Alone with Stepsisters – part 2

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I woke up early to the sound of the phone ringing, I quickly jumped out of bed and ran, still naked, to my dads room and picked the phone up there.
It was Kim, she sounded upset, sniffling a little down the phone.
“Chris it’s me, could you come and pick me up please” she quickly muttered down the phone.
“Erm, where are you” I asked.
“The police station” she replied even quieter.
“Ok I’m on my way”
What the fuck was she doing at the police station I thought to myself as I went back into my room and started to get dressed.
“Who was that” Sarah said as she rubbed her eyes.
“Your sister, she’s at the police station, I’m going to pick her up now so it might be a good idea to get dressed babe”
I was soon dressed, kissed Sarah and ran down stairs and out to my car.

When I arrived at the police station Kim was standing outside, she looked stunning, even with mascara running down her face, she was wearing a small black dress which stopped about half way down her thighs. Her huge tits looked like they were dying to jump out of the top.
I pulled up next to her and she got in, keeping her head down in shame, her tanned legs looked perfect against the black leather of the car seat.
“So, are you going to tell me” I asked her as I pulled away from the police station.
“well I was supposed to be at Michaels, when I went in he was with another girl” Kim told me
“Who the fuck is Michael” I asked
“My boyfriend…EX boyfriend” she corrected her self.
“Anyway I went in and he was fucking some blond bitch so I dragged her off him and punched her square in the face, she didn’t get back up. Then I kicked Michael in the balls and started trashing his room. The next thing I knew the police had me in handcuffs and put me in a cell for the night.”
I laughed slightly, Kim gave me a quick glance so I made it clear I was laughing at Michael getting beat up off a girl.
“I think my hand is broke” Kim said, showing me her hand.
There wasn’t a mark on it so I knew it wasn’t broke but I went along with it anyway.
“Give me a look” I said, taking her hand in mine. Her hands were so soft and gentle; I ran my thumb over the top of her fingers.
“Ouch, that hurt” she said, and quickly pulled her hand back.

“So what’s happening then” I asked her
“Oh nothing, the cops were female, that’s why they let me out, said I did a good job” Kim said, laughing slightly.
“See” I said, trying to make her feel better “you’re laughing, you don’t need some dickhead who’s going to cheat on you.”
“I suppose”

I pulled up on the driveway and we got out and went into the house, it was really warm when I walked in, the fire was on and Sarah had made some toast. She hurried to the door and guided Kim to the table and handed her some toast. I caught Sarah’s eye and she smiled at me to say everything was ok, I gave her a wink to say thanks and sat down and tucked into the toast.

