A Parent from the Past

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A one off story of a teacher, a parent, and an errant son. A spontaneous fling between a single parent and his teacher, and revisited years later. How complicated can it get?


Eight Years Ago.

Brad was not the best behaved kid in the school, but as his form tutor I bore an extra responsibility for when he had his ‘off’ days. However, I rather looked forward to ‘parents evenings’ when his mum, Mrs Evans, came to see me.

She was the sort of woman that made all the other dads in the hall, surreptitiously, look in her direction. And for ten minutes once a year she was all mine, or at least her concern for her son was all mine, there, across the table.

Mrs Evans was tall, like me. She was around my age, both of us were in our early forties, she was separated, I was still single. Long blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes, always perfectly made up, and with long finger nails. Legs that were tanned, and toned under knee length skirts, and high heels. Softly spoken with a slight Yorkshire accent, and dry humour to match, she had a smile that made your heart leap. She was also independently wealthy, having had both parents pass away unexpectedly.

It was in year 9 that Brad started to become a problem. Behaviour with certain teachers started to deteriorate, his grades plummeted, so much so that I had to ask Mrs Evans to come into school.

The interview went reasonably well, with Brad apologetic, and promising to improve his behaviour, and then after he had left the room, Mrs Evans, and myself, continued our conversation. It transpired that there were upsets at home, because Mrs Evans new ‘partner’ had seemed to take a disliking to Brad.

“I know I’m partly to blame Mr Harris, Nick, my partner, is a bit of an authoritarian, and Brad has such respect for his ‘real’ Dad that anyone else telling him what to do is like a red rag to a bull. And my relationship with Nick has hit a rocky patch, so there’s extra stress in the house at the moment.”

“Thank you for being so frank with me Mrs Evans, I appreciate that. I will keep a close eye on Brad. I’m going to suggest that I phone you at the end of each week, and update you on his progress?”

“That would be great Mr Harris. Look can I call you Mark, I know that’s your name, and I much prefer to be less formal if that’s ok? You’ve got my mobile number haven’t you? Can I have yours? Oh and please, please call me Caroline.”

“Usually we only use the school phone line, but certainly I’ll give you mine Mrs Evans, sorry I mean Caroline, I’m sure it won’t matter, I’ll phone you this Friday.”

And that ended the meeting with me holding open the door for Caroline to pass through, and me inhaling deeply her expensive perfume, as she passed.

Brad improved that week, and my first phone call to Caroline was short and positive. However, the following week things started to go downhill again.

On the Wednesday afternoon I found myself having to call Caroline. At first try it went to voicemail. I tried the landline, but the same thing happened, but a couple of minutes later my own mobile rang. It was Caroline, seemingly out of breath, “Sorry I didn’t pick up Mark, I thought it must be you.” In the background I became aware of a male voice talking quietly. Intuitively, I suspected I had interrupted her having sex.

Putting that to the back of my mind, difficult as it was, I related Brad’s misdemeanours. Caroline became focussed very quickly, and when I described what he’d said, and done she was horrified.

Some discussion followed, and I told her that Brad was being internally excluded for Thursday, and Friday. She couldn’t disagree, and promised that he would be ‘grounded’ for the weekend.

I said that I’d interview him on Monday morning so that he could start the next week with a clean sheet. She thanked me, and I ended the conversation by saying, “Sorry to interrupt your afternoon Caroline.”

The reply made me smile, “Oh don’t worry Mark, I’d just finished what I was doing, thank you for your efforts. Hopefully we can speak next week.”

When I spoke to Brad on Monday he opened up a bit about his mum and dad. It seemed that he missed his real dad, but it was only possible to stay with him in the ‘main’ holidays, because of distance. We both came to an agreement about the week ahead, and he would report to me every lunchtime.

Everything went well for a few days until Thursday afternoon, when Brad imploded in a French lesson. It meant another phone call to Caroline, and this time I got her straight away. It resulted in her coming into school, and taking Brad home, and him being excluded for the Friday. We didn’t have a meaningful conversation until Friday morning, and I agreed to drop in to her house on my way home.

I arrived at the very imposing house, and Caroline greeted me at the front door with rather a mixture of emotions. It transpired that she had split up with her current partner, and he had left earlier that week. Brad’s real dad had been told about the problems at school, casino oyna and had driven down to collect him for the weekend.

