Adam’s Little Sister Ch. 02

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Note: By popular request, I am continuing this story from Adam’s point of view. I want to thank everyone who was nice enough to give me such positive feedback for part one. I hope you like this installment, find it arousing and fun to read. Enjoy!

* * * * *

I hate to use a cliché, but the next morning when I woke up, I wondered if I had been dreaming. Had I really had such hot, inspired sex with my own sister? How could I do such a thing? In my heart, of course, I knew I had, and was conflicted.

Wait a minute, I thought, Susan was the one who started with me! Far from forcing or encouraging her, I had been virtually attacked by my own horny baby sister, all grown up now and looking fine.

Sure, we’d both been a little drunk and a little stoned. And I hadn’t had sex in God knows how long. I wasn’t really the expert in Susan’s sexual habits, but I guessed from her willingness than none of the young lads at school were ringing her bell.

And in a sense, I was teaching her something of value, I reasoned. Being an accomplished sexual partner would be important when she got to college and wanted to keep a boyfriend satisfied. Sure, I was doing her a favor, and she was repaying me by satisfying needs that were not being met for now. It was mutual.

No, I couldn’t completely justify what we were doing, and didn’t really try. I guess I was young enough to not think through all the consequences of my actions. And old enough to know that certain experiences come just once and you’d better take advantage of them.

More than that though, I was so damn attracted to Susan. I saw so little of her when I was in college, that it was like leaving my bratty little sister and coming home to this voluptuous woman. And make no mistake about it, she was just gorgeous in my view.

Long, dark hair, swarthy complexion and bright blue eyes that were almost translucent.

Her lips were full and sensuous. The only thing that kept her face from total perfection was the family nose, which was rather long and narrow. Yet on her it looked delicate. She looked very similar to the actress Jessica Biehl, from the TV show “Seventh Heaven,” if you’ve ever seen it.

Her athletic pursuits, which in New Jersey translated to soccer, built and kept her body in mint condition. I guess it was the miles and miles of running per week. Not an ounce of fat on her body, except for her breasts which were quite large for her age and perfectly shaped, with half-dollar sized nipples that stood out proudly. A real women-child.

Her arms, shoulders and midsection were strong and defined. I could actually see the ripples of her stomach muscles under her skin.

I happen to be a leg man, and Sue’s legs – wow. Her thighs were long, lean, and muscular, the outsides flaring slightly from her tight buns and tapering in to her calves. They even had that defined teardrop shaped muscle just over the knee. The insides left a nice space between her thighs and her pussy.

Sue’s calves were the best part of her legs, though. All that running toned and enlarged them. They were lithe where they met her ankles. But as the muscle crept up to join the knee, they became pronounced and strong. Not unfeminine in any way, no. Simply athletically toned looking with large, shapely muscles – just the way I like them.

Sue was a knockout. And even though I couldn’t put the feelings into words, I was in fact actually flattered that she found me so . . . irresistible last night.

But now it was a new day. Would she be embarrassed by what happened? Would she be angry, or in denial? I didn’t want her feelings hurt or our relationship jeopardized, of course. If it came to that point, I would rather we just got over it and let it live in the past. I would do whatever it took. Apologize, take the blame – whatever. That’s what older siblings should do.

What I hoped though, was that we could pick up where we had left off. That the fire was still smoldering inside of her, and was ready to burn if we turned up the heat. My answer would have to wait though.

When I got downstairs to the kitchen 10:30 Saturday morning, Sue was not around and there was a note left for me.

Adam, Had to go to weekend soccer practice – bummer. Can we talk when I get home? I’ll be back at 2:00 or so – Susan.

OK, I thought, that leaves me with no clue to how she’s feeling. I’m going to have to tough it out until she gets home. I ran through some scenarios in my mind. If she was angry, confused, frightened. I had some idea of what to say. I never should have let her get drunk and high. I would take the secret to my grave. That kind of thing.

I had some coffee, then went for a leisurely three mile run, which took me about 35 minutes. Then I took a shower, shaved and dressed in shorts and a tank top. I made myself some eggs and toast, which I nervously ate while reading the paper and keeping my eye on the clock.

By the time 2:00 came, I was a bundle of nervous energy, looking out the window casino oyna for Sue to come home. When a silver SUV dropped her off, I moved back from the curtains and watched her wave to her friend while she came up the walkway in her dirty soccer clothes. I scooted to the chair and picked up the paper, pretending to read it nonchalantly when she walked though the door.

