A Quiet Night In

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Most of the living room was hidden in darkness as Pete sat in the blue glow of the TV. The autumn chill was yet to set in with a vengeance so his bedding was pushed to one end of the couch as he sat in his shorts and t-shirt. He’d hoped to find something half-dirty to watch. Failing that he’d been tempted to poke through his brother’s room in order to find some porn, but during his channel-surfing Friday night had turned into Saturday morning and Diana, his brother’s girlfriend, had just arrived home from her night out with her friends.

Diana was currently ransacking the kitchen on a quest to sate her drunken hunger. Pete’s brother, Andrew, was away, he was increasingly away these days. He’d been promoted recently and, contrary to everyone’s expectations, he’d taken it as a sign that he should work harder. Although he’d never said it out loud, Pete thought Andrew had turned into a complete dick and wished he wasn’t dependent on his older brother for somewhere to live. Over the last few weeks Andrew had begun suggesting that Pete pay him rent, and even Diana, who rarely got involved in their inter-family disputes, spoke up to tell her boyfriend he was being ridiculous.

Pete listened to her staggering around the kitchen like a bear in a campsite. Maybe she wasn’t as bad as he’d thought.

The door opened a crack and he looked up to see Diana’s face peering in at him in the half-light.

“You’re awake,” she observed pushing the door fully open. Pete nodded. “what’s on?” She asked as she stood beside him.

“Nothing,” Pete replied sleepily, “I was about to go to sleep,” he lied.

“Budge up,” she said sitting beside him.

Pete grudgingly shifted a few inches along the cushions to make room for her. She sat eating a few slices of bread and dropping crumbs on the floor.

“Good night?” he asked.

“Not particularly,” she said, flatly, between bites. “It’s Friday and your brother’s away which means I’m not getting any.”

Pete shifted uncomfortably, not sure how to respond.

“Oh,” he said finally.

A long silence ensued as they sat and watched the TV. Diana finished eating her bread and kicked her shoes off on the floor. Both her and Pete now sat slouched into the deep cushions, each occasionally catching their eyes closing, only to open them again apparently seconds later only to find something they didn’t recognise on the TV. Pete had given up waiting for Diana to go to bed so he could lay back and tire himself out with a slow bout of self-abuse, with a sigh he pulled his legs up and leaned sideways to rest his head on the arm of the couch to his right.

“D’you want me to move so you can stretch out?” Diana asked as she sat up and edged forward without waiting for a response.

Pete extended his legs along behind her and dug his bare feet into his duvet folded at the end of the couch. Diana leaned back again, squashing his shins under her back.

“Are you going to sleep?” She asked and Pete mumbled a yes.

“Do you mind if I keep watching this, it’s starting to get good?” She turned to look at him.

“No,” Pete sighed half opening his eyes to see what it was she was watching.

His eyes stayed open as he watched a girl on the screen drop to her knees and take a man’s cock in her mouth.

Typical, Pete thought, finally something good and she’s sitting here with me.

He surreptitiously looked across at Diana, her face was bored and blank in the gloom. He lay and watched the action for a few minutes before realising with horror that the effect it was having on him was clear in his boxer shorts. He made a point of noisily sighing as if in discomfort before twisting his body around to lay face-down, hopefully concealing his erection. Diana shifted herself too to let Pete turn his legs, then she too sighed in discomfort. Pete quickly discovered how uncomfortable laying face-down could be, he raised his arms and folded them as a pillow under his head, this also afforded him the ability to keep one eye on the screen as the film continued. Diana sighed and shifted her weight again.

“Do you mind if I lay down Pete?” She asked quietly, apparently thinking he was sleeping.

“No, ‘s OK.” he muttered.

Diana lowered her body in front of Pete’s and lifted her legs up to rest her feet on to the far arm of the couch, beneath the duvet. Pete opened his eyes again to look over the top of her head and watch the TV, the couple on the screen were banging away now, the woman’s face contorted in pleasure.

He slowly slipped into a light sleep, the flickering light occasionally waking him again, each time his eyelids would open a crack and witness more of the film. He wasn’t sure if Diana was still awake or not, her body was now slumped against his side and her breathing was light and steady.

