A Night of Many Orgasms

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Unlike the average 18-year old about to graduate from high school, Katie was actually at home on Saturday night. She hadn’t had a date in over a month and didn’t see the point in trying anymore. None of the boys in her grade interested her and she didn’t like the idea of starting a relationship just in time to see it shatter to pieces when they both went to college. She was pretty enough; her bright blue eyes and decently sized breasts usually attracted men by the dozens, but it just didn’t matter right now.

She was sitting on the couch in a tank top and sweats, watching some boring reality show, when the doorbell rang. Puzzled, she glanced up at the clock and noticed it was 11 o’clock. “Who could that be?” she muttered under her breath, getting up and walking over to the door.

Katie pulled the door open and was shocked to see her best friend Allie standing on the front steps, dressed up in a blue blouse and skirt. She was so surprised that she didn’t notice the distraught state her friend was in at first. “Allie? Are you okay?”

She shook her head, her long dark brown hair tossing about, and walked past Katie inside. After kicking off her shoes, she plopped down onto the couch with a sigh. “Not really.” Tears started to run down her face.

Katie followed Allie to the couch and sat down next to her, hugging her friend. “What happened? Did Bill do something to you?”

Allie laughed a laugh completely devoid of humor. “No. Nothing at all.”

“Um, then why are you crying?”

“These aren’t sad tears, Katie,” she said, nestling close. “They’re frustrated tears.”

“Frustrated tears? What are you talking about?”

Allie pulled away from Katie and looked into her eyes. “I was with Bill tonight, as you probably knew. After we went to the movie, he took me back to his place and we started to fool around. Clothes started to come off and he asked if we could have sex without the condom just once.”

“What? What did you say?”

“I told him sure. I’m on the pill, I know he’s clean. At that moment, I didn’t care. We started to…you know, and before I knew it, I could feel him…cumming inside of me. It was weird.”

“Is that why you’re crying? You didn’t like the feeling?”

Allie managed a giggle. “No, it kind of felt nice. It’s what happened next. I didn’t quite get off so I asked him to go down on me. He outright refused. He didn’t want to risk tasting himself. After that, he rolled over and started to fall asleep. I couldn’t believe how selfish he was being so I stormed out. Your house was closer than mine so I came here.”

Katie tucked a stray strand of hair, a few shades lighter brown than her friend’s, behind her ear. “Wow. So, you’re crying because you’re still…horny?”

With a nod, Allie said, “It’s unbearable. I need to get my mind off it or I’m going to go crazy. Do you think I could stay here tonight?”

“Of course.” Katie gave her another quick hug. “My parents won’t mind.”

Allie stood, looking uncomfortable. “Hey, do you mind if I take a shower? I still need to clean up.” Her face turned a bright red.

“Yeah, sure. You know where it is. Just let me know if you need anything.”

“Thanks.” Allie turned and walked down the hallway. The door never shut. Allie always left the bathroom door open whenever it was just the two of them in the house. She wasn’t shy around Katie.

Katie sat back against the couch, her mind racing. She had never been in a situation like this, not even with Allie. Sure, they had talked about sex with each other before, but this was quite personal. As she thought about what Allie had said, images of what might have took place filled her mind unwillingly. A vivid image of thick, milky semen dripping from her friend’s pussy shot through her head. Down low, she felt a twinge of arousal. Shaking her head, she pushed the image from her mind.

Pity came next. She had had a few case of sexual frustration over the years and it was unbearably uncomfortable. A few frustration tears of her own had been cried, that was for sure. Katie wanted to help Allie but didn’t really know how to. It wasn’t like she could just offer to get her best friend off. Shrugging to no one at all, she stood and walked down the hallway towards her room.

Katie could hear the shower running as she walked by the bathroom door. Without thinking, she peeked in and stopped dead when she heard Allie’s low moans. She leaned forward involuntarily and peered through the curtain. It wasn’t much of a privacy curtain, too sheer to really hide much. Katie could see Allie’s form pretty well, legs spread and hands between her legs. The twinge from earlier came back, much more powerful than the first time.

She knew she move away from the door but couldn’t. Hearing and watching Allie relieve her sexual frustration had frozen Katie in place and it seemed that nothing could make her move. She watched as the slightly clouded form of her friend started to push a couple of fingers up into her pussy and heard the moans take on a more fevered pitch.

