A Sissy Girl Bitch, ‘BEST IN SHOW’

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** Author’s note: All characters depicted in this story are fictional, well beyond age-of-consent, and are consenting adults.


He made a point of showing me off, displaying me. That was obviously his thing from the start. Many men at the clubs he’d take me to were allowed to not only look but touch me too. I never thought about it being anything other than hot and kinky sex for him. And right from the beginning he got kept my little sissy penis dripping wet with fantasies of offering to other men, selling me to others. I loved it, thought it was all just the hottest fantasy ever! But now that all made sense.

When a man paid ‘special attention’ to me my boyfriend loved to watch and later would critique me, tell me how I could have done something different, done it dirtier, more erotic. Especially at the club he started taking me to where sissy girls like me were displayed like models on a catwalk and did private dances for men. Sometimes we were displayed on stage like slave girls at an auction! Sometimes we’d go down on the men that would ‘bid’ on us. My rear end was kept for my lover. He forbid me to give a man anything other than my mouth. His main thing was having me displayed in the most fetching, alluring and sissy like way. Yes, that all made sense now like never before.

I’ve been with him for just over a year and a half. I’ve been groomed to be the perfect submissive sissy wife twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. He took me full-time as soon as I started seeing him. He demanded I ‘commit to him only’, as he put it. No other men from my past, no talking back, no questioning him, me just being the perfect 1950s submissive ‘housewife’. I became a version of a ‘Stepford Wife’, and that was what he expected. I did that for him. I wanted only to please him. Hair, makeup, total pretty, pretty, pretty was what he demanded of me. And I gave it to him. He moved me into his house early-on to make that all happen.

To reinforce that, he had a punishment room in his basement, one that made me work very hard to avoid. It was not for play. Sometimes for his amusement, but that’s not what that basement room was really for. It was meant to teach serious lessons. I worked hard to please him but he always seemed to find a reason to bring me to that room. That was the one room in his house that I never wanted to visit. I knew that room all too well and was actually afraid of it. When I did my domestic duty daily house work and would clean and dust that room, sometimes it would make me shiver, seeing the whipping horse and its wrist and ankle restraints, thinking of the times I’d spent begging and crying hysterically bent over it.

When he wanted me to lose weight he put me into the large dog cage he had in that basement room. I lost and 15 lbs., almost taken to ‘too thin’ by him after being in that cage for just over a full week, being fed only what he wanted me to eat, which was water, some raw vegetables, and almost nothing else. He ignored my crying and begging. And he ignored it all, only letting me out to clean it up the mess I made in it, while he watched, me naked with my ankles shackled tightly together, and then right back into the cage after it was cleaned. It worked. I got to ‘super model weight’, as he put it, just as he wanted me to. He saw to that. I watch my weight twice daily, very careful to stay where he wants me to stay.

He took my submissive side to entirely new levels I didn’t even know I had in me. He took me to hot, dirty and kinky submissive sides of me I had no idea even existed. I was addicted to him and the way he treated me. I became his property. Now I know why.

He fucked me and used me sexually to the point of distraction. I was hypnotized by him and I was addicted to that too. All I could think about was him being inside of me, him fucking me the way he did. I was never allowed to cum like that. I can’t anyway. I get right to the edge when of it, when his cock is in me fucking me hard, but can’t. It’s like sexual torcher for me, just at the precise edge of starting to ejaculate, but not doing so. Many little sissy girls can cum like that. I can’t. He knew that about me and used it well.

His hand was my ‘reward’, his touch. I craved it. The way he manipulated me with his hand was wonderful. No other word comes close other than ‘WONDERFUL’. My penis restraint removed at times when he’d praise me for being a ‘good girl’. He had me stand in front of him exposed. I was played with. He masturbated me, stroked me, teased me, every now and then he’d kiss the end of my little thing, lick it! He never put it in his mouth, ever. He said that war ‘bitches’ to do, not men. But I was not allowed to cum then either. I was taken to sexual heights I didn’t know existed in me. He was the master of that. He would take me almost to the point of cumming and then stop. Then he’d start over again. When I was allowed to actually cum it was always into his hand and only after I’d masturbated myself for canlı bahis his amusement. He called that my ‘dirty little show’, me expected to make it just that, an erotic and teasing show.

