asshole, stretching the rim as open as it would allow.

“Are you curious?” I asked.

She moaned and shook her head in the affirmative.

“Well, it’s something we will have work on slowly, but I can send you to another level, if you’re wanting to try it… Come and see me a few times. We can take it slowly so the experience is a pleasant memory for you.”

“Right now, with kaçak casino what you’re doing to me… the way you’re making me feel, I’d do anything you like.”

I made a point of telling her how much I appreciated her cleaning the cabin for me, while I gently fingered her ass pressing toward the wall of her cunt.

I lubricated a finger with her pussy juices, then slid up to suck her nipples. At the same time, I slowly… oh, so very slowly… finger fucked her ass. Once she came, I would go back down to concentrate on her pussy, eating her until she came again. Only then, would we get to the business of fucking.

To my delight, she was a very vocal fucker, which is always a great ego builder for a guy. Nothing like a woman spread wide, and screaming in ecstasy with each lick of her pussy. She came several times, each with a loud moan.

I grabbed her ass and rolled us both over. She quickly was straddled my face, and was humping my mouth while I held her jiggling tits, all the while she was grinding her pussy into my face, and had a look of fiery intensity… flaring nostrils, a grimacing smile and a far away look in her eyes. Occasionally she would pause long enough to offer her tits for sucking, and then she would return to humping my mouth with her wet hairy cunt. What a beautiful way to view a woman!

My entire face was wet with her pussy juices, and neither of us were satisfied. I reached around her ass and fingered her asshole, which only seemed to intensify her grinding. Finally, she pressed her pussy hard onto my mouth, arched her back and released a loud growling moan that seemed to go forever.

She looked down and simply said, “I want you to fuck me.”

I hated to see that hairy pussy leave me, but I was anxious to bury my cock in her and start pounding her. I just love watching a woman’s cunt lips stretching outward tight around the cock on the out stroke while she’s being fucked. Such a turn on when she has a tight grasp on you.

She was just as eager, rolling onto the bed, and spreading her legs, but not near as wide as I wanted them. I wanted that wet cunt gaping. I grabbed her thighs and forced her legs further apart. Now her cunt was spread, and I could see deep inside her into her gaping deep hole.

Her pussy was red from being eaten for so long, but she was so wet, she was not going to need a lubricant. I slowly slid the tip of my cock into her cunt, eased it slowly to the hilt to moisten its shaft. A couple of more slow strokes then began pounding her so hard until I could no longer. Her moans to “fuck her harder” were being drowned out by the slapping sounds of me fucking her pussy. A woman’s request to be fucked harder is always exciting!

She made it again, and so I let go as well, doing my best to press her through the bed, I pushed into her and felt the pussy spasming. We lay in that position for several minutes just kissing.

I rolled off besides her, and she lay beside my while I held her pussy in my hand, wet, hot and sticky. I slowly rubbed her hardened clit until she could bear it no more.

I am certain I am going to have a special dedication the next time I played the bar, and a few evenings to work on her curiosity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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