A Personal Assistant Ch. 02

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Please read chapter 1 before reading below.

Episode 3 might follow depending on response from readers.


7.20pm We arrived back at my house and walked through the front door to both be boisterously greeted by buster who seemed much more enamoured with Melanie than with me, she knelt down and fussed him saying “he’s beautiful Mike, what’s his name?”

“Buster, I know it’s a bit obvious but it really seemed to suit his temperament perfectly.” Then I glanced at the clock on the wall “Hey, it’s getting late, I better rustle us up something up to eat. I’m famished, how about you?”

“Yes, I could eat” she said with a glint in her eye “could I quickly use your shower please? Some ass-hat jumped me and ravished me earlier at the office so I’d like to freshen up a little before sitting down to eat.” she said with a sexy lilt and a wink.

“Of course gorgeous, there’s a really nice shower in the en-suite to the master bedroom. It’s just upstairs and it’s the door at the end of the landing” I replied.

Mel trotted off up the stairs while I sorted out a quick dinner of salmon steaks and baked potatoes, 20 minutes later just as the oven pinged I heard her coming back down the stairs. She was wearing a knee length burgundy sweater dress that clung to her figure in all the right places and looked sensational.

“Whatcha cookin good looking?” She called as she took the last few steps to the kitchen, walking right up to me putting her arms round my neck and giving me a passionate kiss.

“Wow, you look good enough to eat yourself Mel. You must be hungry though.”

She blushed and released me, she slinked over to the counter and sat down on the stool closest to me. “Thanks, I might hold you to that!” She said winking, “your shower is pretty special, I almost feel like I got a massage and feel really refreshed now.”

I handed her over her plate and we sat down to eat. We ate in silence but hardly took our eyes off each other so by the time we finished there was a definite sexual tension in the room. I quickly jumped up and chucked everything into the dishwasher.

When I turned round, Mel was right in front of me and threw her arms round my neck and started kissing me fiercely. I grabbed her and pushed her back to the counter top returning her kiss passionately running my hands down her sides, I then moved on to kiss down her face along her jaw-line and onto her neck.

She started to moan and whimper “god, I want you Mike”, her hands went to my belt and started to undo it. I lifted her up from the counter and started to walk, her only option was to wrap her legs round me and hang on tighter round my neck. I walked up the stairs to my bedroom and set her back on her feet at the foot of the bed. I quickly removed her loose cloth belt from the middle of her dress and started kissing her again.

I worked my hands down her thighs to the bottom of her dress, grabbed the hem and started lifting slowly. I peeled it up her body and over her head and couldn’t help but gasp, she was completely naked underneath. Her breasts were high and pert, with very little sag and given their size (D cup I would estimate) that was quite impressive. Her stomach was very toned, showing a hint of muscle beneath and her pussy was completely shaved bare. Very beautiful and aroused, her inner lips were red and had puffed out, pouting slightly. Her navel was pierced and so was one of her nipples. “God you’re beautiful Mel, give me your hands.”

She looked at me, her chest neck and face were flushed and had a slightly puzzled expression but did as I asked. I pulled her hands together in front of her and tied her wrists using her cloth belt. She was starting to breath heavier now and I led her onto the bed and laid her down, gently moving her arms above her head onto the pillow and tied her hands to the headboard using the loose ends of her belt. I moved back down the bed, laid beside her and started kissing her passionately. I kissed her for several minutes and then moved to start kissing around her face and neck again, slowly moving downwards to her breasts kissing all around them for several minutes ignoring her nipples. She started pushing her chest upwards trying to force her nipples into my mouth but now that I had her at my mercy I was determined to start repaying some of her teasing!

After she started begging by whispering please quietly a few times, I moved to capture both nipples at once. The pierced one with my mouth and the other with my fingers and I licked nibbled and pinched them for a few minutes then worked my way down to her pierced navel and then slowly towards her pussy. She gasped and held her breath momentarily, I kissed along the top of her mound but then moved onto her inner thighs and slowly down to her knees and then her ankles and feet. She’d now starting breathing again but had also started muttering some unintelligible words.