He’d also sit me on his lap and French kiss me deeply while he played with me sometimes. Much finger fucking too, he drove me absolutely sexually crazy. It never ended. And If I came by accident, other than when he told me to, he stopped immediately. He’d just let me drip, make it a ruined orgasm. If that happened he’d scold me and put me right back into my penis restraint and would drag me to the punishment room. I’d end up over the whipping horse ‘learning a lesson’. I learned very quickly not to cum unless ordered to do so. He conditioned me well, to say the least! He was training me to prolong it all. I was taken to alluring sissy perfection.

And on the rare occasions I was allowed to cum. I had to beg for that. He’d sit and listen patiently then say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If he said ‘no’ I was to not ask again until told to do so. I was ‘milked’, his word for it, not mine. I had to milk myself into his hand. That was all very ‘matter of fact’, just masturbate myself fast to cum. That was not my ‘dirty little show’. That was him controlling me, knowing that as soon as I cum that I lose some of my sissy fervor, him showing me that he owned me. And I knew that as soon as the last drop of me was in his hand I was expected to drop to my knees in front of him, thank him and lick and suck his hand clean. He knew I didn’t like doing that. He reveled in all of it. As soon as his hand was cleaned it was right back into my locking penis restraint, me being reminded every time that I needed that, reminded that I have no self-control on my own.

He kept me dripping wet in my penis restraint. He kept me thinking of nothing but dirty sexual thoughts constantly! And everything that happened in his house day and night ended with me being fucked. Always fucked.

My baby pink penis restraint: He locked me in my penis restraint on the day I moved in with him. He gave it to me in a small gift wrapped box with a bow on it! He said it was my ‘house warming gift! I remember him making me stand in front of him, him presenting it to me, having me unwrap it, me in only heels and stockings, him pushing my little thing into it, him telling me I was his now to do with as he pleased, the sound of the lock clicking into place for the first time. And then he fucked me senseless. It was a very powerful moment.

He fit my dirty fantasies beautifully. He exploited that completely. I was the perfectly dressed and made up sissy trophy wife for him. And the perfect whore for him too. Whenever he took me out he’d remove my penis restraint. He’d take it off of me for going out publicly, to parties and clubs. Instead I wore a pink bow tied up around my little balls and penis tightly. And he started forcing me to go out in public from the time I became his live-in girlfriend. Whenever we’d go out he’d take my restraint off and have me carry it in my purse, put it back on as soon as we’d get back home! And I learned that if I didn’t do that quickly enough I’d be taken do the punishment room and whipped. As soon as we walked into the house I hurried to put it back on, present myself to him for locking. He said he hated the way my penis restraint looked under my panties or under the super tight shorts or skirts he’d have me wear to the places he took me. But around the house I was kept locked up and restrained at all times. He said he didn’t trust me, that I’d touch myself if he was not around. No erections allowed ever, unless under his supervision, that was his rule number one. I was only allowed ‘out’ mornings to shave properly baby smooth. And that happened while he sat and watched. Every morning he’d remove my restraint, me naked before I got into the shower, have me shave that area while he watched, and then put me right back into it for the rest of my girly girl grooming. It was a morning ritual I grew very used to. I love how he’d touch my little thing sometimes before he put me back into my restraint!

I was fucked at least three, four, sometimes five times a day. He was insatiable. He reminded what I am to him constantly. He underscored that I’m his faggot ‘trophy wife’. And he forbid me to clean myself after he’d had me. He liked his cum in me at all times. Messy panties around the house were always a thing for me. I was always full of his cum. Sometimes he had me wear a fox tail butt plug to hold it all in but usually for my domestic duties and housework it was soaked panties stuck to my butt.

I wear makeup but not outrageous girly-girl unless he was taking me out. But he insists on mega lipstick night and day. Usually baby pink but sometimes bright red, those are his favorites.

He uses my mouth a lot. He lets several of his friends have me that way too. He likes to offer me when they visit. I wouldn’t dare say ‘no’. All it took was one severe whipping with a belt at one of his Saturday afternoon bahis siteleri football parties when I hesitated to go to one of his friends. I learned quickly to never say ‘no’. I remember going down on that man, that I found crude and gross, still crying while I did it. I never hesitated after that.

