A Visit to the Spa 02 – Nick Pt. 02

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“Nick, can you stay for an hour or so after closing?”

Nick looked up from the client he’d been massaging. “Sure, Ryan, no problem.” Ryan gave him a quick nod, then left. It was a shame Nick couldn’t ask him why, not in front of the client, because now his brain was running wild with suggestions.

He went back to the relaxing back massage, rubbing the young man’s lower back. “Sorry about that disruption,” he murmured.

“That’s all right,” the young man replied, his voice relaxed and a little sleepy. “I’m sorry you gotta stay longer at work.” Then he groaned when Nick pressed down. “Ooh yeah, right there.”

Nick smiled as he continued to work that area. “I don’t mind staying longer,” he replied. “Not at this place.”

Because at this spa, having to stay after closing usually wasn’t because of some boring staff meeting.


He didn’t manage to speak to Ryan again for the rest of the day, and only saw him in the corridor passing one another, but every time they saw each other, Ryan would grin at him pointedly, and Nick would feel desire pool in his stomach. Dammit, he was sure the security guard was doing it on purpose.

Finally, the spa was closing down for the day, and he and the other employees put things away so the cleaners could do their job.

Ryan pulled him aside as Nick was tidying up the room he’d been working in. “VIP room, fifteen minutes.”

Nick nodded, and finished tidying up. His own cock was half-hard just thinking about what Ryan had planned for him. The older man had fucked him several times since Nick had started working at the spa, and by now Nick had tried all the smoothies the bar had to offer. The time he had drunk the blue smoothie that made it impossible to come had been the worst.

During that afternoon, Ryan and the other security guards had teased him a lot, stopping him in the hallway to quickly grab his ass or whisper something dirty in his ear.

During the evening, when the smoothie was still working, Ryan had fucked him slowly, stroking his dick at the same time, and Nick had moaned and begged. It had been incredibly frustrating, feeling so good and so horny and so desperate, and knowing you were unable to come. By the time the smoothie had stopped working, Ryan had told him to jerk off, and had laughed as Nick only had to stroke his own cock two times before coming. Nick hadn’t cared, his orgasm had been amazing.

But now, he hadn’t had any smoothies or any other treatments, so what did Ryan want?

When he got to the VIP area of the spa, Ryan was waiting for him with two other members of the security team, John and Kevin. Both were tall and broad like Ryan, John with short-cropped dark hair and clean-shaven face, while Kevin was bald but had a well-trimmed brown beard.

“Hey guys,” Nick greeted them. They were all sitting on the comfortable couches, still in their suits, although John had already removed his tie and unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt.

“Hey, Nick. Glad you could join us,” Ryan said, patting the seat next to him. “You must be wondering why I asked you to join us.”

“You didn’t tell him?” Kevin asked. He picked up his glass of water from the coffee table. “Why not?”

“To see if he can work it out himself,” Ryan replied. He turned to Nick. “You know how the R&D department is always working on new stuff, and improving what we have, right?”

“Right,” Nick said, nodding along. “Like how they have more scents for the obedience candles and incense sticks now.” Some clients hadn’t liked the two scents that were available, so now there was a bigger range.

“Well, they’ve been working on a new smoothie,” Ryan told him. “That always takes a long time, but they’ve finally reached the stage where they wanted us to test it.” He gestured at himself, John, and Kevin. “I’d like you to join tonight’s test.”

Nick glanced from Ryan to John and Kevin. They were both smiling at him, and he couldn’t see anything different about them. “What kind of test? What do I have to do?”

Ryan smiled at him. “Well, first of all, you have to strip down, and second of all, you have to get on your knees and suck my cock.”

Nick got up to remove his clothes, and listened to John and Kevin grumble over that. He smiled as John protested that he wanted Nick to suck him off first, while Kevin argued that he wanted to fuck Nick first.

“Guys, I’m Head of Security around here, and he’s gonna suck me off first,” Ryan told them. As if to emphasise his words, he smacked Nick’s ass.

Once Nick had removed his clothes and left them on the empty chair, he got on his knees in front of Ryan. He flashed a smile at John and Kevin. “You guys are next, promise.”

Ryan had already opened his belt and pushed his trousers down his thighs. He had one hand wrapped around his thick, hard cock. “You wanna guess what the smoothie does, boy?”

Nick glanced up at Ryan. Okay, so whatever the smoothie did, it was something to do with his cock. He leaned closer, and inhaled. “Well, it doesn’t canlı bahis şirketleri make you smell different,” he muttered, and then licked the tip. “Or taste different.”

“Any other guesses before you start?”

