Amy’s Ardent Cries , Whispers

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Sometimes, telling a story, knowing that someone, somewhere has shared in the excitement, makes it all the more arousing.

I was vacationing in Park City Utah when this took place. I had gone to the pool and health spa to relax. The entire thing was located in a large covered area. In addition to the pool and weight room there was a hot tub and steam room.

It was very late in the evening as I sat by the side of the pool reading a book and watching the people in the pool.

A young couple caught my eye as they swam in the pool. Both the man and the woman were attractive, dark haired and looked to be somewhere in their mid-twenties.

He was wearing loose “surfer” type trunks and she was wearing a black bikini, which accented her long black hair that floated on the surface of the pool. Her creamy white skin showed the care she had taken with sunscreen to avoid burning, or even too much tanning.

As I watched her swim, I could not help but notice the swell of her breasts, which glistened in the water. She must have caught my glance, because she looked right at me. I blushed, but as I was turning my glance away, I thought I saw her smile.

I decided to sit in the steam for a while. I got up and went into the steam room. I turned on the steam and took a seat at the end of the room.

The steam room was sort of an elongated closet paneled in white marble with two benches that ran the length of the room. The floor was paved in a darker stone. Although it had a glass door that opened onto the pool, once I had turned on the steam, the view inside was totally obscured. I sat at the back and let the steam billow around me.

After about five minutes, the door opened and the couple I had been watching in the pool came in and sat down facing each other. Each had brought in a plastic glass of water and a fanny pack, which they sat next to them on the bench. No one said anything. The timer on the steam turned the steam jets off and the clouds of mist didn’t get any thicker.

I was gratified to get a close up look at this stunning girl, even with her husband sitting right next to me.

About five minutes passed as I watched sweat roll down her arms and legs as they both sat with their heads leaned back. I noticed that she was tracing patterns in the sweat beading on her skin with her fingertips. Slowly she moved them up and down her legs and then across her abdomen.

I watched in fascination as she lightly traced her fingers over her breasts and then reached behind her and loosened her top.

She shrugged her shoulders and her top dropped into her lap, which she then sat beside her on the bench.

Even if I had wanted to leave, both of these people effectively cut off my escape. Their position in the room made me feel OK about remaining, despite the woman’s state of partial undress. The steam had thinned somewhat, but the moisture on the glass door was more than enough to prevent anyone on the outside from seeing anything inside.

Her husband or boyfriend was watching her intently. Reaching into a little fanny pack he had brought into the steam room with him, he produced a bar of soap that he began to lather in his hands. He knelt in front of her and began to lather her feet and calves, moving up her legs until he reached her bikini bottoms.

Without a word, she raised her buttocks off the marble bench and hooked her thumbs in her bottoms and slid them down to about mid-thigh. Her friend slid them the rest of the way off and sat them next to her top on the bench.

By this time, I had an erection that was standing rigid inside of my swim trunks. Thank heavens they were baggy enough not to cause this condition to be painful. I curled my legs up in order to conceal my excitement and continued to watch as her friend slowly lathered her hips, waist, shoulders, arms and breasts with soap.

As I watched, he pulled one leg of his trunks up in order to allow his own erection to be freed. I watched as it bobbed and swayed. He continued to lather her, this time concentrating on her breasts, teasing the rigid nipples and then cupping each breast in a slippery hand.

He knelt in front of her again and looked up at her. She spoke in a low voice that echoed in the stone room, despite the fact that her voice was barely more than a whisper. “Please wash my pussy”

She slid down a little and I could clearly see that she was swollen and puffy with excitement. He began to lather her mound and at the same time he was rubbing his erect cock against her slippery leg.

He did not reach inside of her, but continued rubbing her as she arched slightly against his hand. Both of their breathing echoed in the stone room as my own cock strained against my suit.

Suddenly he stopped lathering her. He picked up one of the glasses of water sitting in the bench and poured it over her pussy.

He then slid his own trunks off and kicking them aside, sat back down on his canlı bahis bench across from her.

Slowly she reached down and parted her labia. Her finger began moving in small circles. With the other hand, she cupped a breast, teasing her nipple. With half closed eyes, she watched her friend as he sat naked across from her, his cock jutting into the steamy air.

