A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 07

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Jessi, my sexy, twenty-year-old lover, drifted off to sleep after experiencing what might have been one long orgasm or four small orgasms. As her breathing regularized, I looked at the clock. It was almost 11:00pm, but I was not tired at all, which surprised me since I had climaxed three times in the last four hours. I waited a few minutes to make sure the young woman was sleeping well, and then I got out of bed, pulled my sweats back on, and quietly left the bedroom.

As much as I had enjoyed my evening with my young former student, I worried that we might have made things worse – that I may have made things worse – by playing into Jessi’s self-identification as a ‘slut’. Particularly concerning to me were the words I had used for her and for what we had done. While I objectively knew that what I had said to Jessi had been no worse than things I had said to Jessika, my other lover, while she and I were together, it felt different because I knew Jessi viewed herself, and what we did, differently from how Jessika viewed it. I tried to push these thoughts to the side as I put away the decorations we had not used on the tree, but my mind did not let me do so.

“You are feeding her belief that she is a slut and that is all she is or will ever be,” my conscience nagged me. “It is just what she expects.”

“She is comfortable with that,” I told myself. “She can handle the emotions she feels in that context. She is having trouble with feeling other emotions – those outside of that context.”

“You are not helping her,” my conscience countered. “You are just making sure you can still have sex with her.”

And if I were honest with myself, that was the real problem with which I was wrestling. Sex with Jessi was too incredible to just give up, but making sure it continued involved either perpetuating her belief that she was only worthy of casual sex, or one or both of us battling our own emotions. Everything was much easier with Jessika. We both knew who we were, and we knew where we stood with each other. If the thirty-one-year-old brunette wanted to be called a slut and be treated like one, and if I called her that and treated her that way, we both understood such things were within the context of sex and did not impact our friendship otherwise.

However, even Jessika had admitted that her relationship with me was not the norm for her. Just a couple of days past, she had told me that she had, before me, always worried that men would think less of her if she was sexually more adventurous. That conversation with my curvy, brunette paramour had opened my eyes to the issues I was having in relating to Jessi. I now believed the young blonde was having trouble reconciling the raw, dirty sex we had, a type of sex to which she was accustomed, with feelings that were alien to her.

Unfortunately, it was becoming clear that I did not have any idea how to speak to Jessi about any of this. When I had tried to talk with her about these exact matters at dinner the night before, instead of being assured that my regard for her was not tied to the type of sex we had, the younger woman had reverted to identifying herself, in her own words, as a slut, and believing that is what I wanted from her.

“And you are benefiting from her self-esteem issues,” my conscience accused. “Because it provides you with sexual access to a twenty-year-old woman, you are willing to play along with her deleterious self-identification.”

I sat down heavily on my couch and hid my face in my hands, letting my thoughts overwhelm me. Could I really be such an asshole? Was I encouraging a young woman to continue to think poorly of herself because it was a way I could continue to fuck her? Had I really tried to help her reconcile her feelings, or had I given up when I was presented with an easier way to continue to get what I wanted?

I was startled out of my self-recrimination by a soft voice calling me. I looked up and saw Jessi standing in the doorway of my bedroom, looking at me. The comforter from my bed was wrapped around her, and she looked small and delicate in its bulk.

“Jessi,” I said, standing up, “I was just cleaning up.”

“Okay,” she replied, looking down. “I woke up and did not know where you were. Sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” I asked. Her flat demeanor incited in me the fear that she had either withdrawn or was about to do so.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt,” she explained with a shrug.

“You are not interrupting,” I assured her as I walked up to her, lifted her chin with my fingers, and kissed her.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” my conscience screamed at me, but I ignored it, burying my fears and doubts.

The slender blonde’s blue eyes met mine, and this time, I was the one who held the stare too long. I was trying to read what she was feeling and thinking.

“I missed you… in the bed…” she whispered, and her eyes dropped again.

“Okay. I will come back to bed soon,” I told her. “I am a little hungry, so I am going casino oyna to get a snack first.”

“I’m a little hungry too,” the blonde responded, looking up at me again. “Maybe we can have a snack together?”

I agreed and started toward the kitchen.

“Can you hand me my bag first, Mark?” Jessi asked. “I want to put something on.”