Nick was eager to suck Ryan’s cock, but sat back to think. He knew what kind of things their clients liked and would request. “Is it something to make you get hard faster after you’ve come?” he asked.

“Not bad,” John said, “but nope.”

“You can guess again after you’ve made me come,” Ryan told him, and spread his thighs pointedly.

Nick nodded, and went back to licking the tip a few times before letting Ryan’s cock slide down his throat. He had sucked Ryan off enough times by now to know what the older man liked. He liked it when Nick moved his head up and down slowly at first, and he liked it when Nick grazed his teeth lightly against the base of his cock, and he especially liked it if Nick took him down his throat. Nick always had to work up to that, so he moved his head up and down slowly, each time taking Ryan a little deeper.

Ryan groaned above him, one of his hands resting in Nick’s hair. “Mmm, good boy,” he groaned. “That’s it, nice and easy.”

Nick hollowed his cheeks, making Ryan groan again, and began to bob up and down faster. He kept his teeth out of the way now, but pressed his tongue firmly against Ryan’s cock. He moved down, and let Ryan’s cock nudge the back of his throat and moved back up. He bobbed up and down a few more times, then deep-throated Ryan, earning him a low groan. His own cock jerked eagerly. He loved the noises a guy made when he was giving a blowjob.

When Ryan began to thrust his hips, Nick moved back up so he could take it. He glanced up at Ryan, who was watching him with a smile. “You’re good, boy,” Ryan told him, stroking his hair. “You’re very good.” He continued to thrust, and Nick kept his head still. Ryan’s cock was long and thick, and it was easier to handle Ryan’s thrusts if Nick didn’t move too much.

Ryan groaned again. “Oh yeah, gonna come soon, boy, gonna make you swallow every last fucking drop, gonna fill that fucking mouth of yours.”

Nick closed his eyes, letting the words wash over him. He loved it when Ryan talked dirty like that. Ryan’s fingers were curled into a fist in his hair, tugging slightly, and then Ryan thrust hard. Nick felt his cock jerk, and salty come filled his mouth. He swallowed it down, then he swallowed another load down, and then his eyes widened when the come just kept filling his mouth. He swallowed again, and felt it fill his mouth, spilling past his lips and down Ryan’s cock.

Ryan was still groaning above him, his cock jerking as more come filled Nick’s mouth. Finally, it was over, and Nick was able to swallow the last of the load. Ryan relaxed, and gave Nick a pat on the back of his head.

Nick sat back, wiping his mouth and seeing sticky come on his hand, and could still feel it drip down his chin. Ryan’s cock also had come all over it.

Nick swallowed again, licking his lips. “So,” he said, looking up at Ryan, “it’s a smoothie that makes you empty your balls at once?” Because that had certainly felt like three or four loads of come at once.

Ryan let out a tired laugh. “Hmm, not entirely,” he replied.

“It speeds up your sperm production,” John explained.

“Some of our clients were tired of coming dry after several orgasms, and some wanted to have a bigger load. With this, they can,” Kevin added.

Nick turned to face them. “Well, it definitely works.” It had been the most amount of come he had ever tried to swallow in his life.

“We’ve been testing it all week,” Kevin told him, rubbing his groin through his trousers. “You know, jerking off into cups so they could measure how much more we’ve been producing, and jerking off multiple times a day so they could see if we run out.” His smile widened. “I haven’t yet.”

“In my case, there seems to be more coming out every time,” John said, looking at Kevin. “Have you noticed that? They had me jerk off five times yesterday morning, and by the fifth time I was definitely coming more than the first time.”

Kevin frowned. “Nope, haven’t noticed that. It’s pretty much the same amount every time I come.”

“Huh, maybe it’s me, then,” John replied.

Kevin nodded, then looked at Nick. “Now, boy, I think you promised us we were next?” He rubbed his groin, and Nick could see the outline of his erection. “Get the lube so I can fuck that pretty ass of yours.”

Nick got up to grab lube from the cupboard. He threw it over to Kevin, who caught it with one hand. “So every time you guys come, it’s gonna be — it’s gonna be a lot?”

“Yeah,” Ryan told him. His cock was flaccid now, resting against his thigh. “When I said I was gonna fill your mouth, I meant it.”

“Get over here, boy,” Kevin told him.

Nick moved towards him, helping Kevin with his trousers. His own cock was fully hard, and he imagined taking such a huge load in his ass. Would it feel different? Would canlı kaçak iddaa it leak out?