“Hi Sue,” I casually called out, “how was the practice?”

Taking off her muddy cleats at the doorway, Sue walked into the den to greet me. Now she looked more like the kid I once knew, dirty and disheveled her hair all over the place. That body, though, was no kid’s.

“Too long and too hot,” she replied. “I think they want to run us to death. We’re not race horses!”

I managed a laugh, trying very hard to conceal my anxiety, my heart beating wildly.

“Adam . . .” she began softly, “about last night . . . “

I kept my mouth shut.

“I don’t know about you, how you feel about it, but I want to tell you . . .”

“Yes?” I asked weakly.

“That it was fantastic for me,” she blurted out, her smile beaming, “I’m . . . I’m not sorry we did it in the least – are you?”

I couldn’t believe it! This was the best of all possible scenarios. All the apologies vacated my brain. All the excuses, the justifications, they immediately eroded like a small piece of paper set aflame and quickly burning to nothing.

“No, Sue, I’m not sorry either. I’m glad.” I tried to contain my enthusiasm. “I can’t explain it, but you are something so special to me. And not just because you’re my sister. But because you’ve become an incredibly gorgeous and desirable young woman. I just can’t believe it’s me you desire.” There, I said it.

“Brother,” she said, looking through my eyes and into my head, “I couldn’t have said it any better. Mom and Dad won’t be back until tomorrow night and I just have one question for you.”


“If you don’t have plans for tonight, can you get some more beer and another movie?”

“Consider it done,” I said. “Now hit the showers.”

“Yes sir coach!” she said with a mock salute and marched off, my eyes following her ass and legs as she hit the stairs. She knew I was looking, too.

Sometimes luck just walks into the room, that’s all I can say. No long, drawn out, painful confessions, no crying, no blaming. I dug it, she dug it – over. And we were going to do it again – cool.

While Sue was in the shower, I hopped into my Miata convertible and headed out. At the liquor store, I bought a couple of six packs of Corona beer, some limes and a bottle of Tequila, just for fun. Then I went to the “Playtime Boutique” adult video and book store. So many titles, so many boxes, I didn’t know where to begin.

“Hey dude,” I called over to the young guy behind the counter, busy reading a car magazine, “can you give me some recommendations?”

“Whatcha looking for?” he asked, “Couples, wall to wall, anal, fetish, compilation, plot driven, classic, gonzo . . . .?” Now I was more confused than ever.

“I don’t really know,” I confessed. “How about something with good looking people having hot sex?”

He walked over to the wall, knowing right where he was headed, and picked up a tape called “Fade to Blue.” The blonde bombshell on the cover was wearing a hat and cowboy boots.

“What style of movie is this?” I asked.

“Little of everything,” he replied, looking at the back of the box. “Juli Ashton is the star, and she’s a babe. Loves it up the ass.”

Hmmmm. My mind drifted off for a second.

“Nice scenery, descent music and great looking eye candy. Radical sex. Minimal plot to get bored with,” he finished.

I rented it.

On the way home, I stopped off and picked up some BBQ goodies, so we didn’t have to waste any time going out for dinner.

Sue was out of the shower by the time I got back. I saw her through the sliding glass door, sitting on the patio as I got the food ready to grill. She was reading a book, wearing tight shorts. Her long, tan legs were crossed. Her cut off T-shirt barely covered her ample breasts. Was this to excite me? It was.

When she turned to look up at me, I could see that she had applied eye makeup and lipstick, highlighting her best facial features, her striking blue eyes and pouty lips. She was as stunning as any of the ladies on the boxcovers I’d just seen.

“Did you get the goods?” she teased.

“I sure hope so baby girl,” I shot back. “We shall see.”

We each downed a beer on that balmy night as I grilled up some of my ‘famous’ chicken and corn, something we’d both loved since birth, I think. The smell of that chicken and sauce grilling brought back some wonderful summer memories for us, and we laughed and talked like and two people enjoying a date. I loved to see her smile and laugh, loved to see her so happy. I also felt a tightness in my shorts as I admired her thick, shiny hair, her abundant cleavage and her tight, muscular stomach. And that canlı casino was just above the table!

The beers went down nice and smooth and had us feeling great. After supper we threw away the paper plates and washed the sauce off our hands and faces – we never were the neatest eaters!