That was all then. That was all before he sold me.

“Come here, princess.”

He’s seated at the dining room table. I go to him and he pulls me onto his lap.

“Are you happy being my pet? Are you?”

“Yes, Daddy. I love being with you. I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

I felt his hand go to my butt.

“Well, it’s time for you to be someplace else, to be someone else’s pet. You’ve been trained the way I train all my little bitches. It’s time for you to leave me.”

I felt him grip my arm tight as I felt shocked and started to pull away. He held my arm so tight it hurt.

‘Daddy, please…”

“Shhhh, quiet. Don’t talk! Don’t fucking talk!”

I felt his fingers go up into the crack of my butt, the tip of his middle finger at my tight little hole.

“It’s time to tell you about why I’ve been grooming you. It’s time to tell you what you are and what it is that I do with bitches like you. You’ve become the perfect sissy house girl. And I mean perfect. Do you think that was not by design?”

He laughed. I felt tears to my eyes. I felt shock at what I was hearing

“But now it’s time to let you go. I have to make room for another little bitch just like you were when I took you in. And I have men that are very much interested in you. You’ve seen several of them. You are not the first girl I’m going to sell and you won’t be the last.”

He kissed my cheek as I started to cry, really cry.

“I thought you wanted me. It’s why I went with you, why I moved in with you. I thought I was yours.”

I was sobbing.

“This is what I do. I groom sissy bitches for others. You are going to be sold. Did you think this was love? It isn’t. Deal with it.”

He slapped my face so hard I thought he’d knock me to the floor. He stood quickly and grabbing my arms turned me and pushed me over the table. I felt him rip my still somewhat damp cum filled panties down. He took his cock out and just entered me. He was rock hard as he always is. He said nothing as he fucked me fast, hard and merciless. I cried while he did it. He didn’t care.

When he came he stayed in me. He bent up over the top of my back pinning me to the dining room table, his full weight on top of me. He whispered into my ear.

“You are going to be on your best behavior. I’m offering you tomorrow evening. The men that will bid on you have seen you before. They know what they’ll be bidding on. You’ll spend tonight locked in your dog cage. I don’t want you getting any ideas about leaving me.”

He stood, put his cock back into his pants and zipped up. He almost yanked my arm out of my shoulder. I felt him drag me by my arm to the basement, me stumbling all the way with my panties down around my ankles, dripping him as I moved. He led me to the large dog cage, the cage I hate being in. I felt him slap my face again. I started to sob hysterically.

“I’d use a belt on you now but I don’t want to mark that ass up. They need to see you all cute and pretty. Pull up those fucking panties and get in your cage! MOVE, bitch!”

He slapped me again.

I did as told and got into the cage, crawled in on my hands and knees. I was numb, in shock. He said nothing. I heard the lock on the cage door click into place and saw him stand. He walked to the stairs and went up quickly, said nothing to me. He turned out the lights and I heard him close the door at the top of the stairs. And that is how it started with this man I thought I knew, thought was my lover. That is how my new life began. That was the first day of it all.

I’d never seen him so cold. He was a completely different man than the one I knew yesterday. I cried most of the night, sobbed heavily. I was very afraid. It seemed like forever before he came down into the basement for me. I had to pee so bad I couldn’t help it. I wet myself hours ago. I made a mess in my panties and in the cage. It was all part of the panic I felt. I felt disgusted completely. My face was bright red, tear streaks of eye makeup all over me. I could not stop crying. He bend forward and unlocked the cage, opened the door.

“Not a fucking word. You will clean this mess up and get to your room. You’ll do perfect makeup, blond wig, make it one of your big hair blonde wigs, the one with the pink bow in the front. You be the prettiest girl in the world. You’d better not disappoint, bitch. I’ve laid out what I want you in. You will be the most delightful little bitch a man could ever own. One thing to upset me or my clients and you will be beaten like you’ve never been beaten before. You’ll still be sold. Nothing will change that.”

I’d never seen him like this. And I’d never been so afraid of him.

Before bahis şirketleri I could get back up on my feet and start to clean up the cage, clean up my mess, he pulled his cock out and shoved it into my mouth. He held my head so tight it hurt. He fucked to cum quickly. After he finished he wiped his cock on my face and left me. He said nothing.

