Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 03

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Letter from the author: This is a story of an older unfaithful promiscuous woman who loves sex and is not ashamed of it. If you don’t like this or have a moral issue with this, please move on to another story.



Addison returned home to her boring sex life after her trip to Arizona, and was not too happy about it. Brett was all over her at the office but it was a small firm and finding a place to do those kinds of things was virtually impossible. Brett kept hounding her to go for drinks after work, or to lunch, but Addie kept refusing. Truth was, she wanted him badly, but doing things with him on a business trip where no one knew them was one thing, but doing things at home or in the office was another. She had a career and a family to think about. However, it only took Brett a week to break her. Friday, she finally agreed to go for a drink after work.

5:00 finally rolled around and the two of them hopped into Brett’s car and headed toward a small little bar near their office. They only made it two blocks when Brett turned down an alley and parked the car. He unbuckled his seat belt and his pants and pulled out his growing cock.

“Suck it!” he demanded

Addie needed no more instruction. She unbuckled her belt and dove down onto his manhood. She slid her lips up and down on it while sucking in hard. Brett’s cock responded and soon he was at full attention. Addie loved the feel of his cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. Her pussy became wet, staining her white cotton granny panties, and her nipples strained against her old fashioned full coverage bra. She was so hot, she never thought about the fact that she could be seen by anyone who happened down the alley.

Brett didn’t say a word; he just grabbed her head and directed it up and down his excited pole. Addie had already grown to love the feeling of his hand forcing her onto his cock She had missed that this week. She just performed as she was coached, getting hotter the whole time.

After a few minutes, Brett grunted and exploded into Addison’s accepting mouth. She didn’t skip a beat, swallowing the entire load while still sliding up and down his shaft until Brett pulled her up. He zipped up, exited the alley and returned Addie to her car in the office parking lot without uttering another word. Addison got out and Brett drove off, leaving her horny and unsatisfied. That is until the next day.

Addie’s husband always golfed on Saturday, and everyone knew it because she complained of being a golf widow. She wasn’t doing anything in particular when the phone rang.

“Meet me at Red Lobster in the mall.” Brett told her. Then he hung up.

Addie asked the housekeeper to watch the kids for a while. She was sitting in the restaurant only minutes later. Brett entered the restaurant, grabbed her hand and walked her to his car. She wasn’t sure what was next. Brett drove her to his apartment and the two of them went in.

“Strip!” her ordered her.

Addison was naked in moments. As she undressed, Brett didn’t even watch. He sat on the couch, grabbed the remote and flipped on the TV. There was a Sun Devils’ football game on and he watched it as she removed her clothes. He had always wanted to combine his two favorite things, sex and ASU Football.

“Suck my cock!” he demanded, never taking his eyes off the game.

Addie knelt between his legs and pulled out his dick. She sucked it to life and Brett just watched the game. Addison was doing an excellent job pleasing his cock. She stroked it with her hand as her lips slid up and down its hardness. She licked the tip and even deep throated the entire length. However, Brett was totally ignoring her. His attention was on the game. The only attention she got was when he wanted her to do something else.

“Lick my balls.” He told her, still watching the game.

Addison lowered her face to his big hairy ball sack and began to lick and suck his balls while stroking the shaft with her hand. She took great care to stimulate his full, heavy nuts. After a few minutes of that, Brett finally took his eyes off the TV. He pushed her off his lap and stood up.

“Get over the back of the couch.” He told her.

Addie walked around the back of the couch, bent over it and placed her hands on the cushions. Her ass was high in the air and ready for him. She was sure to get his attention now. Brett walked behind her and mounted her. His cock slid into her soft, wet, velvety cunt, and Addie moaned appreciatively. Brett grabbed her hips and began to fuck her hard and deep. Addison was enjoying the feelings and was anticipating Brett talking to her the way he always did. However, the nasty talk never came. After a short time, Addison looked behind her and Brett’s eyes were glued to the game. He was rock hard, pounding her pussy and not even paying any attention to her. She was just a hole to put his dick in so he could get off.

