Alice is Arrested and Goes to Jail

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Alice was a straight A student and was a total goody two shoes. She wasn’t ugly but she certainly wasn’t cheerleader material but was generally liked and respected by her peers and teachers at her high school. She lived in a relatively small town on the outskirts of Jackson Mississippi and was a happy child. She wanted to experience everything life had to offer as she thought they all helped you grow as a person.

However at the moment all she was thinking about was how she was struggling in her social studies class and needed a fantastic final essay to bump her up to an A grade. She knew she needed to pull out something special but had no idea what to do.

The final class was only a couple of weeks away when a local judge would hold a bail court in the high school gymnasium and final assignments had to be to do with the police and courts. Then Alice had her great idea. She thought to herself about getting arrested and then writing up a first hand experience what going to jail was like. It was perfect but then the rational side of her brain kicked in and she didn’t want a criminal record as that would affect her college choices.

Frustrated she went on to YouTube and found videos of news reporters going to jail and she knew if they could do it then she could do it. Just because she wasn’t a member of the press then it shouldn’t stop her. So she knew she had to go to jail but not get a criminal record. She approached her social studies teacher with the idea and she was positive but thought it would be a lot to go through just for a grade. She said to speak to the sheriff so Alice dropped him an e-mail.

The next day the sheriff replied and said to come in and meet him to go through exactly what she wanted. So they set up a meeting and the school’s resident police liaison officer joined the meeting.

Alice went through exactly what she wanted. She wanted to be arrested on a Friday night and to spend the weekend in jail and be a part of the bail court at the high school on the Monday. After the bail court she wanted to be taken back to jail and then call her mum to bail her out like a normal criminal. She would then be released on the Monday afternoon when her bail was made and do her assignment and go back to school on the Tuesday.

There were two things she wanted more than anything so to experience the real thing — firstly that no-one in the jail knew she wasn’t a real prisoner and secondly that no-one bar her social studies teacher and the principle at the school would know. So she would face the real shame and torment of the other students until after her assignment had been handed in and marked then se would tell everyone.

The sheriff and her teacher were both in agreement that it was a great idea in principle but thought it was going too far. However they didn’t have a problem with it apart from no-one at the jail knowing she wasn’t a true criminal. They called in Alice’s parents and they were not happy but saw the determination on their daughters face to go through with it.

The last issue was what and how was to be arrested. There were only certain crimes in the county that led to no bail until a bail court and they were mostly serious cases. Even though it was all fake Alice didn’t want to be arrested for anything violent or serious and also these crimes would not be seen by a bail court at the local high school. These would mostly be for drunks and car crimes and local ladies of the night. The police swept up the prostitutes every weekend and they would all face bail court most Monday’s if found. Alice chose this crime as she felt she would get little sympathy from the police and they would treat her more like a proper criminal with that.

She didn’t tell everyone just how exciting the idea of being arrested was. She loved the idea of being handcuffed and having her freedom taken away for a short while but she had to keep this silent from everyone else.

So the plan was set. She would stay at school on the Friday and get all her schoolwork for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday out of the way so she wouldn’t have to catch up when she was meant to be busy with her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri social studies assignment. Her mum would come into school and bring in a change of clothes so she could tart herself up and then she would gives all her belongings to her mum and then go and stand outside the school gates and wait for the school’s police liaison officer to take her into custody. At this point he would ask one final time if she wanted to go through wit this and if she said yes then he would radio in her crime and she would be held into officers who didn’t know her would take her in and her time inside would start.

Alice was so proud of herself and struggled to keep it to herself. Friday came and she went to the library and did all of her school work and then called her mum and she brought in some very cheap tarty clothes she had bought for the occasion and did her make up all slutty. Her mum couldn’t believe the transformation and commented that she looked like a real whole. Alice didn’t know how to take that but smiled and gave her mum all her work and all her belongings. She was afraid things would get lost in the jail.

They embraced and they would speak later and she would get a phone call but wouldn’t be allowed to post bail. She walked outside and strolled to the school gates and stood there waiting like a proper prostitute. She stood there for what seemed like hours but was probably only half an hour or so just walking up and down the street before the liaison officer strode from inside where he had been doing her paperwork. He walked up to her and said she was being arrested under suspicion of solicitation and her hands were taken behind her and cuffed. He walked her back into his office which had one small jail cell and he placed her inside.

