An Afternoon Delight

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I had always been infatuated with older men – their experience, knowledge and maturity was a great turn on. I’d never been with a younger man, until I met him.

It was a hot summer day, perfect for a baseball game. I had never been to an MLB game, so I was very excited when my girlfriends suggested we take a road trip to Chicago to see a Cubs game.

We checked into our hotel rooms and agreed to meet in the lobby at noon. I took my time getting ready – carefully applying my makeup and dressing in denim shorts and a tight-fit breast hugging blue tank top so that I ‘d be nice and cool. Given the large size of my breasts, I knew what I was wearing would draw a bit of attention… but I didn’t care. I swept my long brown hair up into a messy ponytail, gave myself one last look in the mirror and headed downstairs.

Ashley and Sara were already there waiting on me.

“It’s about time,” said Ashley. “We don’t want to be late and traffic is going to be a bitch.”

The valet brought around my red Dodge Charger and we all climbed inside and headed to Wrigley Field. Parking was a nightmare, but we found a spot, paid our $20, and headed towards the field. We were just crossing the street when I spotted him.

He had on a Cubs shirt, beige cargo shorts and a Cubs hat. I could tell he was hiding a beautiful body under those clothes. He gave me a shy smile and kept walking with his friends. I looked around a bit and then looked at the ground. There’s no way I was to be the recipient of that perfect smile.

I lost sight of him in the crowd and stupidly asked my friends, “did you just see the hot guy in the Cubs shirt?”

My friends said at the same time, “um all the hot guys are wearing Cubs shirts.”

I shook my head at them and giggled, looking back down at the cement sidewalk.

We walked through the gates and had a nice older gentlemen scan our tickets. Finding our seats wasn’t the nightmare I originally thought it would be. We still had a few minutes before game time and it was very hot out, so I decided to head to the concession stand for a cold bottle of water.

“Do you two want anything?” I asked my friends.

They said no, so I muttered an array of “excuse me’s” and “I’m sorry’s” to the others in our row as I made my way out and up the stairs. I quickly found the concession stand and got in line. After a few minutes, I got bored started looking around at the people near me. It was like the gates of heaven had opened up, Mr. Hot sidewalk guy was standing just a few people behind me.

I quickly looked away and started to panic a little.

He was staring at me when I looked back up, so I gave a shy smile and wave. He smiled back as his smile reached his sparkling blue eyes.

I wasn’t paying attention casino oyna to the movement of the concession line, I was officially in my own world that consisted of just me and him. He stepped forward and started walking towards me.

“Hi,” he said. “I’m Adam.”

“Um… hi. I’m Jessica.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was obviously younger than me, I just wasn’t sure by how much. He was several inches taller than my 5’6″ and muscular, but not overly so. He had great arms.

“Are you from Chicago, or are you a tourist?” he asked.

“I’m here with some friends on a trip.”

“I’d be happy to show you around if you have some time.”

We both seemed to forget about the baseball game we’d just shelled out money to see.

“I think I would like that.”

“My buddies won’t even notice I’m gone,” he said. “Do you need to tell your friends that you’re leaving?”

“Um, yeah, I’ll text them really quick and tell them I’m not feeling well. I drove, but they can catch a cab back to the hotel.”

I don’t know what got into me, but I know what I wanted to get in me. I was leaving, with a stranger… if only my friends could see me now. Quiet and demure Jessica would never do something so spontaneous.

He said one of his buddies drove, so we settled on taking my car. We partook in some small talk on the way to my car.

I looked at him as I settled behind the wheel of my car and asked, “Where are we going?”

“Back to your hotel room…”

A bit dumbfounded, I just stared at this beautiful young man with a million thoughts running through my head. Is even in his 20s? What the hell does he want to do there, go swimming? I glanced down at his crotch…oh nope, I don’t think he wants to go swimming…

I didn’t know what to do, so I laughed as I often do when I’m nervous.

“Uh… you want to go where?”

Jack leaned over and whispered softly in my ear to make sure I heard him, “back to your hotel room.”

I bit my bottom lip and looked over at him as he settled back in his seat with a very naughty looking smile on his face.

“How old are you anyway?”

“Old enough…”

“No, like seriously, how old are you?” I asked him. “I have no desire to spend time in jail for statutory rape.”

“I’m 20,” he said.

Oh. My. God.

“I’m 11 years older than you!” I was mildly horrified and mediumly turned on at the thought of bedding this beautiful young man. Could I be a cougar? My obsession with One Direction and Daniel Radcliff was one thing, but this was real-life.

“I don’t care how old you are,” he said. “You’re a beautiful woman and I want to what’s hiding under that shirt.”