He realised he’d have to roll on to his side again sometime soon as his arms and neck were beginning to ache painfully, but his penis remained hard and he was very aware that casino siteleri shifting his position would leave it pressed against Diana. Finally the ache grew to much and he crossed his fingers and hoped that she was asleep and that in a more comfortable position he would drift into a deeper sleep and conceivably lose the damning bulge in his shorts. With one gentle movement he rolled on to his side, immediately finding he had nowhere to put his arms as Diana’s limp body moved with him, resting once more against him. He had no option but to drape his arm over her body.

“Thanks,” she exhaled, “I’m getting cold.”

Pete had prayed that she was asleep, now he was hoping that she was drowsy enough not to notice it was him beside her, or his erection.

“Is your duvet here somewhere, Pete?” She asked, shattering his hopes.

“Er, yeah,” he replied, “I’ll get it.” He went to move but found his right arm trapped under Diana.

“Don’t worry,” she said quietly, “I’ll get it.”

Pete waited to feel her weight shift off him but after several minutes she still hadn’t moved. He tried to move again and apparently woke her.

“Sorry,” she murmured groggily, “I’m getting it.”

Diana sat up and lowered her feet to the ground, Pete thought for a blissful moment that she might be about to depart to her own bed but instead she tugged at her belt and unbuttoned her fly, raising herself from the cushions and clumsily pulling her trousers down.”

Uncomfortable fucking things,” she said as way of explanation. She reached across and took hold of the duvet and lay back down, pulling it over them both. She wriggled herself back into the concave form of Pete’s body and sighed contentedly.

After several minutes Pete couldn’t hold himself back away from Diana any more and his traitorous body relaxed pressing his erection between her buttocks. He braced himself, expecting her to leap off the couch in horror. She didn’t and for a moment Pete thought that maybe she’d fallen asleep again already. Then she wriggled further back against him and suddenly stopped, Pete becoming instantly aware that she were now very much awake.

“Pete?” She whispered. “Is that your cock?”

“Sorry,” Pete said guiltily, “it’s the movie, it, uh, it did it.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she sighed, “I just wasn’t sure, it’s quite big isn’t it?”

Pete remained silent, shocked at her attitude and the idea that his penis was apparently big enough to be noteworthy.

Diana’s sudden alertness quickly disappeared again and Pete was soon aware of her gently snoring. Confident that she’d stay asleep now he relaxed, unconcerned about the proximity of his erection to her butt. He settled down and began falling asleep too. He was conscious of Diana reaching to the floor and lifting the remote to turn off the TV at some point in the next few hours, but apart from that he slept soundly.


After turning off the TV Diana found it impossible to get back to sleep, a combination of the film and her boyfriend being away had got her hornier than she could remember being for a long time. It was only sloth that prevented her from leaving the couch to go upstairs and toy with herself. The last scene of the film had seen the star getting fucked from behind while she sucked on an unreasonably large cock. The images of the scene played over in Diana’s head as she tried in vain to get back to sleep. She longed to be that woman, getting filled, that’s what she needed:to be thoroughly exhausted by two strapping young men. The more she thought about it the deeper her hunger coursed into her body, creating and fuelling an insatiable lust. Her index and middle finger crept down her smooth belly without instruction and under the waistband of her underwear, inching through the narrow strip of pubic hair and into the familiar wet contours of her pussy.

She was about to curl her index finger up inside herself when her frustrated lust skittered away just long enough to allow the sudden realisation of what she was doing: laying there beside her boyfriend’s little brother, soaking through her thong and about to plunge her fingers inside herself.

Promising herself a long session in the shower later Diana removed her fingers and clamped them between her soft thighs before settling down and trying to sleep once more.

As the sunlight crept in through cracks in the heavy curtains, she floated up from her sleep. Her eyes remained closed as she enjoyed the warmth of the sun across her cheek. Her mind drifted back to the previous night: she’d spent the evening in a bar with her friends, those that were single had all left with guys as one point or another until it was just her and Jessica remaining. Jessica’s other half was apparently also away so the pair of them had sat commiserating until closing time, bemoaning the sexless night that awaited each of them at home.

Diana remembered getting in, a little drunk, and then hadn’t she watched TV with canlı casino Pete?

