A Naive Curiosity Ch. 02

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DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction. The characters depicted herein are all 18-years-old or older. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, or events, past or present, are strictly coincidental.

Chapter 2

Like Enjoying An Icecream Sandwich

My 18-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, asked me to teach them how to give head. I’ve successfully instructed my daughter to give such an amazing blowjob that my son nearly exploded through the back of her skull. Now it’s time to teach my son to return the favor.

It had been three months since I shared that private little adventure with my kids. I had done my best to try to put the event out of my mind. I could admit that I’d had a moment of weakness. I’d said and done things no father should ever even think. I’d asked my kids not to talk about it with me anymore and, obedient to the end, they obliged. I didn’t know if perhaps they may still be fooling around… and every now and then, I couldn’t help but wonder and then imagine my kids making out and my daughter’s head bobbing up and down on my son’s groin.

I remembered holding onto Rachel after their initial steamy makeout session that I’d help them to perfect. I remembered the heat pouring out of her cunt like steam. Oh, how I wished I could feel that again; feel it on my hands, on my face, on my dick…

I tried to focus all of my attention on my wife. From playing, to dancing, to dating, and all other manner of romantic situations, I prepped my wife daily for my nightly needs. But my wife was no longer the inspiration for my insatiable hard-on. She was good. She was unbelievable. She was a “yes-girl” and I had no right to be discontent. Yet, I felt like an animal yearning to be free to screw any other female I found appealing, including my teenaged daughter, if she would have me and I knew that she would.

One day, I was out back and passed outside my daughter’s window. There inside, I noticed my sexy nymph daughter was naked on her bed with her door shut and locked. She was alone and touching herself, her back arching as she raised her hips against the pressure of her hand rubbing her dampened slit. My dick began to pulse as I watched her and I then suddenly realized that my wife was still here and could catch me ogling our daughter any minute. I had to canlı bahis calm myself down so I could enter the house though I couldn’t help glancing in through the window at my horny teenaged daughter.

A few days later, my wife had gone down to visit her grandmother again. I was once again outside when I noticed my daughter naked on her bed just beginning to fondle her breasts and touch herself eagerly. I headed inside, knowing full well what I was doing but not at all the reason why. My daughter was horny as hell and I wasn’t content to watch her masturbate again. I raised my fist to knock on her door but then stopped short.

No! I argued silently. It was true that I wanted desperately to break the door down so I could climb atop my daughter and fuck her silly. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t do that. I had to change my plans.

I went back to my son’s room and got his attention. “Has your sister been giving you head?”

My son looked confused. He hesitated and then said, “I thought you didn’t want us to talk to you about that.”

The answer seemed obvious now but I had to be sure. “Well, now I’m talking to you about it.”

Alex hesitated again. He then nodded. “Yeah, in fact, she gave me a blowjob just a few minutes ago.”

Of course. It was obvious now. Giving head had been enough to make her horny but now she needed some special attention of her own. I thought about what I should do. I waved him over and I knocked on Rachel’s door. “I’m coming!” I heard her shout through the door.

She’s coming? “I hope you’ve still got energy left, baby.”

“What?” Her voice sounded honestly confused.

“I know what you’re doing in there, Ray. I saw you through the window. Hurry and open the door.”

The door opened quickly and Rachel stood there in a robe she’d apparently scrambled to put on. She hadn’t bothered to tie it, likely since my pointing out that I’d seen her naked and touching herself pretty much defeated the purpose. The shiny, silky purple robe hung open in front revealing a stripe of skin from her chest down to her damp pussy hair.

“You saw me?” She said with an embarrassed smile. She bit her lip and grabbed at her robe, closing it over her naked skin. She looked at me and Alex as we stood at the door staring at her with our growing bulges. “So… now what?”

“I think bahis siteleri it’s time for lesson two.”

Both of my kids looked at me and spoke, “Lesson two..?”

I turned to Alex. “If a girl were to ask you for head, she certainly wouldn’t want you to try to shove your dick down her throat.”

Alex merely nodded.

