A New Beginning

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“Honey, you’re never going to believe what happened at school today!” Allison came barging in to the apartment she shared with her boyfriend Tim.

“Hmm, the gym teacher made a suggestive remark to you?”

“Well yeah, but that’s nothing new. No, Chloe just told me that she and her roommate are taking the apartment across the hall from us!”

“That’s great babe. Now you guys can see each other all day at school and all evening when you get home. You should just move her in here and save us all a bundle of money.”

“Watch it mister, don’t think I didn’t try,” said Allison jokingly.

Allison Williams was a young school teacher and Chloe was her best friend and partner teacher at the school they both taught at. Allison taught English and social studies, while Chloe taught math and science. They had started at the same time and loved sharing their fifth grade classes every year.

Allison looked like the girl next door, but she had a body built for sin. Her long, platinum blonde hair framed electric blue eyes and a smile that instantly lit up a room. Allison’s most prominent feature were her boobs, the 36DD monstrosities she had to haul everywhere. The delight of everyone except her they caused her more trouble than she thought they were worth. Tim obviously loved them, but more for their sensitivity than their size. She could cum from having her tits played with, a fact that Tim regularly made use of.

She stood a very trim 5’7 with long, toned legs and a very tight ass. It was the rare man who failed to give her the attention she didn’t want in the first place. That was what had attracted her to Tim in the first place. He had been assigned to be her tutor and despite all the hormones raging through his 19 year old body, he had behaved like a gentleman and at least had made a valiant effort not to stare at her tits. He admitted later that after their first session he had gone home and jerked off twice to the thought of her boobs.

Tim and Allison had met because Allison needed some help with her math skills. He had patiently tutored her for all of the fall semester of their sophomore year. One day he had declared to her that he couldn’t take it any more, that he couldn’t be her tutor. When she asked him why, he told her that she was the most beautiful woman on campus and he wanted badly to ask her out. But he felt he couldn’t be her tutor and her boyfriend at the same time.

Allison had laughed and told him she love to go out with him. Tim was a geeky sort, not very tall or very strong, but he was a gentleman and he gave Allison the respect she craved. He didn’t just see her as a sex object. She had been brought up in a conservative household and had warned him on their first real date that she wouldn’t be getting into bed anytime soon with him.

They had hit it off quickly and by the time graduation rolled around, Allison was going crazy trying to find a job and an apartment she could share with Tim. It had all worked out though and at the age of 22 she had spent the last two years happily living with the love of her life. She loved her job and she loved going to work every day with her best friend right next door. What could be better?

The only downside to their relationship had been their love life. Tim tried so hard to control himself but he was cursed with premature ejaculation. Allison had talked him into seeing a doctor who turned out to be a woman. When Tim came in the doctor’s hand without any provocation the doctor had told them both that Tim was the most oversensitive person she had ever seen.

They had tried a lot of different methods to combat this. Allison would jerk him off multiple times a day on the weekend just to try to calm him down enough so they could have intercourse. That hadn’t worked and even after a third time he was still too sensitive and now completely dry. They had tried having Tim go down on Allison until she was close but he ended up cumming while going down on her.

Tim didn’t want to eat his own cum so as a result he had spent a lot of time going down on Allison and hoping he didn’t cum too soon. She had barely ever had his dick inside of her. He seemed kind of small anyway, but she wasn’t about to say anything. She had heard girls in school talk about the guys they slept with and how so-and-so was 6 inches long. Tim measured in at 4 inches on a good day.

At one point Tim had purchased a hollowed out dildo that was about his size and begun to use that on Allison. It felt good but the few times that she had had Tim’s dick in her had felt much better. It was nice to mix things up though, and they were trying. The doctor had given them different methods and creams to try, and told them that it would take time.

In the meantime, Allison at least had a guy who was willing to eat her pussy like there was no tomorrow. That was where she saw the real fireworks. Those same girls she had heard talking about guys had complained a lot that their boyfriends never went down on them. She could understand why. illegal bahis She would orgasm when Tim fucked her with the dildo, but she really saw fireworks when he was looking up at her over her tits and eating her for all he was worth.

