A Trip to the Garage

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She was dancing when she saw him. What was he doing out tonight? She turned away and tried not to look at him, her pussy was moist from just seeing him. Why did he have this effect on her?

She went to the toilets and checked herself in the mirror, her tanned body looked good in the black dress and her legs looked amazing with her heels on. She brushed her long brown hair and took a deep breath. She wanted him so much, she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

She went back to the dance floor and found her friends, they were dancing right in front of the table he was sat at with his friends. She ignored the fact that he was there as much as she could and carried on dancing with the girls but she felt his eyes on her as she moved her body, she started to grind her hips and as she looked up her eyes met his.

He smiled, she turned away and didn’t look back, determined not to give into the longing she felt inside and the twinge in her pussy. She needed to get out of here in to the fresh air and to get away from him. She went outside into the dark and walked round the side of the building where it was quiet and she could be alone.

She lent up against the wall, took some deep breaths and closed her eyes trying to clear her head of all thoughts of him. She opened them and jumped… he was stood in front of her!

“Come with me,” he whispered.

She didn’t know what to do. Where did he want her to go? Why did he want her to go?

“Are you coming?” he said as he walked over to his car.

After a little hesitation she nodded and followed him getting in the passenger side quickly so no one would see. He sped out of the car park and through town, her head had so many thoughts going round in it, she was so nervous she couldn’t speak and remained silent for the whole journey.

They pulled up and he got out, she followed and he led her into his dimly lit workshop. He locked the door and moved towards her, he could feel his cock stirring, she looked gorgeous and he was dying to find out what she had on underneath that dress.

She was leant against his tool cabinet, the metal felt cold on her hot skin, he reached for her hands and held them tight as he kissed her full lips, her mouth soft and warm on his tongue. She relaxed a little, his mouth felt so good on hers and she felt herself getting wetter down below, he pushed his body against her and she felt his hard on rubbing on her.

He pulled away from her and moved back, he sat on a pile of tyres and watched her as she pulled her dress up to reveal a tiny red thong, there was a wet patch on the gusset. His cock started to throb in his casino oyna pants as her watched her pull the dress up and over her tanned round breasts then finally over her head, she threw it on the floor and stood in front of him in just her thong.

He grinned at her, his eyes running over every inch of her gorgeous curves. She moved towards him, walking past him naked apart from that tiny thong and her black stilettos, she sat on the bonnet of the car that was parked in the garage, she spread her legs and ran her long dark nails to her tits.

His eyes were burning into the wet patch on her thong that was growing bigger now. He took his t-shirt off and walked towards her running his hands up her legs from her stilettos to her thighs, he hooked his fingers round the elastic at each side of her thong pulling it hard, he lent forward and sucked her nipples hard.

She pushed her tits into him and his mouth moved all over them, he had been longing to get his hands and his mouth on her for so long, he tightened his grip on her thong and she arched her back so her body touch his. He was hungry for her, he wanted her and he was going to have her, he could resist her no longer.

His hands pulled her thong harder and she gasped as he ripped it off her, throwing it to the floor. His fingers went straight to her pussy and he spread her lips so he could get a good look at her glistening wetness and her pulsing clit which he had to taste.

He ran his tongue over her clit and she moaned, his teeth now clamped on it , she squirmed with pleasure, her hips moved up and he buried his face in her hot, wet cunt. He plunged his tongue deep inside her and tasted the sweet juices flowing out of her, he could smell her womanly scent and his dick grew harder, he had not had his face in such a wet pussy for a long time.

His tongue flicked around inside her and found its way back to her swollen clit, he sucked and licked it, her moans were uncontrollable now and getting louder. He pushed 2 fingers up her cunt, feeling her soft, hot and wet around them as he went deeper inside her, his fingers fucked her hard and he bit her clitoris, she was panting in between moans.

He moved his sticky, wet fingers to her anus and rubbed it, gently teasing his finger inside, he felt her ring tighten around him and she threw her head back and panted as his knuckle passed through, she was really tight back there. He finger fucked her ass fast as he continued bite her clit and he felt her thighs start to tense around his head as he coaxed her to her climax, working his tongue and his finger until he felt her juices start to gush into his mouth. canlı casino

He flicked his tongue all around her pussy and lapped up her wetness. He left his finger in her until her body stopped shaking as she lay back against the car and he moved away, a wet sticky patch on the bonnet between her legs. He looked at her flushed face, her eyes were closed and her chest heaving as she recovered from her orgasm, she lay still for a minute breathing deep.