Even knowing that, Addie still came twice before casino siteleri Brett pulled out and shot his hot cum all over her ass and back. After recovering, he fucked her two more times before taking her back to the mall and her car.

Addie got home only minutes before her husband did. She was in the shower when he got home, and he never had a clue. Addison loved this, she was getting laid and it was all so exciting making sure she didn’t get caught.

Over the next few months, this became a pattern, blow jobs in the car either after work or at lunch as he ordered food at the drive-thru, and Saturdays at his apartment while her husband played golf and the housekeeper watched the kids. It was very exciting, sneaking around, being nasty, being dominated, and Addie was really enjoying all the new things Brett was introducing her to.

Things got even better when Addison was offered a promotion. This position would require some travel. She and her husband agreed that since they had the housekeeper and her husband didn’t travel in his job, Addison would accept. Sometimes Brett would travel with her, but there were usually others with them, and it was hard to be alone. Addison was always worried about someone finding out. That all changed one night while the two of them had drinks in the hotel bar after the others had all gone to their rooms.

Brett and Addie were sitting at a booth in the bar. The table cloths were long and Brett took advantage. He keenly slid his hand up Addie’s thigh and under her skirt until he reached her uncovered love button. Addie was not allowed to wear any underwear when the two of them traveled together. He began fiddling her clit with no regard for where they were, even as people walked by. Addie was horrified and turned on at the same time. It was all very erotic, but she was worried what others in the bar would think of her.

Neither of them said a word, they just sat there as Brett fingered her clit harder and faster. Addison tried her hardest not to let on what was happening, but the harder she tried, the more turned on she got, the more difficult it was to hide her pleasure. A couple walked by and the woman noticed the look on Addie’s face. Addie’s breathing was labored, and her eyelids were half closed. Then she looked at Brett and could see his arm moving under the table. She knew exactly what was happening. She threw a knowing glare at both of them, and hurried her husband away.

“That woman thinks I am a total whore.” Addie thought to herself.

That turned her on more. She looked around the room trying to see if anyone else was watching. Brett’s hand was vigorously diddling her clit now and she could feel her orgasm rushing to the surface. She was terrified. She was not sure she could keep quiet. The situation was so stimulating, she knew that her orgasm was going to be big. She wanted to feel it, but she feared its arrival at the same time. Just then a man sitting near them with his wife caught Addie’s eye and he raised his eyebrows to let her know he knew. Addie loved the attention, but she didn’t want to cause a scene. However, she knew Brett would not stop, so she just tried to contain herself.

A moment later, her climax was reached and it hit her inside like a nuclear bomb blast. She didn’t know she could orgasm like that from just being masturbated. It was not so much the manual stimulation, as it was the dirty, nastiness of it all that caused her erotic explosion. Addie bit her lip and squeezed her legs together as her entire body tensed up and try as she did, she could not keep quiet.

A muffled scream escaped her lips and most everybody in the bar turned to see what the disturbance was. They watched, some in horror, and some in ah, as the 38 year old lady experienced her orgasm publicly. Her body stiffened, then shook. Her eyes were clenched tight and her face was pursed like a she had just bit into a lemon, and her breathing was shallow and rapid. When Addie had finally recovered enough to open her eyes, so could see all the eyes on her. She turned beet red and wanted to hide her face. However, as she perused the daggers from some of the patron’s eyes, she also noticed there were some fans. She was humiliated and turned on at the same time, not just turned on, more turned on that she could ever remember.

That was the last time she ever let the worry of being caught get in the way of being satisfied by Brett. This young man was a genius sexually, and everything he did to her resulted in new wonderful sensations. She never again slept alone on any business trip that Brett was on. She could never get enough of him and his expert tricks.

Not too long after the public orgasm, Addison and her team were on another trip trying to sell a project to a client, when Brett took her to the next level. The client, Bill, was a gentleman in his late fifties. He was your typical company executive, a bit overweight, balding and a sexual pervert. He continually leered at Addison canlı casino the whole time she was presenting their proposal. Addison was a bit repulsed by him, and did nothing to encourage his behavior.

Brett noticed Bill’s behavior and that night while he and Addie were getting ready for bed, he sparked up a conversation.

