A Slave’s Tale Ch. 06

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I dragged anna upstairs and into the bathroom instructing her to run me a bath. I passed her a jar of bubbles and she added a cap-full. The bathroom filled with steam and the scent of jasmine. I motioned for her to help me take off my robe and then to remove my panties. I like to keep fit and trim so I have no shame in showing my body in front of my slaves. I cautiously tested the water. Not bad, I thought for a first try, a little warmer than I ideally liked, but not bad. I stepped into the bath and lay back. I picked up a soft sponge and a bar of expensive soap and handed them to anna.

“Start on my front, girl. I need to be fresh. We are going for a walk this afternoon.”

Her eyes opened with surprise but she said nothing. She wet the sponge and lathered it up and then carefully washed my breasts. I am sure, like me, she considered it a great honour to be so intimate. I let her minister to me while enjoying every moment then I lifted one foot out of the water and pointed to it. One after the other she cleaned my feet. It felt wonderful. Finally I stood up and allowed her to look at what she most craved. More soap was applied to the sponge and she nervously washed me between my legs and into the cleft of my arse. I could feel myself becoming aroused at her touch but fought off the feeling. I stepped out of the bath and allowed her to dry me with one of my softest towels. When I was dry I led her back to the bedroom.

I allowed her the pleasure of helping me dress. A simple black thong and matching bra and then the delight of having her kneeling at my feet as she put on a pair of black hold-up stockings followed by a dark grey, mid-thigh skirt. I stood throughout using her head for support, forcing her to stay steady at all times. Lastly a pastel green silk blouse. I left the top three buttons undone to give a hint of cleavage but no more. Unknown to anna she was to be the star of this afternoon’s entertainment and not me. It was warm enough outside that I decided against a jacket. I finished off with a pair of sensible two inch heels. I picked up the end of anna’s leash and tugged. She followed me downstairs.

In the hall I looked inside a cupboard and pulled out a pair of cheap flip-flops and tossed them on the floor at her feet.

“Put those on,” I commanded. There was no point in damaging a slave from sharp pieces of gravel or shards of broken glass.

“We are going for a walk,” I announced, “such a lovely day and the park will be busy I think. You will walk two paces behind me and to my right at all times, is that understood?”

A look of horror came over her face. “But, Mistress,” she began with a note of pleading in her voice, “I’m naked.”

“As you should be,” I simply answered, “now, do you understand your instructions?”

She looked down. “Yes, Mistress.” Her voice now was one of resignation to her fate and to her role in life.

With that I took her leash and opened the front door. The sun was shining and I could feel the warmth. It was certainly warm enough not to need a jacket although possibly too chill to be naked. Still the sun was weak enough for no need to make use of sun screen. I walked down the path to the street and through the gate. I could feel and hear anna following behind dutifully. I felt the occasional tug on the leash as she hesitated when someone else passed us on the street but for the most part she kept up.

A neighbour was in her front garden supervising her naked slave who was busy weeding a flower bed and I stopped to pass the time of day. We chatted idly about nothing in particular and then she seemed to notice anna.

“Is that a new slave, Miss Christine?” she enquired, “I don’t recognise her.”

“Yes I got her a couple of days ago. I sold on the last one and needed a new one. She came very cheap but needs a lot of training.”

“I expect you’ll make a good profit on her at the end though. You always do.” She grinned broadly.

I glanced down at the slave still busy weeding the garden. “And how is yours?” I asked.

“She’s excellent so far, thank you. Quite expensive but I’ve no complaints. One of Mistress L’s.”

“She always does excellent work with her slaves.”

“As do you, Mistress.”

I smiled knowing that any slave of mine would fetch a much higher price than those of Mistress L and were probably well out of my neighbour’s price range. I bid her farewell bahis firmaları and walked on down the street. A few corners and streets found us at the park. How anna was coping I had no idea as I had pointedly not looked round to find out but she had stopped the occasional pulls on her leash. Inside the park it was about as busy as I expected. A group of craftswomen were sitting on the grass chattering and laughing and there were two or three Mistresses with their slaves taking in the sunshine. I led anna across the grass and up a slight rise to where an area of grass made a scoop into the tree line. It was sheltered and a bit of a suntrap and contained my favourite bench with a view across the city. I sat down at one end of the bench and indicated that anna should kneel on the grass beside me. I leant back, closed my eyes and started to make plans for anna’s future while I let the sun warm me.

Suddenly a voice interrupted my reverie.

“Excuse me, Miss, may I talk to you for a moment?” a voice said a little nervously.

I opened my eyes to find two women standing in front of me. I was initially confused because neither looked like craftswomen or Mistresses and no slave would be so presumptuous as to address me directly. Then it dawned on me, the only explanation was that they were tourists. A little off from the usual tourist haunts to be fair. The one in front was dressed very much as I was and of a similar age while the one standing slightly behind was younger but dressed in the style of a young girl.

The elder one cleared her throat and spoke again, “I’m sorry if I’m being rude, Miss, but I’m not sure of the proper form. Please forgive me.”