The sound of her masturbating was the only sound in the room besides our ragged breathing. Her hand began moving faster and faster, still her friend sat. I noticed that he was arching his hips in such a way as to make his cock sway in the wet air.

I could take it no longer, I slipped my own trunks off and dropped them on the floor. I sat on the bench, revealing my engorged cock to them both.

The girl didn’t miss a beat or even look my way as she continued to play with herself. Her friend however began to lather the soap in his hands and then soap his own cock.

The girl immediately got up off the bench, still masturbating, she slapped his hand away from his cock and reached down and picked up her bottoms. She slid them on and put her top back on, her friend followed suit, pulling his trunks on over his engorged cock.

Reaching down, she picked up the bar of soap, turning to me, she lathered up one hand and softly slid it up and down my aching dick a couple of times and then said, “If you’d like to come up to our room, I’ll show off some more for both of you”

With those words, she released my cock and turned and walked out the door. Her boyfriend got up to leave and turning my way he spoke for the first time, “We’re in room 338 if you’re willing to play by the rules”.

Of course, by this point I’d have been willing to play Russian roulette for a chance to look at her smooth body some more. I was aching for release of any kind, so I pulled my own trunks over my rigid member and followed them hoping the late hour would help me get to their room without meeting anyone on the way.

By the time I left the pool, a combination of cold air and embarrassment at walking around in public with a raging boner had made me semi presentable. I made it to room 338 without incident and knocked on the door.

The man opened the door, “I’m Rick”, he said, “This is Amy”.

Rick was still wearing his swim trunks, Amy, however, had pulled a long t -shirt which came down almost to her knees.. I could not tell if she had anything on under it or not. She had braided her long dark hair into a single braid that hung down to the middle of her back and was seemingly oblivious to what had transpired a little while before. She offered me a soft drink, which I accepted.

We sat around on the couch, making small talk for a little while until Amy said, “I think an explanation is in order.

“One night about a year ago, I came home from work unexpectedly. I approached our bedroom and I could hear Rick talking. He was telling the dirtiest story I had ever heard. Of course, I was outraged, but I was excited as well.”

“I peeked inside and there was Rick jacking off and talking on the phone.’

Amy’s cheeks colored with the memory with the memory as she continued, “He talking about how hard his cock was and was asking if the person on the other end of the line was doing it as well. His hands kept going faster and faster and I could hear the sound his cock was making as he stroked it”.

“Eventually, my anger overcame my excitement so I walked into the room and asked him exactly what the hell he thought he was doing. He hung the phone up and jumped out of bed and ran toward me and that’s when it happened”.

Amy shifted in her seat. I noticed that she had been pulling lightly on her T- shirt and her nipples were faintly showing as she continued her story.

“I walked up to him and slapped his cock pretty hard and he started coming all over me, not just a little, but big squirts that splattered against my legs and the ones that missed me, shot half way across the room. He was still squirting when I turned on my heel and ran into the bathroom”.

“I pulled off my skirt (that was spattered from top to bottom) and turned on the shower. As I got ready to get in I realized that even though I was crying, I was also very aroused.”

At this point, Rick spoke up.

“I’d been calling these singles lines and masturbating with the women on them. I decided that the only thing to do was admit everything, so I want into the bathroom after her and started talking to her”.

I noticed that by this point, Amy’s cheeks were flushed and I could see her nipples quite clearly through her T-shirt. Rick clearly had an erection that he was making no attempt to hide and I must admit my own cock was standing up on it’s own.

Rick continued, “I told her that I liked talking to other women and men on the phone and a lot of the time I talked about her to them. I told her that I never really came with the other people and if she hadn’t bahis siteleri slapped my cock, I wouldn’t have come this time. I told her I was sorry.”

Amy stood up and as she spoke, she pulled her T-shirt up a little revealing that, indeed, she was naked under the shirt. Her pussy was very red and swollen, “Rick didn’t realize it, but by that time I was this excited”.

She stood in front of me for a moment, as she stood before me, a trickle of moisture dropped onto the floor, she let the shirt drop back; “I was masturbating all the time he was talking, just like I feel like doing now”.