The sound of her phone bahis firmaları receiving a text message was what finally managed to break the paralysis. Allie didn’t hear a thing, she just kept pumping away with the fingers of one hand and rubbing furiously with the other. Katie crept away from the bathroom, summoning a large portion of her will to do so, and managed to reach her bedroom.

The text message had been from Bill. He was looking for Allie and wanted to know if Katie had seen her. She responded by saying that she had not seen his girlfriend and that she probably just went home and went to bed. Nothing was sent back. Putting her phone down, she tried to remember why she had been going to her bedroom in the first place but couldn’t. The sights and sounds of Allie masturbating in her shower had completely wiped it from her mind.

With a sigh, she knew that she would have to go back past the bathroom. Quickening her pace, Katie tried to walk past the bathroom as fast as she could. Unfortunately, she arrived at the worst possible time. Allie’s moans had escalated to their peak; she was having her orgasm. Katie urged her feet to take her away from this private moment but they refused. Her whole body trembled and begged her to pleasure it in the same way.

Finally, the moans died down and Allie’s position relaxed. Katie breathed a sigh of relief and started to move forward when she heard, “Katie?”

Had she seen Katie watching? She started to panic but realized that her name had been yelled, obviously meant to travel down the hallway. She stepped out of the doorway and moved a comfortable amount of space down the hall before answering. “Yeah, Allie?”

“I don’t suppose I could borrow a pair of underwear? I know it’s gross but mine are kind of…you know.”

Another twinge. “Uh, okay. I’ll get you some other stuff too. You might as well change out of those old clothes and into some fresh ones.

“Thanks, Katie. You’re a great friend.”

Katie walked past the bathroom for the third time, managing to not look this time. Sounds of the shower curtain sliding back and Allie climbing out of the shower followed her. She went to her dresser and pawed through her drawers, pulling out an older pair of panties and a matching light blue cotton shirt and pajama bottoms.

Allie was drying herself off when Katie returned, giving her friend a full-frontal shot. Allie didn’t blink at all; Katie blushed slightly. She handed Allie the clothes with a nervous smile. “Feel better?” came out of her mouth before she could stop herself.

“Much. Thanks for the clothes, Katie.”

“It’s okay,” she responded with a nervous grin. “Do you want me to wash your old ones? I have to put a load in anyways and I figure, might as well.”

Allie had slipped on Katie’s old underwear as she said this. “That would be great. Much easier than trying to explain it to my mom tomorrow.” She bent down and scooped up the wrinkled clothes, handing them gently to Katie.

Katie stepped gingerly into the dark laundry room, fumbling for the light switch. The sudden bright light made her blink rapidly before the room came into focus. There weren’t any other clothes waiting to be washed; she had lied to Allie. She knew that if she offered to clean them just for her, she would have told her not to bother.

Opening up the washer, she tossed each piece of clothing in. First the blue blouse and then the skirt, a small stain that looked fairly recent near the bottom. Last were Allie’s underwear and Katie couldn’t help but sneak a peek. A not-quite dry smear of what looked to be bodily fluid lined the inside. She shuttered involuntarily; she had never really liked Bill and seeing some of his semen was not something she had ever wanted to do. The underwear were tossed in with the others and she finished setting up the wash cycle with practiced movements.

When she got back to the living room, Allie had already taken a seat on the couch. She smiled as Katie walked into the room and took a seat next to her. “Find anything good?” she asked as she settled into a comfortable sitting position.

“Just some old movie. I’ve seen it before but I remember really liking it. Is this okay?”

Katie nodded. “Sure. I wasn’t watching anything interesting when you got here anyway. Just another boring Saturday night.”

“Usually, I’d agree with you. Tonight, I would have traded you in a heartbeat.”

Katie didn’t know what to say to that so she didn’t say anything at all. The two girls just sat there and watched the movie, each half paying attention for their own reasons. Katie couldn’t focus because her body had become quite aroused after the peep show she had gotten of her own friend. No matter how she tried, the images and sounds would not leave her head. Her body ached to be touch but she couldn’t really do such a thing now. Not to mention that it was creepy thinking about Allie in that way.

She was distracted but not distracted enough to notice that Allie was fidgeting quite a bit. Her position on the couch changed every couple kaçak iddaa of minutes. It seemed random at first but she soon noticed that it was all in service of getting better access to that special area between her legs. If she looked anywhere near the direction of Allie, she would sit extremely straight for a moment until Katie looked away.