“You are visitors?” I enquired.

“Yes, Miss, here on holiday for 2 weeks. We only arrived yesterday.”

“Then welcome to our city. I hope you are enjoying yourselves.”

I started to work out the body language of the two women. The one in front was clearly in charge and the other, I had already begun to think of her as the ‘slutty’ one, was in some sort of submissive relationship.

“From what little we have seen we are thoroughly intrigued as well as captivated by your country and its traditions.”

“Why don’t you sit on the bench next to me and enjoy the sunshine. Feel free to ask me anything you like. May I introduce myself, I am Christine.”

She sat nervously beside me while her companion stayed standing by her side. As a citizen of this country from birth I had always been taught that the tourists that visited us were vital to the wealth of our country. They were, while not our only source of income, then certainly our biggest by a large margin.

“I’m Alice, Miss,” she said extending her hand to me. I took it politely and smiled at her again. “I’m unsure of the right form of address, Miss. Should I call you ‘Miss’ or ‘Mistress’?”

“It depends on who is addressing me. Another Mistress or a noblewoman will usually just use my name if we know each other. Craftswomen will always address me as ‘Miss’. Slaves will always call me ‘Mistress’. I’m guessing that from you the term ‘Miss’ is probably correct for now.”

“Thank you, Miss, its little things like that that aren’t covered in the tourist brochures.”

“So what brings you to our country?” I asked, “Apart from the glorious sunshine we have today.”

“Ever since we first heard of your country and the … errr … class system we have wanted to visit, Miss.”

“Class system? You mean the fact that we are permitted to own slaves?”

“Yes, Miss, and the fact that it is a women only society. May I say I was admiring your … err … slave, Miss.”

I smiled at her innocence but decided to indulge her a little. “Thank you I have only had her a couple of days and this is her first trip outside.” I glanced sideways at anna as she knelt quietly on the grass, hand behind her back and knees spread wide apart. She was obviously taking in every word we said.

“And you are allowed to take them out naked, Miss?”

“But of course that is the true state of a slave. Her name is anna by the way.” I glanced up at her friend.

“Oh, sorry, this is Debs, my … err … partner.”

“The word partner usually suggests some form of equality which I don’t really detect between you.”

She blushed deeply. “At home she acts much like I imagine one of your slaves might act. But we have to be a little less open about the nature of our friendship.”

I looked again at anna. “Does her nakedness intrigue kaçak iddaa you?” I asked.

“Oh yes, Miss. While walking through the park I did wonder if …” here she tailed off but looked at the young girl beside her.

“I would caution against it for the time being. Although not illegal it is somewhat frowned upon to take a slave out in public without a collar and leash.” I indicated the black leather collar with the leash attached that was around anna’s neck.

Suddenly I felt mischievous. I looked left and right a little dramatically and said to her, “However if you wish to do so here where it is quiet I’m sure it will be fine. But I suggest getting her a collar as soon as you can then you can take her anywhere.”

Her eyes widened and a playful smile spread across her face. “Are you sure? It would be ok?”

“It wouldn’t cause a problem I assure you. I would suggest dressing her again before you leave here but once collared and on a lead you can take her almost anywhere. Make sure there is a tag on the collar with the owners name and a telephone number.”

I smiled and congratulated myself on working out the truth behind their relationship. I looked up at the younger woman. She was wearing a top that was too tight and no bra such that her nipples poked out quite clearly. She had a pleated tartan skirt that was an inch or two too short so that I could easily see an inch of pale white skin above her red hold-up stockings.

“Oh my I am so tempted,” she said.

“It will be fine, trust me,” I said, “this area is one of the more secluded parts of the park and I can vouch for you. Most people know me.”

She glanced up at her companion who by this time was looking distinctly nervous.

“Debs,” she said, her voice suddenly taking on an air of authority, “take off your top.”

When the girl hesitated she barked out, “NOW.”

This galvanised the girl into action and she lifted the top over her head to reveal a pair of small tits on a skinny body. As if in a daze she dropped it to the ground and unzipped her short skirt and let it slide down her legs before stepping out of it. Underneath she revealed the smallest red thong I had ever seen. She stood up and became still.

“And the panties, slut,” said my new acquaintance with a hint of menace in her voice, “you may leave the stocking on this time.”

Reluctantly Debbie hooked her fingers in the waist band of her thong and tugged it over her arse and down her legs and removed it completely.

“Look at anna. See how she is positioned. I want you kneeling like that now,” ordered Alice. Debbie sank to her knees on the grass and placed her hands behind her back. I wasn’t sure but thought I could detect a tear in her eye. One thing that was certain was the moistness between her legs, there was no denying that. In the space of a few minutes Debbie had been transformed into slave debbie. Alice sat back on the bench, looked at me and smiled.

“I’m very impressed,” I said, “You obviously have her well trained.”

“In our house at home I normally keep her naked but , it is her first time naked in public after all so, yes, I am pleased with her obedience today.”

