Amy , Krystal Ch. 1

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It all started when I walked into a restroom at a restaurant. Before I get into this story of romance I should tell you about myself. I am a blonde and have long slightly tanned legs. My breasts are about medium size and my nipples get hard around women who I think are sexy. This is because I am a lesbian, but I love it. I think it’s way better than being heterosexual, although I am a virgin.

I walked into the bathroom wearing a very short skirt with black panties underneath. I don’t like to wear tights because I like to show off my sexy legs to beautiful women. I stepped into a stall enjoying myself and unzipped my skirt. I pulled my skirt down with my panties. After a couple seconds, I heard my piss steaming into the water. When I was done, I stood up and pulled a piece of toilet paper from the rack and slid it slowly up my vagina, starting right between my legs and ending a couple inches above my vagina, enjoying the pleasure I gave myself. I pulled up my panties, balancing the tampon between the leg holes, then my skirt. I reached my hand down my skirt and adjusted my tampon to the way I like it. I walked out of the stall and saw a very beautiful and very sexy legged woman about my age, which is 19. She was wearing a long, black skirt under a black shirt with her brunette hair falling over her small breasts. She was crying in front of the mirror so I asked what was wrong.

“My fiancé just told me he found another girl,” she whimpered. “Then I told him to get the fuck out of my sight.”

I thought she would be perfect for a girl like me to make love to a girl like her.

“Want me to show you why you shouldn’t like men?” I asked her.

“Yes. After tonight, I absolutely hate men,” she answered in a surprisingly calm voice. I walked to the bathroom door and turned the lock.

“Just let me do the work at first,” I said in a sexy voice. “Turn around.”

She turned as I walked toward her. I pressed my vagina against her butt and started kissing her neck. I felt her hands feel their way up my legs and under my skirt. Then a tug on my panties so I started kissing her harder. I felt her fingers slide their way under my panties as I wrapped my arms around her wide waist. She pulled her hands out of my skirt and she grabbed my ass through the skirt. She began rubbing and squeezing my butt gently, just enough to make me feel my nipples grow hard against the girl’s back. I slid my hands down her panties to feel silky smooth panties on the back of my hands and warm, smooth skin on the other side. I felt for her vagina while she rubbed my legs ever so softly. I found her vagina and stuck my middle finger deep into the already soaking slit. I started sliding my finger in and out while I kissed her neck. It was so hot inside her vagina so I shoved my finger as deep as I could, letting her vaginal muscles suck it like a baby on a bottle. She let out a soft moan as her vaginal muscles pulled eagerly at my finger and soaking it with juices, all of this signaling canlı bahis her orgasm.

I felt myself growing wet so I kissed her neck and rubbed my tongue against her neck with each kiss. Her body tastes so good, I thought.

She turned toward me and kissed my lips. Her tongue forced it’s way into my mouth and over my tongue. I tasted her saliva running into my mouth. I rubbed her tongue with mine to get more of the juice that tasted like an angel. I just couldn’t get enough and couldn’t wait to savor her vagina fluids. I tore off her skirt while she continued to deep mouth me. I pulled my mouth from hers and dropped to my knees. Before I could tug off her panties she pulled up her skirt and said not here.

“Yeah, I’m hungry anyway,” I said. “Want to sit with me?”

She shook her head yes and smiled. I instantly knew we were going to have a great night.

After we sat in a booth right next to each other and ordered, the girl fingered her way up my legs and under my skirt. I looked at her and we smile at each other in a sexy way. I could tell she couldn’t wait until we got in bed either. I think she loves making love to another women. I know I love the lust taste of female fluids. We quickly ate so we could start home. She paid the bill and walked with me to my car. I sat in the driver’s seat and pulled my panties off. I showed them to her and watched her grin. I smiled too and tossed them into the back seat. She pulled off her skirt and panties and tossed them into the back too. Before I started the car, I looked at her vagina. I smiled when I saw she was already releasing fluids all over my car seat. She started moving her hips up and down as if making love to someone to make herself even wetter than she already was. I asked her what her name was.

“I’m Amy,” she said reaching up my skirt.

“Unnnh. I’m…uunnnh…..Krystal.” I said enjoying her feeling me up the legs. I started the car and drove to my house, but pulled over occasionally to make out with Amy madly in the backseat. When I finally arrived at the gate to the mansion, we climbed into the backseat and made out.

Amy climbed onto me and sucked my nipples through my shirt. Then she put her vagina over my head, pulled up my skirt, put her head on my vagina and stuck her tongue as deep as she could in my vagina.

I got back in the front seat and drove through the gate while Amy made sex sounds in the backseat. I parked the car in front of the door. Amy leapt out of the car and shoved me through the door and locked it. Amy took off her shirt and threw it across the room. Then she dropped her bra as I watched smiling. I hopped up and grabbed her breast and started sucking her nipple hard. I tasted a sweet warm liquid in my mouth and realized it was milk. I took off my shirt, bra, and skirt and ran through the mansion naked with Amy. I ran out the back door and leapt into the pool. Amy followed in after me.

“I love being with you Krystal. You make me feel so good. bahis siteleri You were right, having sex with women is more fun and exciting,” Amy said. Amy swam over to me and pressed her lips into mine. We pressed our vaginas together and exchanged fluids.

