A New Year For Two Ch. 02

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“So, what do we do now?” my sister asked.

“I don’t know,” I told her, “I never thought about it until we did it.”

We were sitting in the front seat of my car, parked on the road behind the cemetery. It was still light enough to see, but just barely.

“Being out here like this reminds me of being in high school,” I said.

“Do you want to stop?” Laura asked.

“No,” I told her, “definitely not. Do you?”

“Uh-uh,” my sister said, “But we can’t keep doing it like we have been. I mean, mom is pretty liberal but I don’t think she’s liberal enough to handle finding out that her son and daughter are fucking each other. And if we keep having quickies in the bathroom, while mom is downstairs, she is going to find out.”

“Our own place,” I suggested.

“Not unless we move to another town,” Laura said.

“And motels are too expensive,” I said.

“Considering how often we’d be going,” she said, chuckling. Laura reached over and took my wrist between her fingers. “As much as I hate to admit it, being your sister and all, you are the best fuck I ever had.”

She slipped my hand under her skirt and slid my palm over the smooth, warm flesh of her thigh. As my hand neared the top of her leg, her thighs separated, and I willingly allowed my hand to move between them.

She moaned softly and leaned back, sliding her hips forward to the edge of the seat. At the same time, I pressed my fingers against the damp nylon that covered her warm pussy. Laura groaned and grabbed her own breasts.

“Go inside,” she told me, “Put your hand inside my panties.” As she spoke, she leaned further back, trying to straighten her body. She lowered her hands and with one, pulled her skirt up to her waist as with the other, she pushed her panties’ elastic waistband down and away from her flat stomach.

I plunged my hand between the nylon fabric of her under pants and the bare skin of her belly. My palm pressed against her hard, flat stomach as my fingers lightly caressed the firm, thick, outer lips of her shaved pussy.. She exhaled, almost hissing, as I inserted one finger, deep into her cunt.

“Oh, god,” she almost cried, “I’m being finger-fuck in the front seat of a car.”

“Just like old times,” I said, inserting a second finger.

“And its just as much fun now as it was then,” she told me, ‘Wait. Stop.” She suddenly pushed me away.

“Why?” I asked, “What’s wrong?’

“Nothing’s wrong,” she said, her thumbs hooking the elastic waistband of her panties, “I just want to take these off.”

She raised her hips and pushed her panties down to her knees, then over her calves to her ankles.

She leaned back, her ankles together, her knees wide apart, and extended her arms to me. “Kiss me,” Laura said, “If we’re going to do this, let’s do it right. Kiss me.”

I pressed my lips against my sister’s and pushed my tongue into canlı bahis her mouth, I ran my hand up her inner thigh and inserted two fingers deep into her pussy.

That was during the first week of February. It continued that way for almost four months. Quick sex in the bathroom, fucking in my car, or her’s, once in a while getting a motel room so we could actually sleep together.

Living with our mother had it’s advantages. It was convenient and inexpensive. But, we all worked approximately the same hours with different days off. There was little or no privacy. Not when brother and sister wanted to fuck each other. And, all the while we still had to date other people. Not because we wanted to but we couldn’t just stop dating. The town we lived in was small enough so that somebody would notice and start talking.

The solution was right in front of us.

Trish was Laura’s best friend. She was also the daughter of my mother’s cousin which made her Laura’s and my second cousin. She was three weeks younger than Laura and she and my sister had grown up together. As toddlers they played together, they attended grade school, high school and junior college together. After completing junior college, Laura got a job at the clothing store she now managed. Trish went on and became a nurse. She was working at the hospital, on second shift.

Laura and Trish were very different, physically. Laura was a relatively tall blonde with long hair and pale skin.

Trish was four inches shorter than Laura, and had short, curly, dark hair. Her eyes were green, her nose small, her mouth wide with soft looking lips. She had a dark complexion, like a permanent, medium sun tan.

Her breasts were large, full and heavy. In regular clothes Trish looked chubby but her body was smooth, her skin tight. She had rounded hips and a meaty ass. Her legs were thick, muscular and shapely.

On a Friday, in the middle of May, Laura announced that she and I were having dinner at Trish’s house. I wondered if this dinner had something to do with our problem but I decided to just wait and see.

On the way over, Laura told me that Trish’s boyfriend had moved to Seattle without even telling her he was leaving. Nobody, not even Trish, knew why.

The house, like half the houses in town, was four rooms, a large living room, a slightly smaller kitchen/dining area, and two bedrooms. When we got there, Trish was wearing hospital scrubs and white, running shoes.

Dinner turned out to be pizza and beer, one of my favorite meals. As we ate and drank, we talked and laughed about our school days, old teachers, who married who and what they were doing.

“Why don’t you take your brother into the living room and tell him what we’ve been talking about,” Trish said to Laura, after we finished eating, “I’ll clean this up, take a shower and join you in a few minutes.”

I sat on the bahis siteleri couch and Laura sat on the coffee table, directly in front of me. I had a strange, but pleasant, sensation at the base of my spine.

