A True Fantasy Ch. 02

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In the first chapter, we joined an experienced co-ed on her first voyeuristic endeavor in her dorm bathroom with one of her floor-mates who just happened to be the only other person on the floor during a holiday weekend while all the other tenants were at home with their families. This is the continuation of that story.

Looking back on that day, I still can’t believe that I did it. I still think that it was someone else in that tub with Nick, and perhaps it was; because that girl was wild, insane and incredibly lucky to be in a tub, naked with the most gorgeous man on the planet. Then it hits me that it was me, and my body tightens up again just remembering it.

His wet body surrounded me in a hug that brought us closer together in the tub. I was still shaking from the orgasm that I had just had while he watched me perform with my little toy. I never had someone watch me before, it was amazing. My eyes closed as I breathed in the feel of his strong arms holding me. The water around us was starting to cool, which brought me back to my senses just enough to suggest that we get out of here and go to my room. After his lips touched mine he smiled and said what a great idea that was.

He reached over to yank the stopper out of the tub and I got a good look at his rippling back muscles dripping with water. I resisted the urge to lean forward and lick each droplet off of his back one by one since he turned around to grab my hand and lift me to my feet. He looked around and got out of the tub.

“Since I don’t have a towel I have a better idea to keep us both warm on the walk to your room.”

I was still trying to get my brain to work normally when he leaned over the tub, put my arm around his neck and lifted me into his arms. I was now being held in his arms while I cradled my toy to my chest. He walked out of the bathroom, holding me like I weighed nothing and walked to my room.

He carried me like a bride over the threshold of my door and straight onto my bed. He knew which one was mine since my roommate took her bedding home to get it washed over the long weekend. He put one knee on my bed and lowered me so gently onto my comforter. I felt the water on his neck as my hand drifted down to his shoulder and arm.

He leaned into my body as if he was going to kiss me but he turned my head slightly and started kissing my cheek, then down to my neck and further down to where my hardened nipples announced how turned on I was. His hands roved around my body, feeling every inch, curve and dimple; everywhere he touched he seemed to light my skin on fire. His head stopped to suck one of my nipples into his mouth. He sucked and licked it to full hardness then he went on to the other. After he was satisfied with the hardness of my nipples then he lightly blew on them. The light shock of having cold air blown on the wet skin made my whole body tingle with sensation. I had never felt this way before and I wanted more. I sat up, causing his body to lean back and look at me.

“You keep that up and I’ll come again.”

“That’s the idea.”

“Nick, I’ve already casino siteleri had my fun,” I said, looking at his semi-hard cock. “Now, it’s your turn.”

Nick traded places with me and lay down. I leaned over his body and started kissing his bare chest, then down to his flat stomach and then I kissed the head of his cock. It jumped at my first touch and I had to smile, this was going to be so much fun. First, I teased him by licking up and down his shaft. I watched with eager eyes at his reaction when I pulled away and blew cold air where my wet tongue had just been; I saw his whole body shiver.

“Nice trick, where’d you lean it?” He said, sarcastically. I just smiled and winked at him.

I grabbed his cock by the base and guided it into my hot mouth. The tip was salty from precum and he was almost hard, that meant that I had a lot of him to put into my throat. I worked and worked him in until he completely filled my throat and mouth.

“Oh…man Jade…oh; I haven’t had a girl do this to me before…I don’t know how much longer I can hold on….ah….”

I used my throat muscles to contract around his now completely hard cock. My tongue was slithering around the base of his cock while my throat was full of his hot meat. He really never had a girl do this to him before? I thought. I used my free hands to glide up his legs to play with his balls. They were filling with cum and growing larger in my hands. He’s going to come soon. I took him out, pumped him a few times with my hands and deep throated him again just in time to get the first jet of cum in my mouth.

As I took him back into my throat I could feel jet after jet spray in a different place as the cum lubricated my throat making it easier for him to slip all the way in faster. Some of it was leaking out the side of my mouth but I didn’t care, he was coming inside of my mouth! Nick was letting me deep throat him and I was loving every minute of it.

I could feel him start to deflate in my mouth and when he pulled out I sucked every last ounce of cum off of his prick. I swallowed what was left of his cum, and even scooped up what leaked out of my mouth and licked it all off of my fingers. His cum tasted salty sweet and I couldn’t wait for more.

“Jade? Where did you learn to do that?!”

I laughed and crawled up the bed to lay beside him.

“Oh, just a little skill I picked up in high school.” I smiled at him, teasing his hard man nipples. “I actually hadn’t gotten a chance to use it in a while. I was afraid that I was a little rusty.”

He giggled a little bit and pulled me closer to him.

“I don’t think you’ll ever lose a skill like that. Just to make sure that you don’t, you can come to my room and practice on me anytime the mood strikes you.”

We laughed a little after that and then we started to relax in the comfortable silence. I looked at him while I ran my hands over his chest. He was beautiful in every way and I had wanted this for so long and now here he was in my bed. I wanted to feel him inside me, but I didn’t want to rush into it; so I suggested another canlı casino alternative.

“Want to see what else I learned?”

