A Nice Apology

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When I was 19 my parents went on a summer vacation and for the first time they had the decency to leave me at home on the condition that I found a summer job. Luckily I was able to get a job as an office intern at an Italian import company down town. The pay wasn’t that good but I would be able to work there the entire summer and it would look good on my resume. After getting an introduction at the HR-department all interns were picked up by our new supervisors. Mine was named Eva, and I was greeted by a stunning woman in her early forties. She was tall and had long slim legs toped with a round curvy ass. She was wearing a nice grey dress suite and black high heel shoes that really made her show off her impressive figure. She introduced herself quickly and then walked me to the elevators and didn’t say much at all until we reached her office on the top floor. During the elevator ride I had to force myself not to try and sneak a peak of her ass, but even though I kept my eyes off her I got a feeling she knew I wanted to. Once we reached the top floor Eva hurried along a corridor until we reached her office.

“Shut the door and take a seat!” She snapped at me, before walking around the desk to her chair. “Look,” she continued, “HR must have fucked up, I really don’t have time to babysit any interns this summer.” I was kind of chocked at her outburst and could only sit and stare at her for awhile. She was really beautiful, with curly black hair and under her dress jacket you could see just enough cleavage to know she had a large pair of breasts. Realizing I was staring, I quickly looked out towards the window.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “they told me I was suppose to do something about a file storage.”

“Right,” she answered me after a moment, “we’re moving our archives down into the basement. All files need to be sorted first and put in boxes and then you can use the service elevator to move them down there. Management brings customers up here so you will have to stay quiet and stay out of their way.”

She then reluctantly showed me around the office and where the archive was located. She also explained how I needed to sort all the files by date before storing them. My work was basically to pick up what felt like a couple of thousand boxes of files and carry them down to a storage room in the basement. Worst part was that the service elevator was so small I could only fit three boxes in there at once. It took me the better parts of that first week just to sort all the files and then on Friday morning I started shoving the boxes down the basement. During the week Eva was on my back about something all the time. Either I was too noisy, too slow, or just in the way. She was basically a bitch and treated me like I nothing more than a waste of space. Every time she walked past me though or walked off I caught a glimpse of her firm ass and long legs. She always wore fancy dress suits with stockings and high heel shoes. Her skirts were knee long, but tight, making her look classy but still sexy. You could always notice the men around the office checking her out. She was probably aware of it too but didn’t take any notice.

Anyways, where this story gets interesting is after what happened down in the basement late on Friday afternoon. I was down there with one of the last batches of boxes and was walking back towards the elevator through the garage. There was a large black Mercedes parked in one of the spaces reserved for “Senior Management” and an old man in a suit and a younger one in a driver’s uniform were walking towards the door. In the middle of the lane the old man dropped something and stopped to pick it up. That’s when I saw in the corner of my eye how another car accelerated and headed straight for the old guy. In a split second I jumped and tackled him to the side, both of us just a few inches from being crushed by the speeding car. The car continued out towards the exit and disappeared, and the driver ran up to us and helped the old guy to his feet. I stumbled up myself and looked off towards the exit.

“What the hell was that?” I said out loud while the two men started talking in Italian. The driver made a quick call with his cell phone as they both hurried off towards the elevators. The driver waved me along and I just followed, still in chock after what had happened. Once in the elevator the old man looked more calm and started talking.

“Those are some nice reflexes kid. Looks like I owe you one,” he said, “that was a brave thing you did down there.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” I said, “I just saw the car and well, panicked.”

“Still, I thank you.” He then took my hand and slapped my arm, making me wince and grimace as pain shot through my body.

“Kid, you’re hurt. Let’s get you upstairs and taken care of,” he said with a faint smile.

After we came upstairs we went into the coffee room where I sat down rubbing my arm. The driver went to call an ambulance so I was left alone with the old guy, who introduced himself as Mr. Salvio.

“So you work here?” He asked,

“Yeah,” I answered, “just for the summer. I’m an intern.”

“Hah,” He laughed, “that’s good. Helping out with this and that?”

“Yeah, casino oyna mostly moving files into storage so far, I’ve only been here a week.”

“Aha, working with Miss Eva then?” He said with a smirk, “pretty lady that!”

“I suppose.” I hesitated and could see the old man giving me a peculiar look.

