Age Has No Limit

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It was a warm June afternoon. I had just gotten my nails done. Henry took forever as usual, making sure each nail was perfect before I left. I walked to my car, the blinding sun beating down on me. I made sure to be careful as I buckled my seatbelt, not wanting to ruin my fresh manicure. I pulled out of my spot and got onto the highway. Driving passed my old high school, I saw some boys playing football, I remembered seeing them do that many years ago when they were freshmen, we’re all getting older I guess.

It took me about 15 minutes to reach my destination, a hotel a few towns over. Today was the day I was finally going to meet him. After months of talking and getting to know each other, the day was here, I couldn’t have been more nervous, yet incredibly excited. I looked at myself in the rearview mirror, tucking a wisp of hair behind my ear. I grabbed my purse and overnight bag from the passenger seat. As I got out of the car, I looked around, the sun was still beaming. I took out my phone and looked at my message from him. It read, “Room 236”. I walked into the lobby and headed straight for the elevator. When the door opened I sighed in relief that no one else was in there. I needed a moment to myself, so no one could see me smiling like an idiot. I took the elevator to the 2nd floor, and walked the long winding hallways looking for the room. I finally saw it, “Room 236” in big gold letters on the door. I put my phone in my purse, pulled my dress down a little, exposing more of my cleavage, and gently knocked on the door.

I looked down at the nob, and my heart jumped when I saw it turn. The door opened and it was him. After months of waiting to see his handsome face in person, there he was, right in front of me.

Tall and strong with a killer smile, he said in a soft voice, “Hi Cait”. My knees started to feel weak, and I felt a fire in my loins.

“Hi Daddy”, I said shyly, smiling up at him. He opened the door completely and we embraced in the doorway. His hands running up and down my back, my head resting gently on his chest. He invited me in and took my bag and placed in on the couch near the window.

“Shall we sit, sweetie?”

“Sure!” I exclaimed with a big smile. We sat on the edge of the king sized bed. The linens had been ironed, the mattress was firm, yet comfortable.

“How was the drive?” He asked.

“Pretty quick, hardly any traffic.” I answered.

“I’ve been pacing back and forth all casino siteleri morning, hoping that you’d really come.” He stated, like a child unsure of his own voice.

“Nothing in the world would’ve stopped me from being here with you today.” I assured him.

He smiled wide at me, his eyes had a mysterious twinkle about them.

“What would you like to do first baby?” He teased as he started to rub my left thigh.

I bit my lip and said, “Well daddy, how about a nice hot shower?”

“That sounds wonderful babe, but how about we first take off our clothes and see what we’ve been wanting to see all these months?” He suggested as he stood in front of me.

I looked up at him and nodded my head as a crooked smile came over my face. I stood up, standing very close to him and started to unbutton his dress shirt. As my fingers fumbled a bit over the top button, he took my hands in his and gently kissed my lips and whispered to me to relax. I took a deep breath and continued to slowly unbutton his shirt, when I unbutton the last one, I slid my hands underneath his shirt on his shoulders and slowly let it drop to the floor. Next was his undershirt. He raised his arms and I pulled it over his head. I kissed his bare chest as he rubbed my arm.

I sat back down on the bed and inspected his belt and pants. So impatient to finally see his cock, I reminded myself that we had all night together. I unbuckled his belt and pulled it through his pants loops and put it next to me on the bed. Next his pants. I unbuttoned the two buttons and pulled down his zipper and looked back up at him. He took the initiative to pull down his slacks and briefs and stepped out of them. His glorious cock was right in front of me, it took all my might not to drop to my knees and start sucking.

“Now it’s your turn sweetie.” He announced.

I exhaled and started to blush. He knelt in front of me, taking off my heels, caressing my smooth legs. He stood again and reached out his hand to help me to my feet. As we stood there, we gazed into each other’s eyes, feeling the passion between our two bodies. He grabbed my arms and pulled them straight over my head and lifted my dress and threw it to the floor. He embraced me and kissed my neck as he unclasped my bra. My breasts hung free as he took one in his hand, gently squeezing my already erect nipple. Then he turned us around so he could sit on the bed while I stood before him. He pulled my white lace canlı casino panties down to my ankles, exposing the bush I had been growing just for him. He stroked the hair, feeling how soft and full it was.