Amy did not, however touch herself. She sat down, and tucking her legs under her, said, “Do go on Rick”.

Rick continued, “I told her I would do anything to make it up to her. I was shocked when she got out of the shower and told me that I would have to watch her do it over the phone”.

Amy had crossed her legs and was rocking slightly as she said, “I wouldn’t even let him watch me. I went into the bedroom, got under the covers, called the number he gave me and spent the next hour playing with my cunt and talking with several guys while I did.”

Emboldened by the conversation and the fact that Amy had slid down in the chair revealing herself again, I said, “Did Rick jack off with you?”

“No, I made him sit on the side of the bed and listen, after I finished, he went in the bathroom for a long time, I knew he was doing it and I just lay in bed bringing myself off again while he did”.

“For the next six months, Rick’s sex life consisted of watching me talk on the phone and masturbate and then jacking off”.

“Did you ever help him?”, I asked

Amy got up and faced both of us, “Sometimes, I’d stop in the middle of a call and let him look at how excited I was, like I’m doing now”. Her nipples showed clearly through the T-shirt and her face was flushed as she slowly pulled the shirt up revealing her long legs, her swollen pussy and then finally, her soft breasts, swollen and flushed with excitement.

“Do you like how I look?” she asked breathlessly

“Yes” I croaked and I heard a similar affirmation from Rick.

She dropped the shirt back into place and sat down again. “I like it that you both know how aroused I really am”, she softly said with her cheeks flushing and downcast eyes.

“Anyway”, she resumed, It was only a matter of time that we progressed from stroking ourselves with strangers over the phone and doing it in person, so here we are right now.

At this point, Rick excused himself and slowly walked into the bathroom. He left the door ajar and Amy and I sat in silence.

She moved over and sat by me. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I’ll bet he’s in there jacking off right now”. Her warm breath tickled me and I felt her breast warm and soft against my arm.

“It would serve him right if we were to do some playing of our own while he’s busy,” Any said, leaning closer she whispered, “Do you want me to show off for a little while right now?”

Amy stood up and reaching under her shirt, began to tease herself. I began touching my cock through my trunks.

“Do you like the way I look?” she said

“Oh yes”

She bent over, “Would you like to touch my breasts?”

I reached up and cupped one incredibly soft breast as she caught her breath; the pace of her hand rubbing her cunt picked up considerably.

She pulled away suddenly and said, “Let’s not get carried away, I wonder what Rick’s doing?”

A pause and then, “Why don’t you go and see?”

I got up and walked to the door and peered in.

Rick had removed his trunks and was stroking his cock slowly as he sat on the toilet. He had gotten some slippery lotion and his cock made languid liquid sounds as he slid his hand up and down the shaft. Amy pushed past me and walked into the room.

“I might have known you’d be in here playing with your cock, why don’t you come on out and we can all show off for one another”.

Rick jumped off the toilet, His rigid cock bobbing and dripping, “I couldn’t help myself”, he cried.

He walked stiffly into the other room with his cock bouncing and dripping in front of him. He sat down on the couch and looked at Amy expectantly.

Amy motioned me to sit down and said, “Why don’t you show us your cock?”

I slid my trunks off with some gratitude feeling the cool air kiss my rigid member.

Amy peeled her shirt off revealing her firm breasts, hard nipples and a sopping wet pussy. she sat down between us and began to rub herself.

“Come on, you guys, do it with me.”

I needed no urging, my hand moved up and down.

“Talk to me”, she said.

Rick asked her what she was doing.

I’m playing”, she replied.

“Playing with what?” He asked

Amy gave a shudder and her hand rubbed faster, “I’m playing with my cunt, right in front of both of you”, she gasped.

I spoke up, bahis şirketleri “Don’t you mind us looking at you while you’re doing it?” I asked as my own hand moved faster.

“I should”, she whispered, “but I don’t even care, I can’t help doing it, it feels so good”.

“Once”, she continued, “I came so hard I squirted all over Rick, would you like to see me do that?”