“Sure, although I think you look fantastic naked,” I teased her as I looked for her bag.

Jessi’s eyes widened, then she looked down as her face flushed crimson.

Desperate to change the subject, I said.” Um, I do not see your bag. Did you…?”

“Shit! It is in the bathroom,” she blurted out, and then, still red-faced, she hurried to the guest bathroom. I thought about following her to apologize for embarrassing her, although I did not understand why she was even so embarrassed. This was the young woman who had sent a naked picture of herself to me before we were ever intimate, not to mention that we had seen each other naked several times now. Furthermore, the first time we were together I had suggested that her bare chest was better to look at than mine, and she had reacted matter-of-factly to my comment then rather than becoming embarrassed.

“What is different this time?” I wondered aloud.

“She is more vulnerable right now,” my conscience piped in. “She woke up alone, when she had expected you to be there, and then you kissed her like she was more than just a slut to warm your bed. What is she supposed to think when you act so crass towards her after that?”

“Shit!” I whispered as I started toward the hall down which the bathroom was located. However, I had only taken a couple of steps when Jessi appeared, her purple duffle in hand.

The young blonde was wearing a red plaid flannel button-up sleep shirt that looked a size or two small for her. While it definitely fell lower on her thigh than the skirt she had worn with the sexy elf costume, it still was not any longer than a typical miniskirt, thus it revealed quite a bit of her soft, creamy legs. And it was not just the shortness of the sleep shirt that made me think it was too small for her. Even with her modest bosom, the flannel was stretched tight across her chest.

Jessi smiled at me as she walked to the middle of the living room and dropped her duffle bag on a chair. As she had while wearing the elf costume, the pretty blonde turned in a circle so I could look at all sides of her. However, this time it all felt very different. I did not think she was trying to entice me; rather, I had the impression she was just showing off what she was wearing.

“Do you like it?” she asked. “I have worn it every Christmas since I was ten. Even the last couple that I spent alone.”

“It looks very comfortable,” I pointed out, not sure what else to say.

“It is a little tight across my tits,” she admitted. “And it is a bit short, but I love it.”

“You look beautiful in it, Jessi,” I told her softly.

As the young woman stood in front of me, mouth agape, vivid blue eyes locked on mine, I realized I had been foolish to believe the intensity of her stare could no longer disconcert me. I could not look away, but every second the awkwardness of the situation increased exponentially. I opened my mouth to speak, but I could not even manage an “uh” or an “um.”

After what seemed like ages, but was likely only seconds, Jessi finally blinked, and all the tension that had been building fell away. A huge smile spread across her pretty face, and the happiness shining from her eyes softened their previous intensity.

Then, suddenly, Jessi was in my arms, the impact of her body against mine causing me to grunt. We stayed that way several seconds, her arms wrapped tight around my waist, her head against my shoulder. There was nothing sexual at all about the hug, nothing suggestive. It was pure emotion. I leaned my head down and kissed the top of her head. When I did so, Jessi looked up at me, with her moist, joyful eyes, and we kissed softly. Jessi then returned her head to my shoulder, and we held the hug a few more moments.

When Jessi and I finally broke our hug, the pretty blonde grabbed my hand and allowed me to lead her to the kitchen. As I had for dinner, I fixed sandwiches for both of use, and then we sat at my dining room table, eating and chatting about past Christmases.

We were both surprised when we realized it was after midnight. We had talked for well over an hour without talking about anything that was sexual or contentious. Jessi had talked a bit about her father and things they had done at Christmas, but said almost nothing about her mother, and when she had, it was in the context of when Jessi was a young child. For my part, I barely mentioned any holidays with my ex-wife. Rather, I focused on my own youth and when I was in college. There were no awkward pauses in our discussion, and while Jessi did occasionally hold her stare longer than normal, none of those times were at all disconcerting. Even my conscience, canlı casino which always seemed overactive around Jessi, had not spoken up at all.

“Well, it is after midnight. So, Merry Christmas, Jessi,” I told her, smiling.

Jessi returned my smile, and replied, “Merry Christmas to you, Mark.”

“We should go back to bed,” I suggested. “Otherwise, Santa may not stop here.”