Katie started to watch the teen out of the corner of her eye. Allie didn’t seem to notice. Her hands grew bolder, venturing between her legs and rubbing gently. Allie’s mouth opened in a silent moan of approval and her face began to flush a feverish red. Katie felt her own body mimicking these conditions but couldn’t find the courage to be as bold. Instead, she simply watched for what seemed an eternity.

The loud buzz of the washer finishing its cycle made the both of them jump. Allie’s hands flew to her sides and her eyes glanced around accusingly. Katie couldn’t help but giggle a little and the two of them laughed together. “I guess I should go put those in the dryer. Be back in a couple of minutes.” She pretended to trod off grudgingly but needed the reprieve.

She took a few deep breaths in the laundry room, trying to calm herself down. Every part of her was screaming for attention but she focused on pulling Allie’s clothes out of the washer and sticking in them in the dryer instead. Slowly, her mind let the images fade away and the slight tremble in her hands began to stop. After another few deep breaths to steel herself, she walked back towards the living room.

As she reached the entryway, something odd about what she was hearing occurred to her. What sounded like moans were interspersed with the normal television sounds. Peeking into the room, Katie gasped quietly in surprise. Allie was straddling the arm of the couch and grinding her pussy into it at a rapid rate, eyes close and her breaths short and punctuated with somewhat loud moans. Her hand was pushed up under her shirt, massaging the breast beneath gently.

She was masturbating again? How horny was she? Before she could move or say anything, Allie’s body shook in obvious orgasmic throes. Katie’s body thrummed with sexual energy, begging her to do the same. Instead, she stuck her hands under her arms and clenched her teeth, wanting to look away but unable to tear her gaze off the beautiful sight.

Allie’s eyes began to open so Katie hurriedly stepped back a few feet into the hallway. After another minute or so, she walked into the room with as much stoicism as she could muster. Allie’s face was still flush red and her breathing was just beginning to calm down. Katie sat and asked shakily, “How’s the movie?”

Allie didn’t seem to notice. “Okay, I guess. Not really interesting.”

“We could do something else. Go to my room, listen to some music and mess around on the computer?”

“Sure. Sounds like fun.” Allie hopped up and stretched her arms over her head.

Katie stood too and turned off the television, leading the way into her bedroom. She turned when she was inside and saw that Allie was still standing in the doorway. “What is it, Allie?”

She blushed and bounced on her feet a little. “Um, I kind of need a new pair of underwear. I guess I didn’t get completely clean.” Katie made a face automatically, one that Allie mistakenly took as disgust. “I’m so sorry. I should have done a better job in the shower. I can…”

Katie waved a hand. “No, it’s okay. I don’t really wear those anymore anyways.” She tried her hand at a small laugh, sounding completely fake to her ears but making Allie smile. “Just take them off and I’ll go put them in the laundry room. Take whichever pair you want out of my drawer.”

Allie pulled off her pants and underwear, letting Katie get another view of her pussy. Allie didn’t seem to notice the slight glisten of her wetness but Katie sure did, gulping almost in pain. As soon as she was handed the dirty underwear, she scampered out of the room as fast as she could without attracting any attention. Her feet carried her hastily to the laundry room.

Katie shut the door behind her and stared at the pair of panties in her hand. Turning them over, she peered inside and noticed that they were quite wet. She could instantly smell Allie’s scent, her breathing intensifying. It reminded her of her own, slightly different, but in a good way. Her own pussy began to moisten simply from the pungent aroma.

It took every ounce of her willpower to tear her eyes away from the delicious panties. Washing just one pair of underwear would be such a waste and might make her mom ask questions. Looking around frantically, she spied a basket full of her clean clothes that she hadn’t brought back to her room yet. She tucked them inside, pushing it near the bottom of the pile. They could just be thrown into another load tomorrow, when her mother wasn’t paying attention. Her body began to calm immediately. Sighing, she picked up the basket and carried it back with her.

Allie was sitting at her computer desk when she got back. Dropping the basket in the corner, Katie went over kaçak bahis and joined her. “What are you looking at?”

“Remember how we took all those pictures at the park a few weeks ago? I finally put them all online. Look, they turned out really well.”