Kevin slicked up his big dick, then gestured for Nick to turn around. “You’re gonna fuck yourself on my cock, boy,” he said, sliding one slick finger inside Nick’s ass. “I’ll let you set the pace, but I’m sure you’ll be bouncing up and down in no time.” He added another finger. “You’re always so eager to be fucked, aren’t you?”

He groaned. “Yeah, well, it always feels so good.”

John laughed at that. “You missed your calling, boy, you should’ve been a pornstar.”

“What, and miss out on his massages?” Ryan said. “No way.”

Kevin slapped his ass. “Go on, time to fill up that pretty ass of yours.” He pulled Nick onto his lap.

Nick shifted so he could straddle Kevin comfortably, then wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, watching as he moved it into the right position. During the first few weeks, he’d been embarrassed about fucking so casually like this, in front of other employees, but he was used to it now and disappointed if it was just him and another employee. Kevin was right. Nick pretty much always was eager to be fucked. It was a big perk of the job for him, knowing that at the end of the day, there was usually someone who was willing and eager to fuck him hard.

It almost meant that it was easier now than it had been at first to take a thick dick like Kevin’s up his ass. It did take a bit of pushing and grunting, but Nick moaned as it slid deeper inside of him. Oh yes, he loved the feeling of a dick sliding inside of him, stretching his hole and filling him. And he did love being able to set the pace, of letting it slide in slowly and enjoying it. Then again, he also liked it when Ryan bent him over the massage table and thrust in hard and fast, holding Nick down and not giving him time to adjust.

Nick kept moving down, moaning softly as Kevin’s dick filled him. Maybe he just liked any position he was getting fucked in.

“That’s it, boy,” Kevin told him, stroking Nick’s thighs. “Mmm, feels good.”

Once Nick had taken all of Kevin’s dick, he began to move up and down, tilting his hips to find the best angle, and once he had, he began to move faster and faster.

Behind him, Kevin laughed and groaned. “Oh yeah, that’s the bouncing I was talking about. Yeah, boy, fuck yourself on my dick, you love it.”

“Yes,” Nick moaned, throwing his head back. “Fuck, yes, I love your dick, I love being fucked.” That was another thing he was no longer embarrassed about, talking dirty. “It feels so good.” He let out a moan as Kevin began to thrust as well. “Yes, fuck me, come on!” He whimpered with every thrust, pushing back hard.

Kevin grabbed his hips, grunting as he fucked Nick hard and fast. “You want me to come, huh? You want me to fill you up with a big load of come?”

“Yes,” he moaned, “yes, please.” From the corner of his eye, he could see that John was jerking off slowly, watching the two of them. Ryan was watching them too with a smile on his face, but while his cock was showing signs of hardening, Ryan wasn’t touching himself. Yet.

“Dirty eager slut,” Kevin grunted, his fingers digging into Nick’s hips. “Such a dirty slut for cock, aren’t you?”

“Uh huh,” Nick moaned, bouncing up and down. “Yeah, I’m a slut, come on, fuck me.” He wrapped his hand around his own cock, and managed a few quick strokes before Ryan pointed it out.

“You want him to play with himself, Kevin?” Ryan asked.

“Fuck no. He either comes on my dick or not at all,” Kevin said, his hands quickly closing around Nick’s wrist and pulling his hand out of the way.

Nick whimpered, but he had expected them to do it. The men didn’t like it if Nick touched himself, unless they had told him to do it. And he liked Kevin holding his wrist tight like this as they fucked. He rolled his hips, gasping and moaning.

Kevin grabbed his other wrist, even though Nick hadn’t even tried to touch himself again, and held it tight as he thrust harder. “Go on, slut, come when you’re ready.”

Nick moaned, moving his hands slightly and loving it when Kevin held his wrists tight. The next thrust had him coming, and Nick moaned in pleasure as he came, arching his back. His own come landed on the coffee table in front of him. It stopped after two white streaks, and Nick leaned back against Kevin.

Kevin kept fucking him hard, grunting against Nick’s shoulder. His breath was hot, and his thrusts were faster and faster. He slammed in hard, and bit down on Nick’s shoulder, his groan muffled.

Nick could feel his cock jerk inside of him, but it didn’t feel any different. It did last longer, though. Much longer. Eventually, Kevin relaxed his grip, and pushed Nick up.

Nick felt Kevin’s cock slide out of him, and since Kevin’s hands were still on his hips, Nick stayed like that, with his knees on either side of Kevin’s thighs. He could feel the come leak out of his asshole, and down his ass and thighs.

“Mmm, look at that,” Kevin said, and he moved one canlı kaçak bahis hand to trace the trail of come with a finger. Then he used both hands to spread Nick’s ass cheeks. “Oh yeah, there’s even more!”