It was obvious that Caroline was in turmoil. I was ushered into the lounge, and Caroline already had a glass of wine, and her mascara was slightly smudged as though she had been crying. She offered me some wine, and I asked for just a small glass.

As we placed our glasses on the coffee table and sat down on the brown leather sofa Caroline burst into tears. Unsure what to do I put my arm around her shoulder and said, “Come on Caroline, I know it’s been a really bad week. Brad will come through all this, I’m sure, he knows you love him, and he will help you get over your man too.”

Her shoulders were shaking, and her tears were flowing. I pulled out my handkerchief and offered it to her. Her sad face turned towards me, and with a half smile, she dabbed her eyes.

“Mark I’m so grateful for what you’re doing for Brad. I’ve made such a mess of my life, wrong choices, wrong men.”

“Look, we all make mistakes Caroline, you’re a beautiful woman, a good mum, and you’ve so much going for you. It looks like you’ve got tonight to yourself, just chill, but don’t drink too much, I’ll sort Brad out on Monday.”

I wasn’t sure if I’d said too much, but what happened next seemed to happen in slow motion.

Caroline shifted towards me, took my face between the two palms of her hands, and very gently kissed me. I closed my eyes momentarily. As our lips parted, I blinked, and those piercing blue eyes drew me in. I leaned forward, and we kissed again. Caroline’s mouth opened to me, and she melted into my arms.

“Mark don’t leave me on my own this evening, cuddle me.”

Slightly confused by the mixed signals, I replied, “I’ll stay, I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing, being your son’s teacher, but I’m going nowhere.”

Pulling away she picked up her glass of red, and lay back on one end of the sofa. Taking a large swig of wine she pulled her long legs up onto the sofa, and asked, “Why are you still single Mark? You’re not gay, I think I can tell that after kissing you, women must fancy you.”

I laughed out loud. “I’ve had one or two, but the one I really wanted was married, so I keep casting my net.”

I took a sip, and lay back on the opposite end of the sofa. I kicked off my shoes, and sighed.

“Well as I told you just now, I go for all the wrong guys. Right from losing my cherry at fourteen, to my darling ex husband, and the bastard who left this week.”

“You can have your pick, I guess Caroline, men are more uncertain about reading the signals from women.”

Caroline smiled as she emptied her glass. Turning to put her glass down, she brought one knee up towards her chin, letting her skirt ride up over her thighs. She followed my gaze as I stared at her white, silk panties, covering her pussy.

“Would you pour me another glass Mark, please?”

“Of course.” And as I stood up I realised my cock was responding to the view.

Caroline was on her third glass now, and as I placed it on the table she grabbed my wrist, making me sit down beside her.

“Kiss me again Mark, I like the way you kiss.” Caroline was getting quite drunk, and she giggled as she spoke.

“I’ll kiss you only if you stop drinking, i want to be able to find out more about you, and that won’t happen if you’re pissed out of your head!”

She gave me the glass, and let me put it out of reach.

“Now come here,” she ordered. Again I sat beside her, and she pulled me down. This time the kisses were more hurried, our mouths devouring each other, our tongues searching all the time for the ascendancy.

With a long moan Caroline pulled away. “Help me up Mr Harris, I need a pee.”

As I watched her walk unsteadily to the loo, I went back to the end of the sofa pondering Caroline’s teasing. I was back to misreading signals.

She reappeared, walking in a much straighter line, and before sitting down, she looked at me, and defiantly took a sip of wine.

“You like teasing men?”

“It’s a hobby of mine,” she said, smiling broadly, and at the same time returning to her reclining position on the sofa. As if to reinforce her words, she again drew her knee up to her chin. The teasing had been notched up a level. Again her skirt rode up, her shapely thighs parted a little, and her eyes watched my face, as I could clearly see the definition of her pussy lips, now naked and swollen.

“I see what you mean,” my mouth was dry.

Caroline was enjoying every second. Indeed, as she watched my reaction, she began to unbutton her blouse, one button after another. I could feel my heart beating faster, and my cock stiffening. Caroline had decided that there was no turning back, the alcohol had taken over. Standing up beside me, she let her clothes drop to the floor, until I could see her true sexual beauty just inches away. I could feel the heat from her body, I was absorbing the musky smell of desire from her pussy.

She canlı casino dropped to her knees, and started to unbutton my shirt. Pulling it off, her fingers unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my fly. I lifted up slightly, and she slid my trousers, and boxers off. My cock stood proud.