Katie put all her focus into the pictures, trying to calm her raging hormones down for the night. After the pictures, they watched some funny Youtube videos. Next came a bunch of music and they danced and laughed. The sexual feelings never quite disappeared but they were enough out of mind that she didn’t feel the need to worry about it.

Before they knew it, it was almost 1 in the morning. Katie yawned loudly, and plopped down onto the bed, worn out. “Wow, I’m getting tired. Are you ready to go to sleep?”

Allie was standing and stretching with a yawn of her own. “Sure. Do you want me to sleep on the couch?”

Katie frowned at her. “Of course not. You can sleep in here with me. There’s plenty of room.” They had done it several times before. She wondered why Allie suddenly had second thoughts about such a thing. She stood and walked to the door. “If you don’t mind, I’m going to get ready for bed first. Give me a few to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, okay? Unless you want to go first?”

“No, go ahead,” Allie responded with a shake of her head. “I’ll just lay here and gather a bit of energy.”

Katie went into the bathroom and shut the door. She sat to pee and noticed that she felt rather calm and collected now. Calm enough to go to bed, at any rate. She felt relieved, not sure she could sleep with Allie in such a horny state. Finishing up, she stood and brushed her teeth diligently before leaving the bathroom and stepping back towards the bedroom.

Looking in, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Allie had her pajama bottoms and underwear pulled down around her ankles and her legs spread as far as they would go. In her hand and being thrust into her pussy was a dildo that Katie recognized as her own. All the horniness from earlier came back quickly and more intense than ever. Even more unfortunate was her timing: Katie had again arrived at the best possible moment to witness her orgasm.

Her moans were loud enough that she couldn’t possibly have thought she wouldn’t be caught. The squishing noises her pussy was making made Katie shiver with anticipation. Timidly, her hand rubbed her own pussy through her sweats. Before she could do much, Allie’s eyes opened so quickly that she pulled her hand away with a gasp. Their eyes met, showing equal amounts of embarrassment. Allie’s face reddened even further but she couldn’t stop now.

In fact, it almost seemed like she pushed the dildo deeper in after seeing Katie standing there. After riding the final waves of her orgasm out, she pulled the dildo from her body with a slight moan and put her legs together, denying Katie the sight she was enjoying so much. “Um, hi.”

Katie walked into the room, breathing heavily herself, and sat at the end of the bed. “Hey.”

An awkward silence followed. Allie pulled up her underwear and pants the rest of the way and sat the glistening dildo on the bedside stand. It was her who broke the silence. “I’m so sorry, Katie. I was just so horny and couldn’t help myself.”

“I know.” She gulped loudly and added, “I’ve seen you each time tonight. In the shower, on the couch, and now.”

Allie’s brush deepened. “Oh my God, really? I can’t believe you saw that. I was just so frustrated after Bill that I couldn’t help myself. I knew you would probably catch me but I kept doing it anyway.” She almost sounded in tears by the end of this.

Katie noticed and looked up at her. “Hey, it’s okay. I understand. You think I’ve never been frustrated like that before?” She hugged her, spying the dildo still drying on the stand. “I kind of wish you hadn’t used my dildo without asking…”

Allie stiffened with a sniffle. “Oh, God, you must hate me.”

Pulling away from her, Katie looked into her eyes with a smile. “I’m just teasing. It can be washed.” Allie smiled sheepishly. “Speaking of washing, do I need to wash those underwear too?”

Allie shuffled around a little, her eyes distant, before responding. “Um, yeah, I think so. These are kind of wet now too…”

Another awkward silence. “Well, your clothes should be dry by now. Good thing too. I was running out of clean underwear,” Katie joked. The two girls’ eyes met and for a second, Katie thought she had angered her. Instead, they both burst out laughing.

Katie was still laughing when she walked down the hallway to the laundry room and pulled Allie’s now clean clothes out of the dryer. Tucking them under her arm, she carried them back to the bedroom. “Here you go. Might as well just change the underwear and change into the others tomorrow. Not very comfy for sleeping.”

Allie took them with a nod went to the bathroom to get ready for bed and change. When she returned, they both climbed into bed and turned off the lights, both yawning with exhaustion. Allie was out in just a couple of minutes. Katie, however, could not fall asleep no matter how much she tried. A pang of horniness remained and burned hotly beneath her breast. Trying to clear her mind did no good; thoughts of Allie masturbating just kept coming back.

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