“You remember how good it felt to have Rachel’s tongue lapping at your dick? Well, now it’s your turn. You’re going to return the favor.”

Alex began to molest his sister with his eyes, scanning down her robe to where her now-hidden pussy had once been.

I leaned in and placed my hands on Rachel’s shoulders. As I kissed her, I felt her hands clasped onto my waist and she began to rake up my ribs to my back as she tried to pull me tighter to her, holding me there. I started to slide her robe off her shoulders and she dropped her arms to let it fall to the floor. I picked her up like a young bride and carried her across the threshold that was the gap from the door to her bed. Alex followed as I positioned Rachel on the edge of her bed. I crawled up onto the bed behind her and Alex fell to his knees in front of her.

At first, he merely stared, but then he began to descend toward her moistened flower. I snapped my fingers and caught his attention. I shook my head. “Not just yet.” I stroke Rachel’s hair away from her neck. “Slow it down. Be sweet to her. Pet her…” I kissed Rachel’s neck. “Like a…” Kiss. “Sweet…” Kiss. “Cute…” Kiss. “Furry little animal.” I placed my hands upon Rachel’s, running my arms parallel to hers as I rested my head on her shoulder and stared down at Alex.

Alex began to use his hands, gliding along her legs, starting low and to the outside and ending in close to her precious treat. I could tell her senses were heightening as the closer Alex got to her nectar the more she shivered in anticipation. Alex kissed her inner thighs, sending eager tremors through her body. He looked up at me and I glanced over at my hand where he watched as my fingers danced along the back of Rachel’s hand. He seemed to understand. Damn, my kids were bright.

Alex was still rubbing along the inside of Rachel’s leg when he slowly slid a hand into her ravenous pussy lips. He slowly stroked along the folds of dripping wet flesh and Rachel began to twitch, her hips jutting bahis şirketleri down closer to the edge of the bed; closer to Alex’s taunting breath. Finally, he pressed in closer, an outward breath from his nose tickled Rachel’s sensitive love-button and I could feel her hands clawing into the sheets of her bed.

Alex seemed to catch on very quickly, I didn’t even have to instruct him anymore as he kissed and licked and nibbled at her dripping lips. I instructed Rachel to pull her knees up. Alex was still stroking her leg when it began to rise and he placed his hand on the underside of her leg to hold it up against her.

I held onto the opposite leg and massaged Rachel’s belly with my free hand. I noticed she was still clawing into her bed as she breathed heavily, moaned, and shook. I could feel her sweat beading and dripping down her neck.

Alex was now using his thumb to help manipulate Rachel’s pussy as he tried to shove his tongue deeper inside her. Rachel’s moans got louder and louder and I nuzzled her face with mine. She turned to me and kissed me desperately, both of us trying to stifle her wails of pleasure. I slapped my hands on her breasts and dug in as our kiss deepened.

Alex had repositioned his hands back behind Rachel’s legs, pulling her by the waist deeper into his maw. Rachel’s legs flopped down and slapped against Alex’s ribs. His short grunt of pain muffled by her cunt sent an extra tremor through her body.

I leaned slightly, pushing Rachel forward. We stopped kissing when she reached down and dug her claws into Alex’s head and she let out a magnificent shriek of pleasure as she leaned back against me. She placed a hand on my head and we kissed one last time before Alex removed himself from Rachel’s pussy which was soaked with sweat, spit, and cum. Once again, the three of us were breathing heavily and all for different reasons. I rubbed Rachel’s arms as we both looked over at Alex.

“So, did I do that right, then?” Alex said curiously.

I smiled at him. “I wouldn’t know that, son. I’ve never had my pussy licked.” The three of us laughed together at the ridiculous statement. I turned to Rachel. “What did you think, baby?”

Rachel’s eyes were closed in contentment. She smiled and nodded. “It was definitely good, dad. It was so good.” She opened her eyes and kissed me. She then turned back to Alex. “Thank you, Alex.”

“Any time, sis.”

So now both kids knew how to give and receive. But neither really knew anything about traditional sex. I foresee a lesson three on the horizon.

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