A Summer of Slow Transition Ch. 06

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Ch. 6. Pam catches the “big one” on this fishing trip:

The following Saturday finally got here, thought Pam. She was ready and had been for a day or two. She had everything packed and had bought a new skimpy bikini. She remembered Charlie had said he wanted to be on the water before 10 AM. She had awakened around 7 to get ready before Bob woke up. She woke up Bob around 8 and told him to make it quick because Charlie was going to leave around 10, with or without them. She made a thermos of coffee for the trip to the boat and had the cooler full of drinks, salads, and sandwiches.

They arrived at the boat around 9:30. Charlie said, “You guys are earlier than expected, that’s great.”

Pam and Bob both said hello as they boarded the boat. Pam had an oversized white T-shirt over her new bikini, which didn’t hide very much. Charlie looked at Bob, just smiled and gave him the “thumbs up” sign. Bob just looked content with the fact that Pam had become what he wanted, and much more.

Charlie looked at Pam and said, “Look at you … I hope you plan on taking that shirt and bathing suit top off when we get out of the harbor.”

Pam giggled. “Oh, I don’t know … depends on if you’re a good boy.”

Charlie gave out a loud laugh and said, “Impossible, not with you around.”

Pam smiled naughtily. “I guess I ought to be careful then, huh?”

Bob could tell by the tenor of the conversation already that this was going to be a day not quickly forgotten. He felt a bit of trepidation that was quickly taken over by a sense of real excitement. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to happen, but he knew he wanted it to happen, whatever it was. “There’s not much more that can really happen that hasn’t already,” Bob thought to himself.

Charlie asked Bob to go forward and cast off the bow line, while he removed the stern line and started the engine. Once the bow line was off and Bob was back sitting in the cockpit, Charlie maneuvered out of the boat slip. They were off!

Pam walked over to Charlie and asked where they were heading. Charlie told her, “I heard about a place where the fish were nearly jumping in the boat. It’s a small island southeast of here about 14 miles. It’s uninhabited, for the time being, so we will be all alone and you won’t have to worry about anyone on the island seeing you all naked. We should be there in about an hour. The long part of the trip is getting out of this harbor.”

“All naked?” Pam yelled. “What makes you think I’m taking off my complete bathing suit? No freaking way, Mr. Charlie.”

“Just mentioned it in case you were inclined. It won’t offend me one bit.” Charlie laughed aloud again.

Pam walked back to where Bob was sitting and said, in a pouting voice, “If that man thinks I’m strutting around here totally bare assed, he is out of his cotton picking mind.”

Bob snickered and said, “You know he’d love that and would probably join you. After all, he’s seen everything else you’ve got and you’ve already seen his cock. Let’s not forget that you already showed all your stuff to Hank too. Don’t you think he knows that by now and he probably feels that it’s only fair that you show him also? Have you forgotten that he just about fucked you with your clothes on in our house, the other day?”

“You men all think alike … you’re all demented.” Pam said, in a joking manner.

“I don’t think we should go into individual personalities, honey. You’ve gone through some major personality changes yourself recently. Let’s just drop it and you do whatever you want.” Bob gave her a loving smile and said, “Just enjoy the day and have fun.”

Once out of the harbor and clear of the point of land, Charlie turned slightly starboard, cranked up the throttle and took a compass heading directly towards the island he planned on fishing off.

“It won’t be very much longer now. We might get some spray from the choppy seas, but it won’t be bad.” Charlie cried out over the roar of the engine.

After what seemed like 15 minutes or so, the two passengers saw a small crop of land. As they got closer Charlie brought the boat back to a near idle speed and the sea seemed to calm. As the boat approached the tip of the island he cut the engine and went forward to drop the anchor. When Charlie got back to the cockpit Pam asked, “Does this island have a name?”

“It’s called Penikese. At the turn of the century it was used as a hospital to house and treat people with leprosy. It closed down around 1920 and the state burned the hospital down and blew up anything remaining. They’re talking about opening up a school for wayward kids in the near future, but it’s just visited by researchers and biologists now. No one here today except what little wildlife that calls this home. Okay, ready to start fishing?”

“How come the water got so calm except for some soft rolling waves?” Pam inquired.

“We’re protected from the open ocean by the island and that string of larger islands to our left, about a mile away. Last reports were that the scup and some other fish were schooling casino siteleri out here. It should be a fine day for you to catch some good sized ocean fish, my dear.”

