A Personal Moment to Share with You Pt. 05

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I hope Celeste likes flour apron outfit that I am wearing. Knock, knock, It must be Celeste at the front door. I told her to just enter, oh the door just opened and she closed it, as she thought, as she looked up form what she was cooking, smiling warmly at Celeste as she came into the kitchen. She set down her spatula and they hugged and kissed each other.

“Oh Monica you just have an apron on, and nothing else.” Celeste commented on it adding, “Do you have one for me too?”

“Yes that is true that have nothing on underneath the apron. Your is over by the chair, if you really want one.” as Monica warmly smiled at Celeste.

“Well I get it. Can I change in the bedroom?” as Celeste commented, adding, “I brought some things with me, and my light blue dress. Can I hang it in the bedroom too?”

“Sure go ahead. You know the way to my bedroom. You can hang your dress in the closet, and set the rest of your stuff on a stand. Oh baby come here I want to feel you next to me.” as Monica reach out, holding her face in her hands, looking at Celeste eyes, she kissed her on the lips. “Now go and change before I rape right here.” as Monica lusty smiled at Celeste.

With a big grin at Monica, Celeste said, “I’ll go and change, before I rape you right now too. I will be back in a few moments.”

I know she is as hot as I am right now, and I knew she would like this apron, with me being nude underneath it. When she returns she is going help me do the biscuit as I look in on meat roast, and she can put the potatoes in microwave to get them heated up properly, as she thought, and then Celeste was there with flour apron on. “That looks good on you, being naked underneath it. Now you can help me?”

“OK, just tell me what you want me to do?” as Celeste softly voiced it.

“It may seem like I am busy, but I want you do is put these biscuit in the upper stove to get them nice an brown. It is already set by a timer.” as Monica said she looked in on the roast, adding, “The roast almost ready to eat, so put these potatoes in the microwave, and cook them for about ten minutes.”

“OK, I will do that. What about the plates and stuff?” as Celeste commented.

“I put the plates on the outside table. It is nice an warm outside right now, and no wind to content with. Oh, put the biscuit in the cover basket when done, and take them outside when where ready.” as Monica smiled at Celeste as she passed by Celeste and stroked her face.

Celeste like her face being stroke like that and said, “I like it that you stroke me face, and hair with your hands.”

Monica turned around, smiling saying, “I like doing it, but I want you to touch my face and my hair with your hands. I like your hands stroking my face, as you run your hand in my hair. It make me feel closer to you. You don’t do it enough, why?”

Celeste was taken back by the response, and said it with sad affection, “Well for my, it was when I was a child, my parents did not touch me much, and I needed them to do that. It was a desperate thing to feel from your parents. Also I never had the chance with husband to feel his face or hair. I do like feeling your face as stroke it, or run my hands into your hair.”

Monica leaned back saying, “Then feel my face, and run your hands in my hair too.”

Celeste reach out with hands, put them both together onto Monica face, and ran her finger across her lips, as she gently stroke her cheeks and her eyes too, and finally ran her hands up in to Monica hair as she said, “I like feeling your face in my hands, but I want to kiss you as hold your face in my hands.” Celeste did kiss Monica warmly on her lips, and letting her tongue ride against her lips.

“Oh my Celeste. That was wonderful to feel.” as Monica conveyed to her. They the buzzer went off, and Monica said, “The biscuit are ready. Put them in the basket, cover it, and then get the potatoes. I will get the roast out and cut into for several slices, and bring it out. OK.”

They both brought the food to outside table, sitting down as they held hands for a moment, and started to eat. Celeste and Monica talk throughout the whole dinner about what they felt with being together, deep moments that shared with each other, their love making, and finally saying that they each love being held by each other when the fell a sleep.

Monica look at Celeste, smiling with affection, as Monica said, “Lets put these away, and we have some wine by my fire inside. It got cold out here.”

They both got up, taking their plates into the kitchen along with the wine glassed as Celeste looked at Monica ass, saying, “You have a beautiful ass, and it looks great with just apron on.”

“That is good, cause earlier I saw your beautiful round, muscled ass cheeks in your apron too. Come here I want feel your ass as I kiss you.” as Monica smiled with tender feelings.

Celeste came closer to Monica, saying, “You are really nice bitch right now.” as they kissed each other in the kitchen, adding, “Lets go in to the living room. I still want to share canlı bahis more of me with you.”