He leaned up and looked at my face. The look he gave me was a far cry from being relaxed. His eyes looked hungry and eager; it made my heart speed up with excitement.

“As great as that sounds, Jade, I think it’s my turn to play with you.”

My stomach flipped with excitement as my head raced with all the different possibilities. He gently pushed me into the bed as he moved down my body to rest near my waiting pussy. I spread my legs a little waiting for what he was going to do. I thought he was going to use his tongue on me but instead he reached down to the floor and came up with my toy.

“You really like toy’s don’t you, Nick?”

“Yes I do. Can you grab that water bottle on your desk and I know you have some lube around here somewhere.”

I almost laughed but he was being so serious that I didn’t dare break this new mood he was in. I had never done this before either so I turned my body and grabbed the water bottle. I had to open the drawer to my desk to get the lube. He used the water bottle to clean the toy and the lube he used to massage my opening to a nice, slick wetness.

I bent my knees so that I was spread wide for him to fuck me with my toy. I leaned back onto the bed and closed my eyes, but what I felt teasing at my entrance was warm and hard. I opened my eyes and saw that my toy was standing upright on my desk before my attention was brought back to Nick. I looked back in time to see his cock plunge into my pussy. I let out a scream of surprise, then pleasure when he withdrew and thrust back into me again, and again. I wrapped my legs around his waist and I met each of his thrusts with one of my own. I wanted to hold onto him while he dove in and out of my snatch but he was above me in a push-up position moving with such stamina that I couldn’t keep up; let alone grab on. I did the only thing I could; I grabbed a few fists full of the comforter below me and sped up to match his accelerated pace.

“Ah, Nick, ah so good. I’m close…I’m close,” I moaned between my fast intake of breath.

Without warning Nick plunged into me, grabbed me and flipped me over so that I was on top. The sudden change in position and pace kept me from coming.

“Ok, Nick, what was that? I was close!”

“I know, just wait. I promise I will not disappoint you.”

He reached up over his head to the desk and grabbed my toy and the lube. My thoughts raced as he handed the toy to me and reached around my body towards my ass.

“Lean forward and relax.”

I did as he asked, trying to keep my excited breathing under control. He was going to fuck my ass with my toy while he was still inside me! I had never done this before, I only saw it in hot porn movies and the thought always turned me on. I felt the cool lube being squirted onto my cheeks and into my crevice. The sensation alone was almost enough for me to come, but I held off. I heard more squirting and felt Nicks hand as it massaged the lube into my cheeks and kaçak casino hole. My body was as relaxed and my eyes were closed when Nick asked me to hand him the toy. I heard more squirts of the lube and heard it thud onto my desk.

“Now, lean forward and keep on relaxing. Be ready to push back when I tell you to.”

I nodded my head and leaned forward. I could feel the head of the toy at the entrance to my hole. I had a moment to think that this may not be a good idea when I heard Nick say Push. I reacted to his voice and pushed back onto my toy. I felt a lot of pressure before the pop as the toy slid into my bowels. Nick was still hard inside me and feeling the toy push its way into my ass was an intense feeling. I never had so much of my body filled like this before. Nick was being patient as my body grew accustomed to this new violation. When I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding, I opened my eyes to see Nick’s face smiling up at me. I nodded my head and he started to move inside of me again.

I could feel each of his movements as he slowly, deliberately pulled the toy out of my hole and pushed it back in. He soon found a rhythm that he liked and started to thrust upward to match it. As he pulled out the toy in my ass, he would thrust up into my pussy and soon the rhythm was speeding up.

My body was being stimulated like never before from ends, front and back. He was going faster, and faster. I could feel the muscles in my ass clench and release the toy with each push. I felt Nick as he pulled out of me and dove back in. He had one hand holding my hip and one working the toy in my ass. During one push he lost his hold on the toy. I screamed out my frustration and grabbed the toy and continued the assault on my ass that was now feeling so damn good. Nick used both of his hands to lift my hips off of his cock and slam me back down in another fast pace that was shortly going to take me over the edge.

“Oh, fuck Jade, fuck! I’m going to cum. Oh this is so good.”

I was close, so close I could almost feel it. One more thrust and I found the button my toy and turned it on.

“Holy fuck! Yeah, fuck yeah! Oh, here I come! Ahhhhhhhhh!”

I screamed out my orgasm and slammed the toy as far in as my bowels would let it. Nick shoved himself in me as far as he would go. I could feel them both inside me and the vibrations mixed with the double invasion drove me over the edge. I didn’t think I would ever stop coming.

I must have blacked out for a few seconds but when my vision cleared Nick was there, still holding me on top of him. As we felt our orgasms finally subside, Nick reached around behind me to turn off the toy and remove it from my ass. The feeling of having it removed left me feeling a little empty but that feeling soon faded when Nick rolled us over so that we were both lying on our sides facing each other. He pulled his flaccid cock out of my over-worked pussy and just held me there for what seemed like ages.

There was a sudden chill in the air and Nick started to grab the comforter below us and worked it out to cover our naked bodies. He held me there, in his arms and warmth of the bed, our two bodies close together. My last thought before I drifted off into a much needed sleep was that I was the luckiest person on the planet.


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