Across the Road Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The effect of the sisters

Since leaving the sisters house that day Mark that found himself being continually sexually aroused.

He repeatedly got turned on and found himself desperate to cum all the time. Sometimes he would wake up in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on and the need to pull back the covers. Sitting up on the bed holding his shaft in his hand, he grabbed it hard and stroked it urgently until finally spurting his seed. Often, he would use his favourite position of kneeling on the bed propping himself forward on one arm while wanking with his other until reaching orgasm. At other times he would open the bedroom curtains and look out over the neighborhood with him room in darkness and stand stroking himself, cumming onto the window sill.

When he wasn’t at home he was even more daring. Once, at the shopping centre he was feeling really horny to the point that he felt his erection was visible through his jeans for all to see. He hurried to the toilets and locked himself in the furthest stall from the doors. There he jerked himself off while listening to the voices outside. He started with his cock sticking out of his flies but as he became more desperate he took off his t-shirt and pulled his trousers until watching his spunk splash against the cubicle wall. He waited – watching – until it started to spread onto the floor before starting to get dressed. He left without cleaning any of his juices up, hoping that somebody else would see and canlı bahis enjoy them and maybe even get turned on enough to do what he had done. It was just a shame that the toilets were for men only and no women would have the chance to see his sperm puddle as well – unless it was a cleaner.

One weekend he planned a trip to the countryside near to the public forest park near his home. He took his backpack and went for a walk slowly and deliberately trying to find a quiet spot as far away from other people as possible where he could ‘enjoy’ himself in the open air.

In the end he found a copse of trees, surrounded by rhododendron bushes where he was completely invisible from passers-by. Undressing in the sunshine and feeling the gentle breeze on his bare skin, he took a toy he had brought online supplier and after lubricating it, he slowly pushed it into his ass as he had done when visiting the sisters. He continued to thrust it in and out of his accommodating arsehole as he arse as he wanked steadily. As he was doing so he heard voices on the path far below him. He knew he couldn’t be seen and probably couldn’t be heard but he kept quieter stroke himself until the plants and forest floor in front of him were coated in his white creamy sperm.

All in all, since the visit to the sisters and all the sexual activities that they encouraged (and helped him) undertake his sexual needs had increased more and more and he wasn’t sure what would happen in the future.

So, one evening bahis siteleri after work when he arrived back home he he didn’t think twice about the square Manila envelope that was sitting on his doormat until he’d saw both the sisters names at the bottom of the letter he pulled out first.

Hello Mark

I hope you enjoyed playing with your cock, letting us penetrate you and showing how well you could come in our study a few weeks ago.

I’m not sure if we mentioned but one of our neighbours Mr Hedges and his wife enjoy similar activities to us and we regularly meet with them to share what we enjoy too.

They will be having one of their parties where young gentlemen are invited to share their sexual experiences with them (and sometimes others) and enjoy some new ones too. Sometimes we go too and enjoy the spectacle that the Hedges host for their guests.

They would very much like you to be their guest at their next event as you are so adaptable and your cock stays so lovely and hard, so they have asked us to invite you. You are asked to wear casual, comfortable clothing which you will very likely not need to keep on for very long. They also ask each gentleman to try and abstain from masturbating for three days beyond before the parties.

We suspect that this is very likely to be difficult for you. They are not expecting you to be able to stop playing with your cock completely. However they do ask that if you do find yourself needing to cum, they will want to bahis şirketleri find out all about it when you meet them.

Hoping to enjoy your company again at the party.

Edith and Margaret

Reading the letter from the sisters had made Mark stiff yet again and he had already pulled out his stiff cock without realising that he had done so. It was only then that he saw the ‘P. S.’ at the bottom of the note.

We have enclosed a CD with videos and images of your recent adventures at our home. We would very much like you to be willing to share this with the Hedges at the party and to bring them along with you. However we do understand if you are too shy to do this or unwilling with someone you don’t know.

Mark couldn’t resist and within five minutes the CD was in his laptop and videos of himself in situations that he had never expected in his wildest dreams were playing out on the screen in front of him. He desperately rubbed his cock once more as he watched himself being aroused and humiliated in equal measure, pulling his foreskin back and forward. He leaned forward and pushed his index finger into his arsehole as far as it would go in time with his other hand until he shot a load of fresh cum onto the living room floor.

He was of course in two minds as to whether he would go to the event or not.

On the one hand he wanted to regain control of his sexual activity and thought that would happen quicker if he gave the memories of that day time enough time to fade from his mind.

However in the end of course his lustfulness overwhelmed him and he sent a text message which simply said ‘OK – Mark’ to the phone number that the sister’s had written at the end of the letter.

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