“You don’t like her?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I stared to stutter now. “Well, she’s nice I suppose, but kind of a tough boss. Strict and such.”

“Ha-ha!” The man laughed again. “So little Eva is giving you the bitch routine? You know she used to be my assistant back in the days. Maybe I can talk to her and…”

“No no!” I cut him off. “It’s not that bad, I mean, I don’t want to be a snitch.”

“Don’t worry kid, this is my company and she will listen to me. I’ll make sure she treats you better. After all, it’s the least I can do after what you did down there.”

We sat in the coffee room awhile small talking about my school and the work I was doing until we were interrupted by some paramedics that came together with the driver. They checked us over quickly and found no serious injuries, just a few bruises and scratches. I went to the bathroom to clean up and Mr. Salvio went up to Eva’s office together with the driver. I got there a few minutes later and could hear them having a heated discussion in Italian. I carefully knocked on the door and the driver opened. Eva was sitting in her chair, her face blushing red, while Mr. Salvio was sitting on her desk casually smiling up towards me.

“There’s our hero, come in kid! I’ve just told miss Eva here about what you did, and she also thinks you need a reward. So I’ll leave you to it.” He laughed some more then went out the door. The driver slapped my back as he passed me and placed a business card in my hand.

“Call me if she gives you more shit kid.” He said with a smirk. I could hear them both laughing and talking as they went to the elevators. Eva still sat behind her desk resting her head in her palms.

“Look,” I said. “I only mentioned you were strict. I didn’t mean to get you into trouble.”

“Shut up,” she screamed at me without raising her head. “You’ve really done it now!”

“Look, I’ll just head home,” I said.

“No!” She cut me off. “You don’t understand, I owe Mr. Salvio some favors and well,” she started to hesitate and finally looked up at me with a serious expression on her face.

To avoid her gaze I looked at the business card, which only had a cell phone number printed on it, but as I flipped it around I froze in chock at something written on the back. I kept reading it over and over and I felt blood rushing to my face. I actually blushed. On the back he had written. “Thanks kid, she’s all yours!” I stood quiet in the office for a few moments, and then looked towards Eva.

“What do they mean?” I said, my mind running the words over and over again.

“I have to be, well, nicer to you,” Eva sighed and continued to explain, “and I will. I’ll give you a raise and cut off a few hours. I can write you a great recommendation letter. That’s good right?” She nodded with confidence and shifted around in her chair to regain her composure.

“But it sais,” as I started talking she slammed her hands hard on the desk and screamed at me.

“I don’t give a shit what is sais! You can take it or leave it!” I was taken back a bit but looked back to the card.

“Might as well call him and ask,” I said, and reached for my cell and dialed the number. Eva looked like she was about to jump me but went back to leaning her head into her palms.

“Yes.” The driver answered right away.

“This’s me, from the office,” I said, “I don’t think I understand this, and Eva doesn’t either.”

“Bitch!” The driver said in the phone. “She knows exactly! Look, she’ll do exactly what you want or Mr. Salvio is going to be really disappointed. She’s yours for the summer kid. You can have her on all fours barking like a dog if you want, while you fuck her in the ass! Now hand her the phone.” I did as he said, chocked by his words, and handed her the phone. They exchanged a few lines in Italian, ending with Eva letting out a deep sigh. She then handed back the phone and looked up at me.

“So,” I said, looking straight at her now. “What’s going on here?”

“Look, you little creep,” she said. “we can’t let anyone know about this, you get that right. This is between us!”

“Of course!” I said, “but what is? You’ll do anything I ask?” Eva nodded after a moment of silence.

“Not anything weird though, or dangerous. I’ll call Mr. Salvio and tell him.”

“Right.” I said, my head spinning with ideas of what to ask of her. Of all the possibilities that ran through my head, one really stuck to me. So let’s try this, I thought to myself.

“But if I ask you to,” As I tried to find the right words Eva dropped her hands to the desk again and snapped at me, cutting me off once more.

“Yes damn it! I think that was their plan.” She sounded really annoyed. We just stared at each other for a few seconds while I was gathering my courage.

“Why don’t you get out of that chair and come over here canlı casino then?” I finally said, and motioned to the floor in front of her desk. Eva let out another deep sigh but slowly pushed herself off the chair and walked over to the spot. She then folded her arms and stared at me.

