Amy and Clara: Prisoners in Space 2

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Amy Pond held Clara Oswald tight, as much for her own comfort as for Clara’s. The brunette, having just been subjected to a vicious sexual assault, was passed out in Amy’s arms. Clara’s body was warm and wet, her brown hair messed up and stuck to her face.

Amy looked up at the computer screens situated all around the control room. They were displaying a message to “BEGIN EXPERIMENT 2”. Amy knew that Clara and herself would be the subjects of this experiment. What on Earth was going to happen to them?

Suddenly pale yellow gas started to fill the control room. Amy yelped and desperately looked around for an escape route. To her dismay, there was no way out. The gas engulfed Amy and almost instantly she started to black out. She grasped at the air and sank to the ground, coughing and choking. Within a few seconds, her eyes closed and her world was plunged into darkness…


Amy awoke to find herself lying on a comfortable bed in a white, bright room. The bed sheets she was lying on were light, warm and fluffy, and she felt extremely comfortable. She looked down at her body. The clothes she had been wearing were gone, replaced by something altogether more revealing. She had been squeezed into a tight white nightgown which came halfway down her slim, pale thighs. The nightgown was clearly several sizes too small for her, and it pushed her breasts up, making them look larger than they actually were. All of Amy’s underwear had been removed; she was completely naked under the nightgown. The garment had a translucent quality and Amy could see the small pink mounds of her nipples and the dappled orange hair of her bush visible under the flimsy fabric.

Amy looked around the small room. There were two beds next to each other, and two dressing tables on either side of the beds. Cupboards and computer screens lined the walls. Amy noticed there were four cameras setup in each corner of the room. Clearly, she was being watched. She coyly covered her breasts and pussy with her hands, didn’t want whoever had captured her to see too much…yet.

Amy saw that Clara was sitting at one of the dressing tables. The brunette was combing her hair and staring into a mirror. Clara was also wearing a tight white nightgown made of very thin material. Her private areas were similarly visible through the fabric.

Now that Amy was closer to Clara than she had been in the control room, the redhead was able to make out the brunette’s features more clearly. Clara was certainly a very pretty young woman. She had mid-length chestnut-coloured hair in a fashionable style, ruby red cheeks, big brown eyes like that of a manga character, and a pixie-like button nose. Amy was also able to see some of Clara’s more intimate features, thanks to the revealing nightgown. The brunette had firm supple breasts, a neatly-trimmed triangle of dark pubic hair, and a nice round arse.

No doubt about it, Amy thought to herself- Clara was kinda cute.

“Clara!” Amy exclaimed. “Are you alright? Are you hurt?”

Clara turned around in her seat to face Amy. “I’m okay,” she replied. “I’m not hurt. I think they healed me somehow.”

“Where are we?” Amy asked, looking around the small, bright bedroom.

“We must be somewhere else on the spaceship,” Clara said. “I’m not sure how long we’ve been here. You’ve been asleep for hours since I woke up.”

“Well, wherever we are, we know they’re watching,” Amy said, nodding towards the cameras.

“Yes, I noticed them too. Perverts!” Clara remarked. “What do they want with us?”

“I think we know the answer to that, Clara,” Amy said. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

Clara shrugged. “It’s okay, it’s not your fault,” the petite girl said. “I just wish there was a way out of here. I’ve tried looking and there’s nothing. Not even a ventilation shaft! We’re trapped here, Amy, and there’s nothing we can do about it. They can do anything they like with us…”

Amy got up and put an arm around Clara’s shoulders. “Best not to think about it,” Amy said soothingly. “There’s got to be a way out of this place. Why don’t we look together?”

Clara, who seemed like she was on the verge of tears, sniffled and nodded her head.

The redhead helped the brunette casino siteleri out of her seat, and together the two imprisoned girls looked around for an exit. As soon as they had started, an invisible doorway opened up in a section of the bedroom wall. Two robots entered the room, their metal feet clanking on the floor. The girls cowered at the sight of them.

The robots were tall and were made of a smooth and shiny white material. They had two legs and four long arms. On the end of each arm was a humanoid hand. Their heads were white spheres with a computer screen in the middle of them. The machines stalked into the room, the doorway closing behind them.

Amy and Clara held each other close. “Who are you?” Amy demanded. “What do you want?”

The robot closest to Amy raised one of his polished arms and pressed a button on the side of it. “COMMENCE RECORDING – BEGIN EXPERIMENT 2,” it said with a rasping electronic voice.

“Wait, Experiment 2?” Clara asked. “What does that mean?”

The robot near Amy said, “SUBJECT 1 – REMOVE GARMENT.”

“Do you mean me?” Amy said. “Not on your life!”

The robot pressed another button on its arm. “NEURAL LINK ESTABLISHED – SUBJECT 1 – REMOVE GARMENT.”

Suddenly, Amy’s hands jumped to the top of her nightgown. Her fingers hooked around the collar of the thin piece of clothing. Amy felt as if an invisible force was controlling her body. She had no choice but to rip the thin nightgown in two.

