An Easter Family Reunion Ch. 02

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Note from the author: This story is a work of fiction and a continuation of “An Easter Family Reunion Ch. 1”. While I will include some of the details from the prior chapter for those who have not read it, those will be kept minimal to avoid redundancy as this chapter is fully intended to be read after the prior chapter. If you have not read it, I highly suggest you begin reading there and then continue here when you’re done as it will provide a more complete and enjoyable story for you.

I received a lot of wonderful and motivating comments and praises to Chapter 1 which I truly thank the readers for. It has made me look forward all the more to continuing the story of the cousins in this and successive chapters. The one primary negative that I did receive was the length of the first chapter so I am trying to moderate this to shorter segments accordingly while maintaining the integrity and writing style that you all seem to have appreciated so much from chapter 1. As always, I appreciate your comments; both praising and constructively criticizing my work.

Legal Disclaimer: All characters are over the legal age of adulthood (18) in this story.


My eyes opened with a start, a feeling of chilled air upon my bare chest as Brianna no longer warmed me with her petite body next to mine. I felt lonely, a sad emptiness flooding me in her absence as I wondered where she had gone. From the faint dawning light of the mostly-closed blinds, I could see her glasses on the end table but the master bathroom door was open and no lights were on there.

I was thinking to call to her though I feared waking the house, unsure how early it was; still the emptiness within me grew by the second. Having been alone for the first 27 years of my life, I couldn’t bear the thought of being without her for even ten minutes. Chuckling quietly, I lay my head back on the pillow, coming to grips with the fact that I was truly in love with my freckled angelic cousin; complete and totally.

That’s when I felt an abrupt jerk at the end of the bed near my feet. Quickly I sat up on my elbows to see what it was just as a familiar warm, moist richness engulfed the head of my nude manhood, making me gasp and realize that same feeling had been what had awoken me to begin with.

My arms slid behind my head; I collapsed into the pillow with a soft moan as I showed her my appreciation and enjoyment of her morning gift. The bed jerked again; being a little clumsy as she repositioned herself closer to me. Still my legs spread apart as I lifted my hips to meet her lips while her small hand cupped and massaged my balls. She might have only learned but a few hours before, but she was improving quickly with each passing moment and to my virgin sword it felt absolutely blissful.

Her amateur lips achieved their goal quickly, making my morning wood turn rigid steel. Honestly, I had fully expected she would finish the job right there but upon convincing herself that I was ready, she slid her body along mine; her pointed petite breasts skating along my abdomen and chest.

Her light brown locks emerged from beneath the comforter; quite a bit disordered from the frolic in the sheets that only added to her dazzling cuteness. She looked up at me, her beautiful gradient eyes danced in mine; a hazel mixing to soft green that looked upon me with adorable innocence.

“Good morning my love,” she whispered, pushing herself forward along my body to kiss my lips while allowing her legs to fall to my sides, straddling me. “Sleep well?” I could feel her bare warm moistness against my stomach as she gradually slid her body down along mine.

“The best ever,” I replied, my stiffness sliding along her inner thigh as she moved. “How about you, baby?” My soldier parked within the warm folds of her sex, pressing against them as he eagerly searched out his desired target.

“I had the most beautiful dream about us,” she whispered, wiggling her womanhood against my pole. Though she was stiff in her movements, still not quite sure of her own sexual side, she easily achieved the desired effect as my throbbing rod rested, pointed within her virgin lips. “Then when I woke up and you were still sleeping right next to me, holding me in your arms, I really knew I wanted to be yours forever.”

She pressed herself against me; I could feel the virgin skin resisting my entrance as she gasped and squeaked, pulling back off me in a twitch. “I’m sorry love; I’m just really scared it’s going to hurt.” I ran my fingers through her hair and down her cheek slowly, caressing her sweet face.

“Take your time baby. I’m here with you forever,” I leaned forward again kissing her lips which she returned with true passion.

“I want you so bad,” she panted when we parted. “Wh… what if you… work me up really good,” she blinked innocently at me, biting her bottom lip softly. “You know…, like Ashley described that neighbor doing to her the first time.”

I grinned; my smile spreading from cheek to cheek. “You’ll never have to twist my arm for casino oyna that one.” She blushed, rolling off my body to lay flat on her back. I kissed her lips and then her neck, following a trail of grazes and pecks down directly over her the peak of her milk chocolaty erect nipple and onto her abdomen.