There was one time when Tim had been going down on her for a while and she was getting close when he began to lightly pull her nipples up between his fingers. She had never known she was that sensitive and to the surprise of them both had squirted all over Tim’s face. He later joked that he nearly drowned, but what a way to go.

From that point on Tim made sure to suck her nipples regularly and even though it didn’t prevent him from cumming too soon, at least Allison got some good orgasms out of it as well. She was a patient woman though and she knew that eventually Tim would get to where she wanted him and then everything would be perfect.

The big day came and Allison was so excited to have her best friend across the hall that she had helped Chloe pack every day after school. The girls had hired some movers to handle the furniture and everything was moved in short order.

Allison and Tim spent the entire day across the hall helping Chloe and her roommate Callie unpack. Allison had only met Callie a couple of times before today but she had always been impressed by how beautiful the girl was. She hoped that she wouldn’t have to worry about Tim keeping his hands to himself but he had never shown the slightest interest in another woman since they had started dating.

In truth, both Chloe and Callie had model perfect bodies. Chloe was the taller of the two, standing at 5’10 with a 34D bust. Her blonde hair was usually pulled back into a ponytail so that they brought out her eyes. She had an athletic frame and worked hard to keep fit. It really showed with her great legs and toned stomach.

Callie was only slightly smaller than Chloe, coming in at 5’9. She was thinner overall with a 32C breast size. Her red hair fell in thick fiery curls down to the middle of her back. She had green eyes that always seemed to be flashing with laughter. She was a teacher also, but she taught fourth grade in the same school as Allison and Chloe.

They were all approximately the same age and had many of the same interests. Tim was happy for his wife and happy to be allowed into the same room as these three beautiful women. He would never admit to Allison, but he had never quite gotten over his insecurities of their relationship. He felt like she had settled for him and that she had missed out on a lot of great opportunities. He hoped that she would have a lot of fun with Chloe and Callie.

That first night in their new place, the wine bottle was passed around nearly as much as the boxes of pizza. The girls were chattering animatedly and Tim was just happy to listen in and enjoy himself. It went like this for several weeks. The girls all grew closer and Allison even came to be as close to Callie as she was to Chloe.

It took a while for Tim to notice, but there was something odd about Chloe and Callie. Even though both were stunning women, they never dated. Allison had repeatedly tried to set them up with different men, but neither had shown an ounce of interest. Both just claimed to be more interested in their careers and left it at that.

One afternoon Tim was off work early and Allison had asked him to take the spare key to the other apartment and leave a package for Chloe in the dining room. While he was in there, Tim had snooped around some. The girls were always very careful to keep their bedroom doors shut and he hadn’t been in there since the day they moved and he had set up the beds.

Walking down the hallway, Tim opened the first closed door he came to. He knew this room was supposed to be Callie’s but it looked like no one was living in here. The bed was perfectly made and there were no clothes strewn about, no personal touches whatsoever. It looked like the guest room that he and Allison maintained. Looking in the closet revealed a few clothes but nothing like what he would expect from someone who actually lived in this room.

Walking further down the hallway, Tim opened the door at the end. Chloe’s room looked very lived in. There were clothes all over the place and the bed was a mess. But what attracted Tim’s attention the most were the pictures. There were pictures of Chloe and Callie kissing and acting like a couple. The closet was stuffed full of clothes and shoes. There were definitely two girls living in this room.

As far as he knew Allison had never mentioned that Chloe was a lesbian. He knew that Allison wouldn’t approve so maybe Chloe had just never brought it up. Tim had no problem with it personally. He figured live and let live. Making sure that he had disturbed nothing, Tim returned to his own apartment and waited for Allison to return.

Soon enough she was home and Tim couldn’t wait any longer to blurt out his secret. “Honey, I think Chloe might be keeping a big secret from you!”

“What illegal bahis siteleri are you talking about? Chloe tells me everything. Sometimes, she tells me a little too much to be honest.”

“I doubt she would have told you this. I think Chloe and Callie are lesbians and are in a relationship with each other.”