While I grabbed the movie and Tequila and headed to the den, Sue gathered some shot glasses and the rest of the beers.

Before we put the movie on, we decided to put on a serious buzz. We played the drinking game where you see who can drink without slurring their words first. I did a shot and had some beer, then Sue did. After a few more shots and another beer each, it was clear that she had lost the game.

“Can we, can we puddon the movie now?” she asked, laughing at the sound of her own words.

“Yezzweecann,” I mimicked, winking at her.

Once the movie started, Sue snuggled up to me on the cozy, overstuffed couch. Just as the guy had said, the movie started out with a girl driving though the desert and stopping off at some abandoned barn. Her body was magnificent. Getting naked, she splashed water all over herself, looking wet and oh so fine as she played with her pussy.

Sue gripped me tighter. As I looked over, she was engrossed in the movie. But she was lightly rubbing her legs, and I noticed that her proud nipples were beginning the push the flimsy fabric of her shirt out.

On the screen, a muscular, smiling black actor, Mr. Marcus, was sitting on a tanker truck and spraying Ms. Ashton with a water hose from it. All wet, she looked into his eyes while she blew his monster cock. Then he went down on her luscious pussy meat.

I looked over at Sue, who was intensely watching the video, with obvious effects. Her tongue unconsciously licked at her top lip. Her ass wiggled in her seat. Her nipples became noticeably hard and stiff. She didn’t know what to do with her hands, so she pored and drank another shot of tequila.

With so many wonderful physical attributes, Sue was like a buffet table. I couldn’t decide what to partake of first. Those luscious lips, huge firm tits, or smooth tan legs.

Decision, decisions. Mine was . . . to let her make the first move. Coward.

A couple of scenes later, gorgeous Vicca was a waitress in a dimly lit restaurant. She gazed intensely, seductively into her partners eyes as she devoured his cock. Susan apparently could take no more. The action on the screen had its desired effect. Her body was shaking with anticipation.

My sister absently twirled her finger through my hair, then got closer and sort of blew in and licked my ear, sending light shivers through me. My cock, semi-hard from watching the porno, was beginning to stir even more.

With an eye on the video, Sue softly kissed and licked my neck, running her hands over my chest. I pushed her in front of me slightly, so that she was sitting between my legs.

From this position, as she watched the movie in a half-inebriated trance, I easily reached my arms around her back, under her shirt, and scooped up her big tits. First I just squeezed and kneaded them, delighting in their sheer size, amazing shape and smooth texture. Then my fingers found my sister’s swollen nipples.

With my palms cupping the bottom of her breasts, my first two fingers reach up and tweaked her nipple between them, pinching it lightly. Sue sighed low in her throat, and leaned back into me, supporting herself with her elbows on with either side of me. Her long, silky hair smelled of fragrant shampoo. I just love the fresh way a girl smells when she’s squeaky clean.

I actually believe this is when she felt the first stirrings of her impending first orgasm. As I intensified my nipple play, her breath began to come in more ragged gasps.

I asked my baby sister, “Does this turn you on?”

She could hardly answer. “Yes, Adam . . . . it turns me . . . . on so much . . .”

“Will you do something for me, Susan?”

“Yes . . . anything,” she said, her voice cracking.

“Will you pull your shorts off?”

She slid her shorts off, wiggling her sexy ass and legs to help. Her thong underpants came off a little as well, but I couldn’t see her pussy the way she was facing, and she pulled them back up.

“Good. Now will you reach your hands into your panties . . . yes, just like that . . . and take your fingers . . . right . . . and rub your clit . . . . that’s good, rub it harder and harder,” I suggested.

Sue followed my commands to the letter, with half-lidded, seductive eyes. Within minutes, her loud moans filled the air, mingling with the unmistakable smell of her sex.

Her fingers disappeared somewhere between her folds, only to reappear shiny and wet.

I was kissing her marvelous back and neck, alternately rubbing my fingers around her aureoles and squeezing her nipples with purpose. Sue was shuddering like she was connected to electricity. Rubbing her ass on my cock, making it strain the bounds of my briefs.

At kaçak casino that moment her ecstasy shifted into high gear, and her mouth opened wide. She turned her head slightly and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to . . . cum now, Adam.”