“Well here is a new glass for you, and I will bring the wine in. Come on.” Monica replied to her, grabbing her hand, and led her to her warm living room. She turned on the fire, set down some large, cushion brown pillows on the floor, saying, “Sit down next to me, and we can gaze at the fire.”

They both sat down with each of them holding hands, as the gazed into the fire with affection as they talked. Monica on occasion reached out and stroke Celeste face as she ran her hands throughout her hair. Celeste stroke her face as she made kissing signs to Monica with her lips. As they talked, Monica mentioned, “You nipples are hard underneath your apron.” as she reached out and stroked each nipple, adding, “They look delicious to just feel them underneath your apron.”

“Here I will take it off, if you want me to.” Celeste look at with gleaming eyes.

“No, do not remove your apron, I just like looking at them, and I wanted to play with both of your nipples.” as Monica continue to play with Celeste nipples, then adding on more serious tone, “You know that woman who like woman; like you and me, get even more turn on or more aroused when we play. You and me never had that kind of pleasure when we where with our husbands. I think; if you remember, when each of us were with our husband, that each of them like to fuck us till they cam, and wanted to go off to sleep. There was no affection afterward, nor talking in a intimate way with your husband.”

“Yeah I know exactly what you are saying. I wish at times that my husband would have just talked with me after making love. I would have liked it if we nuzzled up to me, hold me, or just have intimate talking when done making love.” as Celeste replied.

“We; meaning you and me, like making love, because we are more deliberately intense with sex as we share our pleasure with each other. We like sharing our thoughts, and like helping each other enjoy the foreplay as well as sex till we both achieve our orgasm(s) together, and we snuggling up afterwards. As you said most men do not do that when they are done cumming. Passion seem to die with a flaccid cock dies, and we are left out to fend for ourselves. You know natural love between men and woman seem to die out, and place a deep trick to be used because of men and having their children. It made me think of us just making love, and pleasure afterward in talking or joking around.” as Monica said still stoking her nipple points threw Celeste apron.

“I never thought about what you just said, but it is true. I wish my husband would have done that with me after making love. We do feel things differently because we are together, but with our husbands we would feel different because of the way they treated us, and made love to us. I like the way we share things between us, and what we just talked about. I like how we make love, have our orgasm(s), and we like comforting each other. I just know; inside my self at least, as I thought it to myself when we parted for the few days ago, that I love you even more.” as Celeste said that she leaned over, took Monica face in her hands, drawing it closer to her as they kissed deeply in their moments of sexual desire.

Monica pulled in closer, letting her body gyrate across her muscled body, the warmth of Celeste firm arms wrapped around her waists, pulling Celeste closer even more as they kissed for a long time, as they separated, Monica said, “Oh baby! I want you to come to bed with with me, right now. I want to feel your pussy go all over my face, revolve on it with your clit, and feel every one of your orgasms.”

“Yeah, that is what I want now too.” as Celeste said, letting loose of her apron so it fully exposed her naked body to Monica.

Monica looked at Celeste in amazement and her erotic enrapture at seeing Celeste nude in front of her, letting her apron fall to the floor saying, “I want you right now.” adding as she laid down on those pillows, “I want to enjoy my body as pressed into yours. Hold me Celeste.”

“What about going to bed?” as Celeste commented, adding, “Oh baby, come here. I want to feel you next to me, feel your bodies heat raging all over me. Come here baby.” as she gripped Monica face as she pulled her lips closer to her face as they passionately kissed deeply.

Monica and Celeste feel together on the large, soft, brown pillows as they rotated together onto each other arms, and feeling their aroused of sexual desire as it buildup, Monica finally voiced out in a purring sound, “If we stay her much longer in front of this fire, we will never get to bed. We should go now. I am so firing burning for you right now. Lets go?” smiling with a big grin, saying that, she got up and held out her right hand as she help Celeste get up.

Celeste held Monica; when she got up, just for a moment saying, “I was hot about hour ago when I saw you in your apron. Lets go too.”

Monica lead the way into their bedroom, holding Celeste hand, bahis siteleri as they held onto one another, and Monica laid down on the bed pulling Celeste down on top, as Monica said in low almost whisper, “Oh baby, lay on top of me. I want to feel you all over as I look at you, your body, and your firm, muscled breasts.”

“Go ahead.” as Celeste purred back, pulling on Monica hands as she rested them on her fleshy, firm breasts say in sinister smile saying, “Fell them baby. I like it when you play with them. I like to watch you pinch my erect, turgid nipples, twist them, and pull my nipple areolae really hard.”