We climbed out of the pool and kissed.

“I want to fuck you in the shower,” I said.

We ran up the stairs. Right before we reached the bathroom door, I pinned Amy against the wall and kissed her lips. I spread my legs and put a knee on each side of Amy’s sexy body. Then I pressed my breasts against hers and kissed her neck. Amy pushed me onto the floor and climbed to my head. She rubbed her body against mine. I ran my hand up her leg. Then Amy climbed down to my legs and spread them. She placed her head in between my legs and teased my vagina by kissing it. She stuck a finger into my vagina. I moaned sexually as she stuck her finger deep into me. She pulled her finger out and licked it. Then she turned so I could do the same. Instead I rubbed her vagina and watched her cum in the hall. I spread her legs and licked her vagina and sucked up her fluids.

I rubbed her vagina again and felt her warm fluids ooze all over my hand. I licked my hand and put my head between Amy’s legs. I kissed her vagina and licked it. Then I rolled Amy over and I spread my legs with a knee on each side. I laid down on her back and gently humped her. I stopped after a couple minutes and kissed her neck. I stopped kissing and pressed my vagina against her butt. I arched my back backwards and moved my body forward and backward, feeling Amy’s soft, silky skin rub against my vagina. I felt myself growing even wetter as I came hard. I laid back down after my monster orgasm. My breasts pressed against Amy’s back. I kissed Amy’s shoulders. After a couple kisses, I massaged Amy’s shoulders. I began kissing Amy again, lower with each kiss. When I reached her waist, I massaged her butt and kissed it. I rolled Amy back over and sucked her nipples. I spread her vagina with two of my fingers and i licked her inside of her vagina. Amy pushed me off her as she moaned in an orgasm. When she finished, Amy climbed onto me and rubbed my vagina.

All of a sudden, she grabbed my foot and dragged me into the bathroom. I laughed as she did. Amy dragged me over to the bathtub and turned on the water. She dumped a whole container of bubble bath into the giant tub while I monitored the water. I turned off the water and tested it. Amy climbed into the tub first.

She spread her legs and motioned for me to get on too. I climbed into the tub and climbed to Amy’s head. We pressed our breasts together as I positioned myself in between Amy’s long, slender, sexy tanned legs. We wrapped our arms around each other and started kissing passionately. Amy wrapped her legs around my body and slid underwater. I held my breath and went under too. We kissed for a couple seconds, our breaths flowing between our mouths, then came back up. Amy started kissing bahis şirketleri my neck while feeling my vagina. She licked my neck and kissed it. I stuck my tongue out and Amy licked it. I curled my tongue and she put her tongue in the curl. She started moving her tongue in and out. I stopped to laugh. I couldn’t help it, it felt too good. I climbed out from between Amy’s legs.

She stuck her foot out of the bubbles so I could rub her foot. I rubbed her foot and worked my way up to her vagina. When I reached the slit, I spread it with one hand and put bubbles in. Amy laughed as I closed her vagina back up. I continued rubbing my way up her body. When I reached her breasts, I grabbed one and rubbed it gently. I stopped rubbing and I pressed my vagina against hers and started kissing her lips. Amy wrapped her legs around my body as we wrapped our arms around each other. We started grinding our vaginas together. I stopped and tried to leave but Amy held on.

“Let go, baby,” I said but she stayed the way she was.

“Don’t you love me anymore. I love you. I love women,” she said sexually.

“But I want to have sex in bed,” I said as I licked and sucked her nipples.

“Okay. I’ll finish up this bath,” she said. Amy let go of my body as I told her I’ll be waiting in my sexiest voice. I climbed out of the tub and pulled on a bathrobe and left. My room was right across the hall of the bathroom. I left the door open and I opened my dresser and pulled out a pair of pink panties and bra. After I had the undergarments on, I tugged off the robe and hopped onto my king size bed. I spread my legs and slid my hand down my panties. I rubbed my vagina furiously. After a couple minutes, Amy walked into my room naked. She pulled in the robe I left on the floor and leapt in between my legs. I wrapped my legs around her body while she started to kiss me. I felt her tongue in my mouth again. I rolled to my side along with Amy and we started fingering each others vaginas. I loved having my finger in Amy’s vagina. It’s always hot inside. It’s even better when she’s coming.

Amy tugged off my bra and began rubbing my breasts wildly. Then she started to suck on my nipples that were never as hard as they were now. She slid her hand down my panties and started sliding them off. I felt her finger slide into my vagina. Then a second. Her fingers became moist as I grew wet. She pulled her fingers out and licked them. Then we began to kiss and feel and rub each other madly.

Afterwards, we curled up under the covers and fell asleep.

I woke up to feel a wet object sliding in and out of my vagina slowly. I laid in bed and enjoyed the feeling. I began to moan as an orgasm overtook my hot vagina. The object stopped and slid out of my vagina.

“Good morning,” Amy said from between my legs.

“You’re up early,” I said.

“I thought I might have breakfast early,” she replied smiling. We got dressed in my clothes and headed to Amy’s apartment to get her stuff to move in with me. After a couple trips, we had everything.

“Do your friends do this with you too,” Amy asked when we were done.

“Not yet, but we’ll teach them how to have real fun. They’re coming over tonight…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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