‘Last chance’ he said looking at Alice but she said to make the call and he radioed in that he had caught a young women and suspected her of being a prostitute outside the school. He finished the call and said ‘good luck — you’ll need it’ and carried on with his paperwork. Around twenty minutes later two officers turned up and spoke to the liaison officer. He said that he knew who I was but that I had no bag nor pockets so suspected I didn’t actually have any ID on me. They asked if I was a good kid and he replied ‘look at her, what do you think?’ and then they opened the cell and door and asked me to step out.

They asked me who I was and what I was doing and I said who I was and that I was just waiting for a boy but when they asked who I wouldn’t answer. A female officer then informed me that she was going to pat me down and she did and then they dropped a bombshell.

‘So Alice, if that is your real name. Everyone who gets arrested without ID are treated as a dangerous prisoner. Instead of being handcuffed I’m afraid you’ll have to be shackled until we can run your prints through the system to see if there are any outstanding warrants for your arrest.’

Alice was dumbfounded. She hadn’t thought about that so instead of being treated like a regular prisoner she would be treated as a dangerous one. The female officer asked her to breathe in and she put a belly chain around her waist and clicked it on with a padlock. She then shackled my ankles and unlocked my handcuffs before securing then to the belly chain in front of my body. It was more comfortable than being handcuffed behind her back but still it seemed over the top.

They radioed in that they had one for arrest and that she had no ID and they then walked me through the school to the front to wait for the vehicle to take the straight A student to jail. There were few staff around and the only people that saw her were some of the cleaning staff. As they waited a few boys she knew walked past and asked what was going on. The officers told them to go away but she knew right there and then that everyone would know she had been arrested.

A police van pulled up and she was informed that as she had no ID she had to be transported in a van. They helped her up into the van and put her seatbelt on for her and then locked the door and locked the van from the outside. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Alice felt extremely venerable and ashamed. She wondered why se had done this to herself and started to cry. By the time they had arrived at the local police station the tears had stopped but the heartless female officer said, ‘don’t cry now just because you got caught you little whore’ as she was yanked out of the van. She was then placed in a holding cell with lots of other people. Everyone else was handcuffed behind them and Alice was the only one in full shackles. No-one was saying a lot but the thing she noticed most was the smell.

A couple of hours later Alice was bored and finally her name was called. She thought she would get out of the shackles and asked but was told until her prints cleared she would be shackled. Her prints were taken and then she stood in front of a camera and a board was placed around her neck with her name, the date, a prison number and the word ‘Prostitute’ in bold letters. She was then pushed back into the holding cell whilst her prints cleared but they didn’t remove her board so all the other prisoners knew exactly what she had been arrested for.

Alice turned and asked them what they were doing and the officer said, ‘we hate whores in this town and everyone will know what you are’ and locked the door. Alice started to cry and really cry this time but no-one else comforted her and a few spat at her when they came in and went.

It seemed like an entirety before anyone came back for her and an officer said that Alice had no outstanding warrants but they weren’t going to let her have a phone call as it was already late and that she would be transported to the county jail instead for a bail hearing on Monday.

By now the prostitute sweep had happened and they were all with me in the holding cell. All of them like me had their mugshot ID board still around their necks but they all seemed fine with it. They must be used to it she figured. Then they were all shackled up just like Alice was and then they were all put on a chain gang and told that transport to county was waiting.

Luckily for Alice she was at the back so could just shuffle along with the other whores as they made their way into the waiting van. They were all talking with each other and seemed quite comfortable in this situation. A couple of them did speak to Alice and told her not to worry and that everything would be ok but be prepared for anything and don’t show any emotion. This worried Alice as the journey continued.

It was pitch black by the time they arrived at the county jail and they were all marched off the van and taken into an extremely large holding room that had both men and women in it. Alice was deeply ashamed to be in this situation but was consciously taking it all in for her assignment.