With a little too much anxiousness that caused the bed to bounce gruffly, I jumped to the foot of it while Brianna parted her legs wide for me without anxiety of nerves or embarrassment. She was pure silky white; even the spots from her recent shave had disappeared to leave a perfectly molded porcelain bare womanhood splayed before my devouring eyes. Her definite arousal had her rounded lips moist and slightly parted, showing off her virgin entrance.

Having no need for further instructions, I slid my arms under her legs, cupping her petitely pointed womanly cones with my hands as my tongue sought out its target. Dancing and frolicking along her folds, parting them with my invader as I dove deeper; my loving art came to the virgin skin and ran its full length up and down.

“Oh my…,” she cooed into the morning, her hands resting on the back of my head. With each pass, I allowed my tongue to venture a little higher, slowly increasing the speed of each cycle that concentrated with greater frequency on her budding clit. “Oh yesssss,” her legs spread even wider as she pushed herself onto me, the warmth and wetness of her increasing with astonishing swiftness.

Her stomach started to twitch followed by quick short gasps and a tremor in her legs which signaled the time to begin my final assault. Withdrawing my hands from her breasts, I wrapped them around her legs and spread the top of her Venusian paradise so my lips could completely engulf her engorged bit. “Oh…, oh…, hea…, hea…, heaven,” her head whipped about on the pillow as I lovingly assailed her clit, feeling her pelvic force pushing hard onto me.

“R…, Ron…, Ronn…, Ronnie,” she was pushing against my head with her hands as if to make me stop yet her legs wrapped around my neck preventing me from actually moving. Finally she arched her back, pressing her femininity upon my lips with an astounding strength as she squealed my name, forgoing any pretense of not being heard by the family.

That was my clue though; she was ready. I parted her legs from my body and swiftly moved forward, diving my still rigid manliness into her with a single impaling force that broke right past her virgin wall. Again she squealed, even louder and longer, pulling on her hair from both sides while her eyes were wide open but completely gone in ecstasy. She returned her legs to wrap around my body, pushing me in to my hilt and preventing me from moving at all as her newly unwrapped sex contracted on my pole with such force that I couldn’t have escaped had I tried.

The feeling of her tightness and warmth surrounding my virgin pole together with the rapid succession of pulsing contractions on all sides made me lose all strength and power as I emptied my love into her womb with a deep growling grunt. She definitely felt it within; her eyes locking on mine with ferocity, her lips trembling as her hands clutched at her small breasts with brute instinctive force while another new wave of contractions came over her.

As she began to come down from her natural high, her arms locked around my neck as she pulled me closer for a series of passionate kissing. I was losing power within, my manhood returning slowly to his flaccid state though she wouldn’t let me go or even withdraw for several minutes afterward. Eventually, still labored in breath, she collapsed into the pillow, the power in her legs letting up as I fell from her womanly folds.

“Is it safe to come in now?” I heard the door slide open a few minutes later and Tammy peeked through. With a dart, I slid off and lay beside my new girlfriend-cousin and covered my body and hers with the sheets. “Thought you might need these,” she set down our two bags of luggage at the door. “Wow that sounded like fun. I think the neighbors up the street heard you, Brianna.” She giggled and gave us a playful two thumbs-up before retreating out the door once more.

Brianna looked over at me, unable to hold back the laughter and I joined her. “Did it really hurt you? I couldn’t tell if you were in pain or ecstasy.” I asked pulling the sheets down to view her pert breasts; red fingermarks covering them from all sides.

She leaned over and kissed me once more. “Now I know what they mean by ‘it hurts but in a good way,’” she giggled. “I think it hurt like hell but the pain just instantly added to the intensity of the moment and the orgasm,” she ran her fingers through her hair. “It was… incredible.”

She pushed herself up on her elbow, resting her head on her hand as she smiled at me. “So that’s what being married to you is going to be like?” I blushed while her finger ran down my nose and lips teasingly. “Oh I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“Don’t be dying on me yet baby, that’s just the canlı casino start,” I tried to act coy like I really was something more than a pathetic 27-year-old who had just finally lost his virginity. “We’ll get even better with practice, I’m sure.” She broke into a giggle, falling back on the pillow as she covered her face with her hands.

