An Inmate’s Tale

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She waited anxiously for his release. Two months of expensive, brief calls and visits led up to this. As she sat in the lobby she thought of his gorgeous brown eyes and his warm smile. She gleamed in anticipation.

Being on the receiving end of those visits, he realized just how long it had been since he had a really good look at his young wife. She was only nineteen after all, and she was being subjected to so much at such a ripe age. She had always come and gone so quickly (he knew she hated the logistics of jail time) that he thought very little of her more subtle changes.

As he walked out of the locked room, she jumped up to greet him. It had been so long since he had seen those tits bounce- oh how he ached for them now! She embraced him, knowing how big her 38D breasts must’ve felt against him. As he stepped back, he caught a hint of a new fragrance, a sweet mist that reeled his thoughts only to her.

She took a mental picture of him here- he looked worn and exhausted. That passion that she loved in him was gone. She frowned as she coaxed him out of the lobby of the jail.

As she walked in front of him, he noticed a few changes. Her hair was blonde now, though she had always been a brunette to him. She was wearing a tight skirt, and she was casino oyna nude underneath; or wearing a thong, he couldn’t quite tell. Her legs were tanned a golden color, sunkissed like her hair. For the first time since their marriage, her skin radiated. He wanted to take her there.

She noticed he was a little thinner than before. She watched him surveying her, wondering if he noticed all the things she did to please him.

He was semi-hard already as he got into the vehicle. The way her ass was wiggling in that skirt really did it for him. He sighed, knowing that it was a long ride back to Richmond.

When they arrived back at their apartment, she showed him all of the things she did for him while he was away. He opened the fridge and grabbed a beer, trying to take his mind off of her, watching as she bent over to move her shoes out of the walkway, tempting him to mount her right there…

She smiled, watching him adjust his package. If only he knew how she masturbated over him on those lonely nights…

She went down on her knees to find something underneath the bed. As she arched over to reach that extra bit to her destination, he saw her bare pussy lips underneath her skirt. That was all he could take. He unzipped his pants and tugged slot oyna his throbbing member out of there. As she sat back up on her knees, he swung it at her face, grazing her full, plump lips. He pleaded, “suck me!”

She grinned devilishly as she took the swollen cock into her pretty little mouth. Her pussy was so juicy now, knowing how much he needed to have her. She sucked deeply as she held the cock in her mouth, toying with it with her tongue, tugging at his balls with one hand, and guiding his tight ass with the other. She was shoving him deeper into her mouth, deeper than she’d ever let him go before. He moaned- he was already so close to cumming, it couldn’t happen now.

He yanked her off the floor and shoved her over the side of the bed. Her ass looked so good in that skirt, with her high heels planting her in the perfect position for plowing. He admired the view for a moment; ass and pussy sitting up proudly for his pleasure. Finally, just as she started to relax, he proceeded. He shoved his swollen cock into her hot, drenched pussy. He parted her lips as he tried to take all of her. She whimpered, previously unaware of his unsatiable need to fuck her, grind into her most intimate of places. He could hear the smacking of his balls against her clit as canlı casino siteleri he worked in and out, over and over. She moaned with pleasure, imagining that he was close to his orgasm. She didn’t know it, but he wasn’t done with her yet.

Because of his intense fucking, she didn’t feel the gobs of spit now trailing down her asshole that he was putting there. Her pussy was already so wet that he knew he wouldn’t need it. In one quick move, he pulled his dick from her pussy and starting teasing his way into her ass. The feeling was remarkable- she felt tighter than the first time he had her ass. She yelped helplessly as he mercilessly fucked her ass. He started slowly, little jabs here and there. But now he was fucking her intensely, taking everything he could out of her. He pulled out the full length of his cock, except for the tip, and drove it back in with all the force he could muster. In and out, over and over, enjoying the little moans and sighs coming from the lips of his hot wife.

She heard his breath get shorter as she felt the warmness of his cum fill her asshole. She felt him squirt three times before he fell over onto her back. She was still slumped over the side of the bed like a shameless whore, fucked more passionately than she ever had been.

“Welcome home, baby,” she said breathlessly as she got up to wash herself for round two.


Please leave comments if you are interested in a number two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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