“Ole Bill has an eye for you, doesn’t he?” Brett teased.

“Yea, I guess.” Addie replied.

“I’ll bet if you were nicer to him, it would help us get the account.”

“What are you suggesting?” Addie said with a bit of disgust in her voice.

“You know exactly what I am saying.” Brett returned. “Treat him the way you treat me.”

“Are you kidding me?” she snapped. “Not a chance in hell. He is disgusting.”

“Come on, I know you have it in you. You are a whore already, what’s wrong with using it to get the account.”

“Brett! I am not a whore for anybody, just you.” She said as she walked up to him and began to fondle his body.

“You do realize how big this account is right?” he reminded her.

“You are serious, aren’t you?” she said with surprise in her voice. She stopped playing with his body. “I can’t do that.”

“Sure you can.” He assured her. “It would be the edge we need to land him.

“No Brett! I won’t do that.” Addison said sternly.

“Ok, well if you won’t do this for me, then maybe I need to leave.” He said as he began to put his pants on.

Addie sat on the bed feeling hurt. How could he think I would prostitute myself for an account? She sat there as Brett finished dressing and left, returning to his room for the evening. Addison crawled into bed and tried to go to sleep. Her anger toward Brett soon faded, and it was not long before she was wanting him next to her. She dialed his room, but he did not answer. She quietly knocked on his door, not wanting to attract attention from the other team members whose rooms were all together, but he did not answer.

Brett knew what a slave she was to his cock, and that just ignoring her would be enough to change her mind. Addison returned to her room and spent a sleepless night contemplating her next move. She decided she would try to make him understand her position in the morning.

“Good morning all” Brett said joyfully to all in attendance as he sat down for breakfast.

Everyone replied including Addie, not wanting to attract any notice of her hurt feelings. Today was the last day of their proposal, and the whole team set strategy for the day. There was nothing abnormal between Addie and Brett until after breakfast.

“Brett?” Addie said quietly to him when she finally got him alone. “I need to talk to you about our conversation last night.”

“There is nothing to talk about.” He snapped. “You do this for me, or I will not do anything else for you.” Then he walked away, not allowing her to argue her case further.

Addie didn’t know what to do. On the other hand, she really didn’t know if she had a choice. The whole day, Bill gave her suggestive glances and Addie just tried to ignore him.

Bill offered to take the team to dinner after they finished their proposal. As they approached the table, Bill figured out a way to sit next to Addison and Brett made sure to sit on her other side. During dinner, Addie felt a hand on her thigh. Without looking she knew it was Bill’s. She looked at Brett and saw that he could see it too. Brett gave her a stare as if to say, “Go with it.”

So Addie complied. She opened her legs a bit and soon Bill had her skirt bunched up in her lap and was slowly massaging her inner thigh. One time he even brushed her uncovered pussy with his pinky. Addie couldn’t believe it, but she was getting turned on. Brett demands could make her even get wet with this old, bald, fat guy playing with her.

After dinner the other team members went to pack for the early trip home. Brett, Bill and Addie moved to the bar for a night cap. The three of them talked and drank. Then Brett leaned over and kissed Addie right in front of Bill. Bill just watched as the two of them played tonsil hockey for quite a while. After they broke from the kiss, Brett whispered in Addie’s ear.

“Kiss him.”

Addie leaned in and laid a long wet kiss on Bill.

“Invite him to your room.”

“Would you boys like to finish your drinks in my room?” Addie said.

The three of them were soon sitting in the lounge area of Addie’s room. They were all just chatting when the phone rang.

“That’s my husband.” Addie quipped as she went to answer it.

As she stood next to the bed talking to her husband, Jake walked up behind her and began to unbutton her blouse. Like many times before, He fondled her body as she carried on a conversation with her husband.

Bill watched as Brett took off her blouse, unhooked her bra, fondled her nice round tits, pinched her nipples, undid her skirt, pulled it down, and played with her pussy. His cock was rock hard in his kaçak casino pants as he witnessed the whole thing.

“OK honey, I’ll see you tomorrow, I love you too.” Addison said as she hung up the phone.

