Adventures with Steph Ch. 01

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I never know what to expect with Steph. On one occasion, she might greet me at my door, purse at the ready, dressed like any girl ready for a “Hubby’s home with the kids” day out. The next time she calls, we’ll get the kids together and just talk over coffee amidst the yells and crashes from the toy room. But then, there are other days. Those are why I can never get enough of Steph.

On our last girls’ night out, I took Steph into the role of confidant, a new one for the both of us. I had so few female friends, and she so few married ones, that our friendship solidified one night at a noisy club.

“I’m so sick of the routine with my sex life!” I had moaned to her. “He says ‘suck me’, then a few days later ‘Oh, God, I’m going to come, fucking you’, rounding out with ‘can I fuck your ass’? Then wash, rinse and repeat!”

Steph’s expression was thoughtful, but she didn’t respond to my partially rhetorical rant that night.

Her answer came a couple weeks later, this time for a girl’s night in. Hours into it, I was so loosened by margaritas and squeal-worthy chick flicks that our husbands would have whined through that her question didn’t register to me right away. “Wait, what?” I giggled.

“I asked you how my little cupcake was doing today.” Steph’s face was calm, showing none of the flushed giddiness mine must have.

I blinked rapidly, not understanding. “I…um…I don’t know”, I responded, still giggling a little with my alcohol-infused fogginess.

The next moments seemed to happen very slowly in my blurry mind, but I found myself helpless to what was occurring. Steph had me laid on her coffee table, wrists and ankles cuffed to the legs, with my shirt and bra cut open before I uttered a word of protest. As my mouth hung open in surprise, she placed a candle like the one might find on a birthday cake- between my lips with the short command, “Close.” My lips closed automatically, without a single thought.

Steph rose from her place on the couch, pacing before me. “Dee, honey, I thought a lot about what you said those few weeks ago. And I can fix it. I can give you what you want, break things out of the routine. But you have to be okay with it.” She paused and looked at me. “Are you?” At my slow nod, she flinched. “There’s more.”

“I need you to trust me. Big time. Because there are things I would like to do to you that are…well, a bit different, and I’m not the type to let you say no once we start it. So, you have to trust me that you’ll like what I do, even if you don’t at first. Can you do that?”

Her expression was so hopeful, so devastating, naked and vulnerable. I couldn’t help canlı bahis but nod. Her answering squeal of happiness made me smile, even as she straddled me, a wicked look in her eyes. “Then let’s get started, cupcake.” She leaned over me, unlocking the handcuffs and leading me into their kitchen.

On the counter near the dining room table, I saw several mixing bowls, ingredients, and utensils. Their presence was curious to me, but I had little time to think about it. Steph circled the table opposite me, gripping my ponytail to yank me backward over the top of it. My arms once again were cuffed down to the table legs, leaving my body stretched out on the table.

I heard her grab a mixing bowl off the counter. After a few passes of a spatula through the contents, Steph began filling a pastry bag.

“So, I was on a bit of a baking kick, having to make cupcakes for that bake sale at school. And I realized, with all those teeny, tiny cupcakes, I never got to eat a single one.” Steph twisted the bag closed, a piping fixture fitted to the end. “So I decided I wanted my own personal little cupcake to eat.” As if to punctuate her statement, she pushed the end of the piping bag straight into my pussy.

The shock hit me so hard I gasped, my body bowing upward, the candle dropping from my mouth onto the floor. I felt her squeeze, forcing the sugary concoction of frosting deep into me. She released the pressure, leaving the bag hanging. The spatula in the bowl was retrieved, painting my tits with the cotton candy pink frosting. The thin layer she left had covered my breasts entirely. She then reached for the box of birthday candles. She pressed them into the layer of frosting, patiently waiting for each to dry enough to remain in position. My pussy spasmed at the feeling of her hot breath on my tits, each convulsion squeezing the bag inside me.

I saw the flash of a camera and saw the screen of her laptop light up with the image of two tits, expertly frosted and topped like an adult-themed birthday cake.

As I was preoccupied with the image, my brain registered the sound of a lighter. My eyes flew back to my decorated chest, to see her lighting the candles. I could see the first candle start to drip as she lit the last one.

Steph stood back, arms crossed over her chest. “Make a wish, Dee. Blow them out.”

I blew as hard as I could, most of them going out, but my stomach twisted as I saw them sparking and re-lighting. It was then that I realized my experiences with Steph could be much more sadistic than I imagined.