“I can’t wait, I’m so excited. Aren’t you excited, Bob?

“I’ve been looking forward to this day,” said Bob in a calm, but cautious kind of tone.

Charlie gave Pam instructions on how to use the fishing pole and had her practice a few casts and reeling the line back in before baiting her hook with a large sea worm. He told her to cast towards the point of the island and let the sinker hit bottom before locking the reel. Pam let the line fly and did exactly what Charlie told her to do. Charlie then told Bob, to take the stern and he took the port side. Charlie gave Bob a beer and took one for himself and gave Pam a coke and asked, “Aren’t you at least going to take off your T-shirt? It’s all wet from the ride over.”

“I will in a little bit. I was so anxious to start fishing, I forgot.”

Charlie said, “I’ll hold your pole while you take it off.” He walked to Pam and motioned, give it here. Pam gave him the pole and took off her wet T-Shirt. As she was reaching for her pole Charlie moved it away and said, “You’re not done, are you?” She looked at Charlie, then Bob. Bob looked at her and shrugged and said, “Up to you.”

Pam paused a second and then abruptly removed her top, releasing her firm, young breasts, then smugly said, “There … satisfied now?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Such lovely tits. That’s a good beginning.”

Pam grabbed the pole and said, “The bottoms stay on.”

Charlie said, “I’ll make a deal … you take yours off and I’ll take mine off too. It’s not like you haven’t seen it before and Bob didn’t mind when you told him. Come on, no one else is around.”

Bob yelled out, “Fuck it, do it. You know you want to.”

Pam gave back her fishing pole and began sliding her bikini bottom down to her knees and let them fall to the deck, revealing her firm and perfectly round ass cheeks. She turned towards Charlie, showing him her very fine, blonde pubic hair that didn’t prevent him from getting a nice look at her pussy lips. She took back her fishing rod and said, “Okay wise guy, your turn.”

Charlie gasped and whispered, “Oh my God, you are so beautiful.” He then untied his swimsuit and look it completely off, revealing a rapidly growing, hard- on.

Bob looked in awe. There he was looking at his naked wife standing right beside an equally naked old man with a hard-on. The effect was immediate and Bob felt his cock fill with blood. He grabbed his third beer and took a huge swig. He was already feeling the effects the beer was having on him. Now the rapid transfer of blood to his cock made him a little light headed. He put his rod in the rod holder and took a seat and another big gulp of beer. He saw what Pam meant when she describe Charlie’s cock. It was fat and the head was big and wide, round on the sides with no taper to the tip, it was nearly flat along the whole width. He wondered how in the hell he ever got it in his wife.

Charlie went back to his side of the boat and continued to half-heatedly fish, never taking his eyes off of Pam’s ass. His erection didn’t diminish at all.

Fishing went on for a few more hours with each of them catching a few fish. All of a sudden, Pam gave out a yelp and said, “I’ve got a big fish this time,” as she tried to reel it in. Charlie went over to help her. He told her to pull up on the rod and while bringing it down to the water to reel in fast and keep doing that. Pam said, “He’s too big and strong.” Charlie went behind her and grabbed the fishing pole along with Pam and said, “This is a big one! Use your back when you bring the pole up, it’ll take the pressure off your arms.” Pam said, “Like this?” As she arched her back to straighten up, Charlie got closer to her, his cock nearly touching Pam’s ass. He said, “Let me help you.” He leaned forward causing Pam to bend forward with him and helped her reel in the slack on the line, then straightened the both of them up and repeated the motion continuously. His fat, hard cock was right between Pam’s ass cheeks now and it looked to Bob like two people fucking doggy fashion.

Bob was now on his sixth beer, had a raging hard on and removed his trunks before sitting back down. He grabbed his cock and started to slowly stroke it. He couldn’t believe what he was watching and that he was finding it so extremely exciting. “This is better with them both naked rather than with their clothes on, like the other day,” Bob thought, as he continued to stroke his cock, and watching Charlie’s cock slide up and down the crack of Pam’s ass.

After about 20 minutes or so they got the fish on the boat. It was a 15 pound striped bass. Pam was yelling and jumping up and down, causing her tits to rise and fall in unison with her jumping. She wrapped her arms around Charlie and pressed her body right against him and his still rock hard cock and gave him a long hard kiss. Charlie’s hand went immediately to her ass and started rubbing canlı casino it gently, giving both cheeks soft, slight squeezes. They parted and Charlie said, “Nice catch girl. This will make a delicious meal once I clean it.” He looked at Bob and said to Pam, “Looks like Bobby is enjoying this as much as we are.”