Every part of her was beautiful even her feet, she had an ankle casino oyna bracelet on her left foot with a few charms attached and a tiny ring on the small toe of her right foot. I took this as a sign that she liked her feet and would probably enjoy them being played with so I kissed, licked and sucked her feet for a few minutes before starting to work my way back up her other leg towards her pussy.

By the time I got to her pussy she was almost frantic, her body had started writhing around and she was soaked. It almost look like she had peed the bed with all of the juice that had run out of her soaking pussy. I started licking and kissing her labia and dipping my tongue into her centre, her legs started to clamp around my head and she was bucking her hips at my face almost pleading for a stronger connection. I avoided her clit for nearly 10 minutes and she was starting to swear at me now, I knew I had her close several times but I was determined to continue teasing her for as long as possible.

“Oh you bastard, you’re doing this on purpose aren’t you… Oh god please make me cum, I’m so close.” She cried.

I would have to have a word with her about her language, maybe a proper session over my knee but it would have to wait. I brought her to the brink a few more times and then backed off again, I made sure to have a strong grip of her hips and was trying to control her as much as possible. After her language started to reach pure filth so I decided it was time to let her have it.

I let go of her hips and reached up to cup and massage both of her breasts taking her nipples softly to start with between my thumb and finger and then started to work on her clit, sucking it into my mouth and licking it with my tongue at the same time. I felt her start to go and pinched both of her nipples hard at the same time.

Her thighs clamped so hard against my head, I thought she was going to crush it but thankfully it may also have saved me from going deaf. She screamed loud enough to wake the dead and convulsed, squirting all over my face at the same time. This went on for about 15 seconds and then she collapsed onto the bed like a rag doll.

I slowly and gently kissed my way up her body to her face again and kissed her lips but there was no response. I gently called her name but there was no reply, her breathing was slow deep and constant unbelievably I think she’d passed out on me.

I untied her wrists and cuddled her gently, kissing around her face for a few minutes and she started to come around. She gently whispered “Mike? What happened?”

“You passed out honey, are you okay?”

“That was… Wow, I’ve never climaxed like that before. My whole body felt like it was going to explode, that was so intense and I can’t believe I let you tie me up, I’ve never let anyone do that to me before. It felt almost dangerous, you could have literally done anything to me that you wanted to!”

“Would that have been so bad? I’ve always wanted to try some more risqué things like anal” I said and winked at the same time.

She gasped and looked shocked “you wouldn’t? I’ve never done that, god that makes me shiver it’s so dirty. A part of me has always wondered what it would be like but I’m not sure Mike, is that something you’ve done?”

“Yes, I tried it once many years ago when I first met my wife, she hated it but she pretty much hated everything!” I said chuckling. “I think the whole point is it’s a little dirty and risqué, much the same as spanking or sensory deprivation like blindfolds or being tied up. It’s what makes it exciting but I would never force you to do anything you weren’t comfortable with but I’d be lying to say that the naughty part of me didn’t think about it.”

“God, you’re so bad!” she said, slapping me on the arm lightly and I could feel the bed jiggling slightly with her giggling, this went on for a little while until I smacked her ass. She turned back to face me again smiling and kissing me on the lips and face. “I’ve also never been spanked before or tied up, but when you spanked me earlier at the office it got me gushing wet within seconds and the same when you tied me up. Have you done it before?”

“Not much bondage wise, again my wife hated it but she had a bit of a spanking fetish” I replied. I started kissing her passionately again and she ran her hands up and down my torso and then latched onto my throbbing cock which was now harder that it’d ever been.

Mel gasped “talking about the naughty part of you, you haven’t cum yet and you’re still rock hard!” and I started to see a twinkle and a little mischievousness in her eyes and she continued “Buuut after that hour of teasing you just did I think you deserve to be teased back so I think I should tell you that you’re not allowed to fuck me tonight. Besides, this thing’s way too big it’ll never fit!” she said still rubbing my cock but turning to face away from me, however I caught her grin start to form before she was fully turned.

I could feel the bed jiggling again with her giggling, canlı casino this went on for a little while until I smacked her ass. “Ooh, big man abusing a poor innocent little girl like me, I think I should keep punishing you. Whatcha gonna do about it Mike?” she said turning back to face me, the smile and giggle gone replace by a look of wanton lust.