“Sit on my lap Cait.” He said as he patted his knee.

I sat and wrapped my arm around his neck, gently rubbing his chest as he played with my hard nipples. I kissed his inviting lips passionately. After a few moments of tender kisses and warm touches, we stood and he guided me to the bathroom. Without a word he turned on the shower and waited until it got to just the right temperature. He stepped into the humongous shower and held out his hand. His hands seemed so big compared to mine. They were so soft and warm.

We stood facing each other, letting the water wash over us. Our fingers intertwined, we kissed. Soft pecks on each other’s lips, I kept my eyes open to see if his were, and just as I was about to close mine, his opened and as we kissed and embraced, we looked into each other’s eyes, feeling a sense of comfort and peace.

His hands slowly moved down and he cupped my ass. I could feel my clit start to throb. I took the soap and gently massaged it into his chest hair, up to his shoulders and down to his belly button. He seemed to like it, his cock was getting firmer by the second. As the water washed over his chest, I turned, with my back facing him. He took the soap and grabbed at my breasts, rubbing them, lathering them up. He moved his hands lower to my stomach, then to my mound. Washing the hair, it sort of tickled. I was anticipating that he would slip a finger or two inside, he didn’t. We kept cleaning each other, every inch of skin was sparkling by the time we stepped out and dried off. After he got out, he quickly toweled off and went to lay on the bed. I tried to dry my hair the best I could with no blow dryer. I quick put it in a tail and wrapped a towel around my naked body.

“Coming honey?” He shouted.

“Be there in a sec!” I nervously replied.

After almost 6 months of talking online, phone calls and video calls. It was finally going to happen. We had talked about how wonderful it would be to finally make love. Even though he was 40 years my senior, I found him to be such an attractive man. From the moment I saw his cock in the photos he sent me, I knew I wanted it. I wanted it in my mouth, in my cunt. I took a deep breath, smiled at myself in the mirror and went into the bedroom.

He kaçak casino laid there, over the covers with his hands behind his head. His legs stretched out to both bottom corners of the bed. I thought to myself, I’d fit perfectly in that spot. I walked over to the edge of the bed, crawled onto it and situated myself between his legs.

Taking his already erect cock into my hand, I started to stroke it, with my other hand I cupped his balls. Looking straight into his eyes I lowered my head and wrapped my lips around its head. Swirling my tongue around it, he let out a soft moan. Sucking faster and faster, I got all of his cock into my throat. He placed his hands on the top of my head and guided it up and down. It was a nice size, not too big, not too small. Perfect. It was perfect.

Without warming, he sat up and flipped me on my back and mounted me. He planted soft kisses on my neck and chest. My pussy was starting to drip. I desperately wanted him. He slid his fingers down my inner thigh and gently touched my cunt lips. He could feel how moist he made me, and I knew that made him even more aroused.

Finally, the moment was here. He grabbed his shaft and slowly entered me. My legs spread wide as I felt him push through my lips into me. With one deep thrust he was in, we were one. I immediately started moaning and my breathing became erratic. He stayed more focused. Focused on his pleasure, and also mine. He hit his stride and kept thrusting as I wrapped my legs around him. As he kept going, we could both hear how wet my pussy was.

“You’re very wet aren’t you little girl?” He whispered in my ear.

“Yes daddy!” I exclaimed. He loved when I called him that.

We looked at each other, both of us with big smiles on our faces. He pressed his body closer to mine, I could feel his heartbeat. Then he kissed my lips, his tongue parting them. I moaned softly into his mouth. I was about to cum. He was the first man to ever give me an orgasm. Waves of pleasure ran through my entire body. From my little toe to the ends of my hair. My cunt squeezed tight around his cock. Just as my last spasm ran through me, he started to moan louder. He was cumming too! We had talked about it before hand that I wanted him to cum inside me, to give me that special gift men can give to women. He thrusted harder and faster and all of a sudden I felt a warmth inside me. It was indescribable. After the last few spurts of cum were shot into me, he collapsed on top of me. We laid together like that for a little while. Whispering sweet nothings to each other. The day had finally come and gone. Before I fell asleep next to him that night, I thought to myself; age has no limits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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