A Mother’s Love Ch. 03

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My days and nights began to take on a new pattern slowly but surely. I continued to see Jim for I really liked him, and besides being wonderful company and lots of fun, he was a thoughtful and desirable lover. I kept hoping that by being with him, I would rid myself of my deep seated need to fuck my son. Day after day found me talking to Jim on the phone or in person, when we would go to lunch, often finding the time for him to slide his ever ready and hot prick into my slit. If we were on the phone, we would have passionate phone sex that never failed to have me masturbating wildly. None of it was enough. I still longed for Justin. The taste of him and the scent of him, remembering his lust filled words, made me even hotter and I wanted my son very much. Every time Jim unbuttoned my blouse, it was Justin’s fingers baring my soft skin. No matter what act my lover performed, I kept wishing it were my sexy and talented son instead. Being with Jim did ease a little of my sexual frustration, so that on nights that Justin stayed away, I was able to handle the situation without a problem.

Jim had a lovely home, and we began to visit there as well. He had a swimming pool and my son and his friends were welcomed as was I. I started to realize that Jim’s feelings for me might be growing to something more than just friendship or having a good time. I suspected he wanted me in his life permanently, but I wasn’t ready to give up my dream of making Justin my lover. About mid-summer, we decided to throw a huge pool party, and a huge number of people were invited. We all pitched in and helped with the details, and soon it was the day of the party. I wore a black two piece bathing suit that flattered my figure with its boy short cut bottoms. Over it I had pulled on tight denim shorts. I felt good about the way I looked that day and both Jim and Justin complimented me, which made me feel even sexier and desirable. Darcy was there as well as Justin’s date, and she was helping arrange food and chairs. She looked wonderful as always, wearing a tiny hunter green bikini that made even my mouth water!

The party got into full swing quickly as the guests arrived. I noticed several of the men that had come eying me along with the other women present and that made my ego soar. Jim had noticed and grinned at me, glad to see me enjoying myself so much. He was not able to stay near me very much, as he was the host, and people kept wanting his attention. As dusk began to settle over the party, and soft lanterns were lit, I noticed one man in particular watching me. He was clad only in swim trunks and flip flops and was in great shape. He seemed to stay to himself a bit. He was a handsome man, with a well-trimmed beard and mustache. Several women spoke with him and he was polite, but distant. As I stood watching the party quietly for a few minutes, he approached me finally, staring at my face. I gave him a quizzical smile. He towered over me, or so it seemed, and looked down, letting his eyes travel from mine down to my lips, slowly down my throat to settle on the upper swells of my breasts. I could feel the weight of his gaze.

After we had stood there in silence for several minutes, his eyes crawled back up my body to meet mine again. I felt my nipples harden at the look in his dark eyes. It was obvious he wanted me. I glanced down, noting that his swim trunks were tented with his erection. My eyes met his again, and he gave me a seductive smile, but it held no warmth. He had begun to make me feel uncomfortable, and neither of us had spoken yet. I cleared my throat, preparing to make an excuse and move away, but then he caught my wrist and pulled me into the deepening shadows by the fence. No lanterns had been lit by where we were standing, so no one could easily see us. I could feel my heart racing, not certain whether I should try to jerk away, or if I should cry out and make a scene. Before I could make up my mind as to what I should do, he had me pinned against his hard body, his cock pressing into my belly, and he was kissing me. I was frightened and aroused at the same time. His lips were demanding against mine, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth and massaging mine. His hands cupped my ass, pulling me tight into his body. I could feel every inch of his hard cock pressing into me, and he felt quite large. I felt one of his hands slide up my back and untie the top of my bathing suit, and then shove the ties forward, so that they fell between us. The thin cloth dropped to my waist as soon as he shifted slightly, and now my bare breasts were rubbing against the coarse hair of his chest.

My nipples hardened more. He had not stopped kissing me yet, and I found myself unable to do anything but respond. He pulled back just slightly and I caught my breath, gasping a little, as his large fingers moved between us to the snap of my shorts. I felt it open, followed by the quiet sound as my zipper was opened. “Please. . .” was all I managed before his mouth claimed mine again. His hand was slithering into my shorts, working its way down between my legs. To my horror, I was wet with desire. I tried to fight him now, but that only made it easier for his hand to move lower, until casino şirketleri he found the spot he sought, and began sliding his fingers along the thin cloth of my bathing suit bottoms, caressing my weeping pussy. He stroked against my lips, working to get his fingers inside the leg of the suit, and finally succeeding. I felt him growl deep in his chest and his kiss grew even more hungry. His fingertips were invading my most intimate spot, and dammit, it felt wonderful. He found my clit quickly and teased it, making my legs quiver.