Clara was dumbfounded. “Amy, what are you doing?” she cried out loud.

“I…I don’t know!” Amy said in shock. “It’s not me! They’re controlling me somehow!”

Amy squirmed and struggled against her own hands as they tore the only thing preserving the last vestige of her modesty from her tall, slim body. The tattered nightgown fell to the floor and Amy was left standing completely naked.

Clara couldn’t help but admire Amy’s incredible body. The redhead was tall, slim and statuesque, the complete opposite of Clara, really. Gorgeous fiery red hair cascaded over pale shoulders. Small but shapely tits sprang out of the torn nightgown and stood erect in the room’s cool atmosphere. Best of all were Amy’s legs, which were long, trim and elegant- the legs of a supermodel, Clara thought. Clara wondered how much male attention Amy had got in her life. Probably way more than her!

“COME HERE,” said Amy’s robot. “BEGIN PROCEDURE.”

Amy’s amazing legs started to carry her across the room, entirely against her will. She stopped in front of the robot and knelt down on the floor. Her head was now level with the automaton’s crotch. A hatch opened in the robot’s groin and a huge white cock emerged from within. The member was at least ten inches long, and it was already dripping with alien fluid.

“Stop it!” Clara exclaimed. “Leave her alone!”

“BEGIN PROCEDURE,” repeated the robot.

Amy grimaced and said, “Please, Clara! I can’t help it!”

Amy gripped the alien cock with her left hand. Her hand seemed to have a life of its own. It wasn’t obeying Amy any more; it was obeying the whims and instructions of this perverted machine. Amy started to stroke and pull on the alien shaft, which grew harder and bigger in the redhead’s soft palm.

The robot nearest to Clara advanced on the poor petrified brunette. Even as Clara shook her head in disbelief, it too raised one of its arms and activated the switch which would control her body.


“No, no!” Clara pleaded. But it was no use. Her body was under complete control. The robot could make her do anything it liked. Clara fought against it with all of her will, but she found herself lying back on her bed, her sheer nightgown riding up to her thighs.

“SPREAD YOUR LEGS,” commanded the robot.

Clara screamed as her back arched and her legs snapped open. She couldn’t believe it was happening again, and this time in the cruellest way possible. Her own body was working against her, offering no resistance to the alien fiend who intended to rape her.

Clara’s robot pounced onto the bed, was on top of Clara in seconds. Two of its arms grabbed hold of Clara’s legs and roughly pulled canlı casino them up into the air. A third arm moved down towards the restrained brunette. A hook flicked out of one of its fingers and it slashed the hook across Clara’s nightgown. The garment was ripped in two, exposing Clara’s dainty body.

Clara shrieked, “No, please no! Amyyyyy! Help meeeeeee!”

But Amy was enduring her own ordeal. She was busy wanking off the alien robot, pumping her fist up and down its metal cock. Every so often ropes of alien cum spurted out of the cockhead, drenching her pale feminine fingers in its sticky substance.

The robot looked down at Amy with its computer head. “ENGAGE MOUTH,” it said.

Amy groaned as she let go of the squirting cock and opened her mouth wide. The robot took hold of Amy’s head and pulled the redhead towards its huge metal schlong. Before Amy had any time to say or do anything, the wet dripping member was jammed harshly into her mouth. The ginger beauty gagged as she, quite against her will, started to bob her head up and down on the rock hard artificial penis.

Meanwhile, Clara was being prepared for her rape. The robot pinning her down moved into position, straddling the tiny girl. As Clara lay there, squealing for release, a hatch opened in the middle of the creature’s hips. A vast white cock sprang out of the opening. The robot brought itself down, putting all of its considerable weight on Clara. The diminutive damsel was crushed down into the soft bed sheets. Clara hollered out loud one final time as the robot’s massive cock entered her slick cunt, parting her pussylips with ease.

“Aaaaaaaargh! No, please don’t rape meeeeeeeee!” Clara screamed to high heaven.

The robot said nothing, did nothing except start to thrust brutally in and out of Clara’s tight honeypot. Her vagina was stretched to its fullest, the savage alien prick ramming her taut twat like a demon. Clara’s metallic rapist lifted its two free arms and seized hold of the brunette’s bouncing tits, groping and molesting them without pity. Clara grabbed hold of the robot’s arms, tried to pull them off her chest, but there was no way she could move them. Clara threw her head back and shrieked for all she was worth, stinging pain erupting from her pussy as the robot pounded it viciously.

On the other side of the room, Amy had nearly finished fellating her robot. The alien’s sexual oil was being released by Amy’s extraordinary technique. The gorgeous ginger goddess flicked her tongue over the bulbous head of the cock, sucking and licking at it like a whore. Amy felt ashamed; she had zero control over what was happening, and yet, and yet…deep inside her, she was starting to enjoy it. She had always enjoyed sucking off Rory, and if she concentrated really hard, she could just pretend she was pleasuring her husband, not this raping alien bastard.

“STOP,” ordered Amy’s robot. “CLIMB ONTO THE BED.”