“I’m going for a shower” Kim said after some toast and went upstairs. Sarah quickly jumped into my arms and kissed me on the lips.
“Everything is how it should be” she whispered into my ear, kissed me again then cleared the table.
I had nothing to do so I stood in front of the fire to get warm.
A few minutes later Kim came down stairs, she had a towel wrapped around her and her wet hair clung to her shoulders.
“Where the fuck’s all my clothes” she said, looking in the washing basket.
“Oh they’re on my bed” Sarah said from inside the cupboard she was looking in.
Kim disappeared back up stairs for a few minutes then came back down with a pair of my jogging bottoms on and a pink t-shirt.
“You don’t mind if I wear these do you” she asked, tugging on the top of them.
“Please you’re self” I said
“Are you finished in the shower already” Sarah said as she sat on the sofa next to Kim.
“No, I just got wet; I’ll get a nice relaxing bath later” she said
the rest of the day went pretty quick considering it was boring, we had a laugh at some kid who fell off his bike outside…..or more chance he would have been blown off, the weather was terrible, strong winds mixed with rain. Luckily I was in a red hot house with 2 even hotter girls.
I went to my room and chatted to my friends on the internet, one of them sent me a wicked porno clip of a mass lesbian orgy, every woman on it was giving it and receiving it in their asses and pussies.
The bath was running as I watched the clip so I knew Kim was going in the bath, after the 5 minute clip had finished I got up to go to the toilet, completely forgetting Kim was in the bathroom.
I was almost their when she came out, completely naked. She looked shocked to see me standing there. I eyed her up and down, taking in the view of her huge tits and her snatch which sported a short line of pubic hair. Kim quickly covered her tits and pussy and looked at me embarrassed.
“I…I…..I….forgot my bath oils” she finally got out.
I smiled and laughed cheekily “sorry” I said, looking away, even though I had got an eye full already.
“It’s a bit late looking away now” she said “you’ve already seen me”
She didn’t seem bothered illegal bahis at all that I had just seen her naked.
“Ok” I said and turned back around.
“Don’t look” she said, playfully hitting me and jogging of to her room.
I went to the toilet, a smile on my face from ear to ear.
She was standing there waiting when I came out, one hand clutching a bottle and covering her tits, the other covering her pussy.
She brushed past me and shut the door a little way before peering around it.
“Chris, this might sound…..weird…..but…..would you soak my back please” she asked me.
I made out that I was thinking, but I had already made up my mind the split second she asked. “Sure” I said.
“I’ll shout you in a moment then” she said and disappeared round the door.
I stood outside for about 2 minutes before she called me in, she was in the bath and had lots of bubbles; she had also covered her chest with them to my disappointment.
She handed me a sponge and told me to rub her back with it.
I knelt beside the tub, dipped the sponge in the water near her knees and squeezed the water out over her back.
“mmmmmmm” she mumbled as the hot water glided down her smooth tanned skin.
I did this 3 or 4 times before I put some of the oil on my hands. I slowly and gently rubbed it onto her back, massaging her as I went.
“Oh Chris, that feels great” she said, sinking into a relaxed state “your so gentle”
I said nothing, just continued to massage her back and shoulders.
As I massaged her shoulders she grabbed my right hand and pulled it to her chest, placing it on her left tit.
Still I said nothing; I slowly caressed the bubble covered tit which filled my hand.
With my other hand I turned her head to face mine, we gazed into each others eyes as my hand worked her tit, I slowly moved my head closer, waiting to se if she did the same.
Our lips connected, we kissed passionately, my hand slid down her smooth stomach and submerged beneath the water, finding it’s way to her pussy, I rubbed it gently and slowly as we kissed.
Kim pulled my t-shirt up to my neck, we stopped kissing and she pulled it off completely.
She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bath, with my jeans still on, I was now lying on top of her, half the water had splashed over the side and the other half was soaking into my jeans. She locked our lips again and sunk under the water, it took a few seconds for me to realise that she was completely submerged, I quickly pulled her up.
I fought with my jeans for a bit, trying to pull them off. I eventually did and ended up pulling the plug out the bath at the same time, my boxers came down more easily and I was soon as naked as the day I was born. Al of the water had drained out the bath and took most of the bubbles with it. Kim’s body was now almost bubble free, I could see her tits properly and the patch of pubic hair I had seen earlier. I would have very much liked to have tasted that pussy there and then but the bath tub was too small and awkward.
Kim slid down into the bath so she was flat on her back with her knees in the air. I placed my arms either side of her chest as I lay between her legs and guided my stiff cock into her wet pussy.
She moaned slightly as it pushed up her live tunnel and kissed the side of my neck.
Kim locked her legs round me and pulled me into her. I thrust my cock in and out of her snatch as she clung onto me for the ride.
“Oh Chris, fuck me, fuck me hard” she moaned into my ear.
I kneeled up and lifted her legs up and open. I was now kneeling, slamming my cock in my gorgeous step sister.
“Ahh yes, oh my fucking god, ooh, I’m going to cum” she moaned. I continued to fuck her, slamming my 8 inches deep into her so my balls slapped off her ass cheeks.
Kim grabbed my hand and placed it over her mouth as she squeezed her tits.
She moaned loudly into my hand as my cock shot up and down her love tunnel. She pushed her hips into me hard and I felt her cum, it gushed out onto the bath as I pulled my cock out, gush after gush, my cock was covered in it. I moved my head down and pulled her pussy up to meet my mouth, her girl cum was warm and sweet on my tongue, I pushed my tongue into her pussy hole as I licked up the cum.
“Mmm, Chris, I want to suck my cum off your cock” Kim said in one long moan.
Wow, I thought to myself, she wants to taste her own juices, perfect.
Kim lifted up slightly, I moved over the top of her chest and offered her my cock. She grabbed and sank her mouth around the head.
It felt like a blow job should, her warm mouth wrapped around my cock and sank it deeper and deeper.
“No way can she fit this in her mouth” I thought to myself
I felt the head of my cock reach the back of her throat, I could tell she was trying to deep throat my cock but she couldn’t. I wasn’t really bothered, this was already the best blowjob I’d had so far. She sucked hard so it felt like I was fucking a virgin again, I could feel the head pulsating in her mouth, Kim had also felt it and looked up at me, still sucking franticly on my cock.
My balls tightened and my jism shot from my cock. Kim’s mouth was soon illegal bahis siteleri overflowing but she made good work to keep swallowing it down.
“Yum that tasted fucking lovely” Kim said as she licked the dribbled off of her tits.
“We need a shower now” she said and climbed out the bath and ran the shower. I got in and we washed each other before departing to our rooms.
I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and waited on the landing for Kim, she came out of her room wearing a pair of white, silk pyjamas, still looking as beautiful as ever.
“If Sarah says anything, you were in your room and I was in the bath.”
I thought for a quick second about if I should tell her about fucking Sarah, but I decided against it.
“Just tell her you were in the bath and I was in bed because I’m going there now” I told Kim.
She kissed me on the lips. ”good night”
“Night” I said as I entered my room. I lay on my bed with my eyes closed, imagining what had just happened as though I was watching it on a TV or something and dozed off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up freezing. The wind and rain were still battering the windows and I could see my breath as I breathed out. I rolled out of bed, keeping the covers wrapped around me, picked up some clean clothes and went into the bathroom.
The bathroom was already warm and steamed up so someone must have already been in the shower. I turned on the shower, dropped the bed covers, took off my boxers and quickly jumped into the stream of hot water.
I was in the shower for a good 15 minutes before I started to get washed. When I finished I got out, got dried and dressed and went downstairs.
“Morning” Kim and Sarah said at the same time.
“Morning ladies” I said back to them.
The fire and heating were already on and had warmed the place up a considerable amount.
“I made us some pancakes” Kim said, pointing to a plate on the table.
I sat down next to her and tucked into them.
As I was eating I felt something touch my leg, it moved up and pushed into my crotch. I lifted my head up, trying not to look alarmed. Sarah winked at me from the other side of the table.
“So what will you be doing today” Sarah asked, removing her foot from my crotch.
“Erm….nothing” I told her “I don’t have to go to work when dad’s away, jimmy has the garage covered.”
“Well I’m going shopping” Kim said from behind me “what about you Sarah.
“I’m going to Amanda’s” she said happily.
I got up and put my plate in the sink.
“Hey Chris why don’t you come shopping with me” Kim said
“I’m not wandering around looking in girly shops” I replied
“Oh please” she moaned, putting on a sad face.
“OK, ok, I’ll go, just please, stop winging” I said to her.
“Great” she said, kissing me on the cheek. “You can drive us there”