I was numb, in a haze. I did what he wanted. When his clients arrived three hours later I was as cute as could be, all pink sissy girl on display. I said nothing, just stood in the center of the room as they came in and sat, four men. I was still very much afraid but kept it to myself as best I could. I could not look at the man that I thought was my boyfriend, my husband…of sorts. I knew I was nothing more than a slave to him now. I was property to be sold.

“She’s very cute.”

The man seated closest to me ran his hand up my leg pushing my short pink skirt up over my lace stocking tops. I felt him brush against my penis restraint. He lifted my skirt further and tugged my little caged thing.

‘She is very small. I like that. These useless tiny dicklettes are just that, useless on a bitch. This is one of the smallest and cutest I’ve seen.”

He looked me over, examined me, turned me so that my butt was facing him. He spread my cheeks wide. He poked and prodded. I felt my face go bright red. They all stared, observed.

“Well then, make me an offer.”

My boyfriend stared at him.

He stood and ran his hands up over my butt, down onto my smooth legs. He turned me around again. He lifted my skirt all the way up exposing me. Another man stood and took my face in his hand, turned my head toward him, looking at my mouth.

“She really is a prize. And if she’s everything you say she is she’ll be a nice addition to my stable. I’ll give you $1,500.”

The first man to touch me ran his fingers up the crack or my butt and spread my cheeks apart. He pushed his finger into me slightly. He looked my tight little hole over, saw and felt it clench his finger tightly.

“Not so fast. I’ll give you $1,700. She’s very tight.”

I felt him let my cheeks fall back together.


The man seated didn’t move, just bid, as did the fourth man standing by the wall.


“Now you are starting to get in touch with reality. I’m not letting this bitch go for less than $2,500. What the fuck do you think I’m selling here, a street whore? This is as good as it gets, gentlemen. This bitch will serve you well in any way you want her to. Now let’s get serious.”

My boyfriend stood and walked to me. He lifted my skirt in the front exposing my little caged thing completely. He batted it back and forth gently with his hand. He turned me around and showed my butt to them so quickly he almost knocked me off my feet. I was struggled to stay standing in high heels.

“Fucking look at that! Perfect little useless baby boy penis, perfect bubble butt, fucks and sucks like no other you’ve ever had. And this bitch is the perfect domestic servant girl, cleans house like you’ve never seen before. Let’s go, gentlemen.”

He dropped my skirt and walked back to his chair. I looked to the floor. I could barely think, felt my eyes tear up slightly, I felt dizzy.


The man against the wall could see my fear. He smiled. He was loving this.


The man that spread my cheeks reached up and put his hand on my butt on the outside of my short skirt, as if he already owned me. I felt him pat me softly. He started petting me.

“The last bitch I bought from you I ended up selling her for $3,500. I’m not going passed $3,200. That’s my final offer.”

The man against the wall stared at me. He made me so nervous. I almost started to cry but forced myself not to. I did not want him to have me.

The man on the couch looked up at me. He squeezed my right cheek.

“Alright then. $3,600. That’s as far as I go.”

The men in the room laughed. The one seated closest to him shook his head. The others said nothing.

“Is that it?”

My boyfriend looked at all of them. They said nothing.


I felt tears in my eyes.

“The last little girl you bought from me is nothing like this one, you’ll see. This bitch has easily ten to fifteen good years in her. And she fucks like a cat in heat. You can get your money back on this bitch in less than a week. You’ll see. Wait until you fuck that ass. You may want to keep it just for yourself instead of offering it to clients. You’re going to be very spoiled.”

My boyfriend roughly led me by my wrist to my room, dragged me stumbling in my high heels and pushed me in and locked the door. I could hear the men laughing and talking as I felt overwhelmed with fear. I started to cry. I couldn’t help myself.

I sat at my makeup table, resigned to it all. I redid my makeup perfectly. I decided then that I was going be the whore he made me into. I looked in the mirror and saw a very cute little sissy that had just been sold. I saw a slave girl look back.

The door to my ‘girl’ room opened. The man that bought me came in. He sat on the edge of the bed. I looked at him. I didn’t wait for him to speak.

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