He saw the pointed toe of her black patent stiletto move towards him, it went between his legs and she rested the top of her foot against his ass and then pulled him towards her with her foot. Her hand went straight to the bulge in his pants and her mouth to his, her tongue licking the wetness from his cheek before pushing between his lips and caressing his mouth, tasting her pussy on his breath.

She felt her way up his length to the head with her long finger nails, his cock was straining to get out of the waistband of his jeans, she undid the button and zip to free him, her hand rubbing him through the fabric of his shorts. She felt a small sticky wet patch near the head of his shaft where his pre-cum had left its mark, she pulled the shorts down and wrapped her hand around his cock, he was rock hard.

She moved her hand slowly up and down his veiny shaft, lingering at the sticky tip as she twisted her hand round to ease it back down, he was so big, she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her stretching her tight cunt. He pulled away from her mouth and bit her dark, hard nipples, she threw her head back and gasped, she repaid him by wanking his cock harder and faster using the whole of his length whilst her other hand gently massaged his balls.

She pushed him away from her chest and sunk her head down to his iron shaft taking him as deep in to her mouth as she could. He could feel her hot breath on his balls, he bit his lip as she moved her mouth back up him gently grazing his cock with her teeth then teasing the head with her tongue.

She stood up and dragged him over to a low work bench where she pushed him to sit down, he was completely at her mercy, she was incredible. Facing away from him she sat back sinking her hot, dripping wet cunt onto his dick, he was in heaven, her warm softness felt so good on his sensitive shaft he nearly came.

She fucked him, sliding up and down his cock and grinding her hips at the same time as she had being doing on the dance floor when he saw her earlier. He grabbed her gorgeous milky white arse cheeks in his hands as she fucked him, he pulled them apart and eyed her pink ass hole. He was groaning now, she was kaçak casino sending shivers all over his body with her tight pussy, the muscles inside her caressing his length as she moved on him, he was struggling to keep concentrating not to cum.

He pushed her forward so she was bent over and stood up, he started to fuck her, his hands gripped her hips and she shuffled her legs further apart leaning forward and hanging onto one of the pillars of the car ramp in front of her. They were both making moaning noises and gasping now, she had never felt a cock fill her cunt so much, he was the best she’d ever had.

He built his rhythm up so he was pounding her, hard and fast, he pulled hard on her hair as she screamed ‘harder!’, his balls were slapping against her now as he went hard at her. He moved his hand to her ass and pushed his finger up her tight hole again, he slipped it back out and pushed 2 fingers up it now, teasing it until it had stretched a little further. He hands moved to her ass pulling it wide apart for him, her pink hole stretching open in front of him, he pulled out of her pussy and she dropped to the floor.

He knelt down behind her and pushed the tip of himself into her, easing himself further into her, fuck she was so tight, her ring was massaging his cock as he pumped her. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off for long, he could feel himself losing control, he rammed his shaft into her as hard as he could.

His eyes closed and he let the feeling of ecstasy rush through his body. She had moved her hand to her clit and was teasing it with her fingers, the feeling of his length in her tight hole was driving her wild, she felt herself gasping for air as her cunt tightened and her orgasm rocked through her and she screamed.

Her ring tensed around his shaft as she came, it pushed him over the edge, he felt himself shoot his hot white cum inside her filling her ass. With each spurt of cum his body shivered and he pulled out a little further, he never had such a strong orgasm and he was sure he’d released a phenomenal amount of cum into her arse!

He pulled out, his cum was dripping out of her ass and down her thighs, she ran the tip of her finger up her leg and as she turned round she licked it off her finger, he laughed. His balls ached from the pressure that had been released from them, they were both speechless and feeling high from their orgasms.

He lent back, closed his eyes and relaxed, the effort and the intensity of it all had drained him, he lay still, unable to move his legs feeling like jelly. A minute later he opened his eyes… she was gone.

He looked around but there was no one there. He stood up and went to collect his clothes, as he walked past the door he noticed something on the handle. Her ripped red thong, she had left them for him, a memory of his hunger for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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