“Oh my,” she stammered as the orgasm rocked her. I grabbed her tits in both hands and, rubbed my palms back and forth over her nipples.

“Ohhhhh . . . . mmmmmmm . . . . ahhh,” she chanted incoherently.

As her orgasm subsided, I removed my hands from her now sensitive breasts and she fell back into me.

Once her breathing returned to normal, Sue lazily turned around and kissed me. Once. Again. Small kisses at first, then longer and longer. She turned around completely and kneeled on my lap. In one fluid motion, she straightened up and removed her top to reveal her massive tits in all their glory. They seemed to defy gravity, the way they supported themselves, nipples sticking straight out. Blood pumped further into my cock, swelling it uncomfortably.

Sue took my face in both her hands and pressed her lips to mine. She parted my lips with hers and lazily swirled her tongue in my mouth. My tongue rose to meet hers. I became so focused on her warm, wet tongue that it was all I felt, until my hands developed a mind of their own and reached out to caress her breasts as they hung freely in front of me.

Such marvelous breasts, so firm, so enticing. The effect my actions had on my sister was pronounced. Her breathing changed. Her hips began to grind in my lap. Her back became moist with sweat.

Susan slithered down my legs like a serpent down a tree. Never taking her eyes off my face, she abruptly pulled down my shorts, with my briefs going along for the ride. She pulled them down my legs and off. Then she looked at my cock like it was a long lost friend. She smiled up at me with her million dollar smile, then began to lick the shaft of my cock.

I swear, little sister must have been taking mental notes during those videos. She looked me in the eye whenever possible, lapping up and down my shaft like a piece of her favorite licorice. Then she wrapped her hand around my thick shaft and pumped it, while she licked and sucked on each testicle in turn. Licking up my shaft again, she took my fat cock head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. My heart pounded furiously in my chest, and I fought off the urge for an all too quick release into her warm mouth.

My hips began to buck, as I was fucking my sister’s beautiful mouth.

“That’s it, Sue,” I moaned. “Suck your big brother’s cock . . . Oohhh that feels nice. Can you take it all the way down your throat baby? Can you?

Sue’s eyes were smiling up at me, her face full of my cock. Slowly, she pushed her lips down my cock, my hand on the back of her head, guiding her in – helping her. My cock was throbbing in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around my shaft. Eventually, she reached the end, with my balls resting nearly on her chin. Impressive.

In the interest of honesty, I’ll admit to you that I can’t cum, then be ready to rock again in 30 seconds, like in some stories I’ve read. I didn’t want to blow my load down her throat this time – not yet. I wanted to feel the warmth of her tight pussy. It was what I’d dreamed about all day long.

I pulled my cock out of Sue’s mouth. It made a POP sound, so strong was the suction. I must say, she looked a little disappointed – for a minute.

“Take your thong off, Sue.” I requested.

Sue wiggled out of her thong, exposing her pussy which was – what? Totally shaved! It was so beautiful, My God. Her pussy lips were thick and swollen – so pronounced.

I spun her around so that she was looking at the TV screen and bent her over at the waist. I enjoyed a perfect view of her pristine anus. I massaged her buns, licking up and down the crack. I took my hands and spread her ass cheeks wide.

Sue gasped when I used my tongue in earnest on her asshole. I licked the rosebud, then sucked it, placing my hand within the folds of her moist pussy.

“Oh my,” she panted. “Oh brother, that feels so good. Do you know how good that makes me feel, Adam? What you’re doing to me?”

I could only moan, “mmmm,” But I responded by sticking my thumb inside her saturated pussy, while using my index finger to stimulate her clit.

Sue turned her face around to look at me through half lidded eyes, her face a mask of ecstasy.

“You’re making me feel so . . . I’m so hot right now, so horny – I want you so badly . . .”

Sue turned and faced the TV screen again, and what she saw made her gasp. In the video, the seductive Vicca was taking a large cock up her ass – and loving it. It was probably hard for Sue to believe that Alec Metro’s huge cock could fit into the ass of the lithe actress. But it obviously was. It was there right in front of Sue’s eyes. It made her pussy tingle all the more. The nastiness of it. The eroticism. Sticking his cock where it wasn’t designed to go. Hormones flooded and overwhelmed her system. It was like the first time I saw a Corvette. She turned to me with a wicked smile.

“Adam,” she said, her voice slurred with passion and a little tequila, “I want to do that.”

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