“Honestly, Tim, there’s no way Chloe could be a lesbian. She’s told me all about the men she’s dated. And Callie is dating a guy now. How do you explain that?”

“Callie’s dating is just a sham and it wouldn’t be hard for Chloe to pretend like she’s been with more men than she actually has. How would you even be able to tell?”

“I don’t know Tim, but why does it even matter?”

“I just found it interesting. I know how you feel about homosexuality so I thought I would tell you and let you decide what you want to do about it.”

“I’m not happy about it, but what am I going to do? She’s my best friend. She knows how I feel and maybe that’s why she didn’t say anything.”

“So you’re not going to do anything about it?”

Allison was getting fed up with the conversation at this point. “There’s nothing to be done. She’s my best friend and that’s that. If she talks to me about it, then it’s a different story but until then, I should just respect her privacy.”

Tim let the subject drop after that, but now that the idea was in his mind, he couldn’t concentrate on anything else. He wanted to see his wife have a threesome with the two beautiful women across the hall. Even if he didn’t get to sleep with the other two girls, he couldn’t imagine a more beautiful sight than three naked girls who were such close friends, pleasuring each other.

He was constantly scheming to come up with plans to get this threesome going. Each idea was considered and quickly discarded. The main problem was that Allison was so devout that overcoming her objections would be almost impossible. She had any number of reasons to be uninterested in Chloe or Callie. She would see such a tryst as cheating on him for one, and with women to boot.

Tim thought for weeks on his problem. He had tried a few jokes about Allison joining the girls across the hall but she had shut him down quickly. When she had girls night with Chloe and Callie, Tim would suggestively tell her to have fun. Allison would just roll her eyes and call him a perv for thinking such a thing.

It was during one of these girls nights that Allison brought up the subject with Chloe. Tim had gone so far as to suggest that Allison leave her panties at home. She was getting seriously tired of all the suggestive comments and in the middle of her third glass of wine had decided to vent to Chloe.

“I’m about ready to strangle Tim. If he makes one more comment about you and I getting together I’m going to kick his ass out of the bedroom.”

Chloe was confused. “I thought Tim was ok with us spending time together?”

“He is, that’s not how he means it. Remember when he brought that package over and left it in your apartment for you? Apparently he did a little snooping while he was over here. He looked in your bedrooms and found out that you and Callie are a couple.”

Chloe sat silent and still. Her mind was racing. She knew her friend’s thoughts on homosexuality and above all she didn’t want to lose her friend. “How do you feel about that, if it were true?”

“I don’t agree with it, but it’s not my business. You’re my best friend, regardless of your orientation. I’m a little hurt that you didn’t tell me though. You can trust me with anything.”

“I knew that you didn’t agree with it, so that’s why I didn’t say anything. I like girls, and so does Callie, but she is bisexual. That’s why she dates other guys. We are more like fuck buddies than in an actual relationship. The sex is good, but she is just about having fun right now. She eventually wants a husband and children.”

“Well I’m glad that all of this is out in the open now. No more secrets right?”

“Well,” said Chloe. “One more. I’ve been completely in love with you ever since the day we met. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I see you and I can’t help but get just a little bit wet.”

Allison nearly choked on the wine. “You’re in love with me? How can that be? You know I could never return your feelings.”

“I know. But the heart wants what the heart wants. I can’t help myself. Trust me, I would love to find another girl to settle down with. But you’re the only one I’ve ever found. You’re the one that I want.”

“No, this can’t be. All those times I’ve been naked in front of you changing clothes. Were you looking at me?” Despite the fact that she was fully clothed at the moment, Allison felt the need to cover herself with her arms.

“Yes, I was. And you looked amazing. I love those firm, gigantic tits of yours. Your boyfriend isn’t the only one with fantasies about us being together. I’ve dreamed of it also. The thought of your big blue eyes looking up at me from between my legs already canlı bahis siteleri has me soaked. Here, feel me.” Chloe grabbed Allison’s hand and ran it up her loose skirt. Allison gasped, feeling Chloe’s panties. She was just about to leak through them. She never knew a girl could get that wet.