“It’s really very simple,” Laura began, “You and I need a place where we can be alone. Trish works second shift. She says we can use her house any time we want.”

“She knows about us?” I asked.

“I had to tell her,” Laura said, “and there is one more thing.”

My sister looked like she was trying to suppress a smile and I could not figure out why. “O,K.” I said, “tell me.”

“Like I told you on the way here,” Laura said, “Trish’s boyfriend walked out on her. As payment for using the house, you are going to have to fuck her, too.” I felt like I had just been punched, but in a good way. Laura was smiling. “There may be times when you’ll have to fuck us both, at the same time.”

My head was spinning, my heart was pounding, my cock was painfully hard.

“When do we start?” I asked, smiling almost joyfully.

Laura was wearing the outfit she had worn at work. A red blouse, with long sleeves, a mid thigh length, black, leather skirt and red shoes with pointy toes and three inch heels.

“How about now,” she said, standing up in front of me.

“Now would be good,” I said, sitting back to see what Laura was going to do.

Standing, Laura unbuckled her belt, then, putting her hands behind her back, she unzipped her skirt. Hooking her thumbs in the top of the skirt, she wiggled the leather material down below her hips, then let it slide down around her ankles. She removed her still clad feet from the fallen skirt and kicked it aside. I could feel pre cum oozing out of my cock as Laura slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She spread the blouse open, exposing her red, lace bra and the fact that she was not wearing panties.

“You are a sexy slut,” I said, as I gripped her bare hips.

“Thank you, very much,” Laura said, moving closer to me.

I turned her around and, still holding her hips, lightly kissed the firm cheeks of her ass. “Bend over,” I told her.

Laura bent forward, placing her hands on her knees. I pulled her hips back and pushed my face into the space between her ass cheeks, “Ooohhh—ooohhh—ooohhh” my sister chanted, as I licked, and jabbed my tongue into her ass hole. I moved one hand between her legs to play with her pussy.

Laura wriggled away, straightened and turned to face me. “Stand up,” she told me, reaching for my belt before I was on my feet. “I can’t wait anymore.”

She quickly opened and lowered my pants, removing my shoes and socks and underwear, too. She had me sit down on the couch while she sat on the coffee table before me. Leaning forward, her breasts pressed against the tops of her thighs, she slowly let her lips slide down the full length of my cock, from the tip to the base.

As bahis şirketleri she held me deep in the wet warmth of her mouth, I reached out and unhooked her bra strap. Laura let the red bra slide down her arms to the floor, leaving her wearing only the red, spike heeled shoes. I raised my legs, stretching them across the coffee table, with Laura sitting between them.

Laura raised and lowered her head, moving her mouth up and down the shaft, then sliding her lips and tongue on the sides and sucking my balls in and out of her mouth. “Mmmmm–mmmmm–mmmmmm,” she moaned.

“I never saw a girl sucking her brother’s cock before,’ Trish said, “I can see why you like doing it so much.”

I had almost forgotten about her. The sound of Trish’s voice surprised me. Seeing her sent a sharp shock up my spine. She stood on the other side of the coffee table, completely naked. Her large breasts hung down like velvet sacks filled with honey. The triangle at the top of her legs was bare, except for an inch wide landing strip. Her torso, her legs, were thick and curvy, lush not fat.

“Want some?” Laura asked, looking over her shoulder at Trish.

“I sure do,” Trish said, smiling as she walked around the coffee table to sit next to Laura. I moved my legs further apart so both girls were sitting between them.

Laura and Trish took turns, one sucking the crown while the other nibbled the base. Their lips slid up and down the shaft and, when they reached the head at the same time, their lips touched and lingered, their tongues licking each other’s lips and tongues, as well as the crown of my cock. At one point, their mouths moved away from me and pressed together, their tongues plunging between each other’s lips, their hands caressing each others breasts. Watching what they were doing to each other. was almost as exciting as what they were doing to me.

“Are you ready to fuck?” my sister asked.

“Yes,” I rasped, reaching for Laura.

“Do Trish first,” my sister said, “she’s never cum before.”

“You’ve never cum?” I asked Trish.

“Not with a cock inside me,” my cousin said.

“Maybe I can change that,” I told her. I leaned towards her, sucking a nipple into my mouth. At the same time, I slid my hand between her legs.

Trish lay on the couch and I braced myself over her, pumping my hips with slow, deep movements. Laura knelt with her head by Trish’s and mine. The three of us kissed each other, our faces and necks and mouths.

I came but Trish didn’t. “Maybe next time,” she said.

“I tried,” I told her.

“Don’t worry about it,” Trish said, “your sister makes me cum every time.”

I was surprised, almost shocked. I had no idea. But as I watched Laura eating out Trish’s pussy, I knew I could get used to it.


Six months later, Trish and I got married. Laura lives with us. It’s a great arrangement but we all know it won’t last forever. And, that’s O.K. Trish and I truly love each other and Laura will always be welcome.

A year after the wedding, a baby was born. My son. I’ll let the reader figure out who the mother was.

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