Monica look up at Celeste smiling, moved her hand up and down on Celeste breast, feeling her nipples, letting them get hard in her hands as she replied, “Yes Celeste I want them both in my hands. Oh, I can feel your muscled, firm breasts, and I am going tweak each nipple tips point till they are really sensitive from my fingers, as I press them together till your erect nipples points, and feel your pink areolae. You want that don’t you.”

Celeste kept holding Monica hands over her breast nipple point heads, wanting Monica to make each nipples scream out in pain, saying it loudly, “Yes that it baby. I want you right know. Oh god that feel good twisting them back and forth with your index and thumb finger.” Celeste continue to say it as her head leaned back, feeling her pain/pleasure, and said loudly, “Yes Monica. Yes, pinch them even harder, baby.”

Monica continue to look at Celeste with seductive eyes, squeezing them even harder as she moaned out in a teasing enticing way, “They must be delicious to suck them, want to, not now. I want to play with them some more.” as Monica moaned out, adding, “I want to feel your large muscular breast. I want my warm hands to caressed your breast over, and over, and cause your nipples heads so they protrude out.”

“I like it. Play with my firm breasts. I like to watching, and looking at you even more when you play with them. I like it, how you play with each large, firm, muscled breast, and how hard my breasts are, with your hands on each nipples tips head. I like my nipples areolae being hard with hand caressed them making them harder as you pinch them really hard too. You like that don’t you?” as Celeste looked down on Monica with a wanton smile.

Letting go of Celeste breast, reaching out with her hands as she placed them on Celeste back, as pulled on Celeste toward her lips as they each started to kiss. Let their tongue roam around in each other mouth, as there tongues caressed mouth inside. They could not stop kissing for a lengthy period of time, as Monica finally whispered in Celeste left ear, “I want to you. I want to feel your cunt as it ride all over my face. I want to feel you cum in my mouth. Yes baby move up to my mouth, please. I need you so much.” as she finished saying, pulling Celeste upward so she could taste her cunt, and move her toward her mouth.

“You want my cunt on your mouth. See it ride just above your mouth. I can feel your tongue trying to reaching out, and trying to stroke my clit. I will tease you with it baby. Yes I know you want it.” as Celeste said, adding, “You like my cunt just squirm about your mouth and lips. You want to lick my cunt.”

“Oh Celeste, please, I need your cunt to ride all over my face. Make it juicy wet with your cunt, and stop making me tease you.” as Monica moaned out in desire. Celeste looked down at her submissive woman thinking, who wants to eat me you bitch, and savor my cunt’s, and smelling my womanhood sweet fragrance. “Yes. Here take it. Suck it all over my cunt. Drive your tongue deep in my vagina walls.” and looking down into Monica, Celeste added, “Yes, that feels so hot. Lick my outer cunts lips. Yeah that it, bitch. You are mine, you are my submissive woman right now.”

Monica could feel Celeste lower onto her cunt onto her lips, letting her tongue go out, smelling her woman cunt’s sweet fragrance, thinking, this is so great to feel Celeste cunt being eaten, like I dreamed of her setting her cunt down onto my face. Wait till tomorrow, and then Celeste will know what a real bitch I can be, and she will know what submissive woman really is. Monica hands reached out over her muscled thighs, pulling on Celeste upper legs so she keep eating her cunt, licking at her cunt’s outer lips, as it unfolded on her lips with her enlarge clit, as it protruded out from Celeste cunt.

Celeste saw her hands reach down, gripping down onto Monica head, as she pulled her deeper into her dampish cunt. Moaned and she squired her cream out, and all around on Monica mouth, and feeling Monica lips on her outer warm succulent lips, with a husky voice she said, “Oh baby eat my dripping cunt juices. Lick my soft creamy fluid, and my outer lips. Yeah, just like that. You are my submissive girl tonight.”

This bitch is not going to know how good it feel when I am done torture her clit with my tongue as I nibble into her outer firm lips, as she thought. This bitch cannot keep treating my I am bahis şirketleri her submissive girl. You are going to enjoy this till you cannot stand any longer as her thought drifted of. Gripping into Celeste muscled legs, pulling her down further onto her mouth, letting her lips ripped onto her large clit as her mouth sucked it deeply into her warm, wetting mouth. Monica felt Celeste clit really penetrated into wet mouth, as she sucked on it till there was no air like a vacuum pump. Thinking, she will know what vacuum pussy really feels like, and she cannot escape my holding onto her legs. Now I can feel her jutting down onto my vacuum mouth, and she is starting to enjoy this. I know she can feel the tightness as my tongue gyrated all over her clit, and she is trying to move, but she cannot. Oh yeah baby scream out you bitch.

