A Mother’s Milking Fetish

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I am a 42 year old single mother of one. My son left for college 2 years ago which left me with a lot more time. I have tried to fill my time with activities and doing things with friends, but lately it hasn’t been enough. I knew it was time to get a guy. It had been more than 9 years since I have had sex with man and I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. I know I still look fairly good because I am somewhat of a fitness nut. My issue is with what used to be my favorite part of my body, my breasts. I used to have very perky 34 Double Ds. Now they are kind of saggy and not very attractive to me. This gave me extra insecurities that made it even more difficult to find a man. This is what sparked my transformation. I did some research to see what could do to enhance them with out augmentation. That’s when I found out that I can make them fill with milk again.

I started a regiment that day that consisted of manually manipulating my breasts and nipples 5 times per day until my pump arrived. Once my pump arrived a week later I already started to see the changes and even got a drip of yellowish cream out the night before. I started to alternate between the two methods of tricking my body into making milk. As soon as my milk really started to come in I began getting extremely horny every time I pumped. This quickly turned into a ritual of me pumping and finger my warm, swollen wet pussy. It was like clock work. It would be time to pump and my nipples would start leaking, and my pussy would start to feel warm. As soon as the milk was draining out of my body I would become insanely wet. I couldn’t stop myself from sliding my fingers inside me and coming 3 to 4 times during each “feeding”. It was so amazing that it drove me to do more. I started going wild ordering dildos and vibrators of all kinds. I can’t imagine what the mail man thought.

Soon enough my mind was becoming even more wild and I started to drink all the milk I was pumping rather than throw it away. I would even put what I couldn’t or didn’t finish in the fridge for another time. One day during a lustful feeding with one of my largest dildos deep inside me, I was looking around online canlı bahis and found lots of sex cam sites with men paying good money to see women do exacty what I was doing. I decided to go for it. The thought of a man wanted me so bad that he would pay for me to get off while he watched drove me nuts.

Quickly I had several regulars that would watch me everyday. My fear of being identified made me not film anywhere near y face which aggravated all of “my men”. One day I decided to do a special show just for them. I showed my face and they went nuts. They gave me so many compliments that I felt like I owned the world at this point. Then one offered to pay me a large some to come feed. I immediately denied his request but in the back of my mind I wanted to so bad. Being with a man was something I had lost focus of in my heats of passion while I pumped.

The next day when I got back online he had sent me a bunch of messages begging me and raising the sum of the money he was willing to pay considerably. For some reason I instantly agreed and he made arrangements at a local hotel. He would fly in the next day. I became very nervous for what I had just agreed to but I promised him. He had sent me many photos of him and he was a rather attractive mid 20s man that really loved for me to call him son. The incestuous theme was very popular in the lactation cams and for some reason actually drove me a little more nuts. I wasn’t a sicko but the roleplay was just different and the forbidden nature made it sexier.

The next day, just after noon, I made my way to the hotel. As I walked through the lobby I felt that all eyes were on me, but shook it off and continued to the room number he had given me. I knocked on the door and he immediately opened it. Surprisingly he was even more attractive than I had originally thought.

“Hello Momma,” he said playfully.

“Hi Baby, I hope you hungry,” I said as I pushed his tall hard body back towards the bed.

He looked so excited as I moved around him and sat on the bed. I pulled my left breast out over the top of my low cut blouse. His eyes lit up and he quickly moved his mouth towards my hard leaking bahis siteleri nipple. I had been creating so much milk lately that I knew he would probably tire before he finished it all. When my tits were full they probably measured in the E sizes but I still wore the DD bras they just spilled over the top.

As he began to suck heavily on my left nipple my pussy swelled and became warmer than I could have ever imagined. I said commandingly, “Drink Mommy’s milk baby. Drink it all up little boy.” I pulled my blouse down off of my shoulders and stripped my bra off freeing my other breast to fall heavy on this young mans shoulder. I could feel the moisture building between my legs. My juices were dripping down to my ass soaking it. I could feel long thick streams pouring into his mouth as I reached around him and hiked my skirt up to ram my fingers deep inside my soaked pussy.

This young man was amazing. He must have been sucking so much harder than any pump could because I could see my large breast deflating as he continued filling his stomach with my milk. I moved my right breast next his mouth and made it squirt a little bit onto his cheek. He took my little hint switched the breast that he was feeding from. I grabbed to back of his head, pulled it hard towards me as I lay down with him in tow. My large milk filled breast fell slightly off the side of my chest while the other still dripping hung off the left side of my body.

Laying down gave me the room I needed to slam my now wet hand into my pussy. I began violently moving it in and out and quickly began to become flush and felt a strong orgasm coming on. I pressed his head hard onto my tit as I continued to hammer my pussy. I felt my pussy clinch down tight on my hand as my mind went white and I felt the extreme warmth of my orgasm take over me. My body went tight and my head slammed back and to the side. I let out an very loud scream as I reached the peak of my climax.

As I lay there still being fed on by the beautiful young man I felt alive. I could feel him starting to drain my other tit. He was amazing. He must have drank more than 16 ounces of breast milk. He didn’t bahis şirketleri let any go to waste. As he finished I started to pull my skirt back down. He looked up at me with the same look a child looking for approval would give you. “You did so good love. Mommy hasn’t ever been drained like that.”

Lifting him self up to his knees on the bed he said, “Thank you,” and sat back against the headboard of the hotel bed.

“Of course sweet heart,” I said and continued, “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.”

He stood up and I could see that he had a massive erection. I thought guilty about it for a second, but quickly decided it wasn’t my job to take care of it. He moved over to his suitcase and pulled a large wad of money out. As he handed it to me I reached down and caressed his hard cock through his pants. His hips thrust hard into my hand, but I quickly pulled away.

“Thank you son,” I stated in a very loving voice. “How long will you be in town?”

“I leave on Saturday,” he replied.

Saturday being 3 days I made a decision right then in and there. “You’re going to come stay with me. I want you to feed to your hearts content. Plus I think I can make you a little happier,” I said playfully looking at his rock hard dick pitching a huge tent in those denim jeans.

His eyes lit up at the offer and he said, “I would love that Momma.”

I got up fixing my skirt and putting my milk wet tits back into my shirt neglecting put my bra back on. I found a piece of paper and pen and wrote my address on it. I gave it to him and told him, “Come over in about an hour. I need to buy some food and you need to take care of yourself.” Assuming he would understand I was talking about his stiff member I started to turn and walk out of the room and said, “and bring my bra back to me.”

I walked out of the door and immediately realized the bad choice I had made. Not only was I having a strange man come to my house, but I was trying to conceal large milking breasts behind a lowcut black shit. I could feel them sway and bounce as I walked out of the hotel. The air as I walked reminded my that they were still leaking milk as well. I had everybody looking at me. Men stared with sex in their eyes while women looked at me with disgust. Once again I had to shake it off.

I finally arrived at my car and quickly got in and started driving to the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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