Her fingers unconsciously traced along the outside of Chloe’s panties. Chloe moaned quietly, staring holes into Allison’s eyes. After a few seconds that felt like an eternity, Chloe regretfully moved Allison’s hand. A sudden thought seized her and she decided to take advantage of the moment. She could see Allison’s fingers were wet with pussy and she slowly guided the fingers to Allison’s mouth.

Allison didn’t resist and slowly sucked her fingers. She found that she really liked the taste, which was a complete surprise to her. Her mind was spinning with alcohol and earth shaking revelations. She couldn’t think straight and felt like she should get up and leave. She was dangerously close to doing something that she had vowed she would never do.

Chloe could see all of the different emotions rushing across Allison’s face. This might be her one and only chance to make something happen. Standing up, Chloe slowly unzipped her loose skirt and allowed it to fall in a puddle on the floor. Allison still had her fingers in her mouth but wasn’t really sucking on them at the moment. Her eyes were glued to her beautiful friend slowly revealing herself in front of her.

Raising her blouse, Chloe continued to undress. In her bra and panties, she was still not seeing any objection from Allison. It was almost like she was in a trance, she had barely blinked and continued to admire her friend. So Chloe continued the slow reveal, reaching behind and unhooking her bra. The straps came down and revealed her own impressive boobs. Allison had seen them before, but never really looked.

They were not as big as hers but they seemed fuller and rounder. As if not even in control of her own hand, she slowly reached one out to touch her friend’s breast. It felt perfect, so soft and firm to the touch. She loved the way her touch had made Chloe shiver a little. Her nipples were already hard as Chloe slowly ran one between her fingers. Her hand slowly dropped and she looked up at Chloe, unsure of what to do next.

Chloe slowly pushed her panties down, and for the first time Allison saw another woman’s pussy. She had never really looked at her own, but it was strangely beautiful. She could still see the moisture on Chloe’s pussy and wondered what it would taste like straight from the source. She had tasted herself and then just now from her own fingers, but she wanted more.

Chloe sat back down on the couch and spread her legs, opening herself to her best friend. She was so turned on and so petrified that Allison would snap out of it. But she had to take the chance. Allison was seeing her friend for the first time and couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked. She continued to stare while Chloe traced her fingers around her clean shaven pussy. Her fingers gathered a little more moisture and again she brought her fingers to Allison’s mouth.

A little more eagerly this time, Allison sucked at Chloe’s fingers. Chloe was so completely turned on by the situation that this time she threw caution to the wind a little bit. Removing her fingers she reached behind Allison and put her hand around her neck, slowly drawing her down to her pussy.

Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion to Allison. Five minutes ago she was a faithful girlfriend having a girls night with her best friend. Now she was slowly descending towards her best friend’s very wet pussy, no longer faithful. She knew she should stop, and that Chloe would allow her to stop if she really wanted to. But there was something besides Chloe’s hand that propelled her down to the wet pussy.

Face to face with Chloe’s pussy now, Allison looked up with a look of panic on her face. “I don’t know what to do,” she whispered. Chloe was relieved that that was all that it was.

“Yes you do honey,” she said in a husky voice. “Just lick and enjoy. You’ve been licked before, just do what you like.” Chloe couldn’t bring herself to mention Tim, she was afraid bringing him up would break the spell.

Allison looked back down at the wet pussy in front of her. The aroma was intoxicating and she just had to have a taste. Sticking her tongue out she slowly began to trace the outside of Chloe’s pussy. Chloe nearly jolted off the seat but the hand wrapped up in Allison’s thick hair kept Allison in place.

Allison was amazed by the taste. It was indescribable to her, all she knew was that she needed more. Her confidence began to build as she thought about what she liked having done to her. So she teased with her tongue, back and forth, up and down, suck on the clit, reach inside with her tongue to get even more juice.

Chloe was in heaven. What Allison lacked in experience she was making up for in enthusiasm. And it was so much better coming from the woman she had been in love with from the day they met. Her hand was still tangled in Allison’s thick blonde hair, but she was no longer pressuring Allison’s head down. Allison was eating of her own free will, and eating well.

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