“He’s drunk, he won’t remember a thing. It won’t be long before he falls asleep or passes out, happens every time.”

Charlie sprung open a table that was attached to the inner stern, locked it in place and said, “I better get cleaning this fish for supper.” He put the fish on the table and began cleaning it.

Bob said in a slurred voice, “You better be careful you don’t get your cock confused with the fish, that knife looks sharp.”

“That’s why I have this towel wrapped around me. This isn’t the first fish I’ve cleaned.”

After cleaning the fish, Charlie turned on the water hose and cleaned the table, cockpit, and any other part of the boat that may have fish remains on it. He then took the hose to himself and sprayed Bob. Bob jumped out of his skin and said, “Hey, that’s cold.” Charlie said, “It may wake you up enough to enjoy this nice fish your wife caught.” He then turned the hose on Pam, just quickly. Pam jumped back and said, “That is cold, but feels refreshing. Thanks, I needed that.”

Charlie went below and came back up with a Coleman stove and a big frying pan. He put the stove on the same table he’d just used to clean the fish, opened it up and put the frying pan on the grates.

“Why are you going to cook up here when you have that nice kitchen down there?” Pam asked.

“It’s a galley … and fish stink up enclosed areas when you fry it, besides, less chance of a fire hazard up here.”

“Aye, Aye!” As Pam gave a mock salute and smiled. “I guess that’s why you’re the Captain.”

“Would you mind going below and grabbing three plates and some forks for us? We can eat right up here.”

“Aye, sir,” as Pam went below. She came back up a little while later wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts and said, “I’m not eating dinner naked.”

“Suit yourself, I’m eating au-natural myself. What about you Bob, you going domestic on me too?”

“Uh, yeah, I can’t eat naked either. I’ll put my trunks on when the fish is done, when I get another beer.”

“Looks like you’re driving home, Pam. He’s in no condition, he can barely stand up.” Charlie chuckled, loudly. “Oh, there’s some small T.V. trays stored in the small closet by the stove. Would you mind bringing them up, love?

They set up the trays and Charlie served each of them and brought his plate beside Pam and sat. While eating Pam noticed Charlie periodically looking out towards the water with a concerned look on his face. When they were almost done eating, Charlie looked up again, with even a more concerned look on his face.

Pam looked at Charlie and asked, “What’s wrong? You keep looking out at the horizon, looking worried.”

“There’s a fog rolling in and it’s moving faster than I thought. Look, it won’t be long before it starts covering those islands and they’re only about a mile from us.” Charlie pointed towards the islands and asked Pam, “Can’t you see the fog on the other side of those islands?”

Pam looked towards where Charlie was pointing and said, “Everything just looks gray on the other side of those islands, to me.”

“That’s fog and it’s moving pretty fast now. We can’t stay here, anchored. There’s a small dock the researchers use. We’ll be better off there tied up to something secure.” Charlie went to the bow and raised the anchor and started up the engine. He headed into a bay like area where the dock was, approached the dock and tied up. “We’ll stay here until the fog lifts. I hope it’s not very long, it’s getting late in the afternoon.”

“Look Charlie, I can’t see the islands now. We can’t make it home before the fog catches up to us?”

“Very doubtful, the only thing we can hope for is that this is a fast moving fog bank. It’s getting later in the day and I don’t have the equipment to safely drive in this fog, or in the dark.”

“You mean we may have to stay here overnight?”

“I have all the necessities if that’s the case. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that.”

“Where will we all sleep?” Pam asked, in a concerned and somewhat alarmed voice. Although the thought of feeling that fat cock of his inside her vagina excited her, she wasn’t quite sure she was ready or willing for that to happen, and didn’t want to tempt fate by sleeping in the same bed with him.

“There’s a big double bed below. You saw it.”

“All three of us?”

“I’ll manage. If you’re uncomfortable with the thought, I’ll sleep up top, if that makes you feel better. Let’s not worry about that just yet, the fog may lift in time to head out for home.”

“Look at Bob. He looks like he’s about to fall asleep, or pass out,” Pam said.