Steph squeezed the pastry bag into me a last time before extracting the tip from my pussy. bahis siteleri The frosting had an odd feeling inside me, not liquid, and not solid. As I squirmed with the feeling, I felt Steph attaching my legs to the legs of the table as well. I noticed the candles each beginning to drip faster as they burned down, closer to my tits. I could see the heat beginning to dry the frosting out, baking the sugar into a solid crust.

A hard smack landed on my spread open, frosting-filled pussy. My shout of surprise was met with another slap. I stared, wide-eyed at Steph as she wielded the spatula. She calmly watched the change in my expression as her arm descended again to deliver a stinging slap with the rubber spatula. I cried out again, fighting against my bonds now with each spank.

My body squirming began to make the candles sputter and the wax spread. I felt a few drops, barely feeling their warmth through the layer of hardened frosting. Steph calmly reached down, extinguishing the candles that were nearest to burning me, without pausing her spanking on my bare pussy. It continued, on and on, an evenly timed spanking on my cunt.

Once she extinguished the last candle, the spanking stopped and she tugged my body up further on the table until my head hung backward over the edge. I was presented with her naked pussy, which she placed over my mouth, her expectation clear. My mouth busied quickly, my tongue lapping at her clit and thrusting into her wet hole.

Her moans escalated quickly, her hips rocking to force her cunt more fully on my face. She leaned over my body and I felt the cold marble rolling pin at the entrance to my sugarcoated cunt. She pressed it in as my tongue rocked on her clit. I moaned under the pressure, feeling the cold, un-lubricated pole trying to split me open.

“Oh, take it, cupcake. We have to get you nice and open for the rest of the frosting.” Steph’s voice showed the strain of trying to push the rolling pin into me from her position over my face. She pulled on it in forceful jerking motions. I squealed into her pussy as I felt it battering at the sensitive tissues of my insides. My tongue drove deep inside her, my lips sealing and sucking at as much of her cunt as was possible.

I felt her whole body shudder as she orgasmed, her pussy pressing down hard on my face. My mouth was flooded with the juices her cunt expelled. As she caught her breath, she lifted herself off my lips and walked around the table to push harder on the rolling pin she seemed determined to force completely into my pussy. I whimpered with the pressure as she bore down on one end. I collected a deep breath, nearly ready bahis şirketleri to scream when she pulled it out. She fucked me with it then, twisting and swirling it, stretching my hole open. The smoothness of it left little friction, leaving me frustrated with the need to come and no additional stimulant to enhance it. I once again felt the pastry bag inside me, filling the new space opened by the deep fucking of the rolling pin. With my head hanging backward, I wondered her next move. I felt a thin plastic tube at the entrance of my ass.

Moaning, I began to buck, trying to wiggle away. I was rewarded with another smack on my already sore pussy.

“Stop that, cupcake,” Steph commanded. “We have to oil you in preparation for baking.” At her words, the tube entered my ass with a flood of slick oil. Steph held up the rolling pin again, maneuvering to show me the pink streaks of frosting coating it. “I think this will be perfect for tenderizing the dough for my little cupcake, don’t you?”

My eyes went wide and my mouth open to resist, or scream, or something. Steph reached over and neatly fit her kitchen timer behind my front teeth. My noises, muffled by my inability to enunciate anything, deteriorated to panicked whimpers as she began to twist the rolling pin against my oiled ass.

I felt it break into my tight hole. I moaned, long and low. She pushed hard, twisting it in the slick oil as it pressed deeper and deeper.

I nearly cried as I felt the pain of it going so deep, but my brain seemed to rewire as I felt Steph’s tongue licking at my still frosting-stuffed cunt.

“Push it out, cupcake,” she demanded as her lips sucked at my pussy. “Push that frosting out so I can eat it all up.”

I sighed in pleasure each time her tongue teased over my clit, bearing down to squeeze the frosting out of me.

I should think things through better with Steph, because each time I bore down, I had to let up, which allowed the rolling pin to slide a partial inch further into my stretched out ass, wringing whimpers from me. Steph sucked at my clit each time I bore down, sending me higher and closer to coming.

Finally, I felt her fingertips as my ass closed around the rolling pin and she devoured my cunt, bringing me to a furious orgasm. My cunt and ass clenched, feeling full as my pussy continued to drip sugary frosting. Steph dragged her fingers through my pussy lips, bringing a handful of my cum and frosting mixture to my face. “What a good little cupcake you are,” she said, feeding the mix into my mouth behind the timer as it started to beep.


This is the first of many fetishes I would like Dee and Steph to explore. If there are requests, I’d be happy to attempt them! Comments are appreciated here.

Thanks to my Lit editor, DragonSlayer_OK, for the help!

Chapter 2 coming soon!

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