“Monica! Monica!” As Celeste screamed out in lust, adding, “That feel so hot on my clit. Yes eat it. Eat my cunt. Yes! Yes! I am cumming. Oh Yeah.” Screaming out, holding onto Monica head as she kept pulling into her cunt, she screamed out again, “My cunt’s cream is starting slide out of me. Make me cum even more with your tongue. Yes! Yes! More of it. You bitch-king, take care of me. I need you desperately. I wanted you to take me. Yes! Yes! Take me. That is right my submissive girl.” Celeste screamed out loudly as her thoughts rambled on, and not knowing if she hollered out, leaned on to Monica head even harder as she flooded forth with her cum. With pure erotic pleasure would not let go of Monica head or her cunt being eating.

I knew she would like it when I vacuum sucked on her clit, and make her cum all over my mouth, as her thoughts poured out. Celeste does not know what a bitch-king I can be, when I am eating her cunt clit, or being treated like I am her submissive woman. Yes that it baby, cum all over me, and I am not stopping till you falls off me. Oh my cunt is really soaking wet from sucking Celeste large clit. This bitch almost made me cum as her thoughts drift off.

Abruptly, Celeste screamed out, as cunt’s sweet fragrance cream flooded down her vaginal walls, as she exploded with pure creaming juices poured out, and dribbled onto Monica lips. “Oh Monica.” she screamed out, adding, “Yes! That it. Make me cum again. I cannot stand it much longer, baby.” Celeste keep screaming in a loud voice, as it issued forth all kinds of vulgar words, and feeling her throbbing large clit being eaten in an erotic manner, as she yelled out in a loud voice, “Oh fuck.” Celeste screamed out again as she feel off Monica mouth, and laid down next to Monica. Celeste was holding her cunt with both hands as laid them on to her cunt’s protruding lips, feeling it wetness poured forth, and not wanting Monica mouth or finger to touch her cunt. She kept holding her cunt, catching her breath, as she thought, Oh my god, it feels really good, but I don’t want her to touch it or eat it for a while.

Monica smiled and leaned over at Celeste, wiping creamy cunt juices off her lips, as she placed them in her mouth, tasting her sweet juices of Celeste, finally saying, “I know you like it. Oh I can see you do not want me to touch you there. Here I will make your cunt feel like it is in heaven.”

“No. Please do not touch it. It feels so good, but I don’t want you to touch it, and it is really tender and it is highly sensitive from sucking on my large clit. Oh god I have not felt like this in a long time. I don’t know what you did, but it feels very good. Please come here and lay next to me, and let me hold you baby. But do not touch my pussy, please.”

Looking at Celeste with wanton eyes, watching her hold her wet, luscious, steamy pussy, with it radiant with a woman fragrance scent, and letting forth her devilish feeling saying, “Yes baby, I will hold you tightly against your muscled body. I like you; with your muscled body, so I can hold you.”

They both laid together, tenderly holding onto each other, with Celeste finally realizing her cunt lips where in agonizing pleasure from been eaten. Celeste kept her hand on cunt lips; not moving them, as it did feel really good.

Celeste and Monica laid in the bed for about half hour when Monica said, “Lets us get up, go into the living room by the fire there, and drink some wine together.” adding as Monica got up, looking down onto Celeste saying, “Is your cunt still in agonizing pleasure?”

“No I am fine now, but please baby don’t touch my pussy for a while, it is still to tender to touch. OK.” as Celeste got up too,adding, “Please just let me be close to you by the fire.”

They both went into the living room, with Celeste sitting down on the pillows, and Monica brought in a a couple of classes and a bottle of wine, “Here I will get these blanket to keep us both warm.”

Celeste looked at Monica with a heavenly smile saying, “That will be nice.”

As they each draped the blanket around each other, gazing into the fire, sipping their wine, when Monica said, “I was thinking about tomorrow, and I want to take you to place to have breakfast. After breakfast I would like to show you around down there in Old City.” smiling at Celeste added, “When we get back, I would like us to sleep in the afternoon, and then we can go out to our special dinner.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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