AJ’s Fantasy

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They had just gotten home from a night of drinking, getting high, and only god knows what. They had started this in the car and if it wasn’t for the worry of cops they would have finished it there, lucky for them one of them had a once of control. As they walk trough the door AJ first Syn turned him and pushed him back against the wall just inside the door. Their front door hadn’t even closed yet when he began to kiss AJ. Softly his lips pressed against his lover as his hands raised the throwback jersey AJ had on. It had been one of the presents he had gotten for his birthday. As the jersey hit the floor Syn was already beginning to lick and suck at AJ’s neck.

Slowly his tongue tasting AJ the whole way Syn made his way to one of his lovers’ nipples. His hand slipped into AJ’s pants and slowly he began to wrap his hands around the already rock hard dick of AJ. AJ loved it, he know what this meant. While he was the boss it was good sometimes when Syn took charge and got things started. As the ripples of joy ran from end to end of AJ’s chest Syn keep stroking the manhood he couldn’t wait to get into his mouth. As AJ felt the first bit of cold breeze hit his dick, it made him even harder. Then as Syn took him into his mouth, damn near swallowing his manhood AJ simply allowed his eyes to roll into the back of his head. This was just what he wanted, his boy on his knees slurping and sucking on his dick, then the popping sound as it come out and Syn took each nut into his mouth and sucked on them just soft enough to drive AJ crazy. After a few minutes the sound was too much and AJ took charge.

He gripped Syn’s head and began to stop him from coming up as far and then pushing his head all the way down and holding it there. Syn begins to act as if he is swallowing and as his throat tightened around AJ’s dick, AJ couldn’t hold it back. His seed began to fill Syns mouth. AJ looked down and watched as Syn swallowed not wasting any of his papi’s seed. As free spin AJ looked up he noticed that they had drawn the eyes of the girl across the hall, Erica. She just stood there watching as Syn got up and started towards the back. AJ didn’t say anything to her as he stepped out of his pants and wagged his still rock hard dick slightly. He looked towards where Syn had walked off to then back to her. He smiled at her and walked to join Syn. Half way down the hall he could tell she had gotten the idea as he heard the door close. As he enters the room he noticed Syn begin to smile. It wasn’t the kind of smile he normally did; this one was a little more evil or cocky.

As Erica walked into the room already undoing her cloths AJ set at the foot of the bed. Syn walked over to Eric and began to undo the rest of her cloths. AJ know Syn wasn’t as into girls as he was, but Syn was into pleasing AJ and that’s what mattered here. Syn began to kiss Erica until she they both were on their knees in front of his king. Erica slowly began to jack AJ’s dick then finally she took it into her mouth. Her lips where wet, hell wetter then Syn’s, and then she began to make the slurping and sucking sound it was heaven. Up and down she took AJ’s dick as Syn moved behind her and played with his fingers in her pussy. Her eyes locked with AJ as she slide her lips up and down sucking his dick from head to balls, but AJ know that wasn’t going to be enough. Suddenly as she sucked there was a slight jump as she lifted up, he laugh to himself.

Syn had slid up in her ass, and she wasn’t sure what she had gotten herself into any more but it was to late. Syn put his hands of the back of her head pushing her head down and letting it back up quickly. He knew how AJ liked his dick treated, and he was making sure it happens. Every now in again he would let her pull all the way back to moan or something and he would suck on it himself. After a little while he finally bonus veren siteler began to stand with Erica never coming off his dick and with out really giving her any warning or say so. She was just here to please AJ to Syn, and he didn’t care about here it was all for papi. AJ slide back as she climbed on to the bed Syn finally sliding out of her. AJ lifted her onto his dick, which slide up into her wet pussy with ease now. This bitch was tight, and as he went balls deep in that pussy she began to moan. Syn leaned back against the wall watching. He liked to watch bitches work AJ’s dick, and most of all he loved to watch papi put meat in bitched guts.

She started off slow up and down, AJ’s head never coming out she began to roll her hips and moan even more. AJ reached under her arms and grabbed her shoulders and began to forcing all of himself in and out of her. He started slowly and before long his pace got faster and faster. As she wrapped her legs around him as if she was just trying to stay on for the ride, her pussy began to make noises of it’s own, a sound that AJ fuckin’ loved so he began to hit it harder and harder. Rolling her onto her back he began to drill her and she couldn’t handle it, she began to try and crawl away but AJ just keep drilling her pussy hitting it’s walls each time, damn she was tight as shit and now she was moaning like a cheap whore, AJ felt the Syn put his finger under his nose letting him smell the pussy he had played in earlier.

That was it AJ was gone. He began to fuck her hard and hard, the sound the smell all of it making him drive his manhood deeper and deeper into her pussy until finally she clinches her legs and begins to just scream. He has cum and he roll off her she is finished, she can’t take anymore, but he has just started. He raises his hand and he stands and points to the bed as Syn walks over and just lies down. Erica moves onto the floor still trying to catch her breath. deneme bonusu veren siteler AJ just put a little lube on his finger and begins to work it into Syn’s ass. Syn jumps just a little as he lifts up into the doggie position. AJ stops finger him and put lube down his dick until the reaches the hairs. AJ stand behind Syn grabbing him hips and without a moments warning rams all of himself deep in. Syn moans loudly as if the pain is too much, but AJ knows better. As he begins to pull Syn back and forward Syn’s ass seems to get tighter and tighter. Syn begins to throw it back and AJ harder and harder rolling him hips up and down taking the entire iron rod inside of him.

With a few movements AJ keep the pace as he turns Syn and sits on the bed. Syn is now ridding AJ looking at Erica, who seems shocked to see someone take AJ so well, but it is only from practice. Their first time AJ broke Syn, and left him crying, but now Syn liked the pain of taking all of him man inside of him. Over and Over he rolled his hips moaning and calling out Papi to AJ who just keep bangin’ upward putting all his meat in Syn’s back. Finally AJ felt the wet lips of Erica begin to suck on his balls and eat his ass, as Syn went up and down on his rod, it had happen his fantasy had happened. Then suddenly AJ gripped Syn pulling him all the way down onto himself and his seed exploded. As AJ felt all his energy rushing into Syn he could hear Syn moaning too, looking to Erica who’s face was now covered with Syn’s own, AJ know he had done what needed to be done.

As Syn just sat there feeling all of AJ inside him he turned him head to kiss AJ who was sitting up behind him. It was soft. Erica seems to take the hint that she was done here and gathered her cloths. Normally they would have showered together but Syn wanted to wash AJ this time. Wearing a long white shirt look some sort of slave Syn washed every inch of AJ’s body, some inches he personally licked clean, as if he where his personal slave. Syn enjoyed pleasing his king, and after a few minutes in the shower Syn was sure he was about to please his king again as AJ simply pushed him down to him knees with his dick rock hard look right at him. Syn simply did what he knew he should, and began to suck…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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