Then the realisation of what she’d almost done washed over her. She felt guilty at first, then she smiled to herself, it’d been a near miss.

Then the recollection of Pete’s erection pressed between her bare buttocks surfaced. She’d been a little shocked at its size, certainly bigger than his brother’s, but Andrew really knew what he was doing. Diana clamped her legs together around her hand as she thought of the fuck she’d be getting that night, if Pete weren’t there she’d have dragged Andrew to the floor and ravished him as soon as he got in. As it was she’d have to settle for pushing him up the stair to their bedroom and ravishing him there instead.

She was certain that Pete must hear them when they had sex, she was always fairly vocal, sometimes she exaggerated a little, the idea of Pete laying downstairs hearing her moans and possibly getting off to them was a private thrill she enjoyed.

He was still asleep behind her, his steady breathing warm on the back of her head, his cock still nestled intrusively in the cleft of her butt. She decided it was about time to do something about her lust, and went to slide off the couch, but Pete’s arm draped across her abdomen made it difficult to move. She tried to gently lift his arm off her but as she took hold of his wrist he pulled her in tighter against his body and held her there.

“Pete,” she said, thinking he must be awake and, uncharacteristically, playing a game. But he didn’t reply.

“Pete,” she tried again, louder this time but still with no response. “Pete! Get off me,” she said loudly, smacking his hip with her palm.

Pete mumbled something before his mouth fell open and a soft snore began.

Diana didn’t know what to do, her pussy begged to be played with, her thong was soaked through and, although she was trying to ignore it, Pete’s cock was pressed even harder between her cheeks.

“Fine,”, she muttered to herself defiantly, “I’ll do it here then.”

Her free hand quickly made it’s way to her wet underwear and she probed with her fingers through the sodden material, pressing it between her lips. It felt so good to be doing it, to have some kind of stimulation there, she imagined Andrew was sliding his fingers over her crotch, his cock straining in his own underwear until she reached out to free it before taking it in her hand and massaging it.

Her fingers pushed her thong to one side and slipped eagerly through her pubic stubble to her labia. She teased briefly before penetrating herself in a single slick movement, managing to catch the gasp before she let it out. She was sure Pete wouldn’t have heard anyway. With her index and middle finger curled up and pushing back and forth between her wet velvety walls her thumb roughly diddled her clit, moistened, it slipped back and forth sending minor ripples of rising pleasure quaking through her body.

Diana loved that she was finally getting what had been building in her mind and pussy for hours now; she loved to masturbate. On her days off, when she had the house to herself she would spend hours laying naked on the bed, her legs spread wide as she gently and slowly brought herself off over and over again. But this wasn’t one of those times, she was desperate for a release and didn’t have the time or space for such a prolonged session. Her fingers plunged time and time again through the tight lips of her pussy as she fantasised about pulling Andrew forward by his cock to wrap her lips around it and suck him dry, she always loved how he came wherever she wanted him to. Sometimes she’d pull him out of her mouth as she felt him tense and aim him at her chest, spraying his cum over her tits, other times she’d have him shoot his sticky strings over her belly, but right now, the mood she was in was to have him blow his load in her mouth. She wanted depraved, frantic sex and she hungered for how a mouthful of his cum always made her feel.

Diana was bucking her hips as she rode her hand now, oblivious to the sleeping form behind her except the increasingly pleasant feeling of his erection pressed against her. As she moved her body His cock in his shorts slid up and down between her cheeks, and as she folded her body forward slightly, centring herself around the mounting bliss delivered by her hand, her buttocks parted slightly and pleasure from Pete’s passive assistance grew. Throwing caution to the wind she parted her legs and placed one foot flat on the cushions, fully spreading her pussy. In her new position Pete’s penis pressed further forward and as her fingers pistoned in and out her knuckles grazed against him. Soon she found herself pulling her fingers out entirely to focus her attention on her swollen clit but continued to thrust slightly, her hot pussy grinding against Pete.


