An Agreement Gone Wrong

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Howdy ya’ll! A new story for you! Contains futa on female, hyper/huge sizes, excessive cum/cum inflation, and ntr/cheating (kinda). If there’s enough interest I have an idea for a possible chapter 2. I hope you enjoy!

As always, I love to read your feedback and comments, so they are always appreciated 🙂

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The gentle morning light peeked through the curtains, waking the slumbering man. His eyelids reluctantly lifted, and he peered partially blinded at the window in annoyance. Shit, if the light was shining into his bedroom like this then he woke up far too early. Groaning softly in annoyance, he opened one eye fully, sacrificing it to the horrors of the sun. Peaking at the digital clock next to his bedside, he confirmed his suspicions: it wasn’t even noon yet, which meant he was awake when he didn’t need to be. With another groan, he rolled over away from the window, and pulled the thick, tan comforter up to his chin – at least he still had time to try and fall back asleep.

As the comforting, drifting darkness overcame him once more, a distant sound pierced through this veil of peace and quiet. His ears perked slightly as the noise became his focal point of attention. Listening carefully, steadying his breathing and keeping his eyes closed, he tried to make out exactly what it was that was disturbing him. It sounded some kind of thumping or thudding, and was that the sound of a woman’s voice he heard? It couldn’t have been his wife, she should have already been at work, unless the clock had lied to him about the time. He continued to listen for several minutes, not making out any other sounds except perhaps what sounded like a second voice, also female. Did he get his days mixed up or something?

Ignoring the sounds, the man tried to empty his mind and let the sweet release of sleep take hold of him. Just as he felt like he was finally drifting off once more, a much louder sound pierced his cocoon of warmth, causing his eyes to shoot open. A woman’s scream. This time he knew what he heard. Now very much awake, the man threw the blankets off of himself and rolled over, sitting up. Rubbing his face and scratching his short, messy brown hair, he tried to collect himself before he confronted whatever the source of this noise was. He reached down and grabbed the pair of basketball shorts he always wore around the house, and pulled them up around his boxers to his waist. Clad in a plain white wife beater and black shorts, he was as ready as he was ever gonna get.

Standing up, the man began to walk around the bed, his feet padding against the soft white carpet. Reaching the door to the bedroom, he opened it slowly, trying to be as quiet as possible. He exited the room, grimacing at the touch of the cold tile floor on his warm bare feet. Closing the door quietly behind him, he walked slowly to the source of the noise. The women’s voices and thudding sounds became more clear now that he was out of the bedroom. Making the short trip down the hall, he cautiously poked his head around the corner of the wall, doing his best to scout out what was causing this repetitive noise. As his head made it around the hall, his eyes widened and he let out an involuntary gasp. This was not what he had expected to see.

Several feet in front of him, in the entryway to the house, were 2 women – well, 1 woman and 1 futanari. The futanari, an individual possessing both male and female genitalia while generally presenting as female, was absolutely massive. A long mane of blonde hair, perfectly straight and beautifully golden, trailed down her back and off of her shoulders. Her face was scrunched up in concentration, her deep blues eyes absolutely focused on the woman in front of her. She had a small pointed nose, and large, plush pink lips which were currently pursed together. She was clearly gorgeous, but more draw-dropping than her intense beauty, was the fact that she was completely naked.

A pair of massive breasts stuck out from her chest, lily-white like the rest of her body was. They hung heavily down towards her navel and were currently bouncing steadily against her muscled torso. Capped by large pink nipples, they presented a mouth watering sight to any red-blooded male, or female for that matter. Following her body downward, her fit physique was apparent: her arms were well toned, her back showed the obvious signs of muscle definition and under her jiggling breasts was the clear definition of a 6 pack. Her ass, which was currently resting above her well-defined legs, was incredibly large, more than befitting of her huge frame, and jiggled along with the movements of her body. These movements were caused by her thrusting her cock into a woman who was on all fours in front of her – and what a cock it was.