“As you should be,” I conceded, “She also seems to be both embarrassed and aroused.” Alice too had notice the dampness of her pussy.

“This is often the case with slaves. It is part of their nature. anna seems to be in a permanent state of arousal even when she is scrubbing the kitchen floor on her hands and knees. It’s one of her best angles with her bottom in the air and all her womanly delights on display.”

Alice leant forward and looked past me to anna who was still kneeling quietly her eyes downcast.

“She is very pretty and so similar to debs in her physique. They both have small tits and prominent nipples,” she giggled, “Sorry was that a bit personal?”

“Not in the least,” I assured her. I looked across to debs who was also kneeling quietly. “You are quite right, they are almost like twins. It would be fun to have them play together, don’t you think?”

Alice’s eye lit up at the thought. “What a wonderful idea.”

“Sadly now is neither the time nor the place and two slaves frolicking together in public is somewhat frowned upon. However there is something that no one will remark upon.”

“What’s that, Miss.” She was clearly intrigued.

“Would you care to make use of slave anna? I warn you that she is only at the start of her training but I have tried her out on two kaçak bahis friends and they have declared her to have a natural talent.”

“I’m not sure what you mean, Miss.”

“Have you never sat in the sunshine with a head between your thighs and a tongue lapping at your pussy.”

“Such things would get me arrested where I come from, Miss.”

“Here things are slightly different as you have already found out. This is your chance to savour that delight if you wish to.”

She looked around her as if checking for any stray pairs of eyes and then smiled at me, “I’d love to.”

I gestured with a finger to anna and then pointed at Alice’s lap. She crawled past me and knelt in front of Alice before lowering her head and sliding it under her skirt.

“Remove my panties,”, Alice order and anna reached out and pulled them down her legs and over her shoes. Her head then returned between Alice’s thighs and I felt the woman next to me jump slightly when anna began to apply her skills.

“Can I …” she gasped trying to catch her breath, “… offer you … oh my god that’s good … my slave … to service … oh fuck … you?”

I watched slave deb’s face as I replied, “I shall decline your kind offer for today but I would very much like to try her in the near future. Certainly before your holiday ends.”

I was watching deb’s face as I said this and her expression changed from one of fear to one of relief and then, curiously, to one with a hint of jealousy as she looked at anna hidden below Alice’s skirt but obviously feasting on her. Alice’s head was thrown back and her eyes were closed and she was moaning and muttering expletives under her breath. I looked again at slave deb and she was showing a whirl of emotions. I could guess a few. She was jealous that her Mistress was being pleasured by another slave that she had only just met. She was slightly put out by the humiliation of being refused by me and at the same time scared of my promise about the future. Her public nakedness was something totally new to her and she was finding that hard to handle on top of everything else.

Meanwhile Alice was becoming more and more excited and her moans grew even louder.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” she cried out quite loudly. I decided to let her be. We were far from the popular area of the park and anyone near would likely be looking for the same sort of seclusion.

Suddenly Alice cried out, “FUUUUUUUUUCK!” and grabbed anna’s head pulling it hard into herself. Her hips bucked upwards and her legs were trembling. For a minute or two she sat totally rigid before slowly subsiding and sinking back into the bench. Gently she released her hold on anna’s head but anna plainly kept up her work cleaning her and taking in all her juices. As Alice’s legs relaxed anna’s head emerged from beneath her skirt. Her face was slick and covered with Alice’s cum. Ah well, I thought, she’ll have to wear that all the way home. I beckoned her back to kneel beside me giving her a reassuring smile for a job well done. Once kneeling back in her place I patted her on the head and tousled her hair.

“Are you ok, Alice?” I whispered into my new friend’s ear.

Her eyes slowly opened and a smile appeared on her face.

“Thank you, Miss. If that was her natural talent then you have a good one there.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed her.”

“Very much so, Miss. I’m sorry mine couldn’t please you as well, Miss.”

“I’m sure she would have done an excellent job and I’d love to test her skills soon but not quite yet.”

“I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to talk to you earlier although I didn’t expect quite such an outcome.”

“I’m glad you had a good time. But now we must leave. Don’t forget to dress slave deb before you go but buy her a collar and lead for the future.”

“Oh I will, Miss, I can’t wait to take her for a walk again.”

“I have an idea. Why don’t we meet up tomorrow afternoon. We can parade both of them round town together. Where are you staying?” She named one of the swankiest hotels in the city. “Ask to be directed to a wine bar called ‘Demoiselle’, it’s just around the corner from the hotel. I’ll meet you there about 2 o’clock?”

“I’d love to meet up again,” she said hardly believing her luck to have met me.

I stood up and then bent forward and gave her a quick kiss of the lips. Then I picked up the end of anna’s leash and tugged her to her feet.

“Until tomorrow then.” With a wave I walked off leading anna. Behind me I could hear Alice ordering her slave to get dressed. It had been an interesting afternoon for anna as her first trip outside as a slave but one which would live long in her memory I hoped.

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