“I don’t think Santa will stop here anyway, Mr. Warner,” my blonde lover countered, a mischievous look in her eyes. “We were awfully naughty earlier.”

“Oh, I do not think that is the kind of naughty he is worried about,” I replied, feeling just a little silly using the term ‘naughty’.

“Well, just to be on the safe side, we should be good the rest of the night,” Jessi suggested, her face earnest.

“So I cannot unbutton that sleep shirt and make love to you, Jessi?” I asked, realizing as I did so that I was again creating a situation that might lead to her withdrawal.

“Can you… are you… able?” the blonde asked me, a slight blush coloring her cheeks.

“I think so,” I told her. “I might need some help from you.”

The change in the young woman’s demeanor was immediate and alarming. Her jaw clenched as she glared at me, eyes blazing in anger, and I took a step back from her.

“Don’t ask me to do what I did last time, Mark!” she snapped. “I am not going down that road again.”

It took me several seconds before I realized what she meant – she was not willing to talk with me about fantasies involving other women. I thought it was somewhat unfair that she was angry with me for something she had done of her own volition, but I was not going to argue with her about it.

“Jessi, I am not going to push you to do anything you do not want to do,” I assured her. “And I was not talking about you doing what bothered you last time.”

Jessi blinked several times, and I realized the young woman was fighting back tears. But even as she did so, her face and her eyes softened, and she reached out and touched my arm.

“I’m sorry, Mark,” she sniffed. “I just assumed, and I don’t even know why I thought… well, I just don’t know.”

“It is okay, Jessi,” I told her. “Really.”

The pretty blonde nodded and looked down before trying to ask me a question: “Would it be okay if we, um, just, uh, sat on the couch, and uh, looked at the lights on the, um, tree, instead of, uh, you know…”

“We can sit and look at the tree, Jessi,” I answered, not forcing her to stumble through the rest of a question that was difficult for her to ask.

“You won’t be mad?” she asked, and the timidity in her eyes was heart wrenching.

“I will not be mad at all, honey,” I said, as took her hand and walked her to the couch.

We sat there for some time, my arm around her shoulder, her head on mine, as we watched the lights on the tree twinkle. We did not speak – we just sat and enjoyed the closeness. After about fifteen minutes or so, I realized the young blonde had drifted off to sleep. I knew I should wake her up so we could go to bed, but I decided to wait just a bit longer. At some point, I drifted off myself.

I heard a voice call my name and felt a soft hand on my arm, shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw Jessi looking at me, shivering. As I became more aware of my surroundings, I realized it was quite cold.

“Can we get the comforter?” the young woman asked. “I left it in the bathroom.”

“Let’s just go to bed,” I countered, “and I will get a new one.”

Jessi readily agreed, so we both stood up and hurried to the bedroom. She jumped into bed as I grabbed a new comforter from the closet. I threw it on the bed, and the young woman immediately wrapped it around her. I took a quick side trip to the bathroom, and when I was returning, I saw that it was nearly 2:00am. We had slept on the couch for over an hour.

Jessi’s back was to me when I got into bed, so I snuggled up against her. The blonde sighed contentedly and wiggled against me. Had I not already had three orgasms, I think her movement would have quickly aroused me, even though I was quite sure it was innocent snuggling on her part. As it was, my respiration quickened. To my relief, however, my body was otherwise too spent to respond. I did not think either of us needed the complication of sex at that moment.


When I awoke in the morning, Jessi was still asleep beside me. Carefully moving the comforter aside, I sat up, taking a moment to look down at my blonde lover’s face as she slept.

“She is too young for you,” my conscience piped up.

“She is beautiful,” I thought, one again pushing down my doubts.

I eased out of bed, trying not to wake my lovely bedmate. I quietly left my bedroom and walked down the hall to my home office, where I retrieved a small package I had wrapped the day before. I took it back to the living room and placed it under the tree. After turning on the lights on the tree, I sat down and texted a kaçak casino “Merry Christmas” message to Jessika. Once that was sent, I went back to my bedroom to wake Jessi.

I lay down beside my blonde lover and murmured, “Merry Christmas, sexy,” as I brushed the hair off her neck and kissed it. The sleeping woman moaned and turned over on her stomach, exposing more of her neck for me to kiss. I did just that, while also playing with her soft, but sleep-messed, hair. Soon, Jessi began to stir.