Amy stopped sucking and removed her head from the robot’s hard prick. Long strings of alien cum spilled out of Amy’s sweet mouth, dribbling down her chin onto her chest. She turned away from the robot and crawled across the floor on all fours, like a dog. The redhead climbed onto the bed and stuck her pale round arse into the air, presenting it to her robot like a trophy.

“No, wait!” Amy begged. “What are you gonna do…”

Amy never had a chance to finish her sentence, as the robot positioned itself in front of Amy’s puckered arsehole. Without warning it thrust forwards with all of its strength. The red-haired girl howled out loud, the robot burying its mighty cock into her backside.

“Nnnnnrgh! Aaaaaargh! Nooooo!” Amy cried. The robot didn’t listen, continued to abuse the time traveller’s bottom with his hard metal member.

Clara looked over to Amy’s head, was sickened to see that her friend was now being raped too. “Amyyyyyyyy!” the brunette cried out.

“Claraaaaaaa!” Amy responded, before a couple of awful thrusts forced a scream from the redhead’s mouth. “Owwwwwww no it hurts!”

Amy’s robot roughly took hold of her slender hips, started to push the redhead down onto its dripping metal dick. With another of its hands, it grabbed hold of Amy’s luscious, flaming-red kaçak casino hair and pulled on it, forcing her head up. Amy groaned and grunted as she realised she was now the robot’s sexual slave.

Clara closed her eyes, tried to imagine that she was anywhere else. She desperately wanted to block out the fact that she, Clara Oswald, intrepid traveller in time and space, was now nothing more than a tiny little fuckdoll, a slave to this powerful metal robot and its raping whims. She prayed that any moment now, the Doctor would burst through the door and save both of the girls from any further harm.

All of Clara’s wishes couldn’t change the grim reality of her situation, however. She was prone, pinned down, with the biggest cock her pussy had ever taken ramming her over and over again. The pain and shame she was feeling was indescribable. Not only was she being raped brutally, but her sickening ordeal was being recorded by the cameras situated in all four corners of the room. She could only wonder what use the tape of her and Amy’s violation was going to be put to…

On her bed, Amy was feeling intense sensations as the ten inch robo-penis plundered her tight ring. Suddenly, she felt something enter her pussy. Something cold and electronic, buzzing inside her taut red slit. She looked over her shoulder and saw that her robot had plunged one of its long fingers into her cunt. It was moving the dastardly digit backwards and forwards, making Amy’s hole wet with juices. The finger hummed and throbbed inside Amy’s ginger gash like one of the many vibrators she had used back on Earth. Amy threw her head up and screeched like a banshee. She wriggled her hips back onto the invading organs, increasing the pleasure she was feeling.

Both of the raping robots said at once, “CLIMAX APPROACHING – PREPARE FOR EJACULATION”.

Amy and Clara moaned as the moment approached. They could feel the cocks inside them growing thicker and slicker. Clara did nothing except lay there, her legs splayed wide, the robot working his cock deeper and deeper into her ravaged womanhood. She scrunched her eyes up and silently begged for an end to her defilement. Amy meanwhile was actively working to get the robot off, jerking her hips up and down on the robot’s hard rod. She wanted the abuse to end and she thought that maybe, if she increased the robot’s pleasure, she could make it end quicker.


At once the molesting machines pulled their squirting cocks out of the poor ravished girls. Amy’s robot callously threw the redhead onto her back, aiming its synthetic schlong over her sweet angelic face. Clara’s robot retracted its member from the brunette’s dripping pussy and thrust it into her face. Both cocks erupted at the same time, spraying Amy and Clara with what felt like gallons of sizzling alien cum. The violated girls were absolutely drenched in load after vile load of thick white jism. Their faces, hair and tits became completely soaked in the repellent ooze, which stuck to their naked raped bodies like glue.

Clara coughed and spluttered through this final degradation, raising her hands to try and wipe the revolting juice from her face and hair. Amy, hoping that maximising the robot’s satisfaction might help her in some way, deliberately opened her mouth and flicked her pink tongue out, licking up and swallowing as much of the cum as she could.

When the rapist robots had finished discharging over their victims, they stood up in unison and said, “EXPERIMENT CONCLUDED. EJACULATION SUCCESSFUL. WITHDRAW AND PREPARE EXPERIMENT 3.”

Neither Amy nor Clara heard them, or saw them leave the room. Both of the girls were completely exhausted, naked, spread-eagled over their beds, covered in slimy, syrupy ribbons of cum. They had both survived Experiment 2- barely. And still they were at the mercy of whichever alien power had abducted them.

The four cameras in the bedroom scanned the aftermath of Amy and Clara’s latest ordeal. Their lenses blinked and zoomed in on the unconscious girls.

Somewhere else in the universe, a large dark figure was watching a screen which displayed the very same image. Two beautiful girls, one a tall graceful redhead, the other a cute petite brunette, having just been tormented and violated in the most vicious way possible.

The figure licked his lips with lust…


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