It stuck out from her groin like a goddamn telephone pole. Even from his position several feet away, the man could see that it was insanely thick. It looked as big as a normal person’s entire thigh, although güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that meant it was still smaller than the futa’s own massive tree trunks. It was laced with incredibly thick veins, pulsing pink and purple things that were both long and wider than a normal man’s penis. From his profile view of the scene, he could also clearly see the bulging tube of her urethra that hung under her massive shaft, and it was as grotesquely large as the rest of her fuck meat. But her dick wasn’t just thick, it was insanely long as well. Despite the fact that she was at least a couple feet away from the woman she was currently pounding into, the futa’s cock was still deeply imbedded into the writhing female, and judging by the bulge in her stomach, it looked like at least another foot of unreal cockmeat was buried in her depths, if not more.

The man’s shock came at the sight of the coupling rather than the massive futanari; he knew her and her cock well considering that it was his wife, Christie.

“Oh John! Did I wake you up!?” Christie exclaimed in surprise, standing and turning towards her husband. As she stood up on her feet, her incredible size and height became even more apparent. Her body seemed to never end as she rose up and towered over everything around her. Her muscular legs came more into view as she stood, as did her enormous testicles. Like a pair of wrecking balls they swung in their tight sack as she moved, bouncing off her knees and visibly shaking against each other. Each was easily as big as a human’s entire head, and their taut container looked absolutely filled to the brim. She was like everything you could want in a perfect woman increased twofold: her breasts, ass, muscles – all of her features, including her terrifying genitalia, were supersized. Speaking of her genitalia, her cock lifted as she went, as did the woman it was still penetrating.

The woman had partially been obscured before by another wall, but now the man, John, could see her clearly. It was their neighbor, Melissa, someone he knew well. But he’d never see her like this. Despite the fact that Christie had stood up fully and let go of Melissa’s hips, wide and child-bearing, which fit her well as she had had several already, the woman was lifted up with the futa; it became quickly apparent that she was completely stuck on Christie’s cock. Her body sagged towards the floor, slowly sliding off the massive appendage until the giant glans alone were trapped inside of her body. The woman hung limply from the dickgirl’s massive shaft, which bent slightly under the weight of lifting an entire person. Once the futa had stood fully, the woman’s toes and fingers barely grazed the cold tile, as did her long brown hair. John couldn’t see the woman’s expression under the curtain her hair provided, but he could clearly imagine exactly what kind of face she was making.

“Um, uh Chris… what’s going?” John questioned, still staring in open-faced shock at the sight before him.

“Oh honey I texted you, just like in our agreement!” Christie replied with a knowing look as she flexed her cock, causing the speared woman on the other end of it to rise up and slam into her muscled chest, “Melissa stopped by to drop off some of the tupperware she had borrowed, and well, one thing led to another…”

John’s eyes somehow widened even further as he heard this, the shocked expression never leaving his face. The so-called “agreement” his wife mentioned, referred to the arrangement of their marriage. A few months ago, they had both willingly agreed to an open marriage. There were rules of course: they had to at least know the other person or be introduced to them, and they always had to let each other know when they were gonna sleep with someone else. Neither had acted on it at first, but just a couple weeks ago, John had received the first text from his wife letting him know she was gonna be hooking up with one of her friends. At the time he hadn’t been too bothered by it, but now seeing it action, in their own home, was like being hit in the face with a ton of bricks.

Chrisie giggled at her last statement, as she used her cock to slam Melissa against her body, causing the woman to sink down its length. John could now clearly see the penetration in action, something that horrified him. The brunette’s cunt looked absolutely destroyed, her lips stretched tightly around the mighty shaft penetrating it. There was a clear bulge, a defined outline of his wife’s cock, running up from right below her navel to up between her sagging breasts, which had clearly grown large from her multiple pregnancies. Now that her hair was out of her face, John’s suspicion at what her face might look like was confirmed: her eyes were rolled back into her head and her tongue lolled studiply out of her mouth, which was leaking a steady stream of drool onto her chest. This woman was being completely wrecked by his wife, who seemed like she had barely exerted any effort.