Sarah had gone to her friends and I was sitting on the sofa waiting for Kim. She entered the room wearing a miniskirt and a short sleeved t-shirt which stopped above her belly button. She was a few inches taller than usual as she was wearing a pair of high healed sandals with a large heel.
“Let’s go” she said walking to the door.

We got in my car and drove to the mall, it was only a 10 minute drive. Kim was getting horny, she was rubbing her thighs and getting closer to her pussy.
“Don’t you dare get any thing on these seats” I said to her playfully.
“I won’t” she said, removing her hands.

“Follow me” Kim said as we entered the mall, I followed her around the mall until she entered a lingerie store, I hesitated to go in but Kim took my hand and guided me in.

she went to the back of the shop where the corsets were. After a few minutes of looking she picked a black one up and asked the woman at the till if she could try it on.

Kim was in the changing room trying it on when the shop assistant came over.
“Would you like any help” she called into the changing room, “I could send in your boyfriend”
Kim was silent for a moment then said ok.
I walked into the changing room, it was very small and obviously not made for 2 people.
Kim was already in the corset, she still had her miniskirt on but her t-shirt and bra were hanging on the peg.
“wait here” she said as she walked out the changing room.
“wow, that looks fabulous” the shop keeper said.
It went quiet for a moment then Kim came back in holding a pair of black suspender stockings.
She pulled her miniskirt down her long sexy legs, followed by her thong, which was virtually see through. She sat on the bench and sexily pulled each stocking on, then pulled the garter up, leaving her thong off.
She looked stunning, and my cock seemed to agree because it was pressing hard against my boxers and jeans.
Kim slowly ran her hands up the stockings and back down, kneeling in front of me as she did. She un-zipped my jeans and pulled my hard dick out, instantly taking it in her mouth. The warmness of her wet tongue felt wonderful as it circled the head of my cock. She pushed hard onto it, forcing it deep down her throat.