Fixing my eyes with her stare, she rubbed her voluptuous breasts back and forth across my cock, the erect nipples snagging as they passed over the head. The expression on my face must have amused her. She smiled, and lowering her head took the tip of my cock between her lips. Our eyes were still locked, but when her tongue snaked round the head, I moaned out loud, and closed my eyes.

I felt her mouth take me as far as it could, then dragging her teeth gently backwards along its length, she plunged her head down again as far as she could. She kept repeating this, and I could hear myself groaning out loud. My hands felt for her body, one stroking the outline of her ass, and the other wanting to feel her breasts, but unable to reach them, without stopping her mouth doing what it was doing.

And then amazingly as she pressed my cock to the back of her mouth for the umpteenth time, it slid into her throat, until her face was pressing into my abdomen. Quickly she withdrew, but pushed down again taking me all the way. I watched as she withdrew again, great slavers of spit and dribble hanging from her mouth and chin. One last time she took my cock into her throat before lifting her head, and wiping her face. She knew she’d taken me close, but looked with satisfaction at the saliva glistening on the length of my cock.

Raising herself above me, and fixing me with those blue eyes once more, she lowered her soaking pussy onto me. Feeling her cunt swallow me up, and then being able to pull her breasts towards my mouth completed my journey around her erogenous zones. I suckled her nipples, adding her gasps to my moans. Slowly she rotated her hips, grinding her clit into me. Her journey to orgasm had begun, and she was in the driver’s seat.

I tried to switch my mind to cruise control, I wanted to last under this onslaught of sexual attention from such an amazing woman. It’s always a dilemma, if you close your eyes your mind can lose focus, if you look at the body moving above you, it can be too arousing.

Caroline was breathing faster, she started to pinch her own nipples. Her grinding moved between fast and slow, she started to give low groans, and higher pitched cries. Her eyes were shut, her mouth open, her tongue sliding over her lips. Suddenly her head went back, a long cry came from her throat to fill the room, her whole lower body shook, and I felt a gush of wetness in my groin.

That was the signal for me to let go, I felt my cock erupt, my spunk spurting deep into the folds of Caroline’s cunt. She felt it too. She opened her eyes, and connecting her eyes to mine she gasped again, squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles.

She collapsed on top of me, and we clung to each other. I heard her whisper, “My god Mark that was sooooo good.”

I could feel my cock diminishing inside her. As she rolled aside I sat up and kissed her. The sofa was soaked in Caroline’s juices, and my cum was dribbling from her pussy, adding to the cocktail on the leather.

There was a temptation to stay the night, but I was realising how complicated this might become. And Caroline needed space to sort her relationships out. I guess by the next morning we both knew it had been a ‘one off.’

As it transpired, Brad’s behaviour improved overall. There were a few ups and downs. I continued to phone Caroline once a week, until the end of year nine, and then it became unnecessary as he seemed to mature. He progressed academically, and eventually went to uni. I heard very little over the years until the summer of this year.

Fast Forward Eight Years.

I was browsing the coffee machines in the John Lewis store when someone behind me said, “Sir, fancy seeing you, it’s been ages.”

I turned, and there was that split second of delayed recognition, and the realisation that it was Brad. Much bigger, more mature, but it was Brad.

“Well you look good, and you’ve grown, how’s things been? What have you been up to?” I asked.

“I’ve just graduated from uni, sir, I did history, and got a 2:1,” he paused, and then he added, “a whole lot of it’s down to you.”

“I don’t know about that Brad, you’ve obviously worked very hard.”

“Hello Mr Harris, after all these years, we meet again.” The voice was still the same, and when I turned, the eyes still worked their magic.

“Hello again Caroline, you look great.”

For a moment I was thinking that that statement might seem odd to Brad so I added, smiling, “Brad must have improved a lot, you’ve got no worry lines.”

“He’s done so well, and so much of it is down to you.” Caroline said warmly.

“I just did my job, but thanks, I’m pleased for you both.”

Caroline interrupted, “Look, we’re having a double celebration at ours this Saturday, kaçak casino for Brad’s graduation, and it’s my…please don’t shout it…my fiftieth. There I’ve said it.”

I laughed out loud, and joked, “You don’t look a day over forty-nine Caroline,” as I stepped back to avoid the playful punch. “Yes I’d love to come, do you still live in the same place?”

