A Phone Call

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They hadn’t been together for over a week but it seemed longer. They just couldn’t arrange time away or they were never alone long enough to be able to meet. They were each frustrated at this obstacle.

They were both aching for each other. They had both dreamt of each other, yearned for each other’s embrace and attentions.

They had talked several times by phone and it only made things worse but they still liked hearing each other’s voice. He liked her sexy pleasant tone. She loved his soft and gentle voice. It made her feel warm and melted her every time. But this was torture to both of them. They saw no end to their separation in site.

Finally one early afternoon he was home alone for a short time. He dialed her private number thinking he would hear her voice on the voice mail and at least leave her a message letting her know he was thinking of her.

To his surprise after only a few rings she answered, “ Hello.” When she heard him on the line he heart leapt and began to beat faster.

When he said, “Hello, baby. I miss you. How are you?”

She answered, “Hey Hello. I’m ok. I miss you to. How are you?”

He answered “Very horny.”

She laughed and said, “ So Am I!”

They talked for a while commiserating about their inability to get together and about what they might do about it and when they might be together. He was amazed at the effect just her voice had on him. He was as hard as a rock from just talking with her on the phone.

She too was surprised at her reaction to his voice as she felt a tingle between her legs and a hardening of her nipples.

This was so unlike her. She was normally so in control of her reactions and emotions, but not with him. With him, even by phone apparently, she was easily aroused and heading towards being out of control. Damn it, she thought.

He told her he was alone but she wasn’t and could not leave to join him. He was disappointed. After a pause where neither of them said anything she asked him, “ Are you hard right now?”

He said in a low voice, “Very.”

She said, “ Ummmm good.” She asked him of he was holding himself stroking his cock.

He said, “ No. Would you like that if I was?”

To which she said, “ Oh yeah. Will you? Would you take it out now and stroke it so I can hear you?”

He did as she asked even as she was asking even surprising himself. As he did he moved casino siteleri into the bedroom to be more comfortable and laid back across the bed as he dropped his pants and began to stroke his hard cock with one hand while he held the phone with the other.

He was remembering her as he last saw her on ‘The Ride’. The passion in her eyes and in her kiss. Her with her pants off and sitting on his cock riding him up and down. Her pussy so warm and wet and her tits so big and beautiful under his hands.

She heard him moving and asked, “ Are you doing it for me now?”

He said, “Yes. And I moved to the bedroom to lay down so I could relax while I do it and talk to you.”

She said, “ Good. I’m so jealous. I want to be there to see or do it for you.”

He moaned his approval and said, “ I wish you were here too. When I close my eyes I can see you pulling on my cock while you suck it just like you did in the car when we went for ‘The Ride’.”

He heard her laugh and could tell she was smiling when she answered back, “ Oh yeah, I loved that. I liked sucking your cock in the car. You tasted so good and you cock was so thick and long in my mouth.”

He slowed his strokes to enable him to regain a little control. He then asked her where she was in her home. She said she was upstairs but the cleaning woman was there and kept coming past her.

He then asked her, “What are you wearing?” She answered that she had just gotten out of the shower after returning home from a workout and had on her robe.

This made him even harder as he knew what she looked like fresh from the shower in that robe from their first encounter. He asked her to go into another room where she would be alone.

She said, “Okay.” And he heard her breathing increase as she walked and then he heard a door close in the background. All the while he was stroking his cock and thinking of her walking in front of him in her robe. Oh he could picture the curve and movement of her ass as she walked in front of him.

He asked her where she went. She told him she went into the bathroom and locked the door. He asked her if she was excited and wet. She told himshe was very excited and wet.

She said, “I want you so bad.”

He asked, “Would you take off your robe?”

She answered, “ I am already naked. And my hands were in my pussy the minute I closed the door. And I am so wet canlı casino I can’t believe it.”

He moaned his approval and increased the speed of his stroke.

She asked, “Are you stroking your cock for me? Are you thinking of me while you do?”

