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Hello, I would like to share with you my story. At the beginning, I was a happily married woman, some say beautiful. Well, I did win the beauty pageant for teachers at the school where I teach and my son goes to school. My husband is an accountant with a prestigious nationally known firm. I teach all the standard English courses and also an advanced optional course in writing. Several of my students have actually been published, and two have won literary awards. Makes me think I am doing something right in my teaching.

Our sex life is great, we have sex every 2 or 3 nights, sometimes for two times in a row. He is so very sweet and gives me lots of foreplay. We almost always do missionary position but sometimes to be different we will do doggy position. And I really liked it a few times in the shower standing up.

My name is Alicia, I am 5-10, weight 150, and have 36C breasts. My waist is about 27 inches. Even after having my son, I still have a good figure. My hair is long and red. Goes down to my waist. I usually keep it up when I am teaching. My favorite clothes are a white blouse and dark skirt. We have been married for 18 years, since I was 18 and my husband was 20.

My husband Jim is 6-1 and weighs 225. He exercises regularly and stays fit. He has black hair and his chest is pretty hairy. I asked him to shave his penis and balls for me, I like the way they look. He asked me to reciprocate, so I have a very pretty bald pussy. We do mutual shaving for each other about every week.
He really has great muscles in his arms and chest. I just love them. He is always sweet to me and has never even raised his voice to me (except in surprise.)

We don’t have any problem with money as he makes a good six figure salary. I really don’t have to teach for money, but I do it for the love of doing it.

I am Johnny, I’m 16 years old, my Mom is a super Mom. Dad is just great to me, I am so lucky to have such good parents. But there is a little problem that I have. Some of the kids at school, Pete and Jerry got me to start playing craps with them at school when we could be alone. We were playing for real money. Since I have an allowance I thought I would have no problem with that, but it seems that I always lost, and before I knew it I owed them a couple of thousand dollars. I thought of trying to get it from my Dad but just never could get up the nerve to let him know how badly I canlı bahis had let down his expectations.

One day Pete and Jerry came up to me after school and said, about the money you owe us, you have to go with us now. They looked like they really meant it, so I said OK, lets go. We got into their car, I think it was Pete’s dad’s car. It was a new Lexus, pretty good for a high school kid, I thought. Little did I know.
We drove for about an hour and went on highway 58 out of town about 20 miles to an old looking farm house. He pulled into the driveway and stopped at the house. We got out and walked up on the dilapidated porch then inside.

Once inside, A man come into the room with us,. took out a big gun pointed it at me and said strip right now, or I will shoot and no one will ever find your body. Quivering with fear and covered with goosebumps, I began to take off all my clothes. When I had finished except for my shoes, he said those too.
So I removed my shoes and socks. Then a second man came into the room and Jerry said: “Is everything ready?” He answered in the affirmative. They then tied my hands behind my back with duct tape blindfolded me and led me into the next room. He said: “Bend over and spread your cheeks.” So I did in fear of the gun. Then I felt something cold and hard against my asshole. Then it pushed inside a little. I was trembling in fear. He said: “Do you feel that” I said: “yes, it hurts.” He said: “It doesn’t hurt as much now as it will when I pull the trigger if you don’t do exactly as I say. So shakily I replied: “OK, I will, I will!”

After teaching school on today April 3, I got my stuff together and started walking down the stairs and out to my car. Just before I left the building I was accosted by 3 very mean looking dirty looking men. I suddenly became fearful of being raped or killed. They told me that I had better go with them if I knew what was good for me. One showed me a large gun and said this will be pointed at your heart from behind while we are walking. Any crying out or drawing attention to yourself will cause the death of you and any bystanders. Put to me that way, I had no choice but to comply. We walked to their SUV, they put me in the back, where there was another vile looking man waiting. One of the men also got in the back, the other two in the front seat. The men in back with me, told me to strip or they would rip my clothes off. With their bahis siteleri guns, I knew I had no choice but to comply. So I began taking off my clothes. The man with the gun told me to go slow. I slowly unbottoned my blouse, and then slid it down my arms and off. He said the skirt next. So I unzipped it and stepped out of it. Now I was wearing my pink lacey brassiere and my matching pink lacey panties. He ordered me to turn around. I did, Then he said, bend over and spread your legs. Having no choice with the men and their guns I complied reluctantly. The two in back with me started making lewd comments. They said:”What a nice muff, and isn’t that a gorgeous ass, can’t wait to shove my cock in both her holes.”

