A Replacement for Susan Ch. 02

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I was breakfasting with my mother a few days after seeing Diane. We were chatting about this and that when she said she’d had a very interesting conversation with Mary, Diane’s mother.

‘Oh yes?’ I replied wondering where this was going.

‘She told me you and Diane seem to be getting on very well.’ She said with a smug voice, emphasising the word very!

‘I guess we are. Diane’s good company.’

‘From what Mary tells me it sounds like you and she are having a whale of a time.’

So Diane’s mother has reported back about the condoms… my perverse streak surfaced. ‘Why do you say that? I’ve seen her a few times but it’s nothing serious.’

I noticed my mother’s face colour a little before she spoke again.

‘Mary said she found three used condoms in Diane’s bedroom after you saw her a few days ago.’

‘She only found three?’

Mom’s face coloured again as she looked at me open mouthed. ‘What I mean is, you are obviously getting along very well with Diane, will you stop seeing Susan now?’

‘The thing is I’ve got used to being around Susan. She’s on the pill for a start and is really into the darker side of sex.’

Mom looked at me waiting for me to go on. When I carried on eating my breakfast I could see she wanted me to tell her what I meant but was unable to ask. When I finished I told her I was off out and left her not quite grinding her teeth but almost.

Anna had a window in her study program and I spent the morning with her. She let me in wearing a very short dressing gown which she shrugged off as soon as she’d closed the door. We hugged and kissed as I ran my hands over the firm contours of her body as she tugged and pushed the clothes from my body. Once I was in a similar state of dress to her I eased her gently away from me. I spotted a pile of scarves and soft belts on her couch and told her to pick them up and show me her room.

I picked up my discarded clothes as she picked up the scarves and I happily followed her very cute butt up the stairs. Anna dropped her small bundle onto her bed and stood beside it silently watching me looking at her. I turner her around and loosely tied her hands behind her back and then used a second scarf on her elbows. Although she wasn’t bound tightly, Anna could not use her arms which in its self I found extremely stimulating. I took my time to fondle and squeeze her breasts and to pinch her nipples a little harder than I might have but no matter how roughly I man-handled her she made casino oyna no complaint.

For the next half an hour or so I took my time to explore her body at my leisure. When I was ready I slowly fucking her through several orgasms before giving into my own.

After I’d released her we lay together on her bed.

‘When I told you I intuitively knew I’d enjoy doing things like that with you, I’ve got to say I had no idea just how much I would enjoy it!’ Anna said once she had got her breath back.

‘I did good then?’

‘You know you did. Now tell me about Diane.’

‘Diane? What about her?’

‘Yes Diane. Have you got very far with her?’

‘I’ve seen her a few times and that’s all I’m going to say.’ I told her with a smile.

Anna looked at me but didn’t interrogate me further. As she slowly stroked me slowly hardening dick she told me she couldn’t imagine me and her doing the dirty but couldn’t rule it out altogether. Once she had me hard she carefully straddled me and as carefully eased me into her self before slowly fucking me as I lay back and happily played with her tits. As I felt her getting closer to her finish I started to tell her next time I would be a little more forceful. I was going to tie her to her bed and probable use a belt on her bum before fucking her, probably in her arse. She came at that point. I wasn’t long behind her.

As I left I couldn’t help but feel pleased with myself, life just did not get any better than this but by the end of the day I realised I had been a little presumptuous with that thought.

I spent the afternoon at my mate Simon’s place chatting and gaming. I began to wonder if there was something in our water when he told me was also getting more than he could handle not only from the girl he was seeing but also he shyly added, from a friend of his mothers. I told him about Susan and he commiserated with me until I mentioned Anna and Diane. I didn’t go into details just that they were both keen! We reckoned we were about even on the jammy steaks. He went on to tell me his mother’s friend had always wanted to have two men at once, he winked and asked if I was up for it.

We talked about that for the next half an hour, I kind of knew who the woman was, well knew her well enough to know she didn’t come across as desperate or particularly adventurous for that matter but in the end we figured it wasn’t a situation either of us could pass up. I left it to him to sort out the details and went home for canlı casino some food, a shower and a change of clothes.