Seemingly eager to get back to the fucking, Christie güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri reached down and grabbed Melissa by her hips, and began to drag her up and down her cock. She was practically using her like a human fleshlight, pulling her up until just the titanic tip of her dick was still inserted, before slamming her back down, the bulge in her midsection rocketed back up towards her breasts. The futa kept this pace up easily, and began to thrust her cock into the woman as well, her balls slapping loudly against her legs. Christie was so tall that even in her elevated position, the top of Melissa’s head only came up to her chin when she was speared with as much giant rod as she was able to take. At one point Christie grunted, and a new large bulge showed through the overfucked woman’s skin, before a large river of pearly white cum began to dribble out of the sides of her ruined cunt lips. Melissa also had her own intermittent orgasms, which were always accompanied by a spray of juices that puddled on the floor. This kept up for several minutes before Christie looked at John once more.

“Oh you’re still here honey? You might as well go back to bed, I’m gonna be awhile. I haven’t even cum once yet.”

Grunting, Christie went right back to her intense fucking. Her speed picked up, and she began to really hammer into the poor woman; Melissa would probably never be the same. John was stunned both by his wife’s words and her nonchalant attitude. She hadn’t orgasmed yet? Then what the hell did she call all the cum that was dripping from her cock and leaking from Melissa’s pussy?! And how could she be so cavalier about fucking someone else in front of him? John could feel himself start to get angry. Deciding to do what was best, he slowly began to turn around, before deciding to address his wife.

“Uh, ok sweetie. I’ll see you later…”

His wife only grunted in response, totally focused on the fucking she was currently perpetrating. Slinking back to the bedroom, he could hear Christie’s animalistic grunts only grow louder and Melissa scream out once more. Not wanting to be a part of this anymore, he closed the door to the bedroom behind him and made his way to the bed. Not even bothering to take off his shorts, he hopped under the covers once more and closed his eyes. Despite the fact that the door was closed, John felt like he could still hear his wife’s loud grunts and the slap of her enormous balls against her muscled legs. He scrunched his eyes together and tried to think of anything else. How did his life get like this?”

Well, he knew exactly how.

John had cheated, plain and simple. And while his actions may have been simple, the reasons behind them were more complicated. He loved his wife, he wouldn’t have married her otherwise; but love only went so far, and he had banked on it going all the way. They had met each other their freshman year of college, having shared some of the same General Education classes. They had quickly become friends, both having a love of the gym and similar taste in music. And in spite of her enormous stature, or perhaps because of it, John had found himself attracted to her – there was only one problem. One big problem. She was a futanari, and quite a blessed one at that, something John found out far sooner than he was supposed too.

Even when they were still baby-faced freshman, Christie had immediately built up quite the reputation. She turned heads wherever she went, both due to her height and due to her immense beauty. Men were intimidated and terrified of her, especially once the rumor that she was a futanari spread like wildfire. Women… well women were attracted to her, even if they had never shown attraction to female-presenting people before. They seemed to flock to her, whether it be when she walked through campus, or when she was lifting insane amounts of weights at the campus gym. Christie definitely used this attention to her advantage.

John had heard about her being a futanari completely by accident. He had been studying alone in the library next to a gaggle of girls, who were gossiping much louder than they should’ve been. It was here that John learned everything. Christie was apparently hung enough to put an elephant to shame. Christie could cum over and over again without ever going limp. Christie’s first week on campus she fucked an entire sorority house of girls 3 times in one day and was still ready to go again. All of this and more John learned, and he found himself both horrified and aroused. She hid it well, John realized, and that must’ve been the reason she only wore long dresses or skirts to class, even when it got colder. But to his credit, he never let it affect his friendship with the insatiable futa.