Now his other hand left my ass, and I felt him reach down to his trunks, and adjust himself. The next thing I knew his hard bare shaft was sliding against my belly, and I could feel precum oozing against my skin. In a moment, his fingers were rubbing his cockhead and then I felt the stickiness massaged into first one nipple, then the other, and I moaned. It was full dark now, and no one could spot us, there in the darkest shadows. He pulled back from the kiss again, and whisked my shorts and bathing suit bottom down in one swift move and then I felt him enter me. He was thick and filled me quite well. I opened my mouth, this time to call for help, but immediately he covered it again with his own. With his arms around me, he began fucking me, thrusting hard and fast into my hungry slit. Vaguely I heard Jim call my name from somewhere in the yard, but I was trapped and couldn’t respond. This stranger that held me temporarily captive continued to fuck me until I felt myself explode around him, and then felt his hot seed filling me a minute later. My whole body was limp and he released my mouth, leaned down and licked both my nipples rapidly, then released me at last. I staggered a little, my eyes glazed from my experience and I heard him chuckle softly.

I grabbed my clothes and quickly pulled my shorts on, leaving the bathing suit bottoms off. Stuffing them in my pocket, I quickly tied my top back properly, all the while watching this strange and intimidating man that had just fucked me properly. He had tucked himself back into his trunks and stood watching me impassively and I scrambled to get myself together. Solemnly he nodded, as if making a decision. At last, he spoke.

“Well, I see things are as I suspected.”

“Wh. . .what?” I had no idea what he meant.

“You, my dear, are. . .shall we just say, quite interested in men? Or at least what they have to offer.” I looked at him dumbfounded as he continued. “Whenever my good friend Jim starts dating someone seriously, I always test the woman. So far, no one has passed my test. Every one of them, including you, lets me fuck them. Even if they seem to protest, it doesn’t take much ‘convincing’ to get them to give in to desire.” He paused, then said “I must admit, you’re one of the best. I can see why he’d want to keep you around.”

Scarcely able to believe what I was hearing, I glared at him. “Does your ‘good friend Jim’ know about your little test then?”

He shook his head. “I’ve never told him. I could always tell him the woman came on to me, and he would believe me. So far, all the women have broken it off with him. Quite a shame really.” His expression belied his words. “I suppose eventually he’ll find one that won’t give in, but until that day, I intend to keep protecting him from women such as you.”

I felt ill at the venom his words were dripping. My head was pounding and I suddenly needed to leave. I hurried away from Jim’s horrid friend, and went looking for Justin, hoping I wouldn’t run into Jim. I was fortunate as I found my son quickly and no sign of Jim anywhere. When I told him I was feeling very ill and needed to go home, he insisted on driving me. Grateful for his presence at the moment, I agreed, and after he had talked to Darcy, he drove me home. They had come in her car, so she headed to her own home, giving me a tight hug and looking very concerned. As we drove home, I was completely silent. I could feel Justin’s eyes on me often, but he didn’t say anything, sensing that I was more than just ill, but not wanting to push. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t fought and screamed and clawed at Jim’s friend, but everything had felt so wonderful, and I continued to be so sexually aroused by my son, I just couldn’t. I seemed to be turning into a regular nymphomaniac lately.

We got home and went inside, and I went up to take a shower, trying to wash away my shame. When I had finished, I went to my room and slipped into my favorite silk gown. It fit me well and made me look and feel very sexy, the hem falling to just below my hips. I sat down on my bed and felt the night’s events flow over me, feeling exceedingly weary. There was a soft knock at my door, and then Justin poked his head in.

“Hey mom, Jim called. He’s really concerned about you.”

Those innocent words were all it took to make the floodgates open and I began to weep. I heard Justin cross the room, and felt him sit on the bed beside me, and then he was holding me gently, exactly the way Brad used to, letting me cry. He stroked my hair and my back, murmuring nonsense to me, rocking with me in his arms. I clung to him as if I was drowning and casino firmalari he was a life preserver. I couldn’t seem to stop weeping. Finally Justin scooped me up in his arms and moved to rest his back against the headboard of the bed and the pillows propped there, pulling me onto his lap and cradling me to him. I began to feel safe again in the haven of his arms. I cuddled into him as if I was a child and he seemed glad to be able to do something to help. As he sat with me, still stroking my hair gently, he finally spoke.