Pete awoke suddenly, a warm damp sensation around his cock. Then as full consciousness returned he realised what was happening. kaçak casino

Diana, still lying against his body, was moving rhythmically, her breathing was heavy and her bare legs felt sweaty against his own under the duvet. He wasn’t sure whether to speak out or feign sleep until she’d finished and gone. Without warning her hand appeared on his erection, clutching it through his shorts before yanking them down to free him. Then she pressed his swollen head against her lips and pushed it inside herself before grinding her hips back and down, trying to force his cock in. Pete didn’t know why Diana was doing it but he was too far gone now to stop her, he relished the hot feeling clamping down on him and causing him to grow inside her. The position still wasn’t perfect though and Pete slipped his hand to Diana’s hip and holding there pulled her down further on to him, easing deeper inside her.

“Oh God, fuck me,” she whimpered, turning as far as she she could to face him.

Pete’s hand groped at her breast through her t-shirt until she pulled it up to grant him better access, then he massaged her naked flesh, pulling at her erect nipple, pinching it hard and twisting to elicit groans.

She raised her body up on one elbow and pulled at her top, finally removing enough of it that when she lowered herself again she could drop in on the floor. Pete had taken the opportunity to stretch his other arm out from where it’d lain trapped between their bodies all night. Now he groped at both breasts simultaneously as he thrust deeper inside her. Without holding on to Diana’s hips though the position was in danger of thrusting her off the couch entirely.

Without warning Diana pulled herself off and got to her feet. Pete sat up, wondering why they were stopping, then he saw the hungry look in her eyes. She pulled off the damp scrap of underwear before climbing back on the the couch and straddling him.

“You’re wearing too much,” she admonished, reaching down and pulling his t-shirt off over his head.

Then turning on his lap she pushed his shorts further down his thighs until they dropped over his knees and to the ground, doing so meant leaning right forward and presenting her rear to Pete.

“See anything you like?” She chuckled, looking back at him over her shoulder.

She adjusted her position to rub her pussy across the head of his cock, prompting a moan from both of them, then slammed her body down, impaling herself on his him. Pete grunted and took hold of her hips once more. Diana giggled quietly and groaned as she ground herself on him, taking delight in the tight grip of his hands on her bare flesh. She half bounced and was half lifted up and down as they fucked each other.

The mirror on the wall opposite was positioned just a little too high for her to see more than her own face and she longed to witness the scene: her breasts rolling with each bounce and her pussy sliding up and down on Pete’s big cock. It was definitely bigger than Andrew’s, and whether it was intentional or not, Pete knew how to use it right.

Diana rode him quicker now, the previous stirrings of an orgasm boiling up anew, stronger and stronger, her thrusts against Pete were shallower and more desperate, her body lower as she gripped his knees.

Pete’s hold on Diana’s wet hips slipped and he moved to grip her waist instead, pulling her back hard again, burying himself deeper inside her than before. She let out a stifled noise and froze momentarily before continuing her grinding, her ass now pressed firmly against him.

As she felt her climax build Diana craved more and more of Pete inside her, she unfolded her legs and spread them, allowing her body-weight to push her down further, then raised her abdomen up and leaned back against Pete’s chest, his solid frame, dripping with sweat, slipping easily against her back. She reached her hands around behind herself and held on to the back of Pete’s head as his hands ran up her slick body and clasped her breasts once more. Without her knees to rest on Diana had no control over the thrusting and left Pete to push up inside her without resistance.

“That’s it,” she breathed, “fuck me there.”

Her hands pulled at his hair as he thrust into her pussy with everything he had. His cock had swollen bigger than ever before, provoked by the rampant and illicit sex, and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he came.

“Fuck me harder,” she ordered and Pete did his best to comply, rewarded by another stifled gasp. “God that’s good,” she groaned, her pussy clamping hard on Pete’s cock and refusing to let go. “Make me cum,” she grunted, “make me cu-” her words were cut short as her mouth hung open and her writhing against Pete’s body shuddered to a stop.

Her orgasm washed through her, briefly silencing her like a second of peace before the storm hit. She let out a protracted cry and slumped down.

Pete was still holding Diana’s waist loosely but tightened his grip, then thrust against her spent body. She moaned quietly as he thrust again then she sat back up and turned to look at him over her shoulder, regaining some composure.

Again?” she asked, her mouth still open as she drew in gulps of air.

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