An Indian Family Story Ch. 07

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That evening, Muthusamy came with the news that Selvi had delivered a baby girl that afternoon. Ponni was looking after both baby and mother. Most probably they would be discharged the following day. They took the good news with excitement, Ramu (he was not so sure though) as a first time father, Kamala as a first time grandmother.

By nightfall they took their dinner and prepared to sleep early, as they had to leave early the next morning. Muthusamy slept like a log as he had not slept at all the previous night. Kamala took the opportunity to sneak into Ramu’s bedroom and they began another hot session of passionate love. Although his mother in law was past forty-five, she had the passion of a twenty year old. Her body was firm with only a trace of fat ring around her waist. This time Ramu took his time and enjoyed her.

“Take off all your clothes,” Kamala ordered as she slowly removed one piece of clothing at a time, teasing Ramu and stimulating him. He stood there naked rubbing his erect penis, watching her undressing seductively, till she was equally naked. He approached her and began kissing her passionately. But she did not want any foreplay. She was already hot. Bending down over a chair she told him, “Just fuck me. Do it slowly.”

Ramu penetrated her from behind and without much ado began fucking her with long powerful strokes. Her already wet and oozing cunt sloshed as he fucked her. This went on for some time when she turned around and slept on the mattress, spreading her thighs apart. Ramu got in between them and entered her again. He continued with his long strokes. He could feel his two balls slapping against his mother in laws buttocks. She rubbed her clit and groaned. His thick prick filled her cunt up and his slow movements were stimulating her to the maximum. She contracted casino oyna her cunt muscles hard to further increase her pleasure. Ramu found it heavenly. He could not believe that his mother in law’s cunt could be so tight. Luckily for him it was well lubricated and made his work slightly easier. He poked her hard and slowly increased his speed.

“Fuck me harder! Fuck me deeper! Plough my itchy cunt! Fill my cunt up with your thick long rod! Aaaaah! That’s right you fucker!” Kamala screamed. She bucked her buttocks to meet his thrusts with equal force. When the round head of his penis knocked against her uterus, it sent shivers throughout her body and she le out long loud groans, thrashing her head this way and that.

That’s when she saw her elder son in law standing at the door, with his erect prick protruding under his dhoti.

“Come in,” she called him. As he neared her, she reached out and pulled off his dhoti exposing his erect penis. “Fuck my mouth,” she ordered him. Muthusamy complied immediately. He knelt astride her and shoved his prick into her mouth. She sucked it like a frenzied woman. Her saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth. She made such sloshing noises as she bobbled her head up and down. Planting both his hands above her head, he stated fucking her mouth. He pushed his prick as much as possible into her mouth. His mother in law could really take it right up to her throat. She sucked his prick like she was trying to suck out his balls through his penis. Just like Ramu he had never enjoyed being sucked like this by Ponni or Selvi. With Ramu at her cunt and Muthusamy at her mouth, Kamala climaxed more than once before Ramu shot his juice and filled her cunt to the brim and let it overflow. Muthusamy was yet to come. He let her suck with all her might, but still he could not canlı casino shoot his load. He rolled her over and mounted her from behind. Her thick bald cunt was full of Ramu’s juices, but he did not bother about it. His mother in law’s cunt was still extremely sensitive. On penetration, she whimpered and moaned, as she let him do all the work. Muthusamy was giving one of his above average performances today. The thought that he was fucking his mother in law was the main stimulating point of his prolonged erection. Kneading her big buttocks with both his hands, he fucked her hard and fast. Kamala’s buttocks, body and her large breasts were all moving violently to Muthusamy’s thrusts. He fucked her like a man processed till he shot his load into her messy cunt, and the two of them collapsed on to the mattress.

With their mother in law sandwiched between them, Ramu and Muthusamy turned towards her and stoked her body and played with her breasts.

“You are a wonderful mother in law, Maami,” Ramu told her. “How many lucky son in laws get to fuck their mother in law, that too at the same time?”

“Yes indeed I am lucky to have so many men to take care of me. At home I have a husband and a brother in law, here I have two sons in law. I am surprised at my elder son in law’s performance today. Ponni told me you were usually quick in your job. Don’t worry; I will train you during my stay here. Then you will become good at fucking just like Ramu.”

“I would lie it very much Maami,” Muthusamy replied with enthusiasm.

Kamala held on to both her sons in laws’ prick and fell a sleep, playing with them. In the morning when she woke up, she found Ramu’s thigh across hers and he had a strong morning erection. Muthusamy was sleeping facing away from her. Slowly without disturbing both of them, she got kaçak casino up. She felt an itch in her crotch. She scratched it and found that it was dried semen from both her sons in laws. Looking at Ramu’s stiff cock, she was unable to resist it. She knelt besides him and took it in her mouth and began sucking it. Ramu stirred and opened his eyes to find his mother in law at work on his penis. He smiled at her.

“This is a nice way to wake someone up,” he said to her.

She mumbled something and continued to suck his prick. Muthusamy now woke up to see both of them in action.

“You started early,” he said smiling at them. He sat up and watched them with interest. Soon his prick too started to stir. He stroked it slowly while watching Kamala sucking Ramu off. He positioned himself behind his kneeling mother in law and lifted her arse up. He rubbed her hairless cunt, which was now covered with their dried semen. He spread her cunt lips and started licking her. Kamala was getting hot. Soon she was wriggling her arse and encouraging Muthu to lick her harder. Muthu was now sufficiently hard. He knelt behind her and started fucking her. Kamala was surprised but she was now enjoying herself. She sucked Ramu till he shot his load into her mouth, which she swallowed with pleasure. Muthusamy continued to fuck her till he too filled her cunt with his sticky juice.

“What a way to wake up!” Kamala observed, as she draped herself with her saree and went to the bathroom outside.

She washed up and made some coffee for her sons in law. Ramu and Muthusamy soon cleaned themselves and had their morning coffee. They had to take their bath and get ready to go to town to fetch Selvi and Ponni. They decided to take bath together to save time. The three of them trooped into the bathroom and bathed together. The men took turns to pump water to fill the large container, while Kamala scrubbed them. They both in turn scrubbed Kamala. Although Ramu was stiff all the time, Kamala decided to save it for later.

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