A Week With Jill Ch. 03

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Jill whimpered as I pulled my softening dick from her . I looked down over her lithe body spread across my desk, her nipples still hard, her muff damp. A dab of my cum dribbled from her as I straightened up.

She leaned up on her elbows, and I could not resist cupping and caressing her breasts again. Like a cat, she sprang forward and pulled me to her mouth for a kiss. When I broke it, she grabbed my cock and stroked me.

“Will I see you again soon?” she asked as her fingers traced the shaft.

“I think I had dessert before dinner,” I said.

“I hope it didn’t spoil your appetite,” Jill said. “I know I’m still very hungry.”

I took her hands and helped her off my desk. We kept kissing as she stood up, I could not stop running my hands over her taut body and soft skin. She stroked my cock again, and although I moaned, I was not yet ready for more.

“Sorry baby,” I said as it stayed soft in her hands. “Give me a little time.”

“I’ll give you more than that later, sexy man,” she said, bending over to pick up her bra and panties. I gave her ass a playful slap, feeling it firm as she giggled. She straightened up, pulling on her panties. I stepped closer, holding her against me, my palms over her breasts.

“I want to fuck you, I want to cum all over you,” I whispered as I kissed her neck.

Jill squealed and held my hands to her as I bit her neck lightly. “Mmmmmmmmmm baby,” she moaned, “I want your cum everywhere.”

She turned to kiss me quickly.

“Right now I need a shower – or a soak in the jacuzzi. Want to visit my poolhouse later?”

“You know, you don’t have to stay there now…” I said

“Mmmm, but maybe I want a visitor before I leave,” she said. “

I let her go long enough for Jill to put her blouse on, braless. She left it unbuttoned and turned to me, nipples pressing hard against the fabric.

“You should stop by,” she said, “I did lots of shopping today.”

She kissed me once more, slipping her tongue into my mouth while I pressed her nipples throughher silk blouse.

I cleaned up the office after she left, stopping to look through her portfolio again. Jill had a lot of talent, but almost immediately, I stared at the dressing room pictures she had left in the folder.

I tucked the picture into my desk drawer and locked it, then grabbed a digital camera I had bought about a year ago.

I tried not to sprint across the backyard to the poolhouse. I knocked lightly on the screen door.

“Yes?” said Jill from the back room.

“Uh yes, I’m Warren from the agency, here for the photo shoot,” I said.

Jill emerged from the bathroom, a towel pulled tight around her, wrapped from her breasts to just below her hips.

“Oh yes, come right in,” she said. “I have been expecting you.”

She opened the door for me, one hand pushing a wisp of wet hair from her face.

“Well, keep in mind these are just preliminary shots, we need to see how comfortable you are in a variety of poses,” I told her, resisting the urge to slide my hand under her towel.

“I see. It looks like you brought a big…camera,” she casino siteleri said. “Where would you like to work?”

“It depends on where your comfortable,” I said. “We can work indoors and out by the pool, if you like.”

“Yes, I think I’d like that. Perhaps we can start out there while there is still some light. I’ll be right out,” Jill said.

She turned away from me, ever so slightly hoisting her towel to give me a peek at her perky ass.

Shafts of sunlight streamed across the yard, and as I went back outside, I thought of the angles for taking pictures that would work best. Soon I heard the sliding door open and out stepped Jill, wearing a long white robe concealing a surprise underneath.

“I thought we would start with some swimsuit shots first,” she said, untying the robe as she stepped closer to me. She revealed a green one-piece suit, cut high on her hips. Her breasts poked at the top, which scooped low into a v-shape.

I stepped forward to take her robe, and as Jill handed it to me, she pulled me closer. “Think about your cum all over me,” she whispered, while cupping my cock and balls with her free hand.

My dick just about jumped into her small hand.

“Did you want me in the water or out?”

“Let’s start over by the jacuzzi,” I said, “Posing on the edge and then maybe some wet shots.”

Jill sat on the edge of the tub as I turned it on, when I turned to face her, she parted the bottom of her suit, flashing me a shot of her pink pussy lips. I grinned and took the lens cap off. She was covered again as I focused, leaning back into a dapple of sunlight while trailing her hand in the water.

I shot pictures from the opposite side of the tub, walking around to Jill as she opened her legs, or pulled the swimsuit straps down her arms. As I got closer, she leaned forward to press her apple-shaped breasts out.

“Wow, you are very relaxed at this,” I said. “Have you modeled before?”

“Just pictures I shot myself,” Jill said with a wink. “They were well received though.”

She laid back on the edge of the tub, legs lifting as I took a level shot looking over her trim body.

“What do you think about more ‘revealing’ photos?” I asked, running two fingers up her left thigh. I trailed them over her skin, then over her suit as I stepped around her to get a head to toes picture.

“I am keeping a very open mind,” Jill said, rolling over to face me. She was about a foot away from my stiff prick, and reached out to rub my balls through my shorts. “Mmmm, it appears you enjoy your work.”

“It has its perks,” I said stepping from her grip. I knelt in front of her, snapping pictures of her partially exposed breasts. “Do you want to try some wet shots?”

“Sure, the water looks great,” said Jill.

I walked backwards as she approached the pool, capturing her sleek, slinky look. I stopped, took off my shirt, and then stepped down to the water in the shallow end. Jill followed, dipping her toes into the water as I took pictures from below. Slowly, she stepped lower into the water, then swam across my line of vision.

After swimming canlı casino a slow lap, Jill swam back to me, then walked over to the side of the pool. Reaching past my camera, she caressed my nipple with her wet fingers.