To her credit, Christie never let her many conquests affect the friendship either. She never discussed them, never bragged or rubbed it in his face; she even seemed to do the kind thing and not make moves towards girl’s John seemed interested in, at least when they weren’t girls she güvenilir bahis şirketleri had already personally conquered. As college went by, the companionship between the pair only grew closer, and both found each other feeling something deeper, despite their apprehension at entering a relationship. Christie had never been with a man before, finding herself primarily attracted to women, but found that John was a rare exception; and John’s own concerns were obvious: how would he handle being with such a sexual dynamo of a person?

In the end they decided to give it a try. To all the women on campus, it was quite the immense disappointment when the news that Christie had entered a monogamous relationship had spread. John felt like he constantly had eyes on him when they walked together, hand-in-hand or arms interlinked, through campus, and not just because of the envy of every female member of the university; they made quite the couple, with Christie being over half a foot taller than her boyfriend, who wasn’t short by any means. But they made it work, and to John’s internal delight and Christie’s hidden annoyance, they took it slow.

Well, they moved slow for a horny college-aged couple. It was only a couple weeks before they first got hot and heavy, and a particularly steamy make-out session ended with Christie blowing John’s own average manhood. It turns out that she was amazing at giving oral, and used those plush lips to quickly bring her boyfriend to orgasm. The next time this happened however, Christie had palmed John’s head with one of her massive mits, and tried to lower him down to her own bulging sweatpants. John of course, panicked at this, and made an excuse that he wasn’t prepared to make that leap on his end. Being the good girlfriend that she was, Christie was outwardly supportive, despite the fact that her brain screamed at her to be the opposite. When John left, she had flooded the dorm showers in her copious loads, resisting the urge to call one of her many admirers for help.

This became the basis for their relationship. John slowly got used to her being naked around him, her giant penis and immense testicles at first making him very uncomfortable; and while he found he never truly got used to it, his girlfriend had many other alluring features for him to focus on. They would have sex, Christie of course being on the receiving end, and while she would orgasm from her pussy, her dick was always left painfully erect. John had tried to at least give her a handjob, but his reluctant, half-hearted stroking never did much for her. This meant that she either had to try to will her penis soft, or excuse herself to the bathroom after John was done. It seemed to be the only hang up, the only sore subject in their relationship – the rest seemed nearly perfect.

They did everything together, and it never got stale. They would go to the movies, always sitting in the back so that Christie’s massive form didn’t block the screen for other people – this also made it convenient when they felt like locking lips more than watching the screen. Going to the bookstore, eating out at restaurants, walking through the park together – they were practically picturesque regardless of the oddity of their pairing. Hell, they even helped each other study, despite the fact that they were in 2 completely different majors, and would often walk each other to class when they could. All in all, they really made a perfect couple except for in that one private area, although they both told themselves it was still good.

After college they had done the logical thing and got a place together. Both went into their studied professions, John going into teaching while Christie started a mid-level office job. Life continued for the pair, but things were growing worse behind closed doors. Christie had grown understandably frustrated with their sex life: it had now been years since she had fucked anything with her cock, and the most John had offered her was a lame attempt at oral that didn’t even get her close. He had refused any kind of backdoor play, even when she had tried to insert a single finger while blowing him he freaked out on her. So they were at a standstill: John wasn’t willing to change and Christie continued to insist he pay more attention to her cock. Sex still occurred, but it was becoming less frequent and less enjoyable for both of them, and the resentment began to seep into other areas of the relationship.

In a last ditch effort to save their failing relationship, something both knew was happening, John had gone out and bought a ring. He had wanted to propose to her for a while now, but had been scared to as things had been steadily going downhill. But this would be his Hail Mary. One night after a wonderful dinner and walk in the park, while the pair were illuminated by a glowing full moon, he got down on one knee and popped the question. Christie was elated. They were engaged. Things got better for a bit as they planned the wedding – even the sex got better for awhile, with John trying to put more effort into pleasing his bride-to-be’s behemoth, even if he still wouldn’t let her near his ass. The planning went as well as anyone could help. The wedding was beautiful. The honeymoon was a magical affair, filled with romantic gestures and long nights alone. It seemed like everything was going perfectly.

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