‘The whores are in the house’ yelled one man and others cat-called a cheered. Luckily there was a strict no moving policy so no-one could come over. The chain gang was removed and they all sat down and waited. An officer eventually came over to Alice and said she was going to process her and to follow her.

Walking into a small office Alice was told to sit down. They went through her story and asked Alice many personal questions. Alice was told that her family had been informed of her arrest and that bail was not possible in this case and that a bail application would go before the court on Monday. With this she said I was to be photographed and fingerprinted again for their records and to follow her. So again her fingerprints were taken and her photograph taken. With relief Alice saw the ID board removed from her neck and she was told to go into a small room where upon she was to shower and call when she was done.

It was freezing in the shower and Alice’s teeth were nearly chattering when two female officers entered the room where she was standing there naked. They said to follow them into the adjacent room where she was told she would be searched on the inside for contraband. Into the stirrups she went and searched inside and out before being given a classic güvenilir bahis şirketleri orange jumpsuit.

She was taken to a jail cell and locked inside with the other ladies who had come in with her. It seemed surprising to Alice that all the prostitutes would be sharing a jail cell but quickly she found out why. An officer came in and asked who wanted to go home and one of the ladies said her and she got on her knees and sucked the officer off. Alice was aghast. One of the other inmates said that this was a regular occurrence and that if she gave a blowjob to an officer then they would ensure that the case would go away and they would be released.

One by one the men came in and one by one they got oral pleasure and took the women away until there was just Alice. She refused to do it and they told her to enjoy a weekend in jail. Alice got a little sleep but it was always so loud and new whores kept coming and going seemingly knowing the drill. Alice thought her assignment would now be a prize winning one exposing the truth behind bent police officers and spent her time going through her story in her head.

She was kept locked up until Monday arrived and what she thought of jail so far was it was immensely boring, it was always loud and always smelt funny. It wasn’t horrific but the shame was more in her photo being in the paper and online and everyone talking about it. The local paper had a daily list of photos of people who had been arrested and what more and knew her mugshot was out there and she would have a lot of explaining to do.

Monday morning came and she was shackled up again in transport chains and was taken to another cell. They made her wait until all the other prisoners for the high school bail court hearing were ready and they were all chain ganged together and went into a waiting prison van.

They pulled up into the school and having spoken to a few of the other inmates, Alice found that they were all good people who had made bad decisions in life. We were all taken into the gym and everyone gasped when they saw Alice shackled up in an orange jumpsuit. One by one they were disconnected from the rest and shuffled forward to get told their bail amount and what crimes we had been charged with. The room was deadly silent when Alice was shuffled forward and was told her bail was set at $1,000 and then his gavel went down. Alice was helped back to her seat and she got connected to the rest of the chain gang.

Alice could hear everyone talking and asking if this was for real and she felt so much shame as she sat there for over two more hours. Then the judge ordered for us to be taken back to jail and we were led out and back into our waiting van. The class followed and watched as Alice was put on to the van and driven away. They were now convinced this was all very real.

Upon returning to jail it was only a couple of hours in a cell before Alice was told she could make a phone call. Alice called home and told her mum to bring in $1,000 as bail. She didn’t realise she would really have to bail her out so had to go to the bank to take out the money so it took a few more hours but finally Alice’s name was called and she was reunited with her mum. Still in her orange jumpsuit she was told to go into another room and get changed into the clothes she wore into jail and then she came out and the sheriff was there waiting and gave her mum back the $1,000.

He then handed Alice a file with my mugshots, my fingerprints and the local paper with the arrests page. He said it would probably help her with the assignments. Alice then told him about some of what had gone on and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He told Alice to write everything up and bring it to him. Alice and her mum embraced tight as she was driven home. She decided she wanted to write everything up whilst it was still fresh in her memory so did her assignment and report for the sheriff.

Upon her return to school everyone shunned her until an announcement came through the PA system a week or so later that it was all part of an assignment to which Alice had received 100%. Everyone looked relieved as Alice was then asked all about it and she told them all everything in great detail. She didn’t tell them about how she had enjoyed being shackled and handcuffed but she was certainly now on the hunt for a kinky boyfriend who could reenact the weekend where upon this time she would try and suck her way out of trouble…

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