“I can’t imagine it getting any better than that.” There was a knock on the door at that moment.

“Hey, you guys coming yet?” Ashley laughed through the door obviously finding a humorously intended pun in her words. “We’re getting ready for an early Easter lunch… a lot of us have to get on the road this afternoon. Hurry up so we can spend time together before we go.”

Brianna’s hand rested on her forehead as she peered at the ceiling, an embarrassed half-smile, half-cringe on her lips. “Oh my God…, they all heard me, didn’t they?”

I agreed but assured her it was no big thing really. “After all, they heard you last night too.” She gawked at me and swatted my arm playfully, pushing herself up on the bed.

“Well, I wasn’t exactly the ONLY one you made squeal last night,” she looked at me feigning a pout. “I actually had to wait my turn for you after Gemma and Tammy got you first; and I’m your girlfriend.”

I looked at her unsure what to say exactly. She had actually let me, even instructed me, to ‘learn’ how to skillfully eat a girl’s pussy with Gemma and Tammy the night before. Still, I could see that she was a little unnerved about it through her joking. “I uh…,” I paused, racking my brain for something good to say that would let her know how much I truly loved her. “I saved the best for last, baby.”

She giggled, pursing her lips and shrugged. “Well, you did learn REALLY well so I’m not complaining.” She stood up and went toward the bathroom. “Care to join me?” I grinned, bouncing along behind her like a lost pup.

The first shower with Brianna was as amazing as the rest of our firsts that weekend had been. Though we were both sexually spent; it was a sensually loving experience as we bathed and caressed each other in the warm waters. As I scrubbed her body, I gazed upon her dazzling nudity like a picturesque work of art, made solely for my singular enjoyment. Though I can’t be sure as she didn’t speak, but I had the impression she felt the same while looking at me as well.

Once we were dried and dressed, Brianna drying and brushing her hair in the bathroom, I could see that something was really bothering her though. Since the shower she hadn’t said a word or kissed me at all and I started to worry.

Had I not been good enough for her? Was she actually disappointed in our time together though she had tried to sound content? I knew enough about women to know that I had no idea about them at all, much less keeping one happy in a relationship. Nervously, I walked up behind her, putting my hands around her waist and holding her close.

“Are you okay, baby?” I whispered in her ear. She looked back at me with a genuinely adoring smile through the mirror.

“Yeah,” she sighed and I could tell there was something going on in that pretty little head of hers. I took the hair dryer from her, shut it off and set it down, turning her around to look directly at me.

Her eyes sparkled as they peered into mine; enhanced by a few tears forming in the corners of her eyes. “What’s the matter my love?” I asked, collecting the falling tear with my finger.

She leaned forward and put her arms around my waist, holding me close. “I just realized, I can’t go to Colorado with you today.” I looked down at her in shock, her eyes meeting mine. “My contract at work requires at least a two-week notice and…, and…, I’m sure you can’t come to Florida for two whole weeks.”

Though I hadn’t thought of that fact until she said it, two whole weeks without her was going to be a lifetime of misery for me now. Still, I refused to let her see as I smiled at her. “It’ll be okay love. I gotta buy a bigger bed at my place too; get some other things ready for having a new wife around,” I smiled at her and she buried her face in my chest.

“Will you still come to Florida and help me move in two weeks? That’s a long trip to go all by myself,” she looked back at me batting her eyelashes playfully. Even if the thought to say ‘I couldn’t’ had passed my mind, there was no way I could have said so to such an adorable pleading face.

“Of course I’ll be there love.” She squeezed me tightly, her pert breasts poking into my abdomen and causing my rod to stir once more.

“I love you, Ronnie Gibbens,” she proclaimed as she held me.

“…and I love you, Brianna Kelnar,” I replied but she put a finger over my lips.

“Don’t say that name,” she leaned forward on her tip toes, sliding her finger out just as her lips took its place. “It’ll be Brianna Gibbens very soon.” I grinned as she said it, dazzled by her sweet face and the comprehension that she was truly going to be mine forever.

* * * * *

The day went by too quickly kaçak casino as I knew it would probably be some time before I saw most of my cousins again. We all shared a wonderful lunch and some enjoyable chats as well as a movie on Tammy’s big screen HD afterward; Brianna was by my side every step of the way.