I gasped. They were talking about having sex with me thru the backdoor. I would never do that. I was sure it would hurt so bad. Besides it was so dirty, after all feces comes out of there. Next they said: OK turn around and face us. Now slowly unfasten your bra and let your tits out.” I did as they asked. Again they started with the nasty lewd horrible comments. “ What a nice pair of jugs, I am going to take a lot of time sucking on that.” His partner said: “Yeah, they really are, can’t wait to tittyfuck those babies.” Then they told me to shake my body from side to side so they could see them swinging. No choice but to comply again. They next said: “OK, now get down on your hands and knees facing us, and shake your body.”
Again, once more I complied. And once again the rude and randy comments: “Look at them swing.”

Then one of the men, the one without the gun came over to me and put his hand under my right breast and lifted it and massaged it, tweaking my nipple. Trying hard to ignore them, I said nothing, but began to feel the nerve impulses traveling from my nipple to my pussy. He then bent down and put my nipple in his mouth. I couldn’t help but letting out a little gasp. He said: “See, she likes it. Lets get her panties off and see how wet we can make her. Now stand back up bitch, and slowly pull your panties down and off.”
I stood up and slid my panties down to my knees, then down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

They had me move closer to them and then commenced to play with my breasts and cunny. One of them rubbed my little clit really hard while the other one put one, then two, then three fingers in my vagina, and began to wiggle them and move them in bahis şirketleri and out. I was soaking wet in a few seconds against my will. My body had totally betrayed me. Then the unthinkable nasty thing happened. The one that had been playing with my vagina, pulled his fingers back out and stuck one really hard into my rectum. I let out a little yell, and he said: “You better be quiet bitch if you want to see tomorrow.” I nodded my head. The man put his other three fingers back in my vagina and his thumb on my clit. I had never felt so stimulated in spite of my disgust at what they were forcing me to do. He kept this up for a few minutes, then I had a mind-blowing orgasm, like I had never had before. My husband could never do anything to make me feel like this. I thought, does the anal stimulation really do that. It is incredible.

I had just left my downtown office and was in the parking garage, getting ready to get into my car, when I was suddenly set upon by three guys, one of them holding a 45 caliber gun pointed at my head. They said, we have a little bone to pick with you, Jim, we can settle this peacefully, if you will simply get into our SUV and come with us. Having no choice, as they were armed and actually bigger than me, I got into their vehicle. No sooner had they closed the door and driven away, when I was ordered to stand up and strip completely. Not understanding the reason for this, but again not wanting to be shot, I took off my coat, then my shirt, shoes and pants. Now I had only my jockey shorts on. The one with the gun said:”OK handsome, shorts, too.” So I pulled them down. My dick had shriveled up from fear until it was hardly visible. One of them said: “ Hey we can’t take him there like this.” I had tried to ask what this was all about twice, but I w as told to shut up if I didn’t want a bullet salad. So I kept my mouth shut.

The man without a gun said I think we can fix it. I’ll go first. I was really puzzled as to what they meant. That one then told me to get down on my hands and knees on the rug they had in the SUV, looking toward the man with the gun. I did so, then the other one started rubbing my asshole, which caused me to tremble all over. I had never had anyone touch me there before. I felt something cold and wet being rubbed on me and then felt a finger penetrate my ring. I was surprised that it actually felt good even though I was scared to death. The finger began to rub around in circles inside, then went in deeper, and started an in and out movement. My anus seemed very content with this treatment, to my surprise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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