He simply replied, “ Yes, baby.” As he listened to her moan at the other end and imagined her standing in her bathroom holding the phone with her shoulder and her hands in and on her pussy. One hand spreading her lips while the other worked her lips and her clit, which was growing more sensitive with every word from him.

She gazed at herself in the mirror and blushed at her brazenness but didn’t stop. She was far past being embarrassed or caring. She was hot and very, very horny. And hearing him on the line and knowing he was lying there with his cock in his hand only made her hotter and wetter.

She could see his cock if she closed her eyes. Oh the big head of his hard cock. His long thick shaft. And his large balls. She thought she could even smell him, taste him as she remembered the last time she had seen him on ‘The Ride’. She had sucked his cock and licked his balls then and enjoyed the smell and taste of him on her for the rest of the afternoon after their time together.

Her excitement was incredible. She wondered, what is becoming of me. She was reduced to a wet quivering mass after just talking to him for a few minutes. Here she was standing naked in her bathroom with her hands working her now soaking wet pussy while she just talked with him on the phone. She sighed and at the same time smiled at herself in the mirror lack of control.

She heard him talking and her mind came back to focus on what he was saying.

He asked, “ Will you cum for me?”

She replied, “Yes, yes. Are you going to cum for me?”

He said, “ Oh yeah. I just don’t know how long I can last. I can’t believe how excited you make me. Or how close I am.”

She whispered back, “ Ummm. I’m so glad I make you hard and excited. I am so close too. I miss you so much.”

They listened not saying anything as they each pleasured themselves moaning and groaning into the phone so the other would know how much they wanted each other. It wouldn’t be long now. He could feel his pleasure building. His balls were tightening against his body. He was newly aware of how aware she had made him of his reaction to her.

He said kaçak casino to her, “ You make me so hot. I’m going to cum soon. Are you close?”

She heard him but did not answer right away. She was still working her pussy and clit with one hand while she was now pinching and pulling her nipples with her other hand.

She heard his voice and realized what he was saying and said, “ Oh yes. Are you hard and ready to cum for me? I am sooo close. I’m going to cum too. Cum for me. I want to hear you cum.”

He didn’t disappoint her. When he heard her voice he began to stroke himself harder and faster squeezing the head of his cock as he did. In seconds he felt the release coming from deep inside. His cock erupted with an explosion of cum that shot up and onto his chest and continued to shot as he moaned into the phone as he shot cum all over his chest and abdomen. After his third blast he came to his senses enough to hear her moaning with pleasure at the other end.

She told him more than asked him, “ Are you cumming for me? Mmmm . I can almost taste you. Is it all over? It’s all mine. I want it all. I want to lick it all up I want to taste you as I clean every last drop….” And then she didn’t say anything. She was quiet.

He asked, “ Are you ok?” No answer. The he asked,” You’re cumming aren’t you?”

She mumbled, “Yessssss, I’m so wet for you. I’m so wet. You get me so hot.”

He said to her in a soft and soothing voice as he felt his own cum, “ Yeah baby. Come on, cum for me. Give it to me. I want to hear you.”

He then heard her cry out in a murmur, “ Oh, baby I’m cummin’ I want you. Oh yeesss.” And then there was nothing but her fast and shallow breathing at the other end of the phone for a long few moments.

He finally asked, “Are you okay baby?”

She purred her response, “ Oh yeah. I’m okay that was so good. That was amazing. I came so much. I’m sooo wet. Oh I miss you and want you in me.”

He said to her, “ I miss you too. You wouldn’t believe how much cum there is here.”

She answered him by saying, “ Stop. You’ll just make me miss you more. I want it bad enough. I can just imaging you laying there with me licking you clean.”

He again moaned and felt a twinge in his balls. He heard her moving and asked her if she was okay.

She said she was but she thought she better get out of the bathroom before anyone became too suspicious. He said ok and they said their good byes and hung up.

They were both temporarily satisfied but they both knew this would only serve to make things more intense the next time they were together. Which they both hoped would be very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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