“That feels nice,” she murmured. “If you keep that up, I guarantee you’ll get into my pants.”

“You are not wearing pants, Jessi,” I pointed out.

“No panties either,” she snickered. “I’m easy access. Or, maybe I am just easy.”

“You are in a good mood,” I commented, although I was a little thrown off by how forward she was. Of course, she had been more forward on other occasions, but it did not comport with her attitude from late the night before.

While I was musing about her attitude, the young woman rolled over on her side so she was facing me. A contented smile graced her face, but her eyes were blazing.

“I am anticipating a ‘Merry Christmas’ fuck,” she purred. “Think you can help me, Mr. Warner?”


Before I could figure out what I wanted to say, Jessi sat up beside me, rolled me onto my back, yanked down my sweat pants, leaned over, and took my semi-rigid shaft into her warm, wet mouth. In no time, her lips and tongue brought me to a full erection. As she bobbed her head up and down, sucking and licking me as she did so, I stroked her soft hair. After a minute or so, my blonde fellatrix released my penis from her mouth. Grinning at me, she straddled my hips.

Slowly, the sexy blonde sitting astride me unbuttoned her flannel night shirt, revealing her perfectly formed breasts and dusty pink nipples. She then leaned forward while lifting her shaven pussy enough so that she was able to place my shaft between her labia. Sitting back, she impaled herself on me, a shiver running through her incredible body and a moan escaping her mouth once I was all the way inside of her. Reaching up, I rubbed her lovely breasts and teased her small, sensitive nipples. Jessi smiled down at me, then closed her eyes and moaned as I lightly pinched and twisted both of her nipples.

Slowly at first, but steadily picking up speed, the young blonde began to slide up and down on my erection, her tight pussy clinging to me as she did so. Within a few minutes, Jessi was panting and moaning, and a sheen of perspiration glistened on her breasts and abdomen. I had intended to start aiding her by thrusting up to meet her as she slid down my shaft, but her pussy around me felt so good that I was afraid any movement on my part would hasten my own climax. I did continue playing with her perky breasts, but otherwise I remained still beneath her.

“Uuuuuhhhhhh,” my lover moaned as she slid all the way down me and seemed to rest for a bit, her hands on my chest. However, seconds later I felt her pussy contract around me, and I realized she had climaxed – she had just done so quietly.

As Jessi’s tight pussy spasmodically constricted around my penis, which was buried deep inside her, I dropped my hands from her breasts, grabbed her hips, and exploded. Like the night before, my orgasm, thought quite intense, did not produce much semen.

When I let go of the blonde’s hips, she leaned forward, although she did so carefully so that I remained inside of her, and kissed my lips. I then wrapped my arms around her, holding our sweaty bodies together. Jessi sighed against my chest.

“Merry Christmas, Mark,” she murmured.

“Merry Christmas, Jessi,” I responded.

We stayed like that, she on top of me, for some time before she rolled off. As we lay side by side, both of us on our backs, she took my hand.

“That was very nice,” she said, giving my hand a squeeze. “It snuck up on me. I didn’t know I was going to cum until it happened.”

“You were pretty quiet,” I pointed out.

“It was very different for me,” she responded. “Slow, and nice, and unexpected.”

The young woman turned on her side to face me, and I did the same to face her. We both smiled, and I reached out and ran the back of my fingers down her soft, smooth cheek.

“You are beautiful,” I told her.

Jessi’s face reddened as she just stared at me. Finally, after several seconds had passed, the young woman smiled.

“Thank you,” she whispered, then she kissed me, after which we held each other.

When we finally got out of bed, Jessi walked into the living room, grabbed her duffle bag, and then headed to my bathroom to freshen up while I went to the kitchen to fix breakfast. I had a stack of pancakes ready for both of us when the young woman emerged from my bedroom, her too small night shirt again buttoned up and her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

“I love pancakes!” she blurted out when she saw what I had made for breakfast.

We sat in silence as we ate, but it was not at all an awkward silence. As we enjoyed our pancakes, we did look at each other quite a bit, and there were a fair number of smiles back and forth.

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