“Mom. . .what happened at the party to upset you so much? I know you aren’t just sick.”

Unable to look at him, I found it difficult to speak for several moments. “Something. . . unusual. . . happened tonight.” He waited for me to go on. “There was a man.” I took a deep breath. “He was watching me for a long time, and then he came over to me, pulled me into the shadows and. . .well. . .he had sex with me.” I felt Justin’s body stiffen immediately.

“He what?”

“He. . .had sex with me. He kissed me and played with my body and then he had sex with me.”

“Mom, are you saying he raped you?”

“Yes. . . well, no. . .sort of. I’m not quite sure what happened. All I knew is he was kissing me and touching me and I was afraid, but it felt so damn good, I couldn’t seem to stop.” When Justin didn’t speak, I continued. “He said he does this with every woman Jim dates, as a ‘test’. To make sure they’re good enough for him, or something.” I began to cry again, and Justin held me close.

“Well, I don’t know exactly what happened either, but I know you don’t lie, so I believe you. What a jerk. I’d like to wring his neck for upsetting you so much.” I could feel the tension in him. “Who does he think he is anyway?”

“I don’t know, but I do know this. I can’t see Jim any more. Not after this. I’ll have to tell him something, and I hate to hurt him, but his friend implied that this is what’s happened with all the other women Jim’s dated as well.”

“Then you shouldn’t let this jerk control you.”

“Oh, sweetheart, it would just be too embarrassing for Jim if it ever got out. I’ll be okay, but would you do something for me?”

“Sure, mom, anything.”

“Would you mind sleeping in my bed with me tonight? I just think I’d feel better if you were here.” I had begun to think how nice it would be just to lie in bed with Justin, even if for one night, and this gave me the perfect excuse to ask without him suspecting my longing for him.

“Not a problem. Let me just go get ready for bed and I’ll be right back.”

True to his word, Justin was back in about thirty minutes. He wore only a pair of boxers, and I felt my mouth water at the sight of him. While he was gone, I had slipped out of my panties, so that all I had on now was the short and thin silk shift. I had lain down, pushing my gown up to where it barely covered my ass and pussy, but I was covered by the bedsheet, so Justin didn’t see. He smiled at me and climbed into bed, lying on what used to be his father’s side of the bed. “Care if I read for a bit?” I shook my head, and he propped up the pillows behind him and opened his book. I watched him for a few minutes, admiring the strong line of his jaw and his beautiful eyes.

“I think I’ll lie down now, sweetie. I’m exhausted.”

“I’m not surprised. ‘Night mom.” Justin leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and hugged me, then returned to his book. I closed my eyes, and lay on my back, listening to the quiet whisper of the pages turning. After letting some time go by, I deepened my breathing and pretended to slip into slumber. After I was ‘asleep’, I pushed the sheet off of my body, as if I were too hot, and turned over on my side, facing Justin. I had maneuvered my gown so that now my entire leg and hip were bare and he would be able to see I had no underwear on. I opened my eyes just enough to see what he was doing, and realized he was still reading. I lay on my side for several minutes, finally letting out a slight groan. I now saw him glance my way, as if checking to make certain I was alright. I watched his eyes rest for a moment on my bare hip, then he went back to his book. After a few minutes, I shifted again, onto my back, making certain I wriggled my hips enough that my gown’s hem now rested at the top of my hips, exposing my pussy to my son’s sight.

I let out another soft sound, and through my slitted lids, saw Justin look my way again. His eyes widened slightly when he saw my womanhood exposed, and his gaze seemed to linger there for a little longer than normal. He seemed to be trying to decide if he should adjust my gown or leave everything alone so he didn’t wake me. I decided to pretend to be dreaming. I moaned again, calling out “Brad?” and reaching toward my son. He knew that over the years I had dreamed of his father at times, much less now than I used to, but it did still happen. It was entirely plausible that the events of the night could bring on a dream about my husband. I felt Justin touch my upper arm gently, as if he were trying to waken me without startling me, and I took the opportunity and turned toward him, my eyes still closed. “Oh Brad,” güvenilir casino I sighed and reached out, my arms going around my son’s neck and pulling his mouth to mine. I could feel the muscles in my son’s neck tense as he tried to pull back, but I was determined. I made my lips as soft and sensual as possible, knowing Justin was a very sexual person, and that it would be difficult for him to resist my advances after a moment. I was soon proven right as he kept his lips rigid for a few seconds, then he surrendered to the kiss.