No one ever said a word of the noises that had come from our room neither the night before nor that morning though I did get a few strong claps on the back from the guys and some all-knowing looks from Ashley, Tammy and Sabrina. Kayla gave me a playful pout every time she looked at me when Brianna wasn’t paying attention while Gemma eyed my girl with a twinge of pure jealousy.

When the movie was done, people started packing things away in their cars, getting ready for the long trip home. Brianna and Marissa were heading back to Florida, if only temporarily for the former. Ashley and Gerry were heading for New York while Chelsea had a little further to go into New England. The rest of us were heading west; Tim and Kayla to California, Gemma to Arizona, Sabrina to Alaska and myself to Colorado.

Tim called me over to the western group who were discussing something next to his car. “Be right back love,” I told Brianna, running my hand along her waist while she stored her bags in her car.

“Since we all live out west,” Tim explained, “I thought it would be cool to book a few rooms on the internet and we all travel together. Maybe the first night in St Louis and then we’ll stay at your place in Colorado Springs before heading on the next morning. What do you say?”

“Sure,” I shrugged and Kayla jumped up and down, clapping her hands excitedly. Her tank top bounced about gleefully with her small breasts.

“I’m riding with Ronnie,” she exclaimed getting a devilish look from Gemma and causing Brianna to look our way with a start.

“Um…,” I looked over my shoulder nervously at my girl who had her hands on her hips, obviously expecting me to hurry back over to her. “What about your car?” I asked Kayla.

“It’s a rental so I’m just going to turn it in here and save the money,” she grinned at me, batting her eyes sweetly. “You don’t mind having company, right?” I could see the wheels turning in her head but thinking of making that long trip back all alone wasn’t very enticing either so I agreed.

“What was that all about?” Brianna asked, putting her arms around my waist while looking over at the group I had just left.

Her eyes held a good deal of jealousy within them. I explained the details and she sighed heavily when I confirmed that Kayla had auto-invited herself to my car. “I finally have the man of my dreams and they’re already trying to steal you away,” she looked down at the ground sadly.

“No one’s going to steal me from you,” I lifted her chin up, looking into her eyes. “I’m going to marry you. Just two weeks until you’re with me again in Colorado love…, just two weeks.”

She broke a smile upon her saddened face. “I love you, Ronnie…, I’m going to be there soon. You’ll see.” She looked back at the group of girls; Tim having gone inside to use the computer. “I’m just worried about you staying in a hotel room with those two.” She turned back to me, “they’re going to RAPE you.”

“It’s settled then,” I shrugged as if it were nothing for me to make the decision. “I won’t go with them then. I’ll go alone.” She smiled at me, her eyes sparkling as she looked into mine.

“You would do that?” she actually sounded amazed though I didn’t see it as anything special. “You’d drive that whole trip all alone just because I was a little jealous?” I nodded and shrugged; she pulled me close to her in a tight bear hug.

“No…,” she said finally. “I want you to go with them. I can see that your heart is truly mine and…,” she paused looking back at the two culprits of her worries, “if something does happen with one or both of them; I just don’t want to know about it, okay?”

I looked at her confused at the semi-green light she was handing me. “Our lives will officially start together the day you come for me down in Florida, baby. I’ve waited for you for fifteen years; I guess I can wait another two weeks.” I smiled and bent to kiss her lips.

“I’ll call you every night until then,” I whispered and she giggled.

“You better. I love you more than anything in the world, Ronald Gibbens.” She stood on her tip toes and kissed me before quickly turning away to get into her car and started the engine. Blowing me another kiss through the window, she pulled out of the driveway and was quickly out of sight.

“So are we ready to go?” Kayla asked bounding up behind me as I stared down the road longingly in the direction Brianna had gone. Tim gave me a printout of the hotel confirmation in St Louis where we were going to stay that night; he had booked two rooms with two beds each.

“I guess so,” I replied half-heartily heading toward the rest of the group to say my good-byes. Tammy told me how happy she was for me and Brianna as we hugged; Gerry told me to have some fun with the girls on my trip to which I laughed. Ashley said I’d better let her know when the wedding was because she would be there for sure while Chelsea just said ‘take care of yourself Ron.’

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