A Night at the Lake House Ch. 02

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It had been years since Gina had a sex partner, and even though this was her brother, she was drunk, high, horny, and ready to do whatever she could to get the good, hard fuck she so desperately desired. Even if he wasn’t ready to escalate to a new, never-before-experienced level of naughty, anything they did tonight would be better for her than the solo masturbation she had planned for the shower before the storm hit. So she grabbed the t-shirt she had teasingly deposited on the chair a few minutes earlier and used it to wipe the cum from his neck, and then his stomach. She hesitated for a moment, but when he didn’t stop her she also mopped the cum off his hand, his scrotum, and his softening dick. She made sure that every drop was cleaned.

Mark had gotten a much-needed naughty encounter by jerking off while looking at his sister’s soft, naked body. During his teens years this was a recurring fantasy that was finally fulfilled as an adult. But through all the times he masturbated while imagining her naked back then, he never considered fantasizing about her cleaning the cum off his dick, or imagined how amazing it would feel as she gently touched him. Even though he just came, he was pretty sure he felt himself starting to get hard again while she willingly touched his dick for the first time.

After she finished Mark turned on this side to give her more room in the oversized chair. She rolled on her back but shyly pulled one knee across the other in an attempt to seduce him with some semblance of innocence. Her feet still by his head, he grabbed her crossed knee and moved it away from her other leg to spread them so he had a perfect view of her exposed pussy. As he waited for her start giving herself pleasure he absent-mindedly caressed her knee closest to him.

Gina slid her hand between her legs, closed her eyes, and scrolled through her reel of stored fantasies. Like thousands of lonely nights before, each one flashed by as she searched for one that would help her have the orgasm she desperately craved. But she quickly landed on her newest, most recent erotic image – the look of desire on her big brother’s face as he stroked his dick using her panties. Once she found that perfect fantasy, her hand quickly went between her legs.

When her finger touched her clitoris, her hips instinctively pushed up to meet her touch. Like too many times before, her finger tip then slid downward looking for the opening between her lips where she would coax it to being wet. Tonight she would need no persuasion – a few minutes earlier she felt herself getting wet as she slid her panties down her legs and deposited them on Mark’s erection. And as she watched streams of cum shoot across his chest and neck and stomach, she knew just the slightest touch would make her orgasm as well and provide delicious release for months of repressed sexual tension.

But she wasn’t ready yet – instead of instantly sliding her finger in she reversed course and let the full length of that same finger slide back up her clit while her hips pushed downward. She repeated these motions again and again, gently rocking her hips while teasing her womanhood with her very familiar touch. When when she could wait no more she slid a finger inside her very wet pussy.

Mark was lost in the show. He had a weakness for watching women’s hips move to sexual stimulation. Jenn knew this and used it to manipulate him, but Gina didn’t yet know his weaknesses or desires. She was learning as she watched his response to her, and she loved that the more she moved, the weaker he became – and the more she enjoyed the tease.

At first Mark was absent-mindedly caressing her knee while watching her explore herself, but when she finally slid a finger in he started losing control. It was a very quick journey from caressing her knee to her inner thigh to brushing against her hand as she pleasured herself. So close to her formerly forbidden womanhood he no longer cared if what they were doing was wrong or what people would do if they found out. He needed to exorcise the demons of his adolescence and finally experience the lust that tormented his teen years. While her finger was still inside her pussy, Mark slid his middle finger inside as well and let it mingle with hers in the wetness between her legs.

Gina gasped when he went inside her – she had had two fingers inside her many times, but never from two different people. It was a very canlı bahis different feeling as they were each doing different things and giving different pleasures. But Mark’s fingers were longer, stronger, and he had many years experience pleasuring women. He quickly found his way to her G-spot and pushed on it once. All the erotic movements from her body immediately stopped as she went rigid from being touched this way for the first time in so many years. He touched it again and she screamed out in what could have been mistaken as pain if not for the look of pleasure on her face.

Now Mark knew he had her so continued rubbing her g-spot while watching her writhe as she quickly neared orgasm. When he saw her back begin to arch he put continuous pressure on that most sensitive area and enjoyed the screams she made as her most intense orgasm in years raced from where his finger touched her to every finger, toe, and hair follicle of her body. Her legs clamped tightly on his hand as wave after delicious wave of orgasm raced through her body. And when pleasure subsided and the tension was gone she collapsed in exhaustion on the chair she shared with her big brother, naked and sexually satisfied for the first time in many years.

