A Rough Shower

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As the warm water splashed against my back, I look at you as you enter the shower. The look in your eyes told me that I was about to be taken. You stepped up closer, pressing your breasts against me, then reaching up you kissed me passionately.

I could feel your fingernails dig into my chest as you slide down to your knees, the pain was intense and exhilarating at the same time. My cock was grow hard quickly as you grasp it, lifting it so you could kiss the underneath side of my shaft. I leaned my head back as you slipped the head of my cock into your warm mouth, sucking it, swishing the tip in your mouth.

Oh God! Your warm mouth taking me, I felt your hand give my balls a firm squeeze, working them around with your soft fingers. Pushing my hips forward, you take me all the way in, your throat constricting around my swollen shaft. I begin to start rocking back and forth as your lips suck harder, pulling my tightened skin deeper into your mouth. I glance down and see you have spread your legs, hand rotating around as your fingers play with your clit.

Our moans grow in volume together, casino siteleri matching the rhythm of of your head going back and forth. I can feel my cum building deep inside my massaged balls, stirring an erotic sensation within me. I reach down and run my hand through your hair, grasping a handful into my fingers. I slowly start to move forward, forcing you to lean back further onto your heals.

Pushing further, my cock forced deeper down your throat while your start to fall over backwards. Your leaning back so far that the only thing keeping you from falling over is me holding you up by your long, wet, beautiful hair. Your eyes roll up to look at me, pain from the position showing in their glimmer. I pull you up harder, forcing my cock in and out of your mother harder. Your hand slides 2 fingers deep into your wet cunt, fucking that sweet pussy as hard as you can.

By now I am face fucking you with all my might, bringing my cock out to the tip, then shoving it in so deep your nose digs into my belly. You slip down but I keep you from falling, your hair now stretched out long and hard. canlı casino My cock begins to throb as I shoot my first load deep into your throat. I feel you shutter as you gag and cum yourself, bring a fevered passion inside of me. Cum squirts out of your mouth as you can’t swallow it fast enough, white sperm running down your cheeks is partly washed away by the shower spray. As your orgasm ends and another begins, I let your hair go, making you fall back with your legs under you. Your face is red from sucking and glistening from my cum smeared all over.

I slip to the floor, sitting down with my legs stretched, I reach over and slide your legs out from underneath you. In one swift movement, I pull you to me, lifting your legs over my shoulders. My hands are tightly grasping your ass as I raise your cum soaked pussy to my mouth. Only your shoulders and head are touching the shower, the rest is on me or in mid air. I spread your cunt lips with my tongue, licking the first wave of your cum. Mmmmm God you taste so sweet my love.

I reach over and grasp a breast in my hand, squeezing it, harder, then kaçak casino a nipple. I take the nipple between my fingers and twist as I pinch it harder. You try to press your hot soaked cunt harder against my face but the angle wont let you. I tease your clit with my tongue, then sucking it in, faster, harder. Your legs tighten around my head harder, tightly holding on as not to fall.

I can feel you begin to throb as I hold you up with one hand and move the fingers from your nipple down to your ass. I can hear you give a loud cry as I slip a finger into your ass. Slowly at first then deeper, I begin to work it back and forth. Your moanes and screams become louder as I shove it deeper into your ass and you start to cum. Your juices squirting down my throat as I slurp and suck them in. Your body begins to shake violently as you have an orgasm like no other. I take all of your cum into my mouth, all but what escapes down the corner of my cheeks. I remove my finger as I lay you down onto the shower floor stretching you out. I grab my cock and in no time I’m shooting my second load all over your glistening cunt, belly and breasts.

We lay there what seems forever, trying to get enough energy to get up. The water just sprays us, running down our spent bodies as you lay in my arms thinking, do I rinse & repeat or not!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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