I’m going to hell, I said to no one other than myself. I’m completely canlı casino and totally on a one-way ticket to hell.

I looked at the road. Then I looked back at him. I almost considered just letting out of the car and onto the side of the road. But no, I listened to the little devil on my shoulder who was chanting, “Do him, do him, do him.”

“Well, then. Let’s go to my hotel.”

Expecting him to shy away and get scared, I was immediately caught off guard when he brazenly reached out and gently cupped my large left breast.

“I can’t wait to get there.”

He fondled me a bit, rubbing his fingers over my shirt and bra. When my nipple decided to come out and play, he pinched it just a bit and then let go.

After a 20-minute drive we arrived back at my hotel. I handed the keys to the valet and fumbled with my purse, trying to find my room key before we got to the elevator.

The elevator doors opened and I told Adam I was on the 12th floor. As soon as the doors closed his lips found mine and his arms wrapped around my body.

“We’re going to have a great time,” he said.

I bit my lip again, looked into his eyes and said, “Yes, I think we might.”

We stepped off of the elevator and walked down the never-ending hallway to my room. I unlocked the door and he was on my as soon as it shut behind us. He was ravishing me with kisses.

“Slow down a little,” I said through heavy breaths. “I have the room to myself all night, I’m not sharing one with my friends.”

He backed away a little bit and then pulled his shirt over his head. Holy ab hotness! Not only did he have abs, he had that beautiful V at his hips. I couldn’t wait to see more. He undressed himself, down to his boxer shorts as I stood there staring at him like a perv.

“My god, you’re gorgeous!”

He smiled and walked towards me. He tucked his hands under the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Adam then settled his face between my still bra covered breasts and breathed in deep.

“You smell delicious.”

“You look delicious.”

He reached behind me and found the clasp to my bra. He worked his fingers and I felt the fabric give way. I looked at his face as he pulled the black material away from my body. I got an immediate confidence boost once the material found its way to the floor and a smile fell across his face.

“Perfect,” he said.

Adam dipped his head down to breasts and started suckling on my right nipple while massaging and tugging on the left. I was in heaven. I ran my hands up and down his strong back and to his ass, giving it a little squeeze… it was so tight and firm.

He paid great attention to my breasts. His mouth was still attached to me when I felt his hands roaming down to my shorts. kaçak casino He unbuttoned them and pulled them down. I stepped out of them quickly.

“You’re not wearing any panties…”

“No, I don’t like them.”

His fingers found my wet pussy and he started rubbing my clit a little as he went back to sucking on my breast. I could feel his hardness through his boxers and decided to be bold and pulled them down his toned legs that were covered with just a dusting of dark hair.

Adam took a little time stepping out of them and before I knew it we were falling down on the bed. Me on my back and him on top of me. He kissed my lips tenderly and then rolled off of me over to his side.

“Open your legs,” he commanded.

I happily obliged.

“You’re so wet already. Do you want me to make you cum with my fingers?”

“Mmmhmm, yes, please…”

He massaged my clit with his fingers, spreading my wetness all around. It felt delicious. He inserted one finger, then two – filling me up while he rubbed me. I felt the tension build up in my body and it wasn’t long before my walls were convulsing around his fingers and I was yelling a string of obscenities as my body shook and quivered with my release.

He moved back on top of me and kissed my lips, then brought his fingers to his mouth. He sucked my juices off his fingers, “mmm, you’re so sweet.” Then he brought those same fingers to my mouth and gently put them between my lips. It was such an intimate act; I didn’t hesitate to take a taste.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt the tip of his cock at my hot, wet opening. He pushed forward and entered me. I cried out as his thickness stretched me and his length invaded the deepest parts of my core.

He treated me with slow hard thrusts, sweetly fucking me and making me crazy with need. I reached between our bodies and started rubbing my clit. He smiled and repositioned himself up to his knees and draped my quivering legs over his shoulders.

“I want a better view while you get yourself off on my dick,” he said.

I rubbed my clit with my right hand and let my left hand come up to my breasts. I tweaked and pinched on my nipples. I was consumed with lust for this young man I had just met. He was outstanding in every way and doing things to my body that hadn’t been done in years.

“Yes,” I pleaded. “Keep fucking me just like that.”

My hips were meeting his thrusts and I franticly began rubbing my clit. I gave my nipple on final pinch and shattered around his cock, my walls gripping and milking him.

“Fuck Jess, that was so hot…. I’m gonna cum!”

His thrusts grew more frantic and he threw his head back and cried out as his came, deep inside my pussy. I was never careless and couldn’t believe we didn’t use a condom, but at this point in time I didn’t care.

My young Adonis filled me up with his warm cum. I couldn’t hide the smile creeping across my face. If only my friends could see me now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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