Moments later she was sitting on her bed naked with Brett’s cock pistoning in and out of her mouth.

“Come join us Bill.” Brett told the client.

Bill walked to her and pulled his pants down. His rock hard cock came into view and Addie reached out to grab it. She alternated her mouth back and forth between the two stiff dicks as she stroked the other one with her hand. Addie got a naughty idea. She instructed the men to stand real close together. They did. She grabbed both cocks and touched the heads together, then opened her mouth wide and shoved them both in her mouth at the same time.

Her lips stretched around the thick rigid shafts and she took them as deep as she could. Both men placed a hand on the back of her head and shoved their cock in as far as her mouth would stretch. Two cocks were forced into Addie’s mouth and she did an excellent job of pleasuring them. Her head bobbed back and forth as the men jammed their cocks in. Bill’s balls tightened first and he pushed her back, pulling both cocks from her mouth, then grabbed his cock with his hand and sprayed his cum all over her face. Brett was stroking his cock now too, and soon he was depositing his load all over Addie’s pretty little face too.

The cum dripped off her face and onto her tits. Addie scooped up the cum from her face and tits with her hands and cleaned the combined juices of the men with her mouth. As the men watched, Addie devoured their cum. Brett asked Bill if they had the contract.

“Sure.” Bill replied.

“Great, as long as we work with you Bill, Addie’s body is yours, her mouth, her pussy, her ass, what ever you want.” Brett informed him.

A little later after Bill had recovered, Brett made Addison get Bill hard again. Addie sucked him to hardness and then Brett told her to get on top of Bill, who was lying on his back. Addie straddled Bill and slid his cock deep in her. She began to ride his cock slowly and deeply.

“I think you should call your husband about the good news.” Brett suggested.

Addison had done this many times, so she knew how much Brett liked that. She picked up the phone and dialed home. When her husband answered, she informed him of the good news. While she was chatting up her husband about how big this was, Brett leaned her forward and pushed his raging hard cock into her asshole. Addison did a great job of carrying on the conversation as both men slide their cocks in and out of her at the same time. She hung up a few minutes later.

“You asshole.” She scolded Brett playfully. “That was not fair.”

Brett just ignored her and continued his anal penetrations. The feeling of two cocks stretching both of her holes at once was another new and exhilarating experience. Addison rocked back and forth on Bill fat cock, rubbing her swollen clit on his pubic area, and Brett’s cock rocked her rear. She got so turned on that she began rocking so hard and fast, that neither of the men had to move a muscle. Addie was moving like a wild woman. She came once, slowed a bit, and then sped up again until she came once more. With both Addie and Brett on him, Bill had no choice but to unload into Addie when his orgasm hit just after Addison’s second one. Brett did the same when he reached his climax, filling her other hole, as Addie lie limply on top of Bill from exhaustion and satisfaction.

Bill left a short time after and as Brett and Addie lay in bed falling asleep, Addie got a nasty satisfaction feeling their cum spilled from her holes and over her leg until she fell asleep.

Addison’s team returned home triumphantly with the sole source client in hand (also in mouth, ass and pussy in Addie’s case). The firm partners were ecstatic. Addison was given a huge bonus and another promotion.

Addie used the money to take a trip to Los Angeles, where she spent a week at a Beverly Hills spa. She learned many things, mainly how to look like she belonged in Beverly Hills. They taught her how to dress, both on the outside and underneath. They showed her how to do her hair, make up, and everything else she would need to be the sexiest woman possible. She flew directly to New York and spent the rest of her bonus on clothes, shoe and intimates.

When she finally returned to work two weeks later, it was a totally different Addison. She was hot, short skirts, low cut tops, high heels. She no longer hid her attributes, she showed them off. Her attitude changed too.

Brett left the firm not long after to accept a much better job. No problem, Addie was a new woman. She flirted with clients as well as the firm partners. She was living a double life, mom at home and firm slut at work. She did the mom stuff at home, girl scouts, and little league, then she would fly off to “Take care of” clients. As long as she was in her room when the call from her husband came, she had no problems. Things went like this for quite a few years until a life altering visit to the plastic surgeon when she was 45.

to be continued…

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