A Quickie with my Sister-in-Law

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My wife and I decided to sleep over her sister’s house after a family party. We set up an air mattress in their living room and immediately went to sleep. I found the mattress extremely uncomfortable and kept tossing and turning. It was about 3 o’clock in the morning when I decided that I was not going to be able to fall asleep. I left my wife, who was sound asleep, on the mattress and found my way into the kitchen. In the kitchen I found Cathy, my sister-in-law, who was in her nightgown and washing the dishes.

She looked at me concerned and asked, “I’m sorry did I wake you up?” I shook my head no and asked, “What are you doing awake at this hour?” She replied, “I couldn’t sleep, got too much on my mind. I’m under a lot of stress lately, and John (her husband) isn’t helping things much.” She went on to say, “With the kids and all the stress at our jobs we haven’t had time to relax and get some much needed alone time.”

I replied that, “Even though we are about an hour away, Melissa and I would be happy to come down and watch the kids for a few hours. This way you two can go out to dinner or the movies and enjoy some time away.”

She casino siteleri said, “That’s not the kind of alone time I was talking about! We haven’t had sex in two months! But I didn’t want to say that, because I didn’t want to embarrass you.”

I immediately felt a little embarrassed that I misunderstood what she was talking about. But I replied, “I didn’t know it had been that long for you guys! I always thought you guys were all over each other!”

She laughed and asked, “What made you think that?”

I smiled and replied, “Because you are are sexy as hell! I don’t know how he would be able to keep his hands off of you!”

She blushed and continued to wash the dishes. Then she said, “You know I could use a shoulder rub right about now.”

I laughed and walked over to her, this was a fairly common occurrence when we got together. I began to massage her shoulders and she immediately moved her head back towards me, letting me know that was the right spot. I began to apply a little more pressure as I worked my way to her shoulder blades. She let out a groan as I expertly worked her shoulders. Maybe it was the late canlı casino hour but I felt a little more bold then usual and I began to move to the front of her shoulders.

After about 10 minutes of massaging her shoulders I slid my hands around her body and cupped her c cup breasts in my hands. Cathy let out a surprised gasp, but made no effort to stop me. Through the thin material of her nightgown I felt her nipples harden. I continued to massage her breasts, always starting from the bottom and ending with her nipples in my hands. I heard her begin to breath a little heavier as I continued to massage her breasts. She never said a word as she leaned back into my body to show her approval. Her nipples felt amazing pressed against the palms of my hands.

I slowly slipped my right hand down to the bottom of her nightgown. I grabbed the bottom of the nightgown and lifted It up over her breasts. I then began to massage her bare breasts as a sligh moan escapes her mouth. I then began to roll her nipples between my fingers. She let out another moan as I pinched both of her nipples.

She slowly reached behind her and immediately found kaçak casino my rock hard dick. She immediately put her hand inside my shorts and began to slowly move her hand up and down my shaft. She explored every inch of my shaft and found her hand on my balls. She gently squeezed them in her hand. She then pulled my shorts down and bent herself over the kitchen counter and said the only words she spoke in a long time. “Fuck me!”

I immediately insert my hard and thick cock into her pussy. It slides in very easily as she is very wet! She lets out a low moan as I insert the entire length into her. I immediately begin to fuck her very slowly. I want to make sure threat she feels every inch of my dick inside of her. She begins to push back against me in a silent signal to go faster. I begin to fuck her at a nice steady pace and she is trying to keep as quiet as possible. As I am fucking her I can tell that she desperately needed this! Suddenly I feel her pussy tighten around my dick and she whispers that she is cumming.

I then pick up the pace and begin to fuck her nice and hard. I can tell that she is having a very hard time trying to keep quiet. As I listen to her moans I begin to feel a tingle in my balls. I give her one last deep thrust and cum deep inside of her pussy.

She lets out a deep satisfied sigh and says, “Thank you!” She then walks upstairs towards her bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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