“is everything ok” the shop assistant called from outside.
Kim canlı bahis siteleri took my cock out of her mouth and said yes.
She stood up facing me, grabbing my cock and rubbing it across her pussy before turning away and bending over, revealing her sweet pussy.
I un-buttoned my jeans and pulled down my boxers.
“mmm, fuck me” Kim moaned. I grabbed my cock and rubbed the length of her slit, covering it in her juice before I stuck it in, inch by inch. Her pussy stretched wide around my cock as it slid in and out.
Kim pulled her corset open and placed it on the bench, letting her tits hang free and bounce with every thrust.
Kim stood up, pulling my cock from her wet pussy and sat facing me on the bench, her legs spread wide, presenting her wet, shaven pussy.
I grabbed my cock again and thrust it up her pussy, Kim wrapped her legs around me tight when I was all the way in, I took a tit in each hand and began fucking away like a mad man. It wasn’t long until Kim was ready to cum, she was pushing her hips hard onto my cock and breathing hard. I was also ready to cum, we both felt my cock swell in her pussy, my balls tightened and my cum exploded from my cock, deep into Kim’s cunt.

“is every thing ok” the shop assistant called in again.
“yes, YES, fuck yes” Kim moaned as her orgasm took hold
the shop assistant went quiet then fumbled with the door lock from the outside. It opened and the assistant stood there in shock, glaring from my cock to Kim’s cum filled pussy.
“your not allowed to do things like this in a public place, I could get you arrested” the assistant eventually said.
“could?” I repeated, noticing the choice of words the assistant used.
“yes, could if I wanted too” she said
“but your not going to ?” I asked
“I won’t, as long as you do something for me” she said with a slight smile on her face
“what” Kim and I said together
the shop assistant thought for a moment, licking her lips before she said “let me lick your pussy”
Kim looked even more shocked, sitting on the bench with her legs still spread, cum slowly dripping out her pussy.
“that’s fine with me” I said jokingly.
Kim gave me a quick sharp look
“erm” I corrected myself “you shall have to ask the lady” I said in a posh voice.

The shop assistant looked at Kim, glancing at her pussy every now and then.
“I suppose” Kim said.
The shop assistant came into the changing room and closed the door behind her, she kneeled in front of Kim and began to lick and suck the cum from Kim’s pussy. Kim was obviously enjoying it, pushing the woman’s head hard into her cunt.
I began to get dressed as Kim got her pussy licked. I was just about to pull my jeans up when the assistant grabbed my cock from my boxers and held it there, still with her head in Kim’s crotch. A minute later she lifted her head from Kim’s crotch and guided my cock in her mouth, sucking on it hard.
After 5 minutes of sucking my cock and fingering Kim she stopped and stood up. It was hard to get dressed in the small changing room.

I waited outside the shop for Kim, she was talking to the assistant who had just licked her cunt. She appeared out of the door and handed me a small business card. It had the shops details on and on the back a phone number and name scribbled in pen.
“Kelly!” I said to Kim.
“yep, she says if we ever want any fun, just give her a call, she doesn’t live far.
“I see you kept those stockings on” I said to her as we walked out the mall.
“yep, and no thong, Kelly kept it” Kim said, lifting the front of her mini skirt up to reveal her cunt.

We returned home around 6:30. Sarah was already home. Kim showed her what she had bought, not mentioning the changing room events or the fact that she had no panties on.

I sat on the sofa and watched the football highlights. Sarah was on the other sofa under a quilt and Kim was upstairs.
“you cold ?” I asked Sarah, noticing she was holding the quilt tight around her.
“No, just I’m only wearing a bra and panties” she said, opening the quilt to show me her blue bra and panties, then closing it again.

Kim came into the living room wearing a pink baby doll. She sat down on the sofa next to her sister.

We chatted for hours about everything and nothing. Sarah had fallen asleep about 15 minutes ago. Kim made sure she was asleep before walking over to me. She put on a very sexy walk and placed her foot on my knee.
“lie back” she ordered like a posh mistress
I obeyed and lay back on the sofa.
Kim un-buttoned my jeans and slid them down, then pulled my t-shirt over my head so I was sitting there naked.
Kim stood in front of me, I slid my hands up her long smooth legs to her thong and slid it down, I put my head up her baby doll and licked at her clit. She pushed my head away and climbed on top of me, taking my cock in her hand and guiding her pussy down on to it. She put her hands on my chest and guided her self up and down my length.
“OHH YES” Kim moaned over and over again as she took my cock as deep as it could go.

Suddenly I saw something move out the corner of my eye, I looked over and saw Sarah sitting up, looking right at us. Kim noticed the horror on my face and quickly looked round to her sister.

TO BE CONTINUED………………………..

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