“Now I want you to apologize for being such a bitch this week.” I figured this would be a good start to test how far she’d go. She continued to just stare at me, but finally broke the silence.

“I,” she hesitated. “am sorry.” Judging by her look and voice it was obvious she didn’t mean it.

“You can do better than that,” I said, “I think I’m entitled to a proper apology and some compensation.” She didn’t say a word and stood motionless as I approached her. I took my hands and placed them on her hips. I expected her to slap me or at least pull back, but she stood firm and let me run my hands around her until I had them all over her firm ass. I squeezed her gently a few times and just loved the feeling of the soft fabric of her skirt.

“I think I deserve a kiss too.” I said, looking straight at her. She still looked pissed off but leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on my lips and then pulled back again.

“I mean a proper kiss.” I said, and ran a hand up her back. I stopped as I reached her neck and pushed her head forward. She let out a sigh but tilted her head a bit as our lips met again. This time her lips parted and our tongues met, swirling around in a wet kiss. She tasted like coffee but her tongue felt very warm and soft. Both my hands trailed between her hips and her ass as we made out. After a while I broke the kiss and smiled at her.

“That’s more like it.” I then stepped closer again, leaning my head over her shoulder to watch as I continued to squeeze her ass. Her arms were still folded, but I could feel her chest press against mine, and she also had a very nice perfume adding to my arousal. I started to slowly pull her skirt up with my hands until her ass was bare and I then ran my hands over her naked cheeks making her stir a little.

“Your hands are cold.” She said, as I grabbed her naked ass. Her skin was even softer than her skirt and as I let one of my hands run down between her cheeks I could feel she was wearing a thong.

“Hold your skirt up!” I said, giving her ass a light slap. She jumped and gave me another one of her patented pissed off looks, but after awhile she slowly unfolded her arms and grabbed a hold of the hem of her skirt. I stepped back from her to get a better look but her skirt was still just above her knees.

“Higher!” I said, and she slowly pulled it up her legs giving me the show of my life. Her stockings came to an end abit above the middle of her thighs and then I could see the tanned skin of her bare legs. She was absolutely stunning. She pulled the skirt up all the way to her waist and my jaw droped as I saw her black thong, barely covering the mound around her pussy. Through it I could see a dark patch of pubic hair. I watched her body with hungry eyes and reached out a hand that trailed from her belly down the front of her panties. My hand lingered down there and I gave her another kiss. As I let my hand run further down and trailed a finger against her slit I could feel her lips stiffen and she broke the kiss.

“What?” I said, with my hand still held against her panties.

“Nothing.” She said after awhile, and gave me an indifferent look.

“Well then,” I said, “can you loose the jacket.” Without a word Eva dropped her grip on the skirt and I took away my hand. She undid a button and then took off her dress jacket, folded it, and carefully placed it on the desk.

“And a few buttons there.” I reached out and started unbuttoning her blouse. I could see a matching black bra come in view, and as I had always suspected she did have a really nice pair of tits. With all the buttons open I pulled her blouse off and threw it to the desk as well, and then my hands found their way to her breasts. They felt soft and firm in the bra, and I squeezed them together giving her a real push-up cleavage. Eva pulled back and slapped my hand.

“Careful! They’re not cushion you know.” She now looked even more pissed than before.

“Right, sorry.” I said, “but lets take off your bra too.” Eva stared at me for awhile, looking like she was about to hit me. She then reached around with her hands, undid her bra and tossed it to the desk. Her breasts now came in full view and although large they didn’t sag much at all. This woman was truly blessed and I just stared at her perfect chest and smiled to myself. I then reached out and gently cupped her firm tits in my hands. I felt their weight in my hands, squeezed them, and pinched the nipples softly before I reached down and sucked one of them into my mouth. Eva placed her palms on the desk behind her and arched her back a bit to push her chest upwards, letting me play with her. While getting both her nipples hard and wet with my mouth, I reached down to place a palm between her legs, right above her knee. She twitched but kept her arms still. I gently ran my hand up her inner thigh, gasping as I felt the soft warm skin. My hand finally kaçak casino reached her panties again and I softly pressed the top of my hand against her pussy, letting my thumb rub the front of her panties. I could feel Eva stir some more and she let out a soft sigh. I then let my palm run along her pussy and back to squeeze her butt again. Damn this woman was hot! Using both hands I now grabbed each side of her panties and pulled them down. I bent down and pulled them off completely and without a word she stepped out of them, leaving them in a pile on the floor. I quickly knelt down and picked them up.