My mother came home whilst I was slaving over the stove, well warming up a frozen pizza . She asked me to put another in for her before she too headed for the shower. She returned just as I was slicing them up, wearing I noted a dressing gown which as I mentioned earlier was very unusual for her.

She got herself a beer from the fridge after seeing me sipping one and we both sat at our kitchen table eating alternate slices of each others pizza.

‘You cook a mean frozen pizza young man.’

‘Thank you. Are you off out later?’ I asked.

‘No I just couldn’t be bothered getting dressed up again. You saw Anna again this morning I gather.’

‘I did, she had an itch she needed scratching.’

‘I don’t know what it is with modern girls, I really don’t.’

‘Are you telling me girls didn’t when you were young?’

‘Some girls did but only, err.. well I didn’t, I wanted to keep myself for my wedding night.’

I smiled and said ‘Wanted?’

‘Well, your father and I had been dating for a year or so when he had to do his national service…’

‘Doing your bit for the country. Way to go mom!’

‘That kind of thing yes. I can’t believe I told you that.’

‘Why? If it helps It’s made me revaluate my opinion of you.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘It’s just that I can’t quite imagine you and dad, you know…’

‘That’s as maybe, but back to Anna. You’re not dating her I gather? What about Diane, you’ve seen her a few times too, do they know about each other?’

‘Anna knows about Diane but I’ve not mentioned Anna to Diane and she’s not asked.’

‘And Susan, what does she know?’

‘She doesn’t mind.’ Which was kind of the truth.

‘Paul, you mentioned she liked the darker side of sex. I know I’m going to regret this but what did you mean?’

Wow, my mom is coming out of her shell I thought. ‘She really likes bondage, that’s being tied up with ropes and stuff, being totally at my mercy. Also she likes me to drip candle wax onto her while she’s tied up as well as using a belt on her bum and boobs stuff like that. Then there is her piercings, she’s got both nipples done as well as several on her labia and one through her clit.’ Moms mouth was hanging open as I mentioned these last few details.

‘Are you saying if Diane or another girl liked that kind of thing, you’d stop seeing Susan?’

‘I kaçak casino guess that’s about it.’ I said wondering where this line of conversation might lead but mom just gave me an noncommittal, ‘I see.’ And said she was going up to her room.

Not having anything lined up for the evening I dropped myself in front of the tv and started channel hopping. After half an hour my phone announced the arrival of a text.

‘Paul this is Mary, Diana’s mom. Would you be so good as to come over to see me this evening?’

Now what was that about I asked myself. It wasn’t long before I joined the few dots and realised my mom must have called her and told her about Anna or Susan or both. I text back that I’d be there in fifteen mins.

As punctual as ever, fifteen mines later I stepped up to Mary’s front door which opened before I could ring the bell. Mary thanked me for coming over at such short notice and asked me to follow her through to the lounge. Once we were seated Mary took a deep breath.

‘Paul, I’ve just had a phone call from your mother. She told me about your friend Susan. I know you and Diane are getting along very well and I asked you around this evening to tell you I do not want my daughter turned into some punk, covered in studs and tattoos.’

‘To be honest Mrs Summers, I don’t want Diane to become one either.’ I told her.

‘That at least is good to hear. Your mother told me you liked that quality in your other friend.’

‘I do.’

‘My daughters future means a lot to me, I’m now wondering if I made a big mistake introducing you to her.’

‘I don’t think Diane feels like that.’

‘That is the problem, I don’t either. Which brings me to several conclusions. If you carry on seeing my daughter there is the real risk of you perverting her. Yet if I forbid you from see her I run a bigger risk of alienating her.’ She paused and looked at my impassive face.

‘What if I was seeing Susan and Diane?’

‘That isn’t acceptable.’

‘We seem to be at an impasse because as much as I enjoy, regular sex, if you will, I know that the kind of sex I have with Susan is what really touches all my buttons.’ It was about then that the penny started to drop…

‘For what it’s worth I really like you and I have a feeling you are going to be a success in whatever field you enter. With that in mind I have something for you to think about.’ Mary took another deep breath and paused before continuing. ‘Paul if you promise to stop seeing Susan and continue to see Diane for… as you put it, regular sex… you may come to me if you need to explore your darker side.’

‘Pardon me?’ I said.

‘Paul, you and I both know you understand what I mean.’

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