“I think, so called innocent little teasing sluts like you just need to be grabbed and mastered” I said while illustrating each part of the sentence with an increasingly harder slap to her tender ass. “I think I should just grab you, force you over the bed and fuck you silly just like any little teasing slut needs and you would be powerless to stop me” I replied looking straight into her lustful gaze.

“Oooh, that sounds like a challenge big man. Come get me then, stick it in me then big Mike, if you can!” She said while wriggling and trying to get off the bed, a bit faster than me to start with but my side was closest to the door so I let her roll off the bed her side and quickly rolled of my side and caught her before she got to the door.

“Get your hands off me you creep!” she half wailed and half giggled, trying to push me away and flailing her arms and legs. Her giggling and antics suddenly gave me an idea, so I quickly whipped her off her feet over my shoulder and spanked her a few times and threw her on the bed, with Mel squealing the whole way. I quickly jumped on top of her and pinned both hands above her head in one of my hands.

I ran my free hand down her body, pinched a nipple and worked my hand down to her waist. I tried to kiss her but she bit my lip and told me to get off her. She was still wriggling like crazy and trying to buck me off, my free hand trailed down her side up and down between her waist and her ribs. Then I leaned forwards, nuzzling her neck up to her ear and I coldly growled “hmmm, I’ve been wondering just how ticklish that beautiful body of yours is.”

Mel gasped and stopped wriggling, “don’t you dare, you bastard. No, please Mike please please don’t, I’m really ticklish and I can’t stand it!” Her legs were locked together, her body frozen stiff determined in her play not to let me get inside her but once I started tickling her she lost all control of her body and her legs went everywhere while she giggled like crazy.

I stopped tickling her now that I was between her legs and my cock was close to her pussy, I grabbed it with my free hand and started rubbing it up and down her wet lips. I managed to separate her lips and placed the head of my cock between them and let them close over me. I looked down into her eyes and said “you lose sweetheart, I’ve got you now and I’m going to give what a teasing little slut really needs!” I said as I started slowly easing into her.

“Oh god, you bastard! Stop, that wasn’t fair at all you’re raping me, please stop!” she said but the look in her eyes betrayed her and as she muttered on calling me horrible names she was wrapping her arms and legs round me, clinging like a limpet as she embraced me passionately with her lips kissing me frantically.

Even in this position on her back and wide open to me it took a while to work my length into her, she was incredibly tight. After a few minutes she had about 6 inches but there were a couple more to go but I was quite thick so I had to take it slow. Eventually I worked it all in and was bumping against the back of her cervix with each thrust, each bump eliciting a whimper.

I started to increase tempo until we had a nice rhythm going, she had her first orgasm after a few more minutes then I pulled out and flipped her over onto her tummy. She started to lift her hips but I spanked her a couple more times and told her to stay in that position and push her legs together. I loved this position, It was always tighter and gave a great angle for hitting her g-spot with each thrust. Plus I’m an ass man and Mel’s ass was one of the best heart shaped examples I’ve ever seen. I pushed my way back in and she was moaning again, it was clearly doing the trick so I kept it up for a while until she had another orgasm. I quickly lifted her hips into doggy, with her head still on the bed and pounded her to her 3rd orgasm. Each one for her seemed to get stronger and last longer and she was starting to get frantic again.

Then I had her ride me cowgirl, which was my favourite position. Watching her beautiful body work and grind on top of me with her boobs bouncing, her lips squishing around the base of my cock and the wonderful looks of emotion as they spread over her face. She was so wet that her legs and torso were soaked by now as were mine. After another few minutes of her grinding atop me with increasing tempo I was really starting to get close and I could tell she was closing in on another larger orgasm as well.

I grabbed hold of her pierced nipple with one hand and my other was cupping and groping her ass cheek, I wet my middle finger with her juices slowly started wiggling against her rosebud gently pushing it inside kaçak casino up to the first knuckle. She started grinding even faster and I slowly pushed my finger in and out going in slightly further each time. Her head suddenly leaned back, mouth hanging open and her eyes shut and her pussy clamped onto my cock with a death like grip. This put me over the edge and I started hosing her down internally releasing 5 or 6 huge jets of cum into her which in turn set of her final orgasm with another scream and she collapsed on top of me gently shuddering with aftershocks.