“Souvenir.” I said, and put them away in my pocket. I then realized my head was just in line with her pussy, and I looked up at her with a smile.

“Pull your skirt up again.” I said and shifted on the floor to get comfortable. Eva straighten up again and slowly pulled up the front of her skirt. This time her naked pussy came in view and I could see both the patch of hair just below her belly and then the pink pussy lips, slightly parted and completely shaved. I couldn’t help myself from leaning in and gently planting a kiss on the small patch of hair and with trembling fingers I then reached out for her naked pussy. She stood still but took a step to the side with her legs giving me more room to feel her up. My hand explored her pussy and Eva kept her legs parted as I grew more and more bold. I used a finger to rub up and down her slit until I found the hole, she was getting a bit moist and as I gently pressed my finger inside her she let out another sigh. I slid my finger in and out of her hole a few times before I planted another kiss on her belly and stood up. She dropped her skirt and leaned back against the desk on her hands again.

“Now what?” She asked, almost with a smirk on her face. It was just now that it dawned on me how turned on I was by all this. My boss was letting me feel her up, and was obviously ready to let me fuck her. I could have her bend over that desk right now and just go at it, but as I already felt my juices build I would expect it to be a very short fuck. Even worse, it wouldn’t be too long before I came in my pants if I kept this up, and that was not the ending I had in mind. No, I knew what I wanted.

“Now,” I whispered into her ear, “I think you should try another apology.”

“And what do you call all this?” She asked with a puzzled look.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. This is fun, and we’ll have lots of time to continue this later.”

“But now,” I placed a hand on her cheek and stroke her gently. “I think you should apologize with this lovely mouth of yours.” With that I ran my thumb across her lips. Her jaw dropped for a second and she almost looked shocked.

“Are you kidding me,” she trailed off as I poked my thumb into her mouth. I quickly pulled it out though as she looked like she was about to bite me.

“No, I’m not kidding. What’s the problem?” I said, sort of surprised.

“I mean, I thought you wanted to screw?” She continued, looking seriously taken back now. She still hesitated and tilted her head, looking at me.

“Don’t you want to fuck me instead?”

I just stood there and stared at her. Her pussy did feel really warm and nice around my finger, but my mind was set, and I was far too horny to back down now.

“We will do that too.” I said. “Mr. Salvio’s driver even suggested I’d fuck you in the ass, so I don’t think a little head is too much to ask for.” With that Eva fell silent and stood still, looking like she didn’t know what to do. Biting her lower lip she shifted back and forth a few times obviously thinking things through.

“Fine.” She said at last, looking like she really hated the idea of it.

“Great.” I said, and gestured to the floor. She slowly knelt down and positioned herself with her head right in front of my crotch. I opened up my jeans and let them fall to the floor and then kicked them off. I dropped my shorts too, throwing them down with the pants and when I turned back towards Eva, my raging cock dangled just a few inches from her face. She sat on her knees motionless and stared up at me with an almost dejected look. I took a step closer making my cock almost bounce against her face but she instinctively turned away. I was almost ready to cum any minute now, and the sight of my boss naked on the floor in front of me was pushing me even closer to the edge. I took my dick in one hand and placed the other one to her cheek turning her face towards me again.

“Alright, take it easy, just let me know before you come.” She said and leaned in closer. With her lips pressed together she kissed the head of my cock sending jolts of pleasure up my spine. She pulled back again with a drop of pre cum sticking to her lips. I now dropped one hand to the back of her head, gently curling her hair and once more pushed my cock closer until it rubed against her mouth. This time she parted her lips and slowly let my cock slip into her warm mouth. The feeling was unbelievable and yet she was just holding the head in her mouth, without moving. I slowly pressed forward feeling more and more of my cock getting embraced by her wet mouth. I could feel her breathe heavily through her nose and as my cock came close to her throat she coughed and pulled back. After letting her catch her breath I guided my dick back to her mouth once more shivering as her lips parted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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