“Yes”, I groaned, moving closer to climax

“You have to wait till I do it and I’ll cream all over you both”

Amy stood up and, leaning over, she whispered in my ear, “I want you to hold Rick’s cock while I come for him”. To Rick she said, “Stop jacking off, I want our friend to feel how hard your dick is”.

Rick removed his hand and I leaned over and took his erect cock in my hand. I had never had any contact like that before in my life, but the heat of the moment left little time for reflection.

His cock was rigid and quite lubricated with pre-come. I held it gently sliding my hand in very slow up and down motions, I turned my eyes to Amy once again.

She stood directly in front of Rick for a moment and then bent over looking for something. From underneath the couch, she produced a small green plastic ruler. She straightened up and once again standing before him, she said, “You know I shouldn’t be doing this, but my pussy is so wet, I can’t seem to stop”.

She then slapped her pussy sharply with the flat of the ruler.

“I need to discipline my pussy so it won’t make such a slut out of me”, she said as she slapped it again.

In my hand, Rick’s cock swelled and subsided. I stopped moving my hand at all as we both watched Amy spank her swollen, dripping cunt with the ruler. Her blows became faster and harder. A drop of fluid flew off the ruler and hit me in the face. Then another drop, and another.

Amy put one leg up on the arm of the couch so her pussy was positioned roughly over Rick’s cock. She continued slapping her swollen and puffy cunt with the ruler. For the first time I could see the bright red interior and her little clit standing stiffly at attention as she muttered, “What a dirty girl I am”. Slap! “Look at how hard my clit is”. Slap! “A nice girl wouldn’t be doing this”. Slap! “But I’m not a nice girl” Slap! “Soooo slutty”

Suddenly Amy dropped the ruler and began rubbing her cunt. I was leaning over holding Rick’s cock with my right hand and lightly touching my own dick with my left hand. Amy took my left hand in her left hand and said, “Hold my hand while I cream”. My cock ached to be touched as her rubbing accelerated.

“Look out”, she cried, “I’m doing it like the slut I am!”

Amy shuddered, stiffened, and let out a low groan, “Ahhhhh, I’m doing it now”. Her hand clenched my own in a vise-like grip as she stiffened and shuddered.

As she continued rubbing, a forceful stream of hot liquid squirted from between her rapidly moving fingers and splattered against Rick’s rigid cock and my hand which was holding it. Rick arched so his dick would remain in the stream, which was squirting at irregular intervals from Amy’s cunt.

I felt his cock thicken in my hand as he cried out, “I’m going to do it too, I can’t help it!” I felt his dick pulse and a stream of white come shot from the tip and spattered against Amy’s leg, even as another stream from Amy hit the tip of his cock again.

Deep within my own body, I felt a sensation of pure lust and pleasure as my own cock stiffened and began squirting cream all over. The first pulse shot onto Rick’s legs, even as he rained his own cream on himself and Amy.

I dropped his squirting cock and with my own prick shooting another stream into the air, I tried to position myself so a little of Amy’s liquid would hit my creaming cock.

As I got up, that pulse squirted into the air and hit Amy on the left breast.

Amy stepped back and said, “Don’t touch yourselves yet, lets all do it together.”

I stood transfixed as my own cock pulsed and then subsided. Rick sat with a string of cream hanging from his cock onto his leg. As I watched, he got up and we all stood facing each other.

“Now”, Amy said and resumed rubbing her pussy.

As soon as I touched my cock, I realized that I had only had a partial orgasm and rather than being finished, stood on the brink of yet another climax.

We stood there masturbating together and Amy and Rick moved closer together, as did I. Soon we were touching. Amy’s breast, slippery with come slid against my chest and then she was sliding the same breast against Rick.

This time there was no holding back when I saw Rick aim his cock in the air and rain sperm down on Amy and I. Desperately, I stroked in order to join them in this moment of fulfillment. Even as I heard Amy cry out and the sound as she began spattering onto the floor, I aimed my own throbbing cock in the air and joined Rick in shooting pulse after pulse of hot come into the air over the three of us.

Later we showered together, washing the remains of our pleasure down the drain, and, to exhausted to consider going back to my own room, I fell asleep on the couch listening to their cries and whispers from the bedroom.

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