“No fair taking your shirt off, like that,” she said, leaning up and kissing my ear. “You make me want to fuck the photographer.”

I caressed her nipples again, restraining myself from lifting her out of the pool to kiss her thighs and higher.

“The photographer wants to fuck you, too,” I moaned. “But we still have your portfolio to consider.”

I stepped away from Jill, climbing for the pool with one hand on my camera. She followed my cue, walking up the pool steps slowly as I focused on droplets of water on her skin.

“The one piece looks sensational on you. Are there others you would like to show me as well?” I asked as Jill emerged on to the patio.

“There are a lot of things I want to show you,” Jill cooed. She pulled the elastic bottoms of her suit tighter to her hips as she walked away. “You wait right here.”

I set the camera down and reviewed the pictures. My hand was in my shorts in no time, stroking, pulling, then slowing down as I got excited.

Jill came back outside in a floral bikini, orange, yellow and red that clung high on her hips. In front, the bottoms dipped low enough to tease the top of her muff.

“Oh my my,” she said, stepping in front of me and grinning as she looked at my hands. “It looks like Mr. Photographer can’t stand the pressures of his job.”

I pulled my hand from my shorts and caressed her hips, letting them fill my palms. I pulled her closer, reaching up to cup her ass. That was when I saw the wet spot forming on her bottoms, leaned forward and licked it.

Jill giggled and wriggled from my grasp, leaving a whiff of her hot wet pussy in my nose. She looked over her shoulder as she walked to the jacuzzi, her left hand on her hip. “Bring the camera,” she said, “but leave your shorts behind if you want.”

That was how I ended up stripping naked in my back yard and following her to the tub, cock waving a path in front of me.

“Ohhh, looks like Mr. Photographer has a tripod,” Jill said. She pushed her hair back, and crossed her legs, holding the sides of the tub as she pushed her chest out. I focused and shot her from left, right and center angles. Jill licked her lips for the lens, teased it by pushing her bottoms just low enough to expose her brown pussy thatch, then plunged her right hand into the bottoms.

“Ohhhh, I feel soo slutty,” she cooed. “The camera makes me soo naughty.”

In almost a blur, Jill pulled her hand from the bottoms, licked her fingers, and kicked her leg over the side of the tub. She sank into the water, leaving her hard nipples visible as her hands disappeared under the bubbling water.

I zoomed in on her face, catching the ecstasy as she moaned lightly. At first, she was lost in the moment, her small gasps were matched by twitches in her shoulders and her eyes fluttered open and closed.

She opened her eyes as I took pictures, and rose from the water. kaçak casino With her left hand, she parted the bikini bottoms, her right hand pressed over her exposed pussy. Slowly she caressed her pinkish labia, then her middle finger slipped back inside.

In and out it went, sometimes pumping, sometimes pressing over her clit. Jill’s breath quickened, I worried I would drop my camera in the tub as I moved in for closer shots. I climbed in and got within two feet of her.

“Be a slut for my camera,” I said. “Cum for me, cum for the lens. Yeah, yeah, that’s it. Play with your clitty for me.”

From that distance and angle, I could smell Jill’s pussy. Her middle finger disappeared inside her as her hips began bucking.

She threw her head back as her orgasm swept over her. Her free hand clenched the edge of the tub and she wailed. Slowly, her orgasm abated, Jill shuddered and smiled, her hair now dropping over her face.

I took the fingers she kept over her pussy lips and slipped them into my mouth. Her juices still coated them, and as I sucked, Jill wrapped her free hand around my cock.

“Mmmmm, I think Mr. Photographer enjoyed the show,” she said, tugging lightly at the shaft and rubbing the head over her bikini.

“Godd yess,” I moaned as she teased me with her fingertips. My dick throbbed in her hand. Jill stretched up to kiss me, all tongue, her hand wrapped around my neck.

“I bet Mr. Photographer has a dick full of cum for me,” Jill said, turning me so I was leaning against the tub.

Pressing me back, she slipped down through the water, kissing and licking my chest. Soft quick kisses to my nipples, my chest, lower and lower.

“You might want to get this on film,” she said as she stroked my cock. I steadied myself, no easy task, and zoomed in as Jill tongued her way up the shaft. She winked as I snapped the shots rapidly, then sucked the head into her mouth.

My cock was engulfed by her warm lips and soft tongue. She sucked me in halfway, slid her lips back, then took in the whole shaft in a quick move. Bobbing back and forth, Jill reached under and caressed my balls with her palm. She pulled back to catch her breath, stroking me harder.

We both knew I could not hold out much longer. She slowed her pace as my toes began curling, and licked the shaft just under the head. The tip of her tongue danced over me as I tookpictures looking straight down.

“Does Mr. Photographer want to take a cumshot picture?” Jill asked. She leaned forward so I could see her top, and jerked my cock straight ahead. “Come on baby, squirt it for me,” she said, licking her lips.

I held the camera tightly as the surge pulsed through my rod. Almost blindly, I began shooting the camera as my dick exploded. Jill aimed it up and down, taking spurts in the face and all over her breasts. As the cum slowed to a trickle, she took me back into her mouth and cleaned my cock off.

I kept shooting as Jill scooped cum off her bikini and licked her fingers.

“Are your pictures revealing enough? I really need a modeling job,” she said.

“Ohhh yesss, I have plenty to work with,” I said, setting the camera down. I pulled Jill up to me. “I think you have a promising career in front of you.”

We kissed long and hard. “Was that a camcorder I saw in the pool house?” she asked. “I’ve always wanted to make a movie.”

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