Charlie chuckled, walked over to Bob and said, “We’d better get him below while he can still stand up on his own. I don’t feel like having kaçak casino to carry him down. I’m too old for that shit. Get on the other side of him and just balance him.”

After much work and some stumbling, they finally got Bob in bed. Pam covered him up and headed back up top. As she got to the cockpit she noticed how everything seemed to close in on them and said, “Holy mackerel, the fog is thick. I can hardly see the end of the dock.”

“Welcome to the wonderful and unpredictable world of the Atlantic Ocean. It gets this foggy at our houses sometimes too. It’s just not as noticeable because there is always something close by to see that you recognize, so it doesn’t feel so ominous. Do you have a jacket or a sweatshirt in your big bag over there?”

“Yeah, Bob made sure I packed a sweatshirt in case the weather changed. Boy, I’ll say it changed.”

“If we have to stay the night, you will only need a T-Shirt, the top blanket is an unzipped sleeping bag and that will be warm enough, no matter how damp it gets. I’m gonna make a pot of coffee. Would you care to join me in a cup?”

“That would be nice. I’m starting to get a chill, thanks. If you’re not thinking of duplicating what happened the last time we had coffee together and you were naked, I’ll join you, yeah.”

“We’re sorta past that stage, don-cha-think?”

“I suppose we are,” Pam chuckled.

After both having drunk their coffee and talked a little, Pam got up and said, “This coffee tasted good, I’m going to get myself another. Do you want another while I’m down there? I’m going to check on Bob too, although I’m sure he’s down for the count.”

“Not right now, thanks. I’m gonna clean these nice scup we caught and kept while their still fresh. We will need something to eat if we have to stay here.” Charlie removed the Coleman stove and put his nasty towel back around his torso and proceeded to clean the fish. When Pam came back up Charlie inquired about how Bob was doing and asked, “Down for the count, meaning for the night?”

“Oh yeah,” she said. “He is comatose and totally done. What did he have, six or seven cans of beer? He passes out after two or three usually. Very low tolerance for alcohol.”

“I’m glad he’s more tolerant to other things,” Charlie said, matter-of-factly.

“Bob didn’t seem all that tolerant towards your brother last Saturday,” Pam replied.

After a short while, Charlie finished up with the fish, wrapped them up and put them on ice. He then washed down the area and the boat, then hosed himself down again. He then sat next to Pam and said, “I’ll have that coffee now, if you’re ready for another.”

Pam brought them each another cup of coffee and sat down.

Charlie then decided to respond to Pam’s last statement and said, “My brother is not what you would call much of a social being, especially since he lost his wife. Once he got a look at you, any chance of him thinking about getting into a conversation with Bob went by the boards. He told me so on the drive home to his house.”

Charlie looked around the boat, then to his watch and said, “It’s getting late and there’s no sign of this fog lifting any time soon. It looks like we’d better start realizing we’re here for the night. I should start frying up these scup for something to eat to hold us over until morning. Should I cook some up for Bob?”

“No, no need. Like I said, he’s more than likely down for the night. If he does wake up in a little while, which I doubt, I still have sandwiches for him to munch on.”

They ate, and sat around for a long time, when the darkness arrived. Charlie put some clothes on and lit a few cockpit lights. After about an hour of just enjoying the peacefulness and silence, Pam looked at Charlie and said, “So what did Walter tell you about me after we left his party?”

“Walter could not stop talking about you. Where do I start?” he asked himself. “He told me how beautiful you are and that your perfect body, through that sundress, gave him feelings in his cock he hadn’t felt in over 10 years. He said that he hasn’t gotten a boner for as many years and that after looking at your young perfect body through that sheer dress and your nipples, he wanted to fuck you right there with that boner you gave him. He also said that you lit up his day and life and made him feel special, the way you made it a point to please him with your beauty. He said that he almost came while you were sitting on his lap and teasing him with your movements, and that you made reference to his cock and how you liked It and said something about wishing him a Happy Birthday and asked if he liked his present. Or something like that. He just kept carrying on about you and how he would’ve loved to have fucked you right at that moment.”

“He actually said I made him feel special? I could tell he was horny by the hardness of his cock between my butt cheeks, he actually told you that he wanted to have sex with me?”

“No, he said he wanted to fuck you! Actually he said that he wanted to feel his hard, long cock buried deep inside your young, hot pussy, to make you cum and have you make him cum and fill you with all that stored up semen that’s been building in him all these years. He also said, that would be the highlight of his old life.”

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