When Mark and Jenny had sex, there was time after her first orgasm to talk, laugh, tease, kiss, explore, and get ready for the next event. He didn’t think that was what either he or Gina needed, so he quickly thought of what other teenage fantasies she could help him resolve tonight. It wasn’t until his first girlfriend, a year after judging the cutest panties contest, that he learned about eating pussy. He had never really fantasized about that with Gina while she was running around their childhood home wearing mesh panties that added to his masturbation addiction, but tonight he was going to add it to his forbidden mental repertoire. Before she could recover from her first orgasm, Mark greedily dove between her thighs and further spread her somewhat open legs. For a moment he breathed in her female scent, stronger and sexier than that he had earlier inhaled from her panties. Then with no teasing as all, he buried his face in her wetness. She gasped for breath as one intense pleasure was followed immediately by another. She grabbed his head and tried to pulled him deep inside her, moaning loudly as he alternated between sticking his tongue fully inside her and then gently flicking it across her clit. Then she lost all control of her body as she felt her back begin to arch once again, and less than two minutes after her first orgasm spread through her body, a second one, even more intense, followed.

“Stop, stop – I can’t take it anymore…” she panted between desperate attempts to catch her breath. “I need a break.”

Mark was hoping she hadn’t suddenly decided that their night together was too forbidden. Earlier in the night after seeing her in panties for the first time in over 30 years he would have been perfectly happy sneaking off for a little solo-satisfaction fantasizing about her shapely ass moving side-to-side while covered in only the flimsiest material. But after seeing her naked, and then touching her naked body, and finally giving her loud, thunderous orgasms, he desperately wanted more. This was a new situation, and he wasn’t sure what to say or do, but it didn’t take long for him to find out the night wasn’t over just yet. She sat up, and as he wondered what was about to happen she put her hand in his chest and pushed him back until he was lying down. She reached over and touched his dick that had been almost fully erect as he went down on her but had softened as she asked him to stop. But as soon as she bent over and took it in her mouth, he was immediately hard and ready for something more.

Gina took Mark fully into her mouth then slowly let his erection slide out glistening with her saliva. She did this a few times before letting him fall out of her mouth. When the tip of his erection was just a fraction of an inch from her very talented lips, she cut her eyes up to look at him.

“So are you OK with this, big brother?” For emphasis she again took him in her mouth.

“Let’s see… I’ve already let you watch me jack off. And then I made you cum with my hand… And then I made you cum with my mouth… and then I was hard as a rock so soon after cumming… I think I’m probably OK with this. How `bout you?”

Mark was pretty sure he knew her answer bahis siteleri by the way she mercilessly teased his very hard erection. It would still be nice (and naughty) to hear her say that she wanted to continue with their forbidden adventure.

“Yeah, I’m good. I have to admit, my first time being naughty in forever has been pretty hot – and very satisfying.”

Gina looked like she had something else she wanted say as her gaze wandered off for a moment. But the blank look quickly turned intense as she decided to blurt out her next question.

“So do you wanna fuck?” she asked in an almost pleading voice.

He didn’t have to think at all as he responded. The fantasy of fucking his oldest sister dominated his teen years and even still occasionally found its way in to adult late-night fantasies.

“Yeah, since about the time you started running around Mom and Dad’s house in panties and a t-shirt. And twice since you told me you made out with Kimmie. Yeah, I definitely wanna fuck…” he said happy to use the same suggestive language she was using.

With a very naughty grin she again teasingly sucked his even harder dick. Again she looked cut her eyes up to him while brushing her lips against his head.

“Are she sure you can do it again so soon” she teased?” You’re not as young as you used to be…”

“Don’t worry about me…” he said as he used his 6’2″ body to lift all 5-feet of her and flip her on her back on the ottoman they shared. “You just get that t-shirt ready to clean up an even bigger mess!”

Once he had her on her back he forced her hands down above her head and put his knees between hers. He then used the strength of his longer, more powerful legs to force her legs open. Jenn was 5’8″, and most of the women he dated before her were also tall. Gina was his first-ever short girl, and he wasn’t sure how different it would be. Marveling at how small she was he laid his hard dick on her stomach to see how much further into her it would go compared to Jenn. Satisfied that he wouldn’t hurt her he put the head of his dick at the opening of her pussy. But instead of pushing it in he scanned her head to toe and stored the image for use during a cold winter night’s solo fantasy: he memorized the smooth whiteness of her skin, the intense look of desire on her face, and her large, full REAL breasts that were even sexier now as an adult woman than he remembered them being as a teenage boy full of lust. He studied her small waist that curved in to full, womanly hips, and then her short, sexy legs with tiny feet and red toe nails. And between those short, sexy, spread legs was a triangular patch of hair covering her pussy with the head of his so-willing dick poised to enter her. With this image committed to memory he pushed the head inside her.

For too many years Gina had mostly cum to the touch of her finger with only an occasional vibrator to really fill and satisfy her pussy. Andy, her very conservative, older husband, was totally opposed to toys so they were a rare treat for her when he was away. Tonight, the pleasure of Mark pushing his dick into her was beyond intense, but years of near abstinence had made her tight. She grabbed his hips and desperately wanted to pull him fully inside her, but the pleasure was also accompanied by some soreness. Instead, she pushed against his hips to give herself a little relief from the stretching.

