Agents of the Cardinal Ep. 01

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Agents of the Cardinal – Episode 1 How to meet a musketeer

Louise was waiting for her opponent. The blonde girl was wearing a short black latex dress with a nice cleavage, short black latex gloves and knee high black leather boots. Her left hand was on the pommel of her rapier while her right one held a cigarette. The jardins du Luxembourg were not crowded at this hour, just one hour before sunset and her opponent had told her that end of the jardins was not usually patrolled by Cardinal’s guards, so they could settle their matter by dueling without being disturbed.

Louise heard footsteps coming closer. Angélique was coming with her witness. Wearing a white shirt, dark leather corset and wetlook leggings, Angélique was a medium sized girl with small breasts. Her long dark hair was free and her green eyes looked like they wanted some excitement. Beside her was a tall man with blonde hair, dressed in brown leather jacket and pants. The musketeers’ uniform. Angélique presented the man as being François de Poncy, a member of the King’s musketeer regiment and fine swordsman. He agreed to be witness to Angélique in the matter of her duel with Louise.

“Nice to meet you, monsieur,” said Louise. “I’m sorry that I didn’t bring a witness, and am new here so I didn’t know anyone. I hope it does not bother you.”

Acting as referee François asked each girl if she still wanted to have that duel then explained the rules for the duel : the one to draw first blood, wins, one can ask to stop at any moment, each girl knew that first -blood could still be deadly.

“Now take your positions mesdemoiselles.”

Louise stepped away and turned to face Angélique, as she unsheathed her rapier. They saluted each other with their blades.

“En garde!” said François.

Louise took stance, ready to let Angélique attack first, which she did rather quickly. Louise parried her blade then tried a slash to make her opponent move back before doing a simple lunge, aiming for her stomach. Angélique wasn’t an amateur and dodged the blade easily. The fight was proving to be a challenge and was starting to get interesting; Louise thought.

“What is that? Isn’t it some kind of duel?”

Both women stopped their attacks and look at the people coming towards them. Five Cardinal’s guards, dressed in black latex catsuits and black leather thigh boots. A redheaded girl with big breasts was leading the group. Louise knew her as Bianca, one of the most dangerous guards.

“Given that you’re with one of those pretentious musketeers I guess you’re perfectly aware that duels are forbidden in Paris and in the whole kingdom. So I’ll ask to you to give us your blades and follow us to be put in detention. But if you choose to resist us…” She taps the pommel of bahis firmaları her rapier with her left hand, showing perfectly what was going to happen in the event that they decided not to cooperate.

Louise noticed the look that Angélique and François shared, trying to decide if they should continue their fight. She decided to give them some help in making their decision.

“I’m ready to teach to your boys how to properly use their swords, milady.” She said to Bianca.

Louise heard François unsheathing his blade and said “We’ll stand our ground as any musketeers do when facing the Cardinal’s dogs and bitches”.

The five guards unsheathed their rapiers and the fight begin.

Louise was facing a short girl with brown hair and a medium sized blonde haired guy, both looking eager to put their blade in through her chest. The man’s excitement was already visible thru his latex catsuit. Angélique was against Bianca, while François fought the last two guys. Louise decided to eliminate her opponents and reduce them to a single one quickly, then play with the remaining one while waiting to see how things go with the other fights. The girl was the first to make a mistake and she cried out in pain as Louise’s blade run her thru heart without mercy. The woman removed her rapier quickly enough to parry the one of the man who seemed upset that his female companion had been killed. Then Louise begins to play with her opponent. She let him try a few attacks, emphasizing her own parry as it was proving to be difficult to fight against him. Then she decided to show who was in charge of the fight as she hit him, lightly, on then thigh. As the fight continued the man seemed less and less excited and more and more angry.

Louise kept an eye on what was happening in the other duels. François had killed one of his opponents and seemed in good position against the last one. As for Angélique it looked more difficult. Louise didn’t hear exactly what the girl and Bianca were talking about while fighting but it seemed there was some personal matter between the two women.

Louise decided to hit her opponent a second time, this time on the shoulder of his free hand. She allowed herself to laugh lightly, saying “seems you guards don’t really know how to properly use a rapier”. Fate decide to show that it was possible for a guard to know something about fencing as Bianca succeed in disarming Angélique. Before the girl could ask for any mercy the redheaded guard lunged forward and ran her sword thru Angélique’s heart. The duelist placed both hands to the wound as she cried mainly in pain but Louise thought that there was some pleasure in it too. As for Bianca there was no doubt that her face showed pleasure as she twisted her blade before removing it. Her smiles was one kaçak iddaa of a girl whose pussy was wet. Angélique tried to step sideways as if leaving could still save her life, then reality won as she falls on her knee then eventually face on the ground. Bianca takes a look at the two other duels were left to decide who she was going to help. Louise settled the matter for her as she put an end to her game with the man she was fighting, running him thru the stomach, a deadly wound that would take some time to kill him but still deadly nonetheless. After having removed her blade from the body of the dying guard Louise saluted Bianca with her rapier and takes stance, ready to fight and to win or to die.