We were both exhausted and just lay there with her body lying on top of mine in a puddle of juices in a completely messed up bed. Breathing heavily, neither of us said a word for several minutes but I was starting to drift off and we were in a very uncomfortable place.

I tucked some errant strands of hair behind Mel’s ear and mentioned to her that she should go and get the shower started while I quickly changed the sheets so we weren’t going to be sleeping in puddle of our Juices all night.

She groaned at me saying “don’t wanna move, I’m not sure if I can yet… I can’t believe it!” she said opening her eyes and staring into mine “I’ve never been fucked like that before, god I’ve never had that many orgasms before and the last one almost made me feint again!”

“You were pretty fantastic yourself Mel, you must really practice your kegels cos you just about ripped my cock off with your final orgasm!” I chuckled.

She giggled as well and then started to get up but we were almost stuck together with our combines juices. “Ewww!” she said slowly sitting up “getting cold as well now!” She slowly crawled off the bed and sashayed across the room towards the shower, I watched her gorgeous bum wiggle as she walked and let out a corny wolf whistle. I could almost see her blush but she didn’t turn back towards me. I quickly jumped off the bed and pulled the dirty sheets off and put them in the hamper and replaced them with fresh new ones.

I then went and crept into the shower with her, she heard me coming but kept her back to me so I pressed myself into her back and put my arms around her waist letting the wonderful warm water wash all over us.

After a few minutes of luxuriating under the warm jets, I noticed Mel was almost falling asleep on her feet so I grabbed the soap and started washing it all over her glorious body concentrating on all the soft and curvy bits. At the end I must have spent nearly 5 minutes playing around with her ass.

Mel eventually giggled and grabbed the soap off me saying “quit playing with my ass and gimme the soap, it’s my turn!” She turned us both round and washed me down as well, focussing mainly on my cock which was now rock hard again.

“Jeez, where’d you get that thing? I can’t believe you’re hard again already”

“Hey, don’t blame me Mel. It’s your body and hands that did it!” I said slowly turning her to face the wall. “You’re to blame so you have to pay the consequences!” I said sliding all the way into her again with one slow thrust. Mel groaned the whole way and turned her head to kiss me. After a few minutes I pulled out and spun her around to face me, I grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her and she wrapped her legs around me. I slowly entered her again and we made love and kissed passionately like this for about another 10 minutes until we both came again.

We finally rinsed off, grabbed a few towels and I noticed Mel was basically asleep. I quickly wrapped her hair in a small towel and dried her off with the larger sheet, wrapped another towel around my waist and picked her up and carried her back to the bed and laid her down. I think she was already fast asleep by the time I finished drying myself and climbed into bed with her but she did roll over putting a leg over mine and a hand on my chest before drifting off. I must have drifted off straight after that.


I was slowly waking from a fantastic sex dream with Mel, I realised I was rock hard and someone was doing something to my cock. I opened my eyes and Mel was leaning over me bobbing her mouth up and down on my cock slowly. She released me from her mouth with a pop licking up the underside and around the head.

“Morning lover, I woke about 10 minutes ago and found this thing awake before you. Hope you don’t mind?” She said, still licking up and down “I love giving head and I’ve been told I’m really good so sit back and enjoy!”

With that she engulfed me again with her mouth, her eyes never leaving mine she winked and then pushed down further and then further. I couldn’t believe it, her nose was now pressed against me and she had all of my eight or so inches down her throat. She lifted up again to the head, winked at me again, grabbed my hands and placed them on the back of her head indicating she wanted me to fuck her mouth.

What can I say, I obliged her wish and took control of her head wrapping my fingers in her hair and started fucking her face. After a few minutes her eyes started to water, she pulled my hands off then pulled her mouth off me with a pop. Then in one swift motion, she moved one knee over my legs positioned my cock at her entrance and slowly slid down mounting me.

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