“Yes, but I’ve married again, so you can meet Tim, my new hubby, and there’ll also be parents, and the kids that you used to teach.”

“I’ll look forward to it, great, see you on Saturday.”

Brad, and Caroline walked off, leaving me to contemplate the past eight years.

Saturday arrived, and I’d bought a very good bottle of claret, so I dressed in chinos, and cotton shirt, and I got a taxi to the party.

I was greeted by Caroline, and her new husband Tim. After the introductions, Tim took me into the lounge where a small group of men were chatting. Joining them the conversation was all about wealth, and possessions, and I felt like the proverbial fish out of water. Tim seemed the flashiest man there, and I wondered how he had attracted Caroline.

When I couldnt stand the chat anymore, I wandered into the conservatory, and a couple of ex pupils came over to talk to me. It was great to catch up, and find out where they were at with their careers.

A number of parents were also good to talk to, some I remembered well, others not so well.

Mrs Wilkins, who was an attractive red head, came over with her daughter Debbie, who I’d taught for five years. She’d always been cheeky, and pushed every boundary. She was one of four friends who I had christened the ‘gang of four,’ and who were all absolute horrors.

“Hello Mr Harris,” said Mrs Wilkins, “Great to see you here. I’m glad I can add to the congratulations. I know you did a lot to help Brad, he’s come good hasn’t he?”

“Thanks, yes, but he’s worked hard. And well done to you Debbie, everyone here has really excelled, I’m so pleased.”

“It’s good to see you again sir, my favourite teacher.” Debbie smiled cheekily.

“Hmmmmm, they all say that,” I replied, with irony, “How are the others in the ‘gang?’ They’re not here tonight.”

“No, but I still see them all, we are all still very bad!”

“So I’d better watch out during these holidays then.”

Debbie eventually left to talk to a friend, while Mrs Wilkins kept me in conversation a while longer.

“I’ve seen you in Waitrose a couple of times Mr Harris, but either I’ve always been with someone else, or you’ve looked in a hurry, but I’ll make a point of saying hello next time.”

“Please do Mrs Wilkins, I’m quite approachable,” I said laughing.

Mrs Wilkins apologised and said, “I’d better get back to hubby, or he’ll feel neglected, but I’ve loved our chat, bye for now.”

By ten o’ clock most people were getting into the party spirit, with wine flowing, and lots of laughter. I had a long conversation with Brad, and we joked about the bad times. Caroline joined us, and was rather jolly with wine. When Brad left us, we carried on chatting, and I asked about Tim, and said that I was surprised that she’d taken the plunge again.

“Wrong choice again I’m afraid,” Caroline whispered to me. “I keep doing it. I should have kept hold of you Mark, not let you go home that night.” She smiled, and squeezed my arm. Those eyes made me want her again.

At that moment Tim arrived, and in a gruff voice, pretty much ordered her to sort something out in the kitchen. I had to bite my tongue when I saw his attitude, and I walked off into the garden.

It was a lovely summer’s night, however, despite it being warm, there were only one or two guests outside, maybe smoking a cigarette, or just taking the air. I wandered down the garden path, which went in a loop around the lawn, and led back to the rear of the garage, and the kitchen door. As I nearly got to the kitchen door, it opened, and out stepped Caroline, obviously upset.

She saw me, and came directly towards me.

“Bastard! I hate him,” she spat out the words, “Oh Mark please give me a hug.”

I put my arms around her, and pulled her close. In the semi darkness she looked up at me, and we kissed.

“Let’s be careful Caroline, we might be seen.” I said, still with her in my arms.

She took my hand, and led me to the rear door of the garage.

“In here.” And we stepped inside. The double garage contained some cupboards, a ride on mower, and a long chest freezer.

Caroline shut the door, and threw herself into my arms once more. The memories of her body came flooding back. I felt the softness, the curves, smelt her perfume. She must have felt me hard against her, as we kissed longingly. Both of us responded, and I felt her fumbling to undo my zip and belt.

“Look, we haven’t got long.” she whispered, and stepping away, she hoisted up her dress around her waist, bent over the chest freezer, and spread her legs. “Fuck me, Mark, fuck me hard.”

She wore no knickers, and in the dark I just grabbed her hips, and forced myself inside her. I thrust hard, I kept pounding, and pounding, pulling her onto me. Both of us were in a hurry, but we were also trying not to make too much noise.

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