Pressing my advantage, I slid my tongue softly into his mouth and massaged his and I felt his arms go around me instinctively, pulling me to his virile hard body. My gown was hiked up around my hips and my bare mound pressed into his groin. I could feel his cock stiffening through his boxers, and in a few minutes, the head had crept out of the flap, as if seeking my warm wetness on its own. I moaned against his mouth, and wriggled my hips enticingly against him, causing a growl to issue from his throat. I felt his cockhead pressing between my nether lips a tiny bit as his shaft had finished its swelling. He finally managed to break our kiss, but I shifted my hips against him, making a little more of his hard dick slip between my pussy lips. I slid my fingers down his back to his ass, tugging at the waistband of his boxers. “Brad, honey, I need you. Need to feel you inside me.” My voice was husky with lust and I heard Justin moan as if in pain. I knew how conflicted he must feel. Here was a willing woman who wanted to fuck him, but she thought he was someone else, and above all, was his own mother! Not giving him time to think about it, I yanked the boxers down, exposing him, and then my fingers wrapped around him, stroking him.

Justin groaned again, a helpless sound of need, and I felt him kick the boxers off of the bed. I kissed him again, and he responded with a passion that surprised me. His hands now moved to my breasts, caressing them through my gown. When we broke the kiss, I murmured “It’s been so long. I need your mouth on my tits, my love. Suck my nipples.” My gown disappeared in the blink of an eye, and now my son held me against his own naked flesh. He moved back and paused for just a moment. I assumed he was checking to see if I truly was still asleep. In the next instant, I felt warm wetness encircle my left nipple, as he ran his tongue over it, then clamped his lips down, suckling me as if he were a babe feeding from me again. It was more erotic than anything I’d ever experienced in my entire life, and I arched my back, offering myself to him. My son was kind enough to give my right nipple the same treatment, and then he moved back and forth between them, as if he couldn’t get enough of me. He had me so aroused, I was close to cumming just from his mouth and tongue on my nipples, but I needed to feel him inside me yet.

“Oh, lover, fuck me now!” I practically screamed the words. “Fuck my hot pussy. I’m so wet for you baby.” Without hesitation, Justin parted my thighs and with a smooth stroke, slid deep inside me. I felt my muscles clamp around him, sucking him in, and we both made sounds of pure lust at the feel. He stayed still inside me for several moments, and then he began to fuck me. Slowly at first, my son’s strokes grew longer and harder, until he was giving me the best rutting of my life. My legs wrapped around his hips, and his mouth returned to my nipples, as he took me and rode me as hard as he could. I felt myself go over the edge and screamed something unintelligible, as I dug my nails into his shoulders. Being a young man, my son had quite a bit of stamina, and he wasn’t through with me yet. He had slowed his thrusts again, letting me come down, but now he began to slowly play with my clit, teasing me until I was on the edge again. He gave my nipples long slow licks, and caressed the sides of my breasts with his hands, as he moved in and out of my dripping pussy.

Justin was deliberately keeping me on the edge. He seemed to want to make this last as long as possible. He appeared to love the feel of my pussy clamped around him. His hands wandered down to my ass, caressing it as well, and he pushed a finger between my cheeks, but went no further. Finally, he let my orgasm sweep over me, as I thrashed about beneath him. Still he was not done. He brought me to two more orgasms before he finally allowed his own to gush forth, filling me with his hot cum, so much so that it leaked out of my pussy and ran down to the bed. After he had finished, I felt him move, and then I felt my son’s mouth kissing my nether lips. As I lay there squirming, his tongue made short work of the cum that slathered my pussy lips and inner thighs. He licked me clean and gave me one final orgasm to boot. He definitely was talented with his tongue. He kissed me one final time, then I heard him rise from the bed, and move around the room for a few minutes. I opened my eyelids to slits again and that he had put his boxers back on. The next minute, I felt him pull my gown gently back over my head and dress me. He seemed to want me to have no knowledge of what had transpired that night. After we were both dressed, I felt him climb back into bed beside me again, and the then the room grew dark as he clicked off his lamp. His lips brushed mine again very softly, and then I felt him slide over and spoon my back. I fell asleep with my son’s arm over me and his hand lightly cupping my breast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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