“Hold on! Oh my god just a second!” She was almost crying as she begged him not to go in any further. “I’m sorry,” she whimpered.”It’s been so long.”

Mark studied the look on her face. It was a mix of pain and pleasure, but he needed to see only pleasure. She took a few breaths, then Mark felt a gentle tug on his hips. As he pushed in this time he felt over half of his erection inside the warm wetness of her pussy. But again he heard her whimper and push against his hips. But this time she made sure to hold him tight enough that he couldn’t pull all the way out. After a few more seconds adjusting to the fullness she again pulled on his hips giving him the signal that she was ready for the rest of his erection. This time he felt all of him inside her very tight pussy – and she held him all the way in reveling at how incredible it felt to be filled.

“Oh FUCK, yeah – that feels amazing!” she cried as she continued to hold him inside her. She closed her eyes and concentrated only on the fullness in her pussy. Even though she bahis şirketleri had just had the instantaneous, explosive pleasure of orgasm, this was a different, longer-lasting pleasure. She held him there, deep inside her for a few more seconds, relishing the fullness…

“OK, Fuck me slowly…” she whispered as he felt her release the death grip on his hips.

Mark had no idea she liked to talk dirty, but he was more-than-happy to do what she ordered. So he did what he was told and sloooooowly, gently moved his erection in and out of her. He watched her face evolve from grimace to satisfaction as she stretched to accommodate his size. And she rocked her hips to the rhythm of their sensual dance, maximizing the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling.

“A little faster…” she ordered as she pulled her knees to her chest. When Jenn made this move it opened her even more and Mark could feel his head tapping her g-spot as he forced his full length inside her. But Gina was so much shorter he was afraid he would go too deep. But the look of bliss on her face convinced him things were fine.

Once she had him fucking her the way she wanted, she let go of his hips so she could use her hands to plays with her boobs. Mark had spent much of his teenage years trying to catch a glimpse of her amazing breasts, and now they were bouncing just inches from his face to the rhythm of their fucking. Gina had always been well-endowed, and like most women had gotten even bigger while going through life. He had never liked fake boobs so loved that hers were full, real, and heavy. Now he could finally touch the tits that had tormented him as a teenage boy, so he made sure to suck on one, then the other, and then back again.

“Now fuck me hard!” she purred as she opened her eyes and raised her head so she could watch his dick moving in and out of her. “Fuck me hard and make me cum…” she repeated.

Mark was about to explode but had one last need they had to address. Instead of furiously fucking her as she requested, he stopped – then slowly pulled out until only the was head of his dick was still inside her. Her intense pleasure was stopped, and a terrifying emptiness replaced it. Shocked at the sudden change, Gina opened her eyes to see what was wrong. Mark was wearing a very mischievous grin.

“What are you doing?! Finish – I was ready to cum!!” Gina pleaded.

“Nah, I’m good,” he responded. “I already came…”

Then he let the silence fill the space that been occupied by the sounds of sex a few seconds earlier.

“Unless…” he teased.

Gina didn’t say anything but looked at him with an ‘Unless what?’ stare.

He didn’t answer, so she begged, “UNLESS WHAT!?” she screamed.

Mark paused, partly for effect, partly to tease, and partly because he was about to cum HARD for the second time tonight. If he teased her just a little more, his arousal would decrease and he could last longer when they started again. When he couldn’t wait another second he finally answered.

“Unless you agree we can fuck again – Like soon…”

She grabbed his erection and tried to pull it back inside her, then grabbed his hips and tried to use all the strength of her tiny frame to start the fucking motion again. He continued his mischievous smile but also used his superior weight and strength to resist her.

“So what do you think?” he asked one last time.

“YES, we can fuck again! Just please finish fucking me now!!”

Mark knew this would never be something they did regularly, but it was too hot, and too intense, and too therapeutic, to let it be a one-time occurrence. Once he had her commitment for future additional, illicit rendezvous, he was ready for them to cum together. With every ounce of obsession available in his 6’2″ frame, he rammed his dick as deeply in her as it would go. Her screams were animalistic as he pulled out and furiously thrust in a second, third, and fourth times. Then he lost track as the familiar tingling sensation started in his dick and her back started arching in the beginning signs of orgasm. Gina spread her legs as wide as she could, giving his dick full access to the most intimate depths of her pussy. And as he furiously fucked then pushed one final time in to her most inner depths, she had her third orgasm of the night while he enjoyed the feeling of his cum pulsing inside her. When he was sure the last drops of cum were inside her now-sloppy pussy, he collapsed beside her, exhausted.

“This was so much better than I ever imagined as a kid,” he said excitedly, sounding like a kid getting his first bike. “I can’t wait to do it again!”

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