Nick felt his face turn red as John leaned over to see it as well. He could feel more come drip out of his asshole and further down his thighs. It was silly, but he did feel a little embarrassed, knowing that John and Kevin were happily watching Kevin’s come drip out of his freshly fucked asshole. He tried to get up, but Kevin squeezed his cheeks hard.

“No, boy, let’s see how long the come’ll be leaking out,” Kevin told him, sounding pleased.

“Don’t think we’ll be needing more lube now!” John said. “Damn, that’s a lot.”

“You should see how much is still leaking out, boy,” Kevin said, stroking Nick’s ass cheeks.

John reached up to wrap his hand around Nick’s neck. “How about you give me that blowjob you promised?”

Nick nodded, and got down on his hands and knees on the couch next to John. Kevin shifted to sit on Nick’s other side, his hands still on Nick’s and thighs. Nick lowered his head, giving John’s hard cock a few licks, and moaned softly as Kevin continued to play with his slick asshole.

“I think it’s stopped dripping out now,” Kevin commented, giving Nick’s ass a hard smack with his bare hand.

John ran his fingers through Nick’s hair. “Stop distracting him, Kevin, I want my fucking blowjob.”

Nick opened his mouth to take John’s cock in his mouth. The angle was a little weird, doing it from the side like this, but kneeling on the couch was more comfortable than kneeling on the floor, even with the rug under his knees. And yes, Kevin playing with his asshole was distracting, but it felt kinda good, even with the slickness reminded Nick of how much come had been in there. He could feel the come on his inner thighs, and knew that would dry up soon.

John pushed his head down, and Nick let him. He moaned when John pulled his hair, and thrust his hips. John liked getting a little rough, which was why Nick preferred sucking off someone like Ryan first, to get a little warmed up before John pulled on his hair and thrust up hard. Once he was warmed up, though, Nick definitely liked John’s rougher treatment.

John grunted above him, moving his hands so one hand was wrapped around the back of Nick’s neck, and the other was a tight fist in his hair. “Good boy,” he groaned.

Nick moved his face up and down, as much as he was able in John’s tight hold, and almost choked when John shoved him down and kept him there for a couple of seconds.

John groaned again. He wasn’t as talkative as Ryan and Kevin, but his grunts and groans were deep and sent a shiver of lust down Nick’s spine. He liked feeling John’s fingers press against his neck, or the way John would give his hair a sharp tug every now and then.

Nick kept sucking John off, taking as much of his dick as he could, and occasionally moaned as Kevin kept playing with his ass, spanking him or spreading his cheeks every now and then. He heard movement, and when he felt a third hand on his lower back, he realised Ryan had got up to inspect Nick’s asshole as well.

“Oh, I see what you mean,” Ryan said, and Nick felt one of his thick fingers push inside of him. “Yes, that is a good look for Nick.”

“We should fuck him again,” Kevin said. “Make sure he’s all filled up.”

Nick felt his cock jerk at the thought of getting fucked again, and increased his efforts with John, who groaned happily.

John held him tight, then began to thrust hard and deep, pretty much fucking Nick’s face. The angle was still a little odd, but Nick was able to breathe through his nose and could taste the pre-come already. It wasn’t long before John came, and while Nick had expected a huge load of come, it was still a lot to handle.

He tried swallowing it all down, but it spilled past his lips, more so than with Ryan, and John was still coming, flooding his mouth with salty come.

Eventually, John finished, and pulled Nick up. He smiled at Nick, who was panting. “If you two are done looking at his asshole, try looking at his face,” John said, grinning. He tugged on Nick’s hair.

Nick stayed in place as Ryan and Kevin moved off the couch to stand in front of him. He looked at them, wondering what he looked like. His face was red, he was sure of that, and he could feel come on his chin and further down his neck.

Ryan reached out to run his thumb across Nick’s lips. “Mmm, definitely a good look for him.”

Kevin nodded. “Makes me want to come all over his face next time.”

John chuckled, his hand still in Nick’s hair. “I thought you wanted to come in his ass again and fill that up?”

“Hey, I can come plenty of times, man, no reason why I can’t do both,” Kevin argued.

Ryan’s eyes were on Nick’s. “No reason why we can’t do both,” he said, smiling. “At the same time. Would you like that, Nick? You on your back on the couch as I fuck you, while Kevin comes on your face?”

Nick managed a small nod, and John let go of his hair. “Sure. Do I suck him off or not?”

“I do want a blowjob, yeah,” Kevin said, and he helped Nick to lie down on the couch. “Yeah, with a mouth like yours, it’d be a waste not to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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