A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 09

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After getting cleaned up and dressed, Rocco and I took a ride in the police cruisers back to the police station. Once we were fingerprinted, photographed and booked, they moved us to the back into some holding cells. Since it was already early evening on a Friday, it looked like these holding cells would be home for the weekend. Fortunately, although we were placed in separate cells, they were adjacent to each other.

We both were outraged at everything, but there was nothing we could do, we were locked up and just had to wait. The rest of the cells had been emptied, so besides the guards, Rocco and I were alone.

Dinner was rushed in at the end of the shift and the guards basically tapped their toes while Rocco and I ate. We did make sure to eat a slowly as possible, our own little strike against injustice. When we finally finished, the aggravated guards briskly yanked the trays from us and stormed out.

About fifteen minutes later another guard peeked in on us, but didn’t say anything. After just a few minutes he wandered away from the door and didn’t return. Rocco and I talked quietly for a while, wondering if the police and prosecutor were serious about pressing canlı bahis the charges or whether they’d let us go. We tried to stay positive, but the way things had gone for us in the past, deep down we were afraid we’d be back in prison in no time.

“You know the worst thing about it all is that we never got off. If they are going to haul me into jail for sodomy, we should have been at least allowed to come,” Rocco said.

“Well, I don’t think those officers were too interested in watching us finish up. Hell, I’m just glad they didn’t gun us down.”

“Oh yeah, we were a real threat to them.”

“Well we were actively undermining their way of life. Hell, they might have been struck dead by a lightning bolt aimed at one of us,” I said.

“Look, let’s make up for it here.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you can’t finish fucking me, but if I slide my cock through the chain link here you can make me come.”

“I’m game if you are,” I replied, moving closer to the bars and chain link between us. I kneeled down and watched as his cock carefully slipped through the chain link fencing. Taking him in my hand, I held firmly as I ran my tongue over bahis siteleri the head, dipping it into his tiny opening and tasting his precum.

Rocco sighed and I moved my mouth over him, sucking on him as hard as I could. Remember the incredible suction he used on my, I tried to give him the same amount of pleasure he had given me before. As I continued sucking, I began moving my hand up and down on him, careful not to bang his cock against the fencing.

Moving carefully, Rocco began moving his hips back and forth slightly in unison with my mouth and hand. He then arched his back and moaned loudly, rewarding me with his cum. I quickly swallowed the hot, thick jism, savoring the taste of him.

I stood up and unfastened my pants and slid my cock back through the fencing. Rocco once again sucked my cock hard. His tongue played over my sensitive head as he moved his hand and mouth quickly back and forth over me. In just moments I gave into the pleasure and came in his mouth.

I watched as he swallowed and then milked the last droplets of cum from me. He then stood up and we carefully kissed through the fencing. A bit later we climbed into our bunks and fell bahis şirketleri asleep.

Early in the morning we were awakened by a police officer saying loudly, “Okay guys, time to get up. Your bail has been paid and you’re free to go.”

“Our bail has been paid? I didn’t know any bail had been set.”

“Yeah, apparently some hotshot lawyer worked it all out. You better be happy, I’ve never seen anyone pull strings like this.”

“Hotshot lawyer?” I asked.

Rocco looked at me and said, “Hey, let’s get out of here before they realize they let the wrong guys go.”

“”No, we can’t be that lucky, something… someone had to have done something.”

We got up, and followed the policeman out into the station. Standing there at the desk was a man with a braided pony tail, dark horn-rimmed glasses and a bright yellow polka dotted bow tie.

“Hotshot lawyer,” I said.

Laughing loudly Rocco replied, “Only the best in town.”

We both shook his hand as he explained that all charges will be formally dropped on Monday. He handed us a note of apology from the police captain and then gave us a ride back to our apartment.

On the drive home he offered me a job as a legal assistant, provided I go back to school and work on my law degree. I quickly accepted and, after saying goodbye, Rocco and I went back to our apartment, where they had temporarily repaired the door.

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