Once again Louise let her opponent attack first. With the first guard it wasn’t really dangerous but with Bianca that kind of play could cost her her life, but she liked a challenge, it made winning more much exciting. Bianca tried a hard thrust that Louise parried just inches away from her chest. Then the guard tried to lure her in with a false attack before spinning their wrist and lunging, aiming for her heart. Louise succeeded in parrying it, blade sliding against blade, until the two women were locked one against the other, guard against guard.

“I like to fight bitches like you,” said Louise, “It makes me so wet.” Then she tries to kiss Bianca. The guard reacted and kissed back, Louise could also feel the free hand of the guard rubbing her crotch thru the latex of her dress.

“It seems you’re right about being wet like a bitch,” replied Bianca, “But I can’t ask you to be decent when I’m ready to cum while I kill you.”

Smiling Louise broke contact and tried an attack of her own, testing the skill of Bianca as she found herself pleased to see that her opponent was a worthy one. When she heard François finishing his last opponent she knew it was time to end Bianca’s winning record. As the redhead tried to strike back after a thrust by Louise, the duelist put one knee on the ground, letting her opponent’s blade pass just over her head, and lunge. The tip of her blade pierced the latex of Bianca’s catsuit just under her left breast and penetrated her breast, ran her thru and came out her back. Louise could see surprise and pleasure on the guard’s face. She felt really excited and when she twisted her blade and removed it she released a small cry of pleasure, unheard as Bianca came at the same moment, her free hand on the breast that Louise just removed her blade from, the other hand still holding her rapier.

“You’re such… a fucking good… fencer, bitch. Too bad… I didn’t… fuck you… before you killed me.”

Then Bianca falls, eyes closed and a smile on her face. Louise saluted her with her blade before sheathing it.

“It’s sad for kaçak bahis Angélique,” said a voice behind her, “but I’m really glad you could make it. And with some style.”

“You’re welcome monsieur.” said the young woman as she turned to face François. “On your side you seemed to have no problem dealing with your opponents. I guess that’s to be expected from a musketeer.”

She takes a step toward the swordsman.

“Well there was only one fencer worthy of a duel in that group and killed her, mademoiselle. Bianca having killed Angélique before I guess it settled the matter between you two.”

“We could say so. Now I’m wondering…” begins Louise.

“Wondering what?”

“If you could help me.”

“Help? But you seem in a perfect condition and I see no more enemies around you, I mean living ones.”

Louise closed the gap between her and François, and takes his hand with her own, leading it under her latex dress, to her pussy.

“I’ve some wetness that needs to be taken care of, could you do something monsieur le mousquetaire?”

A smile spread on François’ face as he closed in to kiss Louise.

“At least I can try.”


Louise entered her room, a small place suitable for a girl newly arrived in a big city, the kind where you’ll stay while waiting to find a proper place and job. She removed the belt holding her rapier and put it on a nail on the wall.

“I know you’re there, you can show yourself.”

As she turned to look toward her bed a man come out of the shadows. Tall and thin, wearing black leather pants, light brown leather jacket, knee high brown leather boots and black latex gloves. Jacques Tallandier, the Cardinal’s master spy himself.

“So, how did it happen?”

“As you suggested I defy Angélique and indeed she came with a musketeer, a François de Poncy, as a witness. The duel was a first-blood one and I was planning to do a first blood-last breath one to the girl when some guards interrupted us.”

Tallandier raised an eyebrow.

“Who was leading?”


“She’s a very skilled one.”

“She was. She disarmed and killed Angélique, seems there was something between them. It was a real pleasure to fight and kill that one.”

“And the musketeer?”

“He made it through, wasn’t too sad to have lost the girl and now seems quite pleased to have a new fuck mate one able to kill people like Bianca.”

“So you just need to continue that way.”

“And for the guards?”

“Your only concern is to succeed in your mission, kill as many guards as necessary for it, and don’t tell me it really bothers you.”

Louise just answers by smiling. That spy really knew people. He moved back into the shadows and Louise and was almost instantly out of her room. Now she needed to find a way to further gain the trust of François and some of other musketeers. She was sure there was a way involving some dueling and running a sword through some hearts.

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