A Visit to Dr. Philensky

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This story is dedicated to a lady I know only as Passion. She entered my life just a few short weeks ago and has revived my spirits in ways I never believed possible. It is based on two of the erotic fantasies she shared with me. I hope that she and you will enjoy reading as much as I have creating this piece for her!

You arrive at my house promptly at 10:00 am. You’re wearing a very sexy leather skirt that’s slit to mid thigh revealing the tops of your stockings as you walk. A shear white blouse does little to hide the royal blue lace bra that supports your breasts making them look most appealing. Hidden beneath your skirt is a matching panty and garter belt. Your hair is flowing freely, your hips swaying seductively, your heels clicking an erotic cadence as you walk towards the brick steps leading to the front entrance.

Perhaps I should back up a little? It’s Saturday morning and a little more than two hours ago you received an e-mail telling you that I have a surprise for you this morning. You showered and dressed and hurried to make your “appointment” knowing that whatever happened this morning it wouldn’t be dull! Meanwhile, inside Gwen and I are preparing “Dr. Philenski’s office and examination room”. I found an examination table at an estate sale, complete with stirrups! And you are about to visit an unusual “doctor”!

You approach the door and see a homemade sign, “Dr. Philenski, specialist in Lady Problems” you think, “this is interesting” as a slight smile forms on your lips. You ring the bell and wait. You hear faint giggling and rushed footsteps behind the door, then the unmistakable clicking of high heels. As the door opens you see Gwen and are momentarily stunned!

Who wouldn’t be? Gwen is dressed as a nurse, not just any nurse but a very sexy nurse. Her white uniform (old fashioned, yes, but visually effective) is a little too small. The one piece outfit has a skirt that just barely covers her hips and ass. If she were to bend over she would flash the entire room. The button up front isn’t! At least the way it was intended. Her bright red lace bra and ample cleavage really leave little to the imagination. She’s wearing a neon pink fright wig and the reddest lipstick you’ve ever seen. When you quit gawking at her hair you see her four inch heels are also neon pink and the clasps of her garter belt match her bra! This is no ordinary nurse!

Gwen startles you as she greets you in a very professional voice (no, not that profession!) “Won’t you come in, Miss Passion? Have a seat; the Doctor will be with you momentarily.” Gwen disappears behind the double doors leading to the dining room and you look around. The living room has been re-arranged and the desk from the study is facing the leather couch. You are still unsure of just what to expect as you make yourself comfortable on the couch. As soon as you are seated I appear and you almost choke as you look at my outrageous “costume”.

I’m wearing a neon yellow fright wig, groucho glasses with huge nose and moustache, a doctor’s lab coat and no pants! Black shoes and socks, held up by the old fashioned garters complete my “look”. You cover your mouth and giggle as I walk around the desk and sit with one foot still on the floor and the other dangling over the edge of the desk. My open lab coat reveals bare leg and a pair of white boxers with little red hearts.

“Miss Passion,” I begin, “So nice of you to agree to continue your diagnosis here at my home office. I think you’ll find your treatment much more comfortable in this setting. It’s much more relaxed and informal.”

“Thank-you for the invitation, Doctor.” You giggle, “I know you don’t see very many patients on your day off.”

“That’s right my dear, but in your case I feel an exception is merited due to the nature of your complaint, it’s not easy to diagnose discomfort in the vagina…”

“Please, Doctor” You interrupt, “Could you call it my pussy? Vagina is so clinical. I like pussy better, don’t you?”

“Of course, Miss Passion,” I agree, “If that makes you feel more comfortable.”

“Oh.h.. Doctor! It does. I like to talk about my pussy. Just hearing you say pussy makes it tingle!”

“I see, Miss Passion, that’s very interesting, I must make a note of that!”

“Now, Doctor,” You continue as you get into our game, “What can you do to help my pussy?”

“Aahem,” I clear my throat, “That’s why you are here, Miss casino oyna Passion. We must conduct more extensive tests to determine the exact nature of your ‘problem’. You told me that you have an irritation deep in side your pussy but you can’t seem to identify the exact location of this irritation or what brings it on. Is that a fair summary of your complaint?”

“Yes, Doctor, that’s exactly my problem.”

“And you said that you’ve experienced this problem for quite some time?”

“That’s right, Doctor.”

“Miss Passion, we must conduct a battery of tests that will define your problem and better enable us to treat it. Please go with Nurse Goodbody, she will help you prepare for my examination.” With that I ring a small brass bell on the desk and Gwen (Nurse Goodbody) appears from behind the double doors to the dining room.

“Come with me, Miss Passion, I will show you where to disrobe to prepare for your examination.” Gwen takes you to the study and instructs you to remove your skirt and blouse and put on a hospital gown.

“What about my underwear? Nurse Goodbody.”

“You must leave it on!”

“But why? Nurse Goodbody.

“There are many tests to be done my dear, since they are essentially sexual in nature and since your underwear is related to your sense of sexuality some of the tests will be performed while you are partially clothed, silly!”

“Of course, why didn’t I think of that? Will you help with the tests, Nurse Goodbody?”

“I will assist the Doctor in whatever way he thinks is appropriate, Miss Passion.”

“I bet you will!”

“Now come with me to the examination room.” Gwen leads you to the dining room where I have set up the exam table. The room itself has floor to ceiling windows that have a view of the woods behind the house. The side table has a tray covered by a towel. The lumps under the towel hint at just what might be there but you can’t be sure. “Please sit on the end of the table.” Gwen instructs.

You do as you are told. “Now lean back.” Gwen adjusts the table so that your shoulders are raised about twelve inches and your head is supported by a small pillow. She attaches the stirrups and places your legs in them and drapes the gown over your lewdly exposed pussy. “Are you comfy, dear?”

“Not really.”

She ignores you, “Doctor will be in shortly.”

I let you lie there, drinking in the sights and sounds of the garden, inhaling the fragrance of the spring flowers. I watch as you relax, I can see the tension melting away, your eyes close slowly and you sigh….

“Are you ready to start your tests? Miss Passion.”

Startled you blurt, “Yes, Doctor! How do we begin?”

“It is quite simple, Miss Passion. Your body is made for sex, it’s not just your Vagina, excuse me, your pussy that can experience wonderful sensations. We are going to identify any and all areas that may or may not be exacerbating your problem and then we will recommend a course of treatment. Does that sound reasonable to you?”

“Oh yes, Doctor! That sounds very reasonable, please let’s begin.”

“Very good, my dear. Nurse Goodbody, please take your spot to observe Miss Passion’s pussy. You must note any ‘activity’ that is caused by the various stimulations that I apply, do you understand?

“Of, course, Doctor!”

“Miss Passion?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“For the first series of tests I am going to stimulate various areas of your body, your primary and secondary erogenous zones, you will tell us how this affects the irritation you have been experiencing. Do you understand?”

‘Oh yes, Doctor. I understand.”

“Very good, Miss Passion.” I take the towel from the tray revealing a number of items that I will use to stimulate you; a feather, a piece of sand paper, a bowl of ice cubes, a finger vibrator, and three dildos. The first is a small six inch model that is just one inch in diameter. The second is eight inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. The third is ten inches long and an inch and three quarters in diameter. All of them are naturally shaped, made a soft but firm gel and look very much like a human penis except for their garish colors; red, orange and blue. Your eyes widen perceptively as you look at the tray and you lick your lips involuntarily.

“Make a note, Nurse Goodbody, our subject is aroused by the sight of the phallic instruments!”

“Oh yes, Doctor, they canlı casino are exciting!” Gwen exclaims.

“Nurse Goodbody! Must I remind you that this is a serious test we are conducting?”

“You must, Doctor, you must,” Gwen giggles.

“Please contain yourself and act professionally.” I admonish her sternly. She just giggles more.

“Now Miss Passion, please close your eyes and tell me what you feel.”

“I feel all warm and fuzzy and relaxed.”

“That’s good Miss Passion; now tell me how this feels.” I lightly brush your cheek with the feather. I let it trail down your neck and shoulder.

“That feels nice, it tickles a little.”

“How does it affect the irritation you feel?”

“I’m not sure, Doctor, it just feels nice!”

“Nurse Goodbody, what do you observe?”

Gwen is seated between your legs and looking under your gown, your legs are in the stirrups and you are still wearing your bra, panties, stockings and garter belt. “There doesn’t appear to be any change, Doctor.”

“Very good, Nurse Goodbody.”

“Miss Passion, please remove the gown from your shoulders and allow me to check your abdomen.” You take your arms out of the sleeves and bunch the gown up in your lap.

I continue stimulating you with the feather, drawing it a crossed your belly and rib cage. “Miss Passion, I’m afraid this gown is in the way, may I remove it?”

“If it will help, Doctor!”

I pull the gown off and throw it on the floor, as I continue to brush your skin with the feather. Your breathing is slow and shallow almost like sighing. I hand the feather to Gwen, “Please stimulate our subject’s thighs, Nurse Goodbody. What do you observe?”

“Her panties are getting wet, Doctor.” Gwen states, trying to act ‘professionally’.

“Miss Passion, do you feel any changes?”

“It feels a little tingly, Doctor, warm and tingly.”

“And how does this feel?” I use a small piece of sand paper on your shoulders and neck.

“It feels rough, but very nice when you are gentle with it.”

“And your pussy?”

“The irritation is getting more intense, Doctor.”

As I continue to stimulate your arms and shoulders Gwen speaks up, “The subject’s pussy is flexing slightly, Doctor. I think she is becoming aroused!”

“Is that the case, Miss Passion, does this stimulus cause any change in what you are feeling?”

“O.oh yes, Doctor!! The irritation is getting stronger! I want to squeeze my legs together but I can’t, my pussy wants to grip something, squeeze it, milk it, suck it deep inside to sooth the tender pain I feel!”

“Ver.r.ry Interesting, Miss Passion. Nurse Goodbody, we must switch places! I need to observe this process myself! I want you to apply the stimulus as I direct, do you under stand?”

“Yes, Doctor, just tell me what to do.”

As I switch places with Gwen I feign incredulity. “Nurse Goodbody, I thought you said the patient was properly prepared for this exam?”

“She is, Doctor! At least I think she is. Did I forget something?

“Nurse Goodbody! I’m disappointed in you. You know I can’t make proper observations with the patient’s pussy in disarray! Must I do everything myself? Get the prep-tray immediately!”

As Gwen leaves the room I explain, “I’m very sorry about this Miss Passion, your pussy and the surrounding area should have been properly prepared before the exam began. This shouldn’t take too long.”

“What must you do, Doctor?”

“Your pussy must be shaved, Miss Passion, it won’t take but a minute.”

“Will you remove all of my hair down there?”

“No Miss Passion, just the around your pussy and little rose bud is necessary, but if you’d like, as long as I must do it any way I could give you a nice trim and shape your bush for you.”

Gwen returns with a tray with a shaving mug, brush and a package of new razors along with three warm towels. As I lay the towels on your thighs and pussy I explain, “These nice warm towels will soften the hairs, Miss Passion and make the procedure more comfortable.”

“Thank-you, Doctor.”

As I lay the last towel directly over your pussy my hand lingers, gently massaging your mound, “Are you enjoying this, Miss Passion?”

“Oh, yes! Doctor. Your hand feels so nice, I could get addicted to this treatment.”

Reluctantly I remove my hand from your pussy and begin to work up a lather in the shaving kaçak casino mug. “Would you like me to give you a trim while I’m shaving you, Miss Passion, some ladies like a nice heart shape above their love tunnel, would you like that?”

“That sounds perfect, Doctor, please give me a nice heart shaped bush!”

“Very well, Miss Passion, it will be my pleasure.”

I remove the towel from your right thigh and apply the lather from your crotch to mid thigh. As I shave the area you exclaim, “Oh Doctor that feels divine!” When your thigh is finished I cover it and begin on the other. With both thighs nicely denuded I place my hand on your pussy and rub gently.

“It’s time to address your pussy, Miss Passion. I’m going to lower the edge of the table to expose your lower buttocks, if you feel any discomfort you must let me know. The table will still support your pelvis so you shouldn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable.”

With your legs now spread wide and your entire crotch open I remove the last towel and place it on your left thigh. As I lather your pussy and rose bud I ask, “Are you comfortable Miss Passion?”

“Very, Doctor.”

“Does this excite you at all?”

“Oh yes, Doctor!”

“Nurse Goodbody, can you confirm that, are the patient’s nipples erect?”

Gwen begins rolling your nipples in her fingers and squeezing your breasts, “I would say the patient is quite aroused!”

“Very good Nurse Goodbody, please continue to monitor the patients responses, now Miss Passion, what about the discomfort you complained about?”

“I’m afraid it’s worse, Doctor, it’s aching deep inside my pussy.”

Using slow steady strokes I remove the stubble in your crotch leaving nothing but smooth skin anywhere near your rose bud or pussy. I shape your bush into a fluffy heart poised over your clit. When I finish I place the towel over your pussy and lay my hand on your mound. “We’re almost finished, Miss Passion. Nurse Goodbody, please hand me some fresh towels, I must remove all traces of the lather, and I’d hate to be responsible for our patient getting a rash!”

“Are you comfortable Miss Passion? Do you feel alright?”

“I feel a little lightheaded and my pussy is getting tense, there is a feeling of deep emptiness.”

“Nurse Goodbody, what do you observe?”

“Doctor, the patient’s eyes are half closed, her breathing is erratic, her chest is heaving as if she is gasping for breath and her nipples are hard as rocks.”

“Miss Passion, you’re going to be alright, just breath slowly and steadily. I’m going to check for any missed stubble. I’m afraid that my fingers aren’t as sensitive as they once were so I’ll be using my cheek, this is quite normal, just relax!”

I place my cheek on your thigh and rub, blowing warm air on your moist slit. Your pussy flexes. “I can’t find any stray hairs, now I must check for any remaining lather, Miss Passion, I’m going to lick your leg to be sure there isn’t any lather left, tasting is really the only way to be sure, it’s completely normal. I assure you!”

As my tongue explores your smooth skin, working ever closer to your mound, Nurse Goodbody exclaims, “Doctor, we have an emergency! Our patient is having a seizure, her eyes are rolled back and her breathing is way too fast, I’m afraid she may hyperventilate!”

I put two fingers into your pussy and feel the spasms, “Your right Nurse Goodbody! She needs an emergency injection! Quick, prepare my instrument!” Gwen pulls my boxers down and begins sucking my nearly erect cock as I finger fuck you.

“You’re ready, Doctor!”

I place my cock head in your slit and drive it quickly in as deep as possible, you gasp! I begin to pound steadily over and over into your moist spasming love hole.

“Are you going to save her, Doctor?”

“She’s going to make it, Nurse Goodbody. But I still need your help, Get on the table and support her on your thighs, stroke her arms and face, pinch her nipples gently!”

I hold your hips and drive into your pussy, searching for your g-spot. Your legs come out of the stirrups and wrap around my hips, your back arches as your hips thrust to meet mine.

“T.tt..h.a.tt.s i.i.t, D..o..c..tor, t.t.h.h.a.t.s..s w.h.e.r.e ii..tt hurts!” You moan. Your body shudders and goes limp. I pump again and explode in response to your orgasm.

“Is she going to be ok, Doctor?’

I think we got her the injection just in time, Nurse Goodbody, Just in time!”

Even though we are over a thousand miles apart and may never meet in person you brighten my